Yachiyo Nanami

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Yachiyo Nanami
Yachiyo character.png
Japanese Name 七海 やちよ (Nanami Yachiyo)
Voiced by Japanese: Sora Amamiya

Yachiyo Nanami is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 165cm
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Blue


  • Soul Gem: Blue crescent moon hanging from her necklace
  • Weapon: Halberd
  • Wish: To be a survivor
  • Witch form: Campanella
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()
  • School: Name of school is unknown (presumably Kamihama City University), however it is confirmed she is a university student.

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★2 → ★5 100 Balance Attribute aqua.png
Initial 3630 1164 1211
Max at ★2 11376 3673 4008
Max at ★3 14406 4655 5082
Max at ★4 18948 6123 6695
Max at ★5 23479 7588 8316
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: I will light the way
★2: Blast Damage UP [III] & Probability Critical [III]
★3: Blast Damage UP [V] & Probability Critical [V]
★4: Blast Damage UP [VII] & Probability Critical [VII]
★5: Blast Damage UP [IX] & Probability Critical [IX] & Restore HP to Iroha
Magia: Absolute Rain
★2: Damage to all enemies [I] & Blast Damage UP (All / 3 T)
★3: Damage to all enemies [III] & Blast Damage UP (All / 3 T)
★4: Damage to all enemies [V] & Blast Damage UP (All / 3 T) & Attack UP (Self / 3 T)
★5: Damage to all enemies [VII] & Blast Damage UP (All / 3 T) & Attack UP (All / 3 T)


She is a veteran magical girl that came to Kamihama City seven years ago to fight witches. She is an expert on Kamihama City and magical girls. She keeps her distance from other magical girls, but she is collecting information on the outbreak of "rumors" in Kamihama City.“If you’re disgusted by this job, just stop it. Living as a magical girl is very tough.”

Doppel Descriptions

Anime Japan 2017 card

The Doppel of ticket-taking.[1] Her form is that of a ticket puncher. This Doppel is a replica of ticket-taking. When her soul gem turns black, both of Yachiyo's hands and her left leg transforms and assumes this form. Since the person who uses this Doppel has been a magical girl for a long time and is of a relatively older age than the other girls, the range of her emotions is considerably smaller compared to those of adolescent young girls. As a result, the Doppel is unable to completely separate herself from the magical girl's body and occasionally assumes a form where the owner and the Doppel are fused into one.

  1. The Japanese word is Mogiri, a ticket-punching clerk.


The Doppel of ticket-taking. Its form is a ticket puncher. The master of this emotion dreams of the day when she, too, will depart on a journey, following in the footsteps of the friends whose departures she has already seen off. This Doppel can summon various illusions with the light of the lantern hanging from its tail, and those injured by its tail’s pincer are said to be guaranteed great misfortune in the near future. Because the range of emotional fluctuation is reduced in older individuals and in those who have lived as Puella Magi for a long time, those individuals’ Doppels may fail to completely separate from the master’s body, as is the case here.

Side Story

Yachiyo's side story occurs around a year before Iroha Tamaki came to Kamihama City. It begins with Yachiyo having Momoko Togame, Rena Minami, and Kaede Akino over at her house. After Yachiyo excuses herself, Kaede says it's a big house, and Momoko explains it used to be a boarding house. Kaede says this is only the second time Rena and herself met Yachiyo. Rena says the first time was when they were fighting a witch in "Shinnishi" and Momoko says they just ran into her this time. It turns out Momoko met Yachiyo two years ago, right when she became a magical girl. Even now, she sometimes teams up with her. Kaede is amazed that Yachiyo has six years of experience. Momoko says not to bring that up, because Yachiyo believes it makes her sound old.

Yachiyo returns with snacks. She says as magical girls they need to get along. Momoko invites her friends to ask Yachiyo anything. Unable to think of a question, Kaede asks her favorite food, and Yachiyo says it's soba. The narration states that most of the questions the girls asks Yachiyo were safe ones. Afterward, Yachiyo leaves to make tea. Rena helps herself to a donut Yachiyo left behind. When she returns, Yachiyo quickly notices her donut is missing and pegs Rena as the culprit. Rena apologizes, and Yachiyo says it's alright. Yachiyo explains she saw the sugar from the donut around Rena's lips. When Momoko points out they all ate donuts earlier, Yachiyo says the others wiped their mouths when they stopped eating a little while ago. Kaede and Momoko say Yachiyo is a detective, but Yachiyo says that would be an insult to Holmes and Poirot.

