Magia Record Main Story Part 2 Chapter 3 Script

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English text translated through DeepL and fixed by editors.

Section 1

Part 1
Name Japanese Translation
"プロミストブラッドにういちゃんがさらわれた。" "Promised Blood took Ui-chan."
"私の耳にもね、そっと静かに届いたの…。" "To my ears, too, it reached me softly and quietly..."
"肌が凍り付くような怖さを感じたけど" "I felt a scare that froze my skin, but..."
"スンと澄ましてる人だっていると思う。" "I think there are some people who are clearing it up with a thun."
"グルグルと様々な想いが渦巻いているから…。" "Because there are so many different thoughts swirling around in circles...."
"リィちゃんがささやきかけてくる。" "Rii-chan whispers to me."
"それなら今日は、激しい戦いにはならないはず。" "Then it shouldn't be a fierce battle today."
"シクシクと涙を流す時間が流れるだけだと思う。" "I think it's just going to be a time of siksiks and tears."
"でもね、その涙が乾いても戦いは終わらない。" "But, you know, the fight won't end when those tears dry up."
"キュゥべえが差し向けたものだから…。" "It's what Kyubey sent me to do...."
75px Livia "ほんま、アンタのおかげで、神浜の中は慌ただしくなっとるわ" "Really, thanks to you, it's getting hectic inside Kamihama."
75px Livia "今も、プロミストブラッドが環ういをさらったって大慌てやで" "Even now, I'm in a panic that Promise Blood has kidnapped Tamaki Ui."
75px Kyubey "自動浄化システムを巡る争いは無事に起きているようだね" "The fight over the automatic purification system seems to be going on successfully,"
75px Livia "自動浄化システムへの想いがグループによってちゃうからな" "It's just that different groups have different feelings about the automatic purification system."
75px Livia "神浜の連中は世界中の魔法少女を救おうと思うとるみたいやけど" "It seems like the magical girls in Kamihama want to save all the magical girls in the world."
75px Livia "プロミストブラッドは、神浜を信じる以前に恨んどるし" "And Promise Blood has a grudge against them before you believe in Kamihama."
75px Livia "殺した仲間に報いようとして、システムを奪おうとしとる" "You're trying to reward the people he's killed by trying to take away the system."
75px Livia "時女一族に至っては、生まれながらの巫で異質な存在や" "When it comes to the Tokime Clan, they are born as Diviners and different beings and..."
75px Livia "日の本を守る刃として戦うためにシステムを欲しとる" "I want the system to fight as a blade to protect the Land of the Rising Sun."
75px Livia "極めつけは魔法少女至上主義のネオマギウスやろ?" "The best of the best is the neo-Magius of magical girl supremacy, right?"
75px Livia "一般人より自分らの方が上やって言っとるぐらいやから" "They even say they're better than the average person."
75px Livia "衝突せん方がおかしな話やわ" "It's funny how they don't collide."
75px Kyubey "それでもボクには彼女たちが争う確信があったわけじゃない" "Still, I wasn't sure the girls were going to fight it out."
75px Kyubey "むしろ、ボクを敵対視する魔法少女が多い中で" "Rather, with so many magical girls who see me as an enemy."
75px Kyubey "ここまで大きな争いになるのは理解の範疇を超えているよ" "It's beyond the scope of comprehension that it would be this big of a fight,"
75px Livia "人間の感情っちゅーもんはな理屈なんて壊してしまうんやで?" "Human emotions are the only thing that can destroy logic, you know?"
Ui "ここ、どこ…目隠しのせいで、何も見えない…" "Where, is this place... I can't see anything because of the blindfold..."
Ui "どこまで移動してきたんだろ…" "I don't know how far we've traveled..."
75px Ui "お姉ちゃん…" "Sis..."
"ガチャ" *door opens*
75px Ui "あっ…" "Ah..."
75px Ui "ねえ、ここから出して…お姉ちゃんが心配しちゃうから" "Hey, let me out of here... or sis will be worried because of me."
75px ??? "心配されるからって理由で解放するなんて意味不明なんよ" "It doesn't make sense to me to let you go just because you're being worried about."
75px ??? "ニパッ" "Nipah."
75px Ui "じゃあ、どうしたら家に帰してくれるの…?" "Then how can I get home...?"
75px Yuna "条件はひとつ私たちに協力するだけよぉ" "All you have to do is cooperate with us on one condition."
75px Ui "協力…?" "Cooperation...?"
