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Felicia (FELICIA) is the witch form of The Witch's House, who wished to be able to draw everything and anything without error. She is a fanmade witch who does not appear in any canonical works. She goes by the name The Witch's House on this wiki, and is the creator of some of the witch cards for witches that don't have any such as Candeloro and Ophelia (on Tumblr that were uploaded by another user at the time) and also creates her own witches. Her favorite characters are Kyubey and the witches.

Currently working on a project to create 100 original witch designs~

This section contains fanart images

Everything in the following fan gallery is created, or the comments accompanying them are created, for entertainment value and should not be confused with actual canon events of the Puella Magi franchise.

Sunflower witch CardV2.png


TypeSunflower witch

The sunflower witch. She is eccentric in nature. A witch who dreams of a world of her own creation, one that only she can see. Others are unable to see this world and give no attention to her at all. To fill the void in her heart, this witch creates many minions to live within her barrier and act out her desired world. She won't allow anyone to destroy them. They mean everything to her.


Clarice CardV2.png


TypeSunflower witch's minion
DutyGive critique

The sunflower witch's minion. Her duty is to critique. She exists to help give the witch various ideas and improve them. All of them have different opinions on the witch's work so their thoughts may vary.

Selma Emile CardV2.png


TypeSunflower witch's minion
DutyBecome a reality

The sunflower witch's minion. Their duty is to become a reality. These figurines come in many unique designs along with different sets of personalities. About a small few of them are highly favored by the witch, and those ones tend to be the most powerful out of the rest.


This is the latest version, put here for anyone to use.

This is the latest version, put here for anyone to use.

To Do List

List of obscure Witches on this Wiki for later organization purposes

Witches from Madoka Magica Mobage (need more information on and organize)

Witches from Tart Magica (need to organize)

Witches from The Different Story (need to organize)

Witch from Madoka Anthology (put here for reference)

Witch Data

Information on Witches for personal reference

In general (organize later)

  • They are creatures that spread curses around themselves, often causing unexplained accidents, murders and/or suicides and manipulate humans via a mark called a Witch Kiss. Whenever there's a kiss on someone, that Witch is almost always close by controlling them.
    • Magia Record reveals that Familiars can also manipulate humans with a Witch kiss.
  • Witches and their Familiars give off magic patterns that can be tracked by magical girls. All of their magical patterns are also different.

  • They primarily feed on humans and kill them, though it's debatable on whether most or all Witches literally consume prey or simply drain their life force (or a combination of the two.) Familiars also do this in order to grow up into a Witch themselves.
    • Other than Charlotte, Oriko Magica also suggests actual consumption rather than the latter as Kikira's Witch's Familiars devoured a person, though this could vary based on the Familiar type.
  • They are the "mature" forms of magical girls, the result of a soul gem becoming entirely tainted in darkness and a magical girl falling into despair. It's the key emotion that leads to witchification.
    • Both are not needed for the girl to turn, but go hand in hand when it happens such as Homura giving up in episode 12 and her gem started rapidly corrupting in response.
    • In Kazumi Magica the girls were polishing their gems via Juubey under the belief that they were being cleaned, and despite their mental state being fairly normal, Niko and Saki turned into witches when their gems reached their limits.
    • In MagiReco Iroha had neglected cleaning her soul gem after being in Kamihama for awhile, but her mental state hadn't declined in the slightest. When her gem was reaching its limit, Iroha was incapacitated and in pain.
    • According to Urobuchi in a tweet, a magical girl who doesn't know the truth about her soul gem and gets injured to the point that she genuinely believes she will die will have her soul gem darken immediately. Thus, if a magical girl like Mami lost her head but her soul gem was safe, she would become a witch quickly as she doesn't know the truth about soul gems and would despair due to believing she is dying/dead.