When it gets late, Momoko's team prepares to leave. However, Kaede remembers they have something to bring up with Yachyo. Momoko asks her if she knows about the "Dueling Girl". While they only know about it from another magical girl, there's apparently a magical girl that randomly challenges others to a duel. Rena says she's supposedly pretty strong. Yachiyo thanks them and says she'll let her other friends no. She says that if the others see the Dueling Girl they should call her immediately. Yachiyo thinks she has to protect those kids, and wonders what sort of person the Dueling Girl is.

Several days later, Momoko's team encounters the Dueling Girl and contacts Yachiyo. The Dueling Girl introduces herself as Tsuruno Yui, who wants to return honor to her family name. She says she'll defeat them all for her grand ambition. When Rena asks her to explain, Tsuruno says she won't waste her breath. Yachiyo says she doesn't want to fight without a reason. Tsuruno reluctantly admits she wants to be the strongest magical girl, which equals the highest honor. Rena still doesn't understand. Yachiyo says she will be Tsuruno's opponent.

As the battle begins, the other girls see that Tsuruno is really strong, but Yachiyo perfectly counters her moves. Tsuruno is able to land a hit on Yachiyo, who decides to change tactics. When Tsuruno sees an opening, she hits Yachiyo...who disappears. Suddenly Tsuruno hears the real Yachiyo say that was just a dummy. Yachiyo then uses magic to wrap Tsuruno up in rope. Tsuruno realizes she was tricked, and asks to be finished off. Momoko and Kaede says to just end the fight now, but Yachiyo seems to consider Tsuruno's request. She appears to attack, but it turns out she was only removing Tsuruno's rope. Yachiyo says that Tsuruno should stop doing this or else she will really be in trouble someday.

Yachiyo asks why Tsuruno wants to be the strongest. Tsuruno answers it's to obtain the highest honor. Next, Yachiyo asks if the highest honor can only be obtained through strength, and Tsuruno says you have to be number one. Yachiyo then asks what Tsuruno will do once she reaches her goal. Tsuruno says she has to achieve something big. Yachiyo asks if Tsuruno means to continue until she's hurt lots of people. Tsuruno denies this and says she wants to become "the strongest magical girl who pierces evil". Yachiyo finally asks what Tsuruno wants to do after she and her allies finish hurting each other. A stuttering Tsuruno says she's wrong, and shouts she has to become the strongest.

Yachiyo and Tsuruno fight six more times, with Yachiyo winning each time. Yachiyo asks if Tsuruno has any Grief Seeds. Tsuruno answers it's none of her business. Yachiyo says she can't forgive magical girls hurting each other. She says Tsuruno doesn't know how to use her strength, that being a magical girl is difficult, and for that reason they should be friends. She tells Tsuruno to stop dueling and claims Tsuruno herself knows she been doing something wrong. Tsuruno starts crying and runs off. Yachiyo wonders if Tsuruno understood. In her narration, Yachiyo admits it felt like she was halfway near the end of her rope.

Several days later, Momoko's team runs into Tsuruno again. Kaede runs to get Yachiyo while the other two keep Tsuruno busy. Yachiyo arrives to find Momoko unconscious. Rena says that she and Momoko tried talking to Tsuruno, who started mumbling. Tsuruno claims she was just trying to meet Yachiyo again. Yachiyo says the place suddenly became pitch-black before she arrived. Rena says that after the black out Momoko was knocked out. Rena claims that Tsuruno used magic to make the place dark and attack Momoko but Tsuruno says she can't use magic like that. Yachiyo looks at Tsuruno and agrees it wasn't Tsuruno who did it. She then attacks Tsuruno, who suddenly turns into a familiar!