75px Yuna "地図を用意したから、キモチの位置を全て描きなさぃ" "I've prepared a map, so you can draw all the locations of Kimochi."
75px Yuna "知っているでしょぅ?" "You know, don't you?"
75px Ui "――っ!?" "--?!"
75px Ui "わたし、知らないよ…キモチの場所なんて…!" "I don't know...I don't know where those Kimochi is...!"
75px Yuna "スタンプラリーをしながら密かに調べていたはずよぉ…?" "I'm sure you've been secretly researching it while doing the stamp rally...?"
75px Ui "…………" "............"
75px Yuna "神浜が動かなければ、消えなかった魂がいくつもある…" "There are a number of souls that wouldn't have disappeared if Kamihama hadn't moved..."
75px Yuna "これで、少しでも報われるなら、安いものよぉ" "If this pays off in any way, it's a small price to pay."
75px Yuna "…考える時間はあげるわぁ" "...I'll give you some time to think."
75px ??? "結菜さんは本物の鬼だから、従っておくのが正解なんよ" "Yuna-san is a real demon, so it's the right thing to do to obey her."
75px Ui "でも…" "But..."
75px ??? "ゆっくり考えればいいんよ" "You just need to take your time and think about it."
75px Urara "ウチは有愛うらら(ゆめ うらら)" "I'm Yume Urara."
75px Urara "お手洗いとか用事がある時は呼んで欲しいんよ" "When you need to use the bathroom or run an errand, just call me, alrighty?"
75px Ui "…はぁ" "...Hah."
75px Ui "…………" "............"
75px Ui "(外にはうららさんが居るし逃げられそうもない…)" "(There's Urara-san outside, and I don't think I can escape...)"
75px Ui "あ、お姉ちゃんに連絡して、迎えに来て貰えばいいんだ…!" "Oh, just call sis and ask her to come get me...!"
75px Ui "…………スマホ、ない…" ".........My phone's, gone...."
75px Urara "ふぅ…環うい、少しおびえてるんよ" "Hmm...Tamaki Ii, is a little scared, huh."
75px Ao "う~ん、精神的に参らないかちょっと心配だよね~" "Hmmm~, I'm a little worried that she's going to have a mental breakdown~!"
75px Ao "もう少し穏便に聞き出す方法も、あったと思うんだけど…" "I'm sure there was a more gentle way to get the word out of her..."
75px Juri "んな、ちんたらやってたら、ユニオンに先を越されるっつーの" "Nah, if you're being like that, the Union is going to beat you into a pulp."
75px Juri "それに大丈夫だろ歳の割に肝が据わってそうだしな" "And I'm sure you'll be fine, you seem to have a lot of heart for your age."
75px Hikaru "それじゃあ、あとはひかるがユニオンの動向を探るだけっすね" "Well then, all that's left is for Hikaru to find out what's going on with the Union, right?"
75px Urara "何を探るのん?" "What are we explorin'?"
75px Yuna "キモチの捜索を継続してるか知りたいのよぉ" "I need to know if you're continuing your search for Kimochi."
75px Yuna "環ういの捜索に注力して、他に動きがないようであれば" "As they're focusing on searching for Tamaki Ui, and if there is no other movement,"
75px Yuna "彼女たちも、キモチの場所を聞き出してない可能性があるわぁ" "There's a chance they didn't get the location of Kimochi, either."
75px Juri "それなら、樹里サマたちが有利な状況ってことか" "Then it means that Juri-sama and the others are in a better position."
75px Ao "あ…" "Ah..."
75px Hikaru "アオさん?" "Ao-san?"
75px Ao "環ういを捜索するっていうことは" "Searching for Tamaki Ui..."
75px Ao "ユニオンは神浜にあるわたしたちの拠点も探すよね…?" "The Union is going to look for our base of operations in Kamihama too... right?"
75px Yuna "ただ、もぬけの殻じゃ、辿り着いてもわからないはずよぉ" "They just won't be able to tell when they get there, if it's just a shell of a man."
75px Ao "わたし、ゲーム機とか、私物を片付けてないよ~…" "But, I haven't put away my video game console or any of my personal stuff~"
75px Ao "絶対にバレるって証拠はないけどマークされちゃうかも…" "There's no proof that they'll ever find out, but they might be marked..."
75px Yuna "ひかる…" "Hikaru..."
75px Hikaru "じゃあ、それを隠すのも、ひかるのミッションにするっすよ" "Then Hikaru will make her mission to hide it, too."
75px Ao "えーん、ごめん!" "Alright, sorry!"
