Yuma Chitose

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Yuma Chitose
Japanese Name 千歳 ゆま
Voiced by Japanese (Magia Record):Misaki Kuno

"Please don't leave me alone!" - Yuma Chitose, chapter 2 of Oriko Magica.

Yuma Chitose (千歳 ゆま Chitose Yuma) is a character from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. She also appears or is referenced in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story and Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer. She is a playable character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online and Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, with the later having her first animated and voice acted appearance.

General info

Physical features

  • Age: 6-8 (estimated)
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Green


  • Soul gem: Cat head-shaped gem located on the back of her neck.
  • Weapon: A staff with a ball and cat's tail.
  • Wish: To save/heal Kyoko in Oriko Magica.
  • Japanese pronoun: Yuma (ゆま); watashi (わたし) occasionally in Oriko Magica
  • Known relatives: Her abusive mother Mako, and her neglectful father.


Yuma alternates between acts of maturity and childishness, showing delight in small things and childlike affection towards the people she likes, but also seriousness when events require it. She can be hot-headed and prone to spontaneous acts, yet exhibits insecurity and a strong feeling of self-worthlessness. In Yuma's case, this could be explained by her backstory as an abused child and orphan. Yuma, like other magical girls, exhibits a desire to help others. Like other girls, it isn't a completely selfless desire; Yuma has a fear of being abandoned.


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Yuma used to live in an abusive household, under her mother Mako Chitose, and her unnamed and unseen father.

The two adults would fight often, with Yuma's father apparently cheating on Mako. Mako would take out her frustration on Yuma, kicking her around and burning her with cigarettes, while yelling at her and telling her she was useless, sometimes even kicking her out of the house for periods of time. Yuma apparently goes wandering around the city during these times. It is unknown how long Mako's abuse of Yuma has been going on for.

Yuma in Oriko Magica

Yuma Chitose, a girl of elementary school age, watches a witch attack that kills her family. Kyoko saves Yuma from the witch, and takes pity on her. Kyoko takes Yuma under her wing and tries to teach Yuma her values while they live as loners outside of society--doing such things as sneaking into public baths.

When Yuma is nearly hurt during a battle with a witch, Kyoko discovers cigarette burns on Yuma's head. She reveals that she was raised as an abused child. The two bond over a common troubled past with their families.

One night, while Kyoko is out hunting witches, Oriko appears to Yuma in Kyoko's hotel room. Oriko tells Yuma that Kyoko is going to die if something isn't done, and Yuma rushes off to find her friend. While showing affection for Kyoko, Yuma goes against her advice and contracts with Kyubey to become a magical girl. Yuma wanted to help Kyoko and become stronger, and she feared being left behind and suffering more abuse. She feared being useless, as Oriko told her she was in order to scare her into going. After making the contract, Yuma saved Kyoko's life with her new healing powers.

When Kyoko and Yuma meet up with Mami, who is investigating the recent string of Puella Magi murders and came to ask if they knew anything about it, Mami stares at Kyoko and comments, "How strange." Yuma mistakes this for bullying and flips Mami's skirt in retaliation, making Mami cry. Yuma promises to "take care" of anyone who bullies her caretaker. Kyoko corrects her, but thanks her for trying. Kyoko then asks Mami if she knows anyone named "Oriko," as Kyoko wants to get back at her for convincing Yuma to contract with Kyubey. Mami doesn't, and they go their separate ways.

She appears again with Kyoko inside the barrier formed by Kirika and Oriko around Mitakihara Middle School, and helps save Mami from the witch's familiars. Kyoko and Yuma were told about the situation by Kyubey. The three of them then continue to the center of the barrier, where Kirika, Oriko and Homura are battling.

When they arrive, Kirika realizes she's outmatched as she is, and transforms into a witch. The causes Yuma, Mami and Kyoko to lose their concentration on the battle as they process this horrible truth. When Yuma tries to heal Kyoko and Mami, they refuse and tell her to run. They feel it's better to die as they are than become witches. Yuma blasts one of Kirika's attacks away, and tells Mami and Kyoko that even if they may turn into monsters some day, that day is not this one. Together, the three defeat Kirika's witch form. With Oriko backed into a corner, the battle seems to be finished, but the girl takes one last shot using a piece of Kirika's body before she finally dies. This attack goes through Kyubey, and hits Madoka, who was behind a wall. Unfortunately, Yuma is too late to heal Madoka and save her life.

Yuma in Noisy Citrine

Yuma does not appear in Noisy Citrine.

Yuma in Symmetry Diamond

In the timeline of Symmetry Diamond, Yuma is driven from her house by her abusive mother and meets Oriko at a park. Oriko sees a vision of Yuma dying from her mother's abuse. Sometime later, Yuma is attacked by her mother again. She is found laying injured in the park by Oriko and Sasa Yuuki. Sasa uses this opportunity to try and kill Oriko, but fails. After the battle, Sasa tries to take Yuma hostage. She is foiled when Oriko reveals to Sasa the truth about witches, prompting Sasa to crush her own Soul Gem. Afterward, Kyubey attempts to make a contract with Yuma, but his body is destroyed by Oriko. Oriko then comforts Yuma. At the end of the story, Yuma is seen with her grandparents, having been taken away from her mother.

Yuma in The Last Agate

Yuma has a picnic with her grandparents when they receive an evacuation order (due to the weather from Walpurgis Night). Somehow aware Oriko is going to battle, she looks into the distance and hopes Oriko wins.

Yuma in Sadness Prayer

Yuma has yet to make a direct appearance in Sadness Prayer, only appearing in Oriko's visions or being mentioned by characters.

Yuma in Magia Record

See Yuma Chitose in Magia Record

Powers and Abilities

Yuma's magic manifests as healing powers. Because her wish was to help/save Kyoko (the specific wording is not known), she is able to heal Kyoko's wounds from her battles with witches. Her offense capabilities come in the form of a staff with an over-sized ball that sports a cat's tail. This staff creates shockwaves that make it difficult for an enemy to move.


  • Many fans have noted the similarities between Yuma and Touhou Project's Kisume, well as the common fan depiction of Touhou Project's Daiyousei. The artist of Oriko Magica has drawn Touhou fanart.


  • Due to being featured on Oriko Magica's first volume cover, many fans erroneously assumed Yuma was the titular Oriko.
  • Yuma is the Madoka Magica franchise's second cat girl. The first is Satomi Usagi, and the third is Nagisa Momoe.
  • Yuma is one of the youngest magical girls in the franchise, the other being Nagisa.


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