Yachiyo explains that a witch set a trap for them to turn the girls against she other. She believes the actual Tsuruno was captured by the witch. Kaede, Rena and Yachiyo defeat the witch and rescue Tsuruno. Afterward, Rena claims Yachiyo is a detective and asks how she figured it out. Yachiyo says that if you concentrate and look at the enemy, you can roughly sense their psychological state. Yachiyo says she's not a detective because using supernatural abilities is against the rules of mysteries. Tsurno suddenly starts saying she lost completely, and asks if she can be Yachiyo's apprentice.

Suddenly Momoko begins to wake up. Rena starts explaining what happened to her, and wonders if Yachiyo used her magic to learn who took the donut from earlier. The narration states that Tsuruno stopped dueling others. While she did not become Yachiyo's apprentice, she did become a "friend" to Yachiyo and Momoko's team. It's explained that the bond between them would be shattered due to a future incident, but back then, Yachiyo believed that she would protect everyone, no matter what. Yachiyo narrates that witches also have tricks up their sleeves, and that she'll have to be careful from now on.

Event Story: "And So The Azalea Blooms"

See And So The Azalea Blooms.

Event Story: "The Crescent Moon Manor's Merry Christmas"

See The Crescent Moon Manor's Merry Christmas.

Event Story: "Happy New Year at the Mizuna Shrine!"

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Event Story: "Mitama's Special Training - Iroha and Yachiyo Episode"

The story begins after Main Story Chapter 6. Yachiyo has been convinced by Iroha to stop believing her wish kills people, at least for now. In her home, Yachiyo pulls out a box containing what her friends Kanae and Meru left behind. Yachiyo thinks that's she never opened the box since she filled it. She spends the day staring at the box, unable to open it. Iroha arrives and asks about the box. Yachiyo explains what it is and says she's trying to work through her feelings. When Yachiyo says she can't open it Iroha asks if she can hel[. Yachiyo says it's a problem of her feelings and then remembers they were supposed to visit Mitama Yakumo. Yachiyo says she can open the box later.

The girls present Mitama with Grief Seeds, gems, and "all sorts of other things". Mitama is surprised by the payment she's getting. Yachiyo says they need more power to save everyone. Mitama says it's wonderful they're risking themselves to save their friends, and promises to try her best. She then says that she's worried about Yachiyo and suggests that she should clear up her issues with the box (having heard of it from Yachiyo earlier). Yachiyo tells Mitama not to poke her nose in her business, but Mitama says that her heart should be stable before her adjustment. Mitama also suggests that Yachiyo should straighten out the past before proceeding into the future.

Yachiyo tells Mitama to mind her own buisness. Mitama says Yachiyo's afraid, but she insists she isn't. Mitama says she believes her and offers to adjust both Iroha and Yachiyo at once. Mitama says she doesn't usually do this, but this is special. As Mitama works her magic on Yachiyo, Yachiyo thinks about Kanae and Meru, the box, and what Mitama said. Yachiyo thinks she can get over the past, but can't get over Mitama's comment about being afraid. Suddenly she finds herself in a gray room, confronted by a shadowy doppelganger.

The shadow claims to be Yachiyo and says she is a afraid. Yachiyo says she thought she accepted all her fears and regrets. The shadow agrees and says it punched the tickets of her friends and guided them to the train headed from death. The shadow says what scares her is the future. She asked what Yachiyo has been doing ever since she lost Kanae and Meru. Yachiyo says she's been stopping potential magical girls from contracting, saving magical girls who were in danger, and stop any girls from trying to interfere with the abnormalities in Kamihama. The shadow says that Yachiyo was clumsy and selfish, fearing her own wish, involving the people around her, and clinging to her past with Mifuyu.

Yachiyo insists that things are different now, but the shadow claims that Yachiyo is at a standstill. Yachiyo admits she's afraid of losing this chance. The shadow points out Yachiyo is afraid of opening the box and seeing her friends' last words. The shadow says it's fine to be afraid. Suddenly it turns into Yachiyo's doppel, who says that she should accept her wish will kill everyone and clip their tickets towards death. Yachiyo says she can't believe in her own future.

