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File:yuma_4star.png|Magia Record Three Star card
File:yuma_4star.png|Magia Record Three Star card
File:yuma_5star.png|Magia Record Four Star card
File:yuma_5star.png|Magia Record Four Star card
File:Card 40035 c.png|Magia Record Five Star card
File:Mini 400300 s.png|In-battle Sprite
File:Mini 400300 s.png|In-battle Sprite
File:Yuma PM.png|Character talk sprite
File:Mini 400301 s.png|In-battle Sprite (Five Star)
File:Yuma School.png|School uniform
File:Doppel 400300 l.png|Doppel Sprite
File:Yuma Doppel.PNG
File:Yuma PM.png
File:Yuma School.png
File:Yuma Papa Seal 2019.jpg|Magical Girl Seal 2019
File:Yuma Papa Seal 2019.jpg|Magical Girl Seal 2019
File:Yuma 01.jpg|Art from [[Magia Archive Volume 2]]
File:Yuma 01.jpg|Art from [[Magia Archive Volume 2]]
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File:Magia screencap yuma.jpg
File:Magia screencap yuma.jpg
File:Mr kyouko transform 2.png|Pixel art Yuma from [[Kyoko Sakura in Magia Record|Kyoko]]'s transformation
File:Mr kyouko transform 2.png|Pixel art Yuma from [[Kyoko Sakura in Magia Record|Kyoko]]'s transformation
File:Yuma Doppel.PNG

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Yuma Chitose
Yuma magia record profile.png
Japanese Name 千歳 ゆま (Chitose Yuma)
Voiced by Japanese:Misaki Kuno
ID No: 4003

For her full bio, see Yuma Chitose.

General info

Physical features

  • Age: 11
  • Height: 130cm
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Green
  • Origins: Kazamino City


  • Soul gem: Cat head-shaped gem (behind the neck)
  • Weapon: Hammer (resembling a cat's head with a tail)
  • Wish: To save/heal Kyoko in Oriko Magica.
  • Ability: Healing
  • Witch Form: Pistis
  • Japanese pronoun: Atashi (アタシ)
  • Known relatives: Her abusive mother Mako, and her neglectful father.
  • School: Unknown, but confirmed to be in 5th grade

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★5 100 Heal Attribute forest.png
Initial 4101 1182 1587
Max at ★3 13648 3962 5586
Max at ★4 17736 5151 7266
Max at ★5 24601 6701 7503
Max SE 28310 8179 10697
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: I Wanna Help Too!
★3: HP Recover [V]
★4: HP Recover [VII]
★5: HP Recover [VIII] & Damage Cut [VIII] & Defense UP [VIII]
Magia: Lynx Impact
★3: Damage One Enemy [II] & HP Restore (All)
★4: Damage One Enemy [IV] & HP Restore (All) / Status Ailment Resistance UP (All / 3 T)
★5: Damage One Enemy [VI] & HP Restore (All) / Status Ailment Resistance UP (All / 3 T) & Blast Damage Cut (All / 3T)
Doppel: Pistis
Damage One Enemy [VIII] & HP Restore (All) / Status Ailment Resistance UP (All / 3 T) & Blast Damage Cut (All / 3T) & Defense UP (All / 3T)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
3★ +5% +4% +6% +5% +5% +3%
4★ +6% +5% +7% +6% +6% +4%
5★ +7% +6% +8% +7% +7% +5%
SE +7% +6% +8% +13% +13% +10%
Spirit Enhancement
MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]
Defense UP [III]
Magia Damage UP [III]
MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]
Blast Damage UP [II]
Defense Up [III]
Guaranteed Anti-Stun
Regenerate HP [IV]
Chance to Stun on Attack [II] (1T)
Chance to Skill Quicken [II]
Magia Damage UP [III]
Status Ailment Resistance UP [II]
Active Ability: HP Restore [VI] (Allies) [CD: 10 turns]


A young Magical Girl who is very attached to Kyoko, Yuma sees her as her sister, and is willing to do anything for her. Although she is an innocent child, she was abused badly, and experiences terror much more distinctly than others, due to that trauma.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of guidance. Its form is droplets. In opposition to her own feelings, the master of this emotion has been evaluated as “not useful.” A dilemma: despite wanting to guide events in a good direction, nobody expects any such thing of her. This Doppel was born from that very dilemma. This Doppel’s form is built from and maintained by intricately-intertwined emotions that she holds despite her young age… or rather, emotions that fermented because of her young age. There’s a gulf between the place where her imagined, ideal self stands, and the place where she stands right now. But there’s no doubt about the fact that both those places have her feet firmly planted on them.

Side Story

Yuma's side story begins as an adaptation of the Puella Magi Oriko Magica manga. Yuma sees her mother killed by a witch, and is rescued by Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko tells her she's lucky to survive. When Yuma says she has no place to go, Kyoko decides to take her in. She uses Yuma as a distraction to steal food. One day, Kyoko finds that Yuma has cigarette marks on her forehead. Yuma confesses she was abused by her mother. Yuma says she wants to be a magical girl so she can be strong like Kyoko.

