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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The Wings of Magius (マギウスの翼 Magius no Tsubasa) are an organization of magical girls from the mobile game Magia Record. They act as the game's main antagonists.

After the group was officially disbanded at the end of Part 1, several of the remaining members regrouped and have been rebranded as Neo-Magius (ネオマギウス).


Operating out of Kamihama City, the Wings of Magius' stated goal is to "release" magical girls from their fate. They claim the Doppel phenomenon that occurs in Kamihama is proof of this. In order to save magical girls, they protect the Rumors of the city, though it is unclear why this would save magical girls. They also try and put Rumors and Witches together, for currently unknown reasons. Even the low-ranking members of the organization seem unaware of all the details.

It is eventually revealed that the thing they wish to release magical girls from is the fate of becoming witches.

The group gets its name from the organization's superiors, the three Magius. The rest of the group claim they act as the Magius's wings.

It is gradually revealed throughout the story that the existence of Rumors and Doppels, and their confinement to Kamihama, come from the powers of the three Magius. Touka has the ability to create Doppels, Nemu has the ability to create Rumors, and Alina has the ability to create barriers, including the one placed around Kamihama that allows Rumors and Doppels to exist within its limits.


Black Feathers

The lowest ranking members of the group. Black Feathers, sometimes called Black Wings, are magical girls wearing hooded black cloaks. They are portrayed in the game as generic mook enemies. However there are a few notable members:

Known Black Feathers

White Feathers

Ranking higher than the Black Feathers, they wear white cloaks. Sometimes they are called White Wings. While White Feathers appear as generic enemies, a few of them appear as named characters.

Known White Feathers

  • Tsukuyo Amane
  • Tsukasa Amane
  • Mifuyu Azusa - Second-in-Command of Wings of Magius. Mifuyu occupies as a special place, as she acts as a middle manager between the Magius and the low-level magical girls in the organization.
  • Holy Mami (link) - joins during the game's events.
  • Tsuruno Yui (link) - joins during the game's events.
  • Ryo Midori - revealed as a member during Wings in the Wind
  • San Kagura - An Instructor at Fendt Hope tasked with teaching new Feathers fighting techniques to conceal their personal magic and identities. Revealed as a member in Arc 2 Chapter 4. Nicknamed "Instructor", later became a Neo-Magius White Feathers.


The superiors of the organization. It is known there are three of them.

Known Magius

  • Alina Gray
  • Touka Satomi(link) - Revealed in Arc 1 Chapter 6
  • Nemu Hiiragi(link) - Revealed in Arc 1 Chapter 7

The 9 Promises of Magius

The event Whereabouts of the Feather revealed the various rules that members of Magius are bound to.

  • Part 1: Let’s be the wings of the future for magical girls
  • Part 2: Let’s unite the wings, and try not to carelessly tell anyone what we’re doing.
  • Part 3: If you wish to invite someone to join, please discuss it with a white feather first. Invite only those who already know about witches.
  • Part 4: We will not reveal our identities, even to each other.
  • Part 5: We will tell someone if our work may interfere with our private lives.
  • Part 6: We will do our work assignments in groups of two or more.
  • Part 7: We will collect Grief Seeds and preserve them as much as possible.
  • Part 8: Witches and Uwasa are necessary for liberation. We will protect them.
  • Part 9: Keep believing in this 2nd miracle and don’t forget the hope in becoming a feather.

Wings of Magius Gallery

Black Feathers

White Feathers

Other Art

Black Feather Battle Sprites


102601 comment neomags.jpg

The group was disbanded at the end of Arc 1 of the story. While most of the former members of the Wings of Magius went off on their own or joined Kamihama Magia Union, others regrouped with the goal of bringing Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi back as their leader and attempted to kidnap them from Kamihama Magia Union before they were thwarted. Originally led by Shigure Miyabi and Hagumu Azumi, it has since been taken over by Himena Aika at the end of Arc 2 Chapter 2.

Their philosophy centers around Touka's Old discarded theory called "Magical Girl Supremacism(魔法少女至上主義)" - a belief that Magical Girls are inherently superior to normal humans because the strength of their emotions allows them alone to make wishes and combat entropy.

Known Members


White Feathers

  • San Kagura (former Feathers' instructor at Fendt Hope)

Black Feathers

Other Known Members

  • Mitsune Miwa (formerly; retired through injury caused by overuse of Doppel after Arc 2 Chapter 5)
  • Jun Kazari (formerly; deceased)
  • Chika Aoba (Temporary Undercover, member of Tokime clan; joined Neo-Magius after Arc 2 Chapter 5)
  • Sunao Toki (Temporary Undercover, member of Tokime clan; joined Neo-Magius after Arc 2 Chapter 5)

Neo-Magius Gallery

Black Feathers

White Feathers

Other Art


  • Nemu Hiiragi and Touka Satomi's Witch names are Pennen Nenemu and Pennen Nolde, respectively. In addition to being named after characters from Kenji Miyazawa's works, "penne" is the plural form of the Latin word "penna", meaning "feather" or, more appropriately, "wing". This references the fact that the Magius (specifically Nemu and Touka, as Alina is not aligned with their goal of salvation) function as the wings, with their followers being the individual feathers that cover or support them.

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