75px Yuna "あと、もうひとつだけ気をつけて欲しいことがあるわぁ" "Also, there's just one more thing you need to watch out for."
75px Hikaru "っす?" "Yes?"
75px Yuna "神浜の拠点を行き来する際は、迂回するようにしておきなさぃ…" "Don't make sure you take a detour when you're going to and from your base in Kamihama..."
75px Aru-chan "<かごめちゃん今日は竜真館に行かないとね>" "Kagome-chan, we have to go to Ryushinkan today."
75px Kagome "そうだね、アルちゃん" "Yes, Aru-chan."
75px Kagome "ういちゃんのことで、みんな集まるみたいだから" "It seems like everyone is getting together about Ui-chan."
75px Kagome "…………" "............"
75px Kagome "いろはさん、大丈夫かな…" "Iroha-san, I hope she's okay..."
75px Iroha "おはようございます…" "Good morning..."
75px Yachiyo "今日は早いわねやっぱり、眠れなかった…?" "You're up early today. You couldn't sleep, could you...?"
75px Iroha "はい…ういが心配で…" "Yes...I was worried about Ui..."
75px Yachiyo "私もよ…" "Me too..."
75px Yachiyo "とりあえず連絡帳には体調不良って書いておいたから" "Anyway, I 'll contact the school that I wasn't feeling well."
75px Yachiyo "いろはから担任の先生に渡しておいてくれるかしら…?" "Can you give this to my homeroom teacher, Iroha...?"
75px Iroha "わかりました…" "Alright..."
75px Iroha "userNameもいないし、一緒に付いて行ったのかな…" "userName isn't here, and I don't know if he followed along..."
75px Yachiyo "宮尾さんと安積さんから返信はあった…?" "Did you get a reply from Miyabi-san and Azumi-san...?"
75px Iroha "一言、ごめんなさいって…やっぱり気まずいと思います…" "They only texted one word, "sorry"...I still think it's awkward..."
75px Iroha "それに、考えないようにしても私だって頭の中をよぎります…" "And even I try not to think about it, but even I can't stop thinking about it..."
75px Iroha "ふたりがプロミストブラッドと一緒に計画してたのかなって…" "I wondered if the two of them were planning this with Promised Blood..."
75px Sana "私も、いろはさんと同じこと考えちゃいました…" "I thought the same thing as Iroha-san..."
75px Iroha "あ、さなちゃんも早く起きちゃったんだね…" "Oh, Sana-chan woke up early too..."
75px Sana "昨日のゴロゴロの最新話、録画できてたかなって…" "I wish I could have recorded the latest episode of yesterday's Gorogoro..."
75px Sana "ういちゃんも楽しみにしてたから…" "Ui-chan was looking forward to it too, so..."
75px Iroha "絶対に連れ戻して、一緒に見ようね" "I'll definitely bring her back and we'll watch it together."
75px Iroha "きっと今も楽しみにして待ってるはずだから" "I'm sure she's still waiting for it to look forward to it."
75px Sana "はい…!" "Yes...!"
"ドタドタドタドタ!" "Thud thud thud thud!"
75px Felicia "しゃー!朝飯だ!" "Sha! It's breakfast!"
75px Felicia "ちょっとはえーけど、ういを助けに行こうぜ!" "A little eh, but let's go help Ui!"
75px Iroha "えっ、もう制服!" "What? she's already in her uniform!"
75px Yachiyo "いつもは全然準備しないのに…" "She doesn't usually prepare at all..."
75px Yachiyo "…だけど、私たちもこれぐらい強くいかないとだめね" "...but we have to be as strong as this one."
75px Iroha "はい、そうですね" "Yes, you're right."
75px Felicia "あ?" "Ah?"
Part 2
Name Japanese Translation
75px Kanagi "なるほど…うい君の状況はわからないか…" "I see... you don't know what's going on with Ui-kun..."
75px Iroha "プロミストブラッドからはあれから接触がなかったので…" "I haven't been contacted by Promised Blood since then, so..."
75px Kanagi "脅迫も交渉の要求もなし…" "No threats, no demands to negotiate..."
75px Yachiyo "恐らく相手は、ういちゃんからキモチの居場所を聞きたいだけよ" "Probably those people just wants to hear from Ui-chan about Kimochi's whereabouts."
75px Miyako Hinano "ただ、どういう手で聞き出すかわからないぞ?" "Just don't know what kind of hand you're going to use to get them out of you, okay?"