The doppel says she might as well despair and punch tickets towards death for all eternity. Yachiyo thanks the doppel for allowing her to learn her own fear. The doppel tells her to forget about it all, but Yachiyo refuses. The doppel returns to being a shadow and asks if Yahciyo is denying her fear of the future. Yachiyo says she is accepting her fear, but won't give into it. She says she can't waste the hope Iroha gave her. However, she still accepts that she let people die and that she's afraid of the future. The shadow says it's good enough for itself, but asks what it will do. Yachiyo says that it should know already. As one, both of them say that they will cut Kanae and Meru's tickets once more, so they can move on

Suddenly the shadow disappears and is replaced by Iroha. Yachiyo asks what she's doing there. Iroha guesses it's because they're both being adjusted together. Yachiyo asks Iroha to stay with her. Iroha asks Yachiyo to let her see her friends off. Suddenly Kanae and Meru appear. Kanae tells Yachiyo not to lose her way anymore, and Meru asks her to be cool like the senior she looked up to. The girls bid her goodbye, and tell her to head out to the future. Yachiyo thanks them and says she's off to the future.

Yachiyo awakens at Mitama's place and asks if Mitama knew she was afraid from the beginning. Mitama says she didn't, since she hasn't adjusted Yachiyo in awhile. However, she was worried that something would happen so she adjusted Yachiyo together with Iroha. Mitama claims that if something happened to Yachiyo, Iroha could save her. Mitama claims that she was worried for nothing and chuckles. Yachiyo thanks Mitama for looking out for her and tells Iroha it's time to go home. Mitama tells her to wait, and says the girls can stop by for an adjustment on the house. Yachiyo points out that Mitama is throwing away her impartiality, but Mitama says what she lends powers to is everyone's bonds. Yachiyo tells her not to cross bridges she doesn't have to, and Mitama says she'll keep that in mind.

Back at her house, Yachiyo thinks she's stopped living in fear and decides to take care of what's left over from her past. She goes to open the box. Iroha says she doesn't have to open it, but Yachiyo says she won't hesitate anymore. Iroha leaves the room, but comes back when Yachiyo says she can look as well. Iroha says she didn't actually know Kanae or Meru, but Yachiyo says they're like friends from the past. It turns out that Kane left a book of lyrics, while Meru left her impressions from fortune telling.

Kanae had written a song about how she was like a single point in the world until she met two other points and became a circle. Meru meanwhile had written a prophecy. It states that an usual event will occur in Kamihama that can bring change, but many points will gather and draw a circle. Meru wrote that this is probably a circle of people, spun by magical girls, and while there will be danger the people together will be full of gentleness. Meru believed that a star creates the trigger, and that this star is a person that will fall near Yachiyo. While Meru didn't know if that person will be the cause, she looked forward to meeting her and believed that if the person falls near Yachiyo, then Meru will meet her as well.

Meru claimed that the three points Kanae wrote about were probably Mifuyu, Kanae and herself, and the future she writes of will be sure to visit. Upon reading this, Yachiyo starts crying. Iroha says they should head into the gentle future and draw that circle with everyone. Yachiyo says in order to do that they first need to get back their three points - Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana.

Other Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "seven" (七) and "ocean" (海), respectively.


  • Her illustrators are Ume Aoki and Sasagi Koushi.
  • The name of her witch, Campanella is Italian for "little bell".
  • The name of Iroha's witch, Giovanna, and the name of Yachiyo's witch, Campanella, may be a reference the famous Japanese novel Night on the Galactic Railroad, who's main characters were named Giovanni and Campanella.
  • Her magical girl form, resembles gypsy attire.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
As a Fashion Model
Defense UP [III]
Max Limit Break:
Defense UP [IV]
Passive "Why do you keep modeling ...?" I think that my life as a magical girl started from here.
Once I quit, I feel like I'm miserable, sad, and happy, all gone. "

辞めてしまえば、惨めだったことも、悲しんだことも、 幸せだったことも、全部無くなってしまう気がするのよね」

Colors of a Clear Summer
Single Enemy Attack Down [VI] (1 turn)
Max Limit Break:
Single Enemy Attack Down [VII] (1 turn)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Yachiyo: "If you keep using stuff like this inner tube, you'll never be able swim, you know?"
Iroha: "Y-Yachiyo-san, don't pull on it! It's fine if I can't swim!"
Tsuruno: "Yachiyo! Iroha-chan!"
Yachiyo: "Eh?"
Iroha: "Hm?"
Tsuruno: "And Yui Tsuruno has got herself a couple's pic!"

