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Felicia (FELICIA) is the witch form of The Witch's House, who wished to be able to draw everything and anything without error. She is a fanmade witch who does not appear in any canonical works. She goes by the name The Witch's House on this wiki, and is the creator of some of the witch cards for witches that don't have any such as Candeloro and Ophelia (on Tumblr that were uploaded by another user at the time) and also creates her own witches. Her favorite characters are Kyubey and the witches.

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TypeSunflower witch

The sunflower witch. She is eccentric in nature. A witch who dreams of a world of her own creation, one that only she can see. Others are unable to see this world and give no attention to her at all. To fill the void, this witch creates minions to live within her barrier and act out her desired world. They mean everything to her.


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Selma & Emile

TypeSunflower witch's minions
DutyBecome a reality

The sunflower witch's minions. Their duty is to become a reality. They come in many unique designs and have diverse personality all of their own. Only a small few are a favorite to the witch. There are more than one hundred of them in all.

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TypeSunflower witch's minion
DutyGive critique

The sunflower witch's minion. Her duty is to critique. She exists to help the witch's various ideas and improve on them. All of them have different opinions on the witch's work, so their thoughts may vary.


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