75px Tsuruno "楽観視はできないけどまだ安全だとは思う" "I'm not optimistic, but I think it's still safe."
75px Tsuruno "キモチの場所を話しちゃったとしても" "Even if she did tell you where the Kimochi is."
75px Tsuruno "条件なしに魔力を感知できるのはういちゃんだけだから" "Because Ui-chan is the only one who can sense magic without conditions."
75px Miyako Hinano "下手な手を打てば、相手も損をするだけか…" "If you play a bad hand, they'll only lose money..."
75px Felicia "んなこと言ってる間にさっさと助けだそうぜ!" "While we're talking about this, let's get her the hell out of there!"
75px Felicia "ういのヤツ、どうせアイツらの拠点にいるんだろ!?" "Ui's kidnappers, she's at their base anyway, right?"
75px Sana "そうしたいですけど、拠点の場所がわからないんです…" "I'd like to know too, but I don't know where their base is..."
75px Felicia "あ?だれも!?" "Ah? No one?
75px Sana "神浜のどこかにあるって予想を立ててるぐらいです…" "We're guessing it's somewhere in Kamihama..."
75px Felicia "まーじかよ…" "Seriously..."
75px Kanagi "自分も東での目撃情報が多い手前探ってはいるのだがな…" "I'm looking for it before I have many sightings in the east myself, but..."
75px Miyako Hinano "南でも探してはいるぞ?" "We're looking for her in the south, too."
75px Miyako Hinano "対策を取らないと、こっちが攻撃を受けるからな" "If we don't take action, we're going to get attacked,"
75px Midori Ryo "結果はさっぱりだけどね" "I have no idea what the outcome is, though."
75px Makino Ikumi "もう、神浜のみんなにお願いしてワーッて探すしかないのかな?" "I guess we're going to have to ask everyone in Kamihama to look for it warily now?"
75px Midori Ryo "ワーッて、ローラー作戦っていうこと?" "You mean Operation Roller?"
75px Iroha "ただ、神浜中を探せる代わりに、みんなを巻き込んじゃいますね…" "But instead of being able to find the whole of Kamihama, we're getting everyone involved..."
75px Iroha "今までは身を守るのを優先してもらってたから…" "I've had to make it a priority to protect myself until now, so..."
75px Iroha "ただ、それでも…" "It's just, still..."
75px Toukaの声 "あんまーーーーーい!!" "Not so soooôn!"
75px Iroha "――っ!?" "--Hey!"
75px Touka "サッカリンより甘いよお姉さま!" "It's sweeter than saccharin, big sister!"
75px Iroha "灯花ちゃん!?" "Touka-chan!"
75px Touka "そんな非効率的なことをするなら科学の力を使わないとっ!" "If you're going to be so inefficient, you'll have to use the power of science!"
75px Nemu "お姉さんごめんね灯花が止まらなくて…" "I'm sorry sister, I can't stop Touka..."
75px Touka "止まらなくてとーぜんでしょ!?" "It's amazing how fast you can go without stopping!
75px Touka "ういをさらうなんて絶対に許されないことだよ!" "Abducting Ui is an unforgivable offense!"
75px Touka "犯人はみんなロボトミーの刑だよ!" "All the criminals are going to be lobotomized!"
75px Touka "ぷんすこぷんだよ!" "It's punk-punk!"
75px Nemu "怒りの表明は結構だけど、脱線はしないでくれるかな?" "It's fine to express your anger, but can you not derail it?"
75px Nemu "僕も腸が煮え繰り返ってるけど我慢してるんだよ" "My gut's churning too, but I'm trying to be patient."
75px Iroha "そ、そうだよね科学の力ってなんのこと…?" "Yeah, right, what do you mean by the power of science...?"
75px Touka "そう、これだよっ!" "Yes, that's it!"
75px Iroha "これは…?" "Is this...?"
75px Felicia "んだよこれ…黒い…虫?" "What's this... black... bug?"
75px Sana "ぴゃっ!?" "Pya!?"
75px Tsuruno "んー?もしかして、小型の発信器じゃないかな…?" "Hmm? Could it be a small transmitter...?"
75px Touka "そうっ!最強さん正解っ!" "Yes! You're right, Miss Mighty!"
75px Touka "探偵さんも御用達のGPS発信器なんだけどね" "It's a GPS transmitter for detectives, too."
75px Touka "これをプロミストブラッドの人に引っ付けて欲しいんだよ" "I'd like you to hook this up to those Promised Blood people."
