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Being Madokan is suffering

The purpose for this is to document the evolution of a possible handwriting based on the runes that have appeared in Madoka.


The Piparkaq Variant

So far, two variants have emerged from a discussion on the Madoka IRC channel. Please refer to the Talk:Handwritten runes page.

The Piparkaq Variant

  • Features on optimizing shapes for block writing
  • Borrows features from both archaic and modern rune sets for optimal handwriting
  • Does not yet have numerals
The Prima Variant

The Prima Variant

  • Cursive style
  • Best C-character for handwriting ♥

2ch Variant

2ch Variant writing sample:

2ch begun experimenting with handwritten runes after The Rebellion Story premiere. Despite the late start, their script quickly become quite polished in their own right.


  • Clean
  • Easy to learn
  • Closely approximates the official font

Other variants

deviantART user JapanYoshi likened archaic runes to blackletter/fraktur writing and modern runes to serif, and attempted to make a "Sans Serif" variant. He only supplies a pixel art sample, but by far the most simplified variant for better or for worse.


The Piparkaq Variant

Alphabet Stroke guide Rune Based on Notes
A P hand a.png Archaic A.svg
B P hand b.png Modern B.svg Based on Modern B, rather than the Archaic version, when concentrating on speed. This may clash with E and M.
C P hand c.png Archaic C.svg Borrowed from Prima's variant.
D P hand d.png Modern D.svg
E P hand e.png Archaic E.svg Based on the Archaic version of E. The crossing stroke is more distinct than with the modern version.
F P hand f.png Archaic F.svg
G P hand g.png Modern G.svg Tentative. The modern G rune feels more natural for handwriting, when compared to the inverse curl required in the archaic version.
H P hand h.png Archaic H.svg
I P hand i.png Modern I.svg Shape taken from modern I. Both modern and archaic share same features, modern is more fit for handwriting in this one.
J P hand j.png Modern J.svg
K P hand k.png Modern K.svg
L P hand l.png Modern L.svg
M P hand m.png Modern M.svg
N P hand n.png Modern N.svg
O P hand o.png Modern O.svg
P P hand p.png Modern P.svg
Q P hand q.png Archaic Q.svg Tentative — one stroke drawing possible