  • Witches are invisible to normal humans, but can be seen by magical girls and potential ones. According to Touka Satomi's MSS in Magia Record the reason why is because Witches, Familiars and their Labyrinths exist on a very specific wavelength that can only be perceived as light and sound.
    • Oriko contradicts this however when Madoka's classmates were able to see Kirika's labyrinth and familiars. The reason for this could be either the following:
      • Humans can possibly see witches if they're already in the labyrinth and not under the influence of a Witch's kiss; the evidence of this is:
        • Sayaka's route in Portable with with Kyosuke and Hitomi
        • Tart magica with Isabeau's Witch being so big that her labyrinth trapped all of France, allowing even Tart and Isabeau's soldiers to see and fight Witches
      • They could also see them if a magical girl becomes a witch nearby or they happen to witness it (as normal people can see a magical girl when she transforms and performs magic, evidence for this happens with Sayaka in Portable with Kyosuke and Hitomi, along with special events in MagiReco with the girls staying in their forms for things such as plays)
        • This does not explain, however, why Walpurgisnacht specifically has no labyrinth but still can't be seen by humans. It's possible that, like Kyubey, Walpurgisnacht could just choose to be invisible to humans so that it could continue its destruction without interruption and magical girls/potential ones just can't be fooled by this.

  • Mami's route in the Portable game reveals the following:
    • Witches are generally cautious which is why they are generally not in public, but lurk at the back of labyrinths. Note: It implies strong and/or confident witches may choose to not have labyrinths.
    • Witches move around and like to be in ominous places where the negative feelings of many people are easier to gather. MagiReco contradicts this with Witches appearing in non-ominous places, but that could be because of the above point, that they are stronger than normal and thus more confident in attacking anywhere they want.
    • The complexity of the labyrinth gives indication of the strength of the witch. Stronger witches have more complex labyrinths.
    • Soul Gems react the closer one is in response to a witch's magic. The level of response to a Soul Gem tells the strength of their magical power, e.g. the greater power of a witch vs. the lesser one of a familiar. They can also be used to open an entrance into a labyrinth.
    • If someone, whether a regular human or a magical girl dies in the labyrinth, their body disappears there. They will forever be considered a missing person to the rest of the world. However in Sayaka's route where she looses her soul gem, it is implied that as long as the witch is still alive something lost can be recovered, but once the witch is defeated then everything inside the labyrinth vanishes and can't be recovered.

  • In the MagiReco anime it's been shown that Witches can and will kill each other if they trespass each other's territories and will result in the loser dropping a grief seed.
  • Witches also grow stronger if they consume other Witches and grief seeds, similar to how Walpurgisnacht is formed.
  • The MagiReco anime also shows the appearance of multiple of the same Witch, confirming that Familiars do in fact grow up into an exact copy of the original and not a different Witch.

  • In Tart Magica, Kyubey points out that the Witch transformation only happens to other life forms and not Incubators. This is in relation to Isabeau who, while wished to have everything Kyubey had, couldn't avoid becoming a Witch as she was still human and had emotions. Thus, Witches can only be made out of beings that have a soul and are capable of emotion, and that Incubators can't become Witches at all as they don't have either of these things.
    • MagiReco confirms this with Ui, who had her soul transferred into Little Kyubey and prevented her from becoming a Witch since the impurities could only corrupt her soulless body. Touka also mentions that (in relation to Incubators) that Little Kyubey is incapable of becoming a Witch as it has no emotions and didn't appear to be affected in any way when it merged with Eve.
  • Witches seem to have very distinct looks and naming schemes between modern times (Madoka) and medieval times (Tart), though this could be because of different artists:
    • Witches in Tart's time tend to look more detailed, "realistic" and concrete compared to Witches in modern times which are more abstract and organic.
    • Witches in Tart's time seem to have longer names that indicate a title such as Tart, Melissa, Elisa and Isabeau's Witches compared to the shorter, more normal names Witches have in modern times.
  • Magia Record introduces the concept of a "Half-Witch" via Eve, who is the result of Ui's soul being removed from her body before her impurities could corrupt her soul. Additionally, Touka mentions that without a soul, a Witch just dies.


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