75px Iroha "でも、キモチの場所を聞かないと相手は出てこないような…" "But it's not like they're going to come out unless you ask them where the Kimochi are..."
75px Yachiyo "いえ、神浜と二木の間を行き来するメンバーはいるはずよ" "No, I'm sure there are members who travel between Kamihama and Futatsugi."
75px Yachiyo "ういちゃんを見張るメンバーも向こうで生活してるはずだから" "I'm sure the members who watch over Ui-chan are living over there, too."
75px Kanagi "それに、うい君を失った我々の動きも把握したいはず…" "And you'll want to figure out what we're doing now that we've lost Ui-kun..."
75px Kanagi "ふむ…他に手立てがないなら、自分はこの作戦に乗ろう" "Hmm... if there's no other option, I'll take this plan myself."
75px Kanagi "相手に発信器を仕掛けるだけで拠点が判明するなら御の字だ" "If all we have to do is plant a transmitter on them and we can figure out where they're based, we're in luck."
75px Miyako Hinano "ただ、結構古典的なやり方だし、発信器を壊されたら終わりだぞ?" "It's just that it's a pretty classic approach, and if you break the transmitter, you're done."
75px Touka "そこは心配しないでいーよ" "Don't worry about that part."
75px Touka "わたくしが発信器をカスタムして仕掛けを作ってあるからねー" "I've made a custom transmitter and a trick for you..."
75px Miyako Hinano "それなら信用して、科学の力に頼ってみるか" "Then let's trust and rely on the power of science."
75px Miyako Hinano "アタシも化学の方だが、いっぱしのリケジョだからな" "I'm a chemist too, but I'm a total liqejo."
75px Touka "お姉さまはどう?" "How about big sister?"
75px Iroha "もちろん私たちも力を借りるよ" "Of course we can help you,"
75px Touka "くふふっみんなの意見がそろったね!" "Kufufu, we're all in agreement!"
75px Makino Ikumi "ちなみに、時女の人たちにはお願いできないの?" "By the way, can't you ask the Tokime for help?"
75px Midori Ryo "うん、プロミストブラッドとの接触は増やせるかもね" "Yeah, maybe we can increase our contact with Promised Blood."
75px Sana "あ、えっと…それは難しいと思います…" "Oh, um...I think that would be difficult..."
75px Sana "すなおさんから連絡が来ていて、しばらく手伝えないって…" "Sunao-san has contacted me and said she won't be able to help us for a while..."
75px Midori Ryo "ありゃ、真っ先に手伝ってくれるイメージだったけど" "Oh, yeah, I imagined you'd be the first to help me."
75px Sana "時女の集落から連絡が来て、帰省することになったそうです…" "I received a call from the Tokime's village, and they've decided to return home..."
75px Midori Ryo "そういうことね" "So that's what it is."
75px Midori Ryo "遙か遠くの山奥から来てるし、向こうの親も気になって当然か" "I'm from far, far away, deep in the mountains, and my parents on the other side are right to be curious."
75px Iroha "それに同じグループじゃない以上無茶なお願いもできないですから" "And since we're not in the same group, we can't ask for anything outrageous."
75px Kanagi "では、話が纏まったところで、自分は早々に失礼するぞ" "So, now that we've got the story straight, I'll excuse myself early."
75px Kanagi "奴らが東に現れる可能性が高いのは変わらない" "It doesn't change the likelihood that they'll show up in the east."
75px Kanagi "月夜君と月咲君に力を借りてすぐにでも発信器を仕掛けよう" "Let's set up a transmitter right away with the help of Tsukuyo-kun and Tsukasa-kun."
75px Iroha "はい、お願いします十七夜さん" "Yes, please, Kanagi-san,"
75px Kagome "…………" "............"
75px Midori Ryo "さて、こっちもひなのさんたちと一緒に動かないといけないな" "Well, we'll have to work with Hinano-san and the others over here, too."
75px Midori Ryo "っと、佐鳥ちゃん、毎度お疲れさんだね" "Well, Satori-chan, you're tired every time."
75px Kagome "…はぁ" "...Huh."
75px Midori Ryo "えぇ…?" "Yeah...?"
75px Midori Ryo "溜め息ついてどうしたの…?" "Sigh, what's wrong with you...?"
75px Kagome "えっ!?あっ、ごめんなさい…!居るのに気付かなくって…" "What? Oh, I'm sorry...! I didn't know you were there, so..."
75px Midori Ryo "魔法少女を追跡してて、嫌なことでもあった…?" "You were tracking a magical girl, and you didn't like it...?"