いろは「や、やちよさん引っ張らないで!泳げなくてもいいんです!」 鶴乃「やちよ!いろはちゃん!」やちよ「え?」いろは「ん?」 パシャッ! 鶴乃「この由比鶴乃がツーショットを頂いたよ!」

Everyone, Together
Max Limit Break:
Episode Points UP [II]
Passive The girls who are connected by a mysterious cause and effect, and are born of a miracle that is repeated many times without meeting meet, the girls who have a strong will head towards the end of the story (Lawson Collaboration Memorial) 不思議な因果で結ばれて少女たちは出会った巡り会うこともなく幾度も繰り返す中で生まれた奇跡強い意志を持った少女たちは物語の果てに向かう(ローソンコラボ記念)
The Mysterious Karin's Scheme
Anti-Evade (Self / 3 turns)
Max Limit Break:
Anti-Evade (Self / 3 turns)
5 turns
Max Limit Break:
4 turns
**Unique to Karin Misono**
The blood that flows to me, the blood of my grandmother who annoys me. I know I can't erase it easily, but I found a way to divide happiness. The only magical girl who delivers happiness to weak people.
Past and Future
Damage UP [V] + Damage Cut [IV] (3 turns)
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP [VI] + Damage Cut [V] (3 turns)
9 turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
"For a long time as a magical girl, my days have been filled with fighting. I have seen many sad spectacles... have tasted of many bitter experiences... Even so, I don't give up on living my life. So that the past doesn't become meaningless..." 「長きに渡る魔法少女としての戦いの日々。

数多見てきた悲しい光景…数多味わってきた辛い経験…。 それでも、私は生きることを決して諦めはしない。 過去を無意味なものにしないためにも…」

Prided Haregi
Accele MP UP [III] & Magia Damage UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP UP [IV] & Magia Damage UP [III]
Passive "This kimono, designed with chysanthemums and plums and color gradient is wonderful, right? When I took a picture before, it looked cheaper....eh, you're more concerned with mochi soft?...There's no choice, you can have a bite to eat ahead of me." 「この着物、菊や梅をあしらったデザインと色加減が素敵でしょ?前に撮影をしたときにね、安く譲ってくれたのよ...え、それよりも抹茶ソフトの方が気になる?…仕方無いわねほら先に一口食べてもいいわよ」
Rumors Spreading in Kamihama
Blast Damage Up [IX]
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage Up [X]
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
**Unique to Yachiyo Nanami**
A cursed chain-letter email that pulls out the soul ....
A mysterious soldier that appears in a school in Tokyo. "Kamiya rumor file" which is highly credible, rumor and urban legend were compiled. Today is another one, a new "rumor" was recorded.

参京区の学校に現れる謎の兵隊…。 信憑性の高い、噂や都市伝説がまとめられた"神浜うわさファイル"。 今日もまた1つ、新しい"噂"が記録された。

The Story That Starts Here
Max Limit Break:
MP Gauge 10% Full On Battle Start
Passive The desire to disappear. Keep searching for the enemy alone. The pursuit of mourning pride. Chose solitude to protect. And...we who lost something to the forgotten important person are connected by a mysterious cause and effect, and, now, a new story begins to move in this place. 消え去りたいと願ったこと。独りで仇を探し続けること。喪われた誇りを追い求めたこと。守るために孤独を選んだこと。そして…忘れ去られた大切な人のこと何かをなくした私たちは、不思議な因果で結ばれ、この場所に集ったいまはもう新しい物語が動き始めている
Twin Shadows Sneaking Up
Anti-Evade & Blast Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break: Anti-Evade & Blast Damage UP [VII]
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Sana: "Wow...It smells nice, doesn't it Iroha?"

Iroha: "Yeah! Are you going to eat soon?" Yachiyo: "Wait!...Not yet. I'll be the one to judge." Tsuruno & Felicia: "Fufufu...Charge!"


いろは「うん!そろそろ食べごろかな?」 やちよ「待って!...まだよ…食べ頃は私が見極めるわ」 鶴乃&フェリシア「ふつふつふつ...突撃だぁー!」

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