Wings of Magius

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The Wings of Magius are an organization of magical girls from the mobile game Magia Record. They act as the game's main antagonists.


Operating out of Kamihama City, the Wings of Magius stated goal is to "release" magical girls from their fate. They claim the Doppel phenomenon that occurs in Kamihama is proof of this. In order to save magical girls, they protect the Rumors of the city, though it is unclear why this would save magical girls. They also try and put Rumors and Witches together, for currently unknown reasons. Even the low-ranking members of the organization seem unaware of all the details.

It is implied they are aware magical girls become Witches, and that somehow the existence of Rumors allows magical girls to call Doppels instead.

The group gets it's name from the organization's superiors, the three Magius. The rest of the group claim they act as the Magius's wings.


Black Feathers

The lowest ranking members of the group. Black Feathers are magical girls wearing hooded black cloaks. They are portrayed in the game as generic mook enemies.

White Feathers

Ranking higher than the Black Feather, they wear white cloaks. Sometimes they are inconsistently called White Wings. While White Feathers appear as generic enemies, three of them appear as named characters.

Known White Feathers


The superiors of the organization. It is known there are three of them.

Known Magius


Black Feathers