75px Kagome "違うんです…" "It's not..."
75px Kagome "えっと…" "Well..."
75px Aru-chan "<もしもかごめちゃんが、ういちゃんの居所を知ってたら>" "If Kagome-chan knew where Ui-chan was,"
75px Aru-chan "<こういう時は、どうするのが正解なのかな…?>" "What's the right thing to do in a situation like this...? >"
75px Aru-chan "<それで悩んでたんだよね…?>" "That's what bothered you...? >"
75px Kagome "うん…もちろん、今回は知らないですけど" "Yeah... of course, I don't know this time."
75px Kagome "知ってたら…" "If I had known..."
75px Midori Ryo "中立な立場で動こうとすると、付きまとう命題だねぇ" "That's a proposition that comes with you when you try to move from a neutral position, man."
75px Kagome "はい…" "Yes..."
75px Midori Ryo "でもまぁ大丈夫だよ" "But, well, it's okay."
75px Midori Ryo "中立なら秘匿された情報も入らないと思うからね" "If you're neutral, I don't think you'll get any confidential information."
75px Midori Ryo "それに、伝えたい一般の人も、外野に佇んでいる人たちだ" "And the public that I want to tell you about are also the people who are standing on the outside looking in."
75px Midori Ryo "同じ場所に佐鳥ちゃんが居るのは意味のあることだと思うよ" "I think it makes sense to have Satori in the same place."
75px Midori Ryo "読み手と同じ視点でわかりやすくなるからね" "It makes it easier to understand the same perspective as the reader."
75px Midori Ryo "だから、観鳥さんとしちゃあ今のままで良いと思う" "So I think it's good to keep things the way they are, as far as Midori-san is concerned."
75px Kagome "…ありがとうございます" "...Thank you."
75px Midori Ryo "ま、中立は難しいよね" "Well, it's hard to be neutral, isn't it?"
Part 3
Name Japanese Translation
75px Tsukasa "あーもう、十七夜さんとの約束に遅れちゃうよ!" "Oh my god, I'm going to be late for my appointment with Kanagi!"
75px Tsukasa "タケさん、夕飯の件は覚えた!?" "Mr. Bamboo, do you remember what happened at dinner!"
75px Take "え!?" "What!?"
75px Tsukasa "だから、昨日の残りがほとんどで今日の分も作ってあるから!" "So most of it was left over from yesterday, and I've made some for today!"
75px Take "ちょっと月咲ちゃん!温めるだけで良いんだよね!?" "Hey, Tsukasa! "All you have to do is heat it up!"
75px Tsukasa "火を点けるぐらいできるでしょ!?" "You could at least light it up!"
75px Take "そりゃあできるけど、おやっさんに怒られるよ?" "Of course you can, but you'll be in trouble, you know."
75px Tsukasa "もういいのっ!" "That's enough!"
75px Tsukasa "ウチはウチでプライベートが大変なんだから!" "Ours is our home and our private life is hard!"
75px Tsukasa "じゃあよろしくね!" "Well, I'll take care of you then!"
75px Take "プライベートねぇ…約束とか言ってたし…" "Private... you said you had an appointment or something..."
75px Take "ハッ、もしかして赤飯が必要なんじゃ!" "Ha, maybe you need some red rice!"
75px Tsukasa "ごめんなさい十七夜さん遅くなっちゃって" "I'm sorry I'm late, Kanagi,"
75px Kanagi "自分も急に呼び出したからな時間を空けてもらってすまない" "I called you out on the spur of the moment myself, and I'm sorry you had to take some time off."
75px Tsukasa "ういちゃんやウチらの命だってかかってるんです" "The lives of Uichan and my family are at stake, too."
75px Tsukasa "お父ちゃんにおびえてばかりじゃいられませんから" "I can't keep freaking out about your father,"
75px Kanagi "少し強くなったな月咲君も" "You're getting a little stronger, Tsukasa-kun."
75px Tsukasa "えへへ" "Heh."
75px Tsukuyo "それで月咲ちゃんこれが例の発信器でございます" "So, Tsukasa-chan, this is the example transmitter."
75px Tsukasa "へぇ、すごくちっさいね" "Heh, it's so tiny."
75px Tsukasa "これをプロミストブラッドの人に付ければ拠点がわかるの?" "If I put this on a Promise Blood person, will it give me a base?"
75px Tsukuyo "そうでございますGPSで追跡でございますよ" "Yes, sir, we have a GPS tracker, sir.
