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Since you seem persistent on your changes even though you've been told by two of us on the wiki: "Suddenly, I lost everything. My family, my reason for being a magical girl, the ability to use the decoy/illusion magic that I gained from my wish" - So leave it alone. Stop insisting on making changes that differ from the translation. --randomanon 16:32, 25 August 2011 (UTC)


"Mami: Sakura-san… What were you doing during that battle/fight? Why didn’t you use Rosso Phantasma… Kyouko: That’s a dream now. Mami: Huh? Kyouko: I don’t need that power any more. Besides I defeated the familiar, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Mami: If you used Rosso Phantasma you wouldn’t have gotten hurt/damaged at all. Kyouko: No matter who the enemy is, you just need to get right in front of it, face it down and beat/cut it down. Mami: Sakura-san…" Therefore, the power is abandoned by KYOKO, and not KYOKO loses her power

Right, because it's not possible Kyoko is saying this to save face over the fact she lost it. She mentally says she lost the ability at first where she's being honest. In talking to Mami, she could very well be putting up a front about it. Why you might ask? Because she got injured in a fight without using it and doesn't want Mami to know she lost the power. She rather Mami think that it's something Kyoko chose to do. Basically listening to it, the whole conversation with Mami makes it sound like Kyoko is putting up a front. To compound the fact that Kyoko is in fact capable of not being honest is at the end when Homura asks if it was Mami she was thinking about, Kyoko denies it. --randomanon 17:09, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

This is just your own interpretation. -- 17:15, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

You mean like how it's your interpretation of that passage is that she chooses to abandon her power in direct contradiction to her statement earlier that says she "lost" her power. --randomanon 17:37, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

Kyoko abandon her power is the statement that the writer Gen Urobuchi has made in one of the interviews, this is the fact that should not be neglected. Actually, I don't think the translation is able to get this meaning, maybe this is the translator's mistake. --17:50, 25 August 2011

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