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A list of all minor characters from Puella Magi Suzune Magica.

Note: As all chapters post-volume 1 are currently only available in Japanese, most of the post-volume 1 info below comes from rough translation and interpretation of events. Thus, some of the information may be incorrect, so please do not treat anything as 100% accurate.


Yunagi Newspaper women

See also: Suzune Amano

The two women who work at Yunagi Newspaper, the newspaper delivery center where Suzune lives and works part-time. Both women admire Suzune for her diligence and maturity despite her young age.

The long-haired woman appears to be rather young. She calls Suzune by the affectionate and cutesy-sounding nickname "Suzutchi" (スズっち Suzucchi). She is apparently proud of Suzune for having guts and being a fast learner, and debunking her initial notion that she'd quit immediately.

The dark-haired woman appears to be older. She is mentioned to have a son, who she describes as lazy. She excitedly expresses at one point that Suzune is "a diamond in the rough" and that she'll make her an ace, to which the long-haired woman expresses exaggeration.

These women only appear in volume 1.

Arisa's mother

See also: Arisa Narumi

The only parental guardian of Arisa seen onscreen. Her relationship with Arisa is unknown. It is also unknown if she is married or single.

Arisa's mother is only seen telling Arisa that dinner is ready, and lamenting how grieved Arisa is after Chisato's death, remarking that it's only natural she would act that way.

It is unknown how Arisa's mother dealt with Arisa being bullied in her past.

Arisa's mother only appears in volume 1.

Chisato's father

See also: Chisato Shion

Chisato's only parental guardian, with her mother having suddenly died in the past. The details of his relationship with Chisato are unknown, but she appears to have admired him, and loved him enough to make a wish for his sake.

Chisato's father is first seen when a grieving Arisa visits the Shion house. While lingering outside, Chisato's father greets her and asks if she is a friend. Arisa runs away, with Chisato's father yelling after her.

In a flashback expositing on Chisato's wish, Chisato explains how her father is a creator of children's picture books. However, disaster struck her family when publishers stopped accepting her father's books, leading to the family falling into decline, culminating in the sudden death of Chisato's mother and her father falling into despair. Chisato thus made a wish for his sake.

Chisato's father only appears in volume 2.

Kanade family

See also: Haruka Kanade and Kanata Kanade

The Kanade family, consisting of Haruka, her older sister Kanata, and their mother and father. The Kanade family appears to be rather wealthy.

Very little is seen of the Kanade sisters' parents, but from their one appearance, the father is seen praising Kanata for her talent and genius while the mother stands by and supports his statements, with Haruka standing on the sidelines and being ignored in favor of her more-talented sister.

Given that Haruka's hatred of Kanata was so strong that she made a wish to erase her from existence, it can be inferred that such a conversation was a very regular occurrence, and that Haruka was very often overlooked in favor of Kanata.

Haruka's relationship with her parents after making her wish is unknown.

The members of the Kanade family only appear in volume 1, in a flashback. Kanata is mentioned in volume 2, in the context of Haruka's wish, and only appears in flashbacks.

Matsuri and Kagari's father

A photo of the twins' mother.
See also: Matsuri Hinata and Kagari Hinata

The Hinata twins' father. Like the Kanade family, the Hinata family also appears to be somewhat wealthy. The details of the father's relationship with his daughters is unknown, but he appears to have raised Matsuri well, given the person she is in the present. Kagari appears to have been absent for a few years, and also appears to have erased memories of herself and Tsubaki from her family's memories. Matsuri ends up regaining hers; it is unknown if her father did as well.

Very little is seen of the father. He appears to be single, with the twins' mother having died sometime ago; the only thing seen of her is a photo of her holding the twins, though her face is obscured. In her place, Tsubaki Mikoto takes care of the twins as a surrogate mother; the extent of her relationship with the father is unknown.

After Tsubaki disappears, the father is seen worried for her. Kagari mentions the police are searching for her at one point; presumably they were called by him or by other members of the Mikoto family.

The Hinata twins' father only appears in volume 3, in a flashback.

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