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Kosane Kiriha
Japanese Name 霧羽こさね (Kiriha Kosane)

Kosane Kiriha (霧羽こさね) is the protagonist of Null Magical Girl. She is an unemployed graduate student attending university to pursue a Master's degree, where the title of her Master’s thesis is “A Study of the So-Called Cognitive Revolution.” Ten years ago, Kosane attempted to make a contract with Kyubey, but the process failed as she didn't possess a soul (and later discovers she doesn't have a brain either). Despite this, she is paradoxically considered to be both a magical girl and not one.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 24
Eye colour Amber
Hair colour Ash Blonde
Soul Gem Does not have one
Weapon Rifle of the Inner World
Witch Form Unknown
Powers and Abilities None
Wish “To divide and proliferate”
Japanese pronoun Watashi
Known relatives Eruna Kiriha (twin sister; stillborn), unnamed parents
Origins Unknown
School Unknown university; Master's Program

In Null Magical Girl

In Null Magical Girl, Kosane acts as the main character. Additionally, the story is told primarily through a first-person perspective.

Powers and Abilities

Kosane herself doesn't have any supernatural abilities like other Magical Girls, but instead is a prime candidate for genetically engineering by Kyubey. Because of Kyubey, Kosane lost the human ability to read emotion and also gained the power of flight for a short time.


  • 'Kosane' is likely a reference to The World of Null-A - the novel's main character's surname, Gosseyn, is stated to be pronounced "go sane" by the book's author. This is also confirmed by another tweet by Gengen Kusano.
    • "Kosa" (こさ) is similar to the term ごさ (an alternate writing for kanji meaning "error, discrepancy").
    • "Sane" (さね) is an alternate writing of kanji that means "truth" or "reality".
    • Moving the last syllable to the front like Eruna's name (but excluding "-sa") creates "neko" (ねこ), an alternate writing of kanji meaning cat. If intentional, this may reference Incubators and/or Coeurl (named after a cat-like creature similar to Incubators).
  • Her surname Kiriha (霧羽) is comprised of kanji 霧 ("mist, fog") and 羽 (originally referred specifically to where the quill of a feather attaches to the skin, then broadened to mean "feather", and then further to "wing").


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