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translated from

The Tragedy of Mami and Charlotte

All that ever existed, in reality are without essence. It no longer exists. What we were once discussing had already disappeared, and the instance what we call now is simply too short.

Certainly, Mami is a very gentle figure. She was the first magic girl to appear in the story and was its first focus. She was responsible for explaining the magic system to main characters and the audience. She was gentle to her senpai, but also to the innocent victims. She shown a grace that is both beautiful and lovely. However, all these are a reaction to an emotional uncertainty, the logical consequence of "existence." We can see a hint of this from the wish Mami made as a magic girl, which most likely be "please save my life." Of course, anyone else would had made her choice given this life-in-danger scenario. It was an normal response.

However, life in certain form, is rather ethereal; a rather fragile existence. Every moment flowing to the whims of fate. Her very wish likely expose a truly vulnerable interior. We learned from later in the story, that when she learned the truth, she often break completely - perhaps another exposure of this vulnerability. Life's struggles are often meaningless, given its weak essence.

As the "Witch of Invitations," she was once an icon of the brilliance of life, but no longer can she rescue another life.

In the primary storyline, Mami was victim of Charlotte. But Charlotte too was once a magic girl. Her drive was the search for food, and she's known as the 'Hunger Witch.' This may also be another reaction to an emotional uncertainty, for life naturally crave sustenance.

I do not know Charlotte's backstory. Perhaps her story was also one for survival, so Charlotte's appetite was a want for the life sustaining power that food provides.

Whether for life's brilliance or for life's hunger, the urge to live is what's important. Unfortunately, all these "now" is merely temporarily survival. An eternity does not wait for an instance, making survival an difficult task to sustain.

Thus in our story, Mami and Charlotte left shortly towards stage right. Both shown the tragedy of the real, representing how fleeting an existence can be.

May they find peace in Madoka's yuriheaven.

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