Kyubey appears and offers Yuma a contract, but Kyoko keeps Yuma from becoming a magical girl. On another night, Yuma wakes Kyoko and asks her to make pancakes. They take the flour from the hotel room's kitchen and Kyoko steals other ingredients from the supermarket. Back at the hotel they make the pancakes, to Yuma's delight.

Sometime later, after Yuma becomes a magical girl, she wakes up to see Kyoko leaving. Kyoko says she's going to Kamihama City to hunt witches and investigate. Yuma offers to go with her, but Kyoko says it's too dangerous. She tells Yuma she'll be back home by dinner. However, Kyoko doesn't come home in time. Suddenly Oriko Mikuni appears before Yuma. She tells her that Kyoko is once again in danger. Yuma says she'll protect her, and asks Oriko where Kamihama is. Oriko offers to take Yuma there.

Once at Kamihama, Oriko leaves Yuma behind. Yuma then gets in a fight with a witch. Oriko is then spotted by another magical girl. Oriko greets the magical girl, who asks Oriko if she came from outside Kamihama. The magical girl explains that lots of witches are coming to Kamihama, which has lead to an increase of magical girls. Oriko says she came to Kamihama to find a girl named Yuma (this is a lie). The magical girl recognizes the name, as she's familiar with Kyoko. Oriko tells the magical girl to tell Kyoko Yuma is in the city. The two then part ways.

Kyoko finally returns to her current home, having been delayed by Kirika Kure. Kyoko wonders how Kirika knew that she and Mami Tomoe would be in Kamihama. Suddenly she realizes Yuma isn't there. Kyoko runs outside, where the magical girl Oriko spoke to, Shizuku Hozumi, appears. Shizuku says that Yuma is in Kamihama. She says she was told this by a magical girl wearing white clothes, which Kyoko recognizes as Oriko. Kyoko asks Shizuku to use her powers to bring her to Kamiahama.

As Yuma fights the witch, she thinks back to when she became a magical girl. One day, Oriko appeared before Yuma and told her that Kyoko would die to a witch. Yuma runs to the witch's barrier and meets Kyubey before finding a mortally wounded Kyoko. Yuma wishes to heal Kyoko, which allows her to defeat the witch. Afterward, Kyoko scolds Yuma for becoming a magical girl. Yuma tells Kyoko about Oriko's prophecy, and says she'll do whatever Kyoko wants as long as she won't be left alone. Kyoko flashes back to her past and starts crying.

Back in the present, Yuma is rescued by Iroha Tamaki, Yachiyo Nanami, and Tsuruno Yui. The trio defeat the witch and purify her Soul Gem. Yachiyo is surprised she is so young. Tsuruno says she looks like a first or second grader. Yuma mutters Kyoko's name, which Iroha recognizes (from Chapter 4 of the Main Story). Kyoko then arrives and retrieves Yuma. The trio explains what happened, and Kyoko says she owes them one. Kyoko asks why Kamihama is so strange, and Yachyo says that it all started a few months ago. Yachiyo explains she's lived in Kamihama since she was born, and the city was normal until then. Kyoko then carries Yuma home on her back. Thinking of the threats of Oriko and Kamihama, she decides to protect Yuma. Yuma narrates that Kyoko saved her again.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • Yuma's illustrator is that of her manga, Mura Kuroe.
  • She appears in Kyoko Sakura's transformation video as a sprite in her dancing game.
  • In the original manga, she had dark blue eyes. This was later changed to green in Magia Record.
  • Yuma's Doppel, Pistis, is named after the Greek personification of good faith, trust and reliability.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Beyond the End
Attack DOWN [III] (Single enemy / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
Attack DOWN [IV] (Single enemy / 3 T)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
Is that mild smile that of an angel, or maybe a devil? We know not whose hand shapes the future, but it stirs now. Not even the gods know where she will go. その穏やかな微笑みは、天使のものか、はたまた悪魔か。

未来の形は何者かの手によって、にわかに揺らぎ始める。 彼女たちが辿り着く場所ーそれは神でさえも知り得ない。

Blunt Savior
Self Attack Damage Up [III] (3 Turns)
Max Limit Break:
Self Attack Damage Up [IV] (3 Turns)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
Not her mother nor her father. The first person to hold this girl's hand was a "hero" she knew nothing about. She no longer has to fear Witches or lonely nights. 母親でも、父親でもない。初めて少女の手を握り返してくれたのは、見ず知らずの”ヒーロー”だった。


Encounter With a Hero
Draw Blast Disks
Max Limit Break:
Draw Blast Disks
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Yuma Chitose**
The hero who saved her placed a candy into her hand. Its sweetness washed the bad memories away in just one bite. I want to fight alongside my hero, she thought, and swore silently to herself that she would.
Turn Despair into Hope
Counter Chance [II]
Max Limit Break:
Counter Chance [III]
Passive Even if reality hits hard, stand up. Whether it's inevitable or not, now isn't the time to despair. You can become much stronger with friends by your side. 真実を突きつけられてもなお、立ち上がる。

それが必然だとしても、絶望するのは今じゃない。 仲間と一緒なら、何度だって強くなれる。

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