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Hey, good to have at least one native Japanese speaker among us!
No problem for the poor english, we'll reword your contributions if needed (maybe you'll get better at english as you contribute too; that's how I learned it at least).
Anyway, it can be pretty useful to have someone that can translate/explain stuff for us -- I think we'll have a couple of things to ask you ... --Homerun-chan 18:58, 25 April 2011 (UTC)

  • Thanks. I'll also learn English here :) It's my pleasure to contribute enriching the wiki.
I will ask the question on everyone's mind: How established is the Church of Madoka in Japan? Has there been an election of Bishops? What happened to the apostle that applied to Fukushima? Prima 23:26, 25 April 2011 (UTC)
  • I don't know what is "Church of Madoka". I found a community at facebook. Is it that?
    • I took an questionnaire at my website before airing of episode 10. "Which magical girl do you want to be happy?"
      • Madoka Kaname : 4 %
      • Homura Akemi : 30 %
      • Sayaka Miki : 15 %
      • Mami Tomoe : 26 %
      • Kyoko Sakura : 22 %
    • The results may be changed after episode 12.
  • At Fukushima, there is critical disaster at very limited region. Many people in Tohoku and Fukushima might enjoy Madoka Magica. However, Japanese government seems not to work effectively. I'm sorry, don't know the activity of "Church of Madoka". I'll tell you if I found information for this.

Oriko Magica

Well, the first thing I'd like to ask is whether Oriko Magica will be a prequel (ie. a story before the main series) or a sequel (ie. after the main series). I always thought it's going to be a prequel, but recent edits suggest it's a sequel. Could you clarify it, based on some official info? --KFYatek 19:19, 25 April 2011 (UTC)

  • I think there is no official announce, but the "Oriko Magica" may focuses the Mami, Kyoko and other girls. They were killed in the "Madoka" episode. So that it should be prequel before episode 12. However, now it can be sequel story as you say.

A release of the first comic is delayed due to delay of airing "Madoka". Wait the release!