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Note: Please note that the speculations and theories have moved and have now their own page here.

This page serves as an archive for fan-created articles documenting analysis of Madoka Magica. The content below has been roughly ordered by topic. This section should only contain general, objective articles. For the subjective/hypothetical ones, please refer to Theories.

We welcome you to submit new articles as you deem necessary.


The meaning of key terminology unique to Madoka Magica.
Deciphering the runes
Western fans were the first to decipher the Inu Curry runes used in the anime for witch barriers.
Deciphering the notes
Analysis of the notes in Sayaka's healing spell circles.
Madoka Magica Trivia
A collection of minor facts and observations about the series.

Plot and Setting

A fan article highlighting the differences between the episodes and the first movie.
Ending Analysis
An in-depth analysis of the Ending Animation.
Detailed explanations and observations about magic in the Magica universe.
Walpurgis Night
Explanations on what is Walpurgis Night (in real-life and in canon), references to it, etc.
Yuri undertones
One of the reasons this show is popular among fans is for its yuri subtext. This page explains the references and evidence that lead to the most popular pairings.
Creative Intentions
Speculation and analysis based on information from or about the creative staff, as well as analysis of story elements and the show's design based on the creative staff's intentions, methods, and history.
Philosophical Observations
Speculative observation based on philosophical ideas and character analysis through the use of philosophical themes. (work in progress)
Paralleling Madoka Magica and Kazumi Magica
Speculative observation based on the events in Kazumi Magica, that resemble the events in the Madoka universe.
Population dynamics/Spatial simulation


Comparison between Architecture within the anime and real life landmarks.
Witches and Familiars as asteroids, Kyubey as an alien, etc...
A page dedicated to solving the 'middle school level' Math questions that appears throughout the series.
Population dynamics
"If magical girls are said to be born from wishes, then witches are creatures born from curses." (Kyubey, Episode 2). Let us see how both populations evolve over time, and whether or not the Earth has a chance of surviving against witches in the end.
Kyubey's speech about Entropy in Episode 9 led to an uproar among fans for its inacurracy. Let us see why.
A rundown of both real-life firearms, explosives and others, and original weaponry present in the anime.

Intertextuality and Literature

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Teaching Faust since 2011.
An analysis of the link between the anime series and the famous tragedy by Goethe.
Der Steppenwolf
A short comparison between Madoka and Harry Haller, the protagonist of "Der Steppenwolf", a novel by Hermann Hesse.
John Gabriel Borkman
An unlikely but interresting analysis of the links between Madoka Magica and Henrik Ibsen's "John Gabriel Borkman".