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Cover of the first volume.

"Which would be, an incident that would change her destiny..."

"Which would be, the beginning of a whole another magical girl tale..."

― Volume covers

Puella Magi Oriko Magica (魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Oriko Magika) is the second spin-off manga in the Puella Magi franchise. The story was written by Magica Quartet and illustrated by Kuroe Mura, with the two collected volumes published by Houbunsha. Volume 1 collects chapters 1 - 3 and volume 2 collects 4 - 7.

Oriko Magica has since received several more installments, which are published in Manga Time Kirara Magica. See the following pages for more details:


Volume 1
Oriko, a magical girl with the gift of foresight, knows the fate that awaits all who accept Kyubey’s offer of supernatural powers. But when she is struck with a terrible vision of the future—of the devastation caused by a single, powerful witch—she decides to prevent the girl from becoming a magical girl in the first place. To draw Kyubey away from the girl’s potential, Oriko directs him instead to Yuma, an orphan who is all too eager to gain powers that will enable her to protect herself—powers that will ultimately lead to her own destruction...
Volume 2
Oriko is determined to use any means available to her in order to prevent the destruction she has glimpsed in the future. Her companion, Kirika, has been useful in creating a distraction by murdering other Magical Girls, but Oriko recognizes that the time for diversionary tactics has passed—she must target the source directly and eliminate the threat. Little does she realize that her quarry has a protector who is as passionate about keeping the girl alive as Oriko is about seeing her dead. What future ultimately awaits in the eye-opening conclusion of Oriko Magica?!


Oriko Magica is a story taking place in one of the many timelines that occurs between timelines four and five of the Madoka Magica anime.

Upon her birth as a magical girl, Oriko Mikuni sees a terrifying vision of the future of Mitakihara City, where the ultra-powerful witch Kriemhild Gretchen threatens to destroy the world. Horrified, Oriko vows to stop it and protect her world at any cost. She teams up with another magical girl, Kirika Kure, to do so; and upon seeing another vision of a young girl named Yuma Chitose, directs Kyubey towards contracting with her as a distraction. Meanwhile, Kyoko Sakura encounters Yuma after killing the witch that murdered her family, and reluctantly takes Yuma under her wing; and Mami Tomoe investigates a mysterious case of magical girl killings that been recently occurring.



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Language Publisher Country Release date Volume 1 Volume 2
Japanese Houbunsha Japan May 12, 2011,
June 13, 2011
Oriko Art.jpg Oriko 2 cover small.jpg
English Yen Press United States July 23, 2013,
October 29, 2013
Vol1english.jpg Vol2english.jpg
Chinese Tong-Li Publishing Co., Ltd Taiwan, Hong Kong 2012 Oriko Chinese Vol.1 Cover.jpg Oriko Chinese Vol.2 Cover.jpg
Korean 학산문화사 South Korea 2012 Oriko Korean Vol.1 Cover.jpg Oriko Korean Vol.2 Cover.jpg
Italian Panini Comics/Planet Manga Italy 2012, 2013 Oriko Italian Vol.1 Cover.jpg Oriko Italian Vol.2 Cover.jpg
German Carlsen Verlag GmbH Germany 2013, 2014 Oriko German Vol.1 Cover.jpg Oriko German Vol.2 Cover.jpg
Brazilian, Portuguese Editora NewPOP Brazil 2014 NewPOP Oriko01.jpg NewPOP Oriko02.jpg
Thai Siam Inter Comics Thailand 2015 Oriko Thai Vol.1 Cover.jpg Oriko Thai Vol.2 Cover.jpg


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  • Although the first collected volume was initially intended to be released on April 12, 2011, the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, as well as the subsequent postponement of the last two episodes of the anime caused Oriko Magica to be postponed to May 12, 2011. The second volume was then released on June 13, 2011.

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