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"I have something important to discuss with all of you today. Make sure you pay attention."
"Should a sunny-side up be hard or soft?!"
"What do you think, Nakazawa-kun?!" - Kazuko Saotome, Episode 1.
Kazuko Saotome
Kazuko Saotome Sheet.png
Japanese Name 早乙女 和子 (Saotome Kazuko)
Voiced by Japanese: Junko Iwao
English: Karen Strassman
Italian: Debora Magnaghi
Spanish: Mª Rosa Guillén


Official Info

"Using fried eggs to determine a woman's charm is really wrong. Girls, please be careful not to date guys who won't eat your half-cooked eggs and insist they have to be fully cooked." - Kazuko Saotome, Episode 1
  • Kazuko is Madoka's class teacher. Her relationships with guys don't last very long, and so she's extremely frustrated in these regards. Many of her classes involve her complaining about men.
  • She also seems to be a friend of Junko Kaname, Madoka's mother. They refer to each other by first name (something relatively rare in Japan, outside of close family members and friends), and they are seen together having drinks in Episode 11.


  • Some fans speculate that Kazuko presumably is having a secret love affair with Nakazawa-kun, due to the fact that she is always inquiring Nakazawa-kun about her dates. One possible explanation is that Nakazawa-kun simply just looks like her dates; another possible explanation is that he is the mysterious man himself and Kazuko is using these moments to grill him about what went wrong. A third explanation, due to the age gap, is that he is the man's son.
    • There is also some speculation that perhaps Kazuko has a crush on her student, but because it is a forbidden love she is not allowed to express her true feelings for him openly. Or perhaps it is Nakazawa-kun who wont allow the forbidden love to flourish and develop for it would become a scandal if it was known.
      • Because of her powers over him as a teacher, perhaps she hopes that one day he would be forced to acknowledge his feelings for her.

Kazuko in Oriko Magica

Kazuko appears briefly in Oriko Magica. She dies after being devoured by a familiar.

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