75px Tsukuyo "ただ、肝心の相手が現れるかはわからないでございますが…" "It's just that I don't know if the crucial partner will show up..."
75px Kanagi "待つより行動だな最も現れそうな場所を探ろう" "I'd rather act than wait and see where they're most likely to show up."
75px Kanagi "どうせなら拠点の調査も合わせてしまいたいのだがな…" "I'd like to combine a survey of the bases anyway..."
75px Tsukasa "あ、それなら1ヶ所気になる場所がありますよ" "Oh, then there's one place I'm interested in."
75px Kanagi "どこだ?" "Where is it?"
75px Tsukasa "マギウスの翼で拠点にしていた旧車両基地です" "This is the old railroad depot we used to be based at the Wings of Magius."
75px Kanagi "確かに、マギウスの翼が瓦解してノーマークだったな" "You're right, it was a no-no with the Magius' wings tearing down."
75px Kanagi "相手が来るかどうかは別として一度調べてみよう" "Let's check it out once, whether they're coming or not."
75px Tsukuyo "人が寄りつかない場所ですし拠点だったら大発見でございます" "It's an inhospitable place, and if it was a base, it would be a great discovery."
75px Tsukasa "だよねっ" "Right?"
75px Kanagi "ここに来たのは、月夜君と月咲君と戦った時以来か" "So this is the first time you've been here since you fought Tsukuyo-kun and Tsukasa-kun?"
75px Kanagi "心を読んで、双子の胸のサイズが違うのを初めて知った場所だな" "That's the first place I've ever read your mind and learned that the twins have different breast sizes."
75px Tsukasa "変なことで懐かしまないでください…!" "Please don't be nostalgic about something weird...!"
75px Tsukuyo "恥ずかしいでございます…" "I am embarrassed, sir..."
75px Kanagi "まさか、的中か…この魔力パターンは…" "No way, you're right on target... this magic pattern..."
75px Kanagi "プロミストブラッドのリーダーに付いていたヤツだな" "That's the one that was attached to the Promise Blood leader."
75px Hikaru "様子を探りに来てみたら、またあんたっすか" "I came to check on you to see how you're doing, and it's you again."
75px Kanagi "ふっ、拠点の位置が特定されて、険呑としているようだな" "Huh, it looks like they've located the base and are swallowing it steeply."
75px Hikaru "鎌を掛けたって無駄っすよひかるは様子を見に来ただけっす" "There's no point in scything, Hikaru just came to check on you."
75px Hikaru "むしろユニオンの拠点だと思って探ってたぐらいっすよ" "I even thought it was more of a Union stronghold, so I was just exploring it."
75px Kanagi "真実は心に問いかけるとしよう" "Let the truth ask the heart."
75px Hikaru "っ…!" "Huh...!"
75px Kanagi "(発信器を取り付ける機会…逃すわけにはいかんな…)" "(The opportunity to install a transmitter...I can't pass it up...)"
Part 4
Name Japanese Translation
75px Kanagi "心を読むなら、うい君の居場所を聞いた方がいい" "If you're going to read my mind, you might as well ask me where you are, Ui."
75px Kanagi "動きを止められるか?" "Can you stop the movement?"
75px Tsukuyo "大丈夫でございます" "It's okay, sir."
75px Tsukasa "うん、ウチも準備はできてるよ" "Yeah, we're ready to go too."
75px Hikaru "環ういの捜索に東のリーダーも…余裕は無さそうっすね…" "The leader of the East in the search for Tamaki Ui... doesn't seem to have much time to spare..."
Part 5
Name Japanese Translation
75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "笛花共鳴!" "Fuehua resonance!"
75px Hikaru "ぬぅぅ…!" "Nuh-uh...!"
75px Hikaru "音のせいで頭が…やっかいっすね…" "The sound is making my head... awkward..."
75px Kanagi "ひるんだな…" "You're flinching..."
75px Kanagi "貴様の心、少し深く読ませてもらうぞ…" "I'm going to read your mind a little deeper..."
75px "読ませるか!ひとりでも笛を落とせば!" "You want me to read it! If only one of them dropped the whistle!"
75px Tsukasa "キャッ!" "Cat!"
75px Tsukuyo "月咲ちゃん!" "Tsukasa-chan!"
75px Hikaru "ったた、危なかったっす…" "Shit, that was close..."
75px "ひかるさん、ここは退きましょう!" "Hikaru-san, let's move out of here!"
75px Hikaru "っすね…" "Right..."
