Yachiyo Nanami (Anime ver.)

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Yachiyo Nanami
Card 13024 l.png
Japanese Name 七海 やちよアニメver.
Nanami Yachiyo (Anime ver.)
Voiced by Japanese: Sora Amamiya
ID No: 1302

For her full bio, see Yachiyo Nanami.

Yachiyo Nanami is the anime version of Yachiyo that debuted in the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. She was originally released in the mobile game prior to her debut in the anime, and subsequently an anime version of her unit was released in January 2022.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 19 (contracted at 12)
  • Height: 165cm
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Blue
  • Origins: Shinsei Ward


  • Soul Gem: Blue crescent moon (beneath chest)
  • Weapon: Halberd
  • Wish: "I want to survive."
  • Ability: To receive hope (take over the power of the deceased)
  • Witch form: Campanella
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi ()
  • Known relatives: Unnamed grandmother (deceased)
  • School: Kamihama City University, First-year

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★ → 5★



Attribute aqua.png


Initial 5789 2245 1777

Max at ★4 20539 8257 6258
Max at ★5 25511 10294 7812

Max SE 32543 12828 10523
Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: I'll Take That Feeling Along

★4: Blast Damage UP [VII] & Guaranteed Ignore Defense
★5: Blast Damage UP [IX] & Guaranteed Ignore Defense
Magia: Absolute Rapids

★4: Damage to All Enemies [V] & Attack UP (Self / 3T) & Chance to Ignore Defense (Self / 3T) & Variable (Self / 3T)
★5: Damage to All Enemies [VII] & Attack UP (Self / 3T) & Chance to Ignore Defense (Self / 3T) & Variable (Self / 3T)
Doppel: Campanella

Damage to All Enemies [IX] & Attack UP (Self / 5T) & Guaranteed Ignore Defense (Self / 3T) & Variable (Self / 3T)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +5% +8% +4% +4% +8% +4%
5★ +6% +9% +5% +5% +9% +5%

SE +6% +9% +5% +5% +9% +5%
Spirit Enhancement

Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Blast MP Gain UP [VII]

Blast Damage UP [II]

Aqua Attribute Attack UP [II]

Blast Damage UP [II]

Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Attack UP When Ally Dies [III] & Defense UP When Ally Dies [III]

Damage Cut [II]

MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Variable (Self / 3 turns on battle start)

Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 3 turns on battle start) & Guaranteed Anti-Provoke

Active Ability: Blast Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1T) & Damage Cut [XIV] (Self / 1T) [CD: 10 turns]


Kamihama City's veteran Magical Girl who is also a University student. She is knowledgable about Kamihama City and Magical Girls, and works alone without a team. She is very territorial, and is harsh towards Magical Girls from other regions who lack ability. She is filing the "rumors" that occur in Kamihama City.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of ticket-taking. Its form is a ticket puncher. The master of this emotion dreams of the day when she, too, will depart on a journey, following in the footsteps of the friends whose departures she has already seen off, and has long awaited the moment when her ticket will finally be punched. Those who are injured by the pincer on the end of this Doppel’s tail are apparently guaranteed great misfortune in the near future. Its master often attempts to point the pincer towards herself, but has never succeeded in doing so. Because the range of emotional fluctuation is reduced in older individuals and in those who have lived as Puella Magi for a long time, those individuals’ Doppels may fail to completely separate from the master’s body, as is the case here.

Side Story

The anime version of Yachiyo does not have an original MSS. Instead, it is a recap of the first two seasons of the Magia Record Anime as told through screencaps.


  • Yachiyo's beaded headband was changed to a cloth headband for the anime. However, despite the fact that her card art and attack animations display the cloth headband, her live2D depicts the beaded headband her vanilla counterpart wears in-game.
    • This was remedied with the release of Iroha Tamaki (anime ver.)


Yachiyo Anime Screenshots

Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Foolishness Leading to Disaster
Damage UP [IV] & Blast Damage UP [III]
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP [V] & Blast Damage UP [IV]
Passive **Unique to Yachiyo Nanami (Anime ver.)**
"From now on, don't expect a smooth ride." The parade of witches summoned by rumors is not always what we want to see on the other side, but we magical girls are the only ones who can stop this stupidity.

免停覚悟で突っ込む先は、ウワサに呼び寄せられた魔女たちのパレード 行進の向こうで待ち構えるものが望むものとは限らない

I Just Wanted to Survive
Blast Damage UP [VI] & Damage Cut [III]
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage UP [VII] & Damage Cut [IV]
Passive I wanted to survive, not to kick someone down. Because I wanted to be strong as a leader and protect everyone, but my power is to have others around me die in my place and let me live, I didn’t want that, I just wanted to be alive with everyone.生き残りたいと願ったのは、誰かを蹴落とすためじゃなく

リーダーとして強くなって、みんなを守りたかったから それなのに私の願いは、私の周りを養分にして私を生かそうとする

The Mikazuki House Destined for Me
Chance to Charm [VII] & Defense DOWN [IV] (Single / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Charm [IX] & Defense DOWN [V] (Single / 1T)
11 turns
Max Limit Break:
9 turns
Iroha's ideal version of Mikazuki Villa was filled with everyone's smiles.

But, you know, even though I was gone, it's like I was made to appear. According to what I heard from Kuroe-san, she said I was dressed differently than usual.

I'm a little nervous about how I look to you, Iroha...

でもね、たとえ私が居なくなっても作られた私が出てくるみたいで 黒江さんに聞いた話だと、その服装はいつもと違っていたらしいの

We Promised Didn't We
Attack UP [V] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [I]
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [VI] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [II]
Passive "You promised me you wouldn't die"

We take each other's hands, both so happy to be able to say "I'm home". Don't let the truth knock you down, don't let hope blind you.

Alone I would have been scared and trembling, but together we'll be able to stand.

ただいまを言える幸せをかみしめながら、私たちは手を取り合う 真実に打ちのめされないように、希望を見失ってしまわないように

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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