75px Hikaru "ユニオンはこちらの拠点を探すのに必死…" "The Union is working hard to find a base over here..."
75px "他のメンバーからの連絡だと、キモチを探す様子もありません" "If it's from another member of the team, they don't seem to be looking for Kimochi."
75px Hikaru "動向がわかった以上、ここに用はないっす" "Now that I know what's going on, I have no use for this place."
75px Kanagi "させん!" "Ssen!"
75px Hikaru "――っ!?" "--What?
75px Hikaru "邪魔っすよ…!" "You're in the way...!"
Hikaru "―ひかる―いけっ!ひかる軍団!" "-Hikaru-Ikeke! Hikaru's army!"
Hikaru "―ひかる―今のうちに全員で退避するっす!" "-Hikaru- We're all evacuating while we're at it!"
75px Kanagi "けほっ…服が汚れてしまったな…" "Keho... your clothes are dirty..."
75px Tsukuyo "十七夜さん…!大丈夫でございますか…!?" "Kanagi...! Are you all right, sir...?
75px Tsukasa "心は読めた!?" "Can you read my mind?
75px Kanagi "いや、時間がなかった…" "No, there wasn't time.
75px Kanagi "以前に一度読んでいるせいか、妙に警戒心が強い" "Maybe it's because I've read it once before, but I'm strangely wary of it."
75px Kanagi "こうも抵抗されると、次は屈服させたくなるな" "When you resist like this, I'll be tempted to make you give in next time."
75px Tsukasa "ちょっと…なんか目覚めかけてません?" "It's just... something about waking up, isn't it?"
75px Kanagi "冗談だ" "I'm just kidding."
75px Tsukuyo "でも、結局わからず仕舞いでございましたね" "But you didn't end up understanding it, did you?"
75px Kanagi "そうでもないぞ発信器だけは取り付けた" "Not really, only the transmitter was installed."
75px Tsukuyo "では!" "So!"
75px Kanagi "ここが拠点かどうかは、遅かれ早かれ判明するだろう" "We'll find out sooner or later if we're based here or not."
75px Tsukasa "でも、一応中は調べておきませんか?" "But why don't we check inside, just in case?"
75px Tsukuyo "そうでございますね証拠があるかもしれません" "Yes, sir, I'm sure you do, and there may be evidence of that."
75px Tsukasa "ねっ" "Hey,"
75px "よかったですね先に拠点に立ち寄って" "I'm glad you stopped by the base first."
75px Hikaru "ほんとっすよ" "Really."
75px Hikaru "ゲームソフトにマジックで笠音アオって書いてあるんすもん" "It says Kasane Ao in magic on the game software."
75px Hikaru "残ってたら即バレもんっす" "If there's any left, they'll know immediately."
75px Tsukasa "2階にも何もなかったよ" "I didn't see anything upstairs either."
75px Tsukuyo "魔力の反応は残ってるのでございますが…" "There is still a magical reaction to the magic, sir, but..."
75px Kanagi "向こうもこちらの拠点だと考えて探っていたと言ってたしな" "They said they thought it was our base, too, and that they were exploring it."
75px Tsukuyo "なんとも言えないでございますね" "It's hard to say, sir."
75px Kanagi "うむ…" "Um..."
"ピロン♪" "Pilon♪"
75px Kanagi "む…" "Mm..."
75px Kanagi "七海たちも発信器の取り付けに成功したようだな" "Looks like Nanami and the others have successfully installed the transmitter, too."
Part 6
Name Japanese Translation
75px Momoko "おっすこっちも発信器を付けてきたぞ" "Oops, I put a transmitter on it too."
75px Iroha "ありがとうございますももこさん!" "Thank you, Momoko-san!"
75px Yachiyo "これで、都さんたちも入れて、合計4つは付けられたわね" "Well, now we can put a total of four on it, including Mr. Miyako and the others."
75px Touka "それだけあったら十分!" "That's enough for me!"
75px Touka "拠点の候補は、いくつか見つかるはずだよ" "I'm sure you can find a few potential bases."
75px Sakurako "|早くして灯花|" "Hurry up, Touka!"
75px Sakurako "|ういを助け出す他のヤツはみんな許さない|" "I won't allow anyone else to rescue me."
75px Nemu "桜子はダメだよ" "No, not Sakurako."
75px Sakurako "|どうして?|" "
75px Nemu "罠だとしても絶対に無茶するから" "Even if it's a trap, I'll be absolutely reckless."
75px Sakurako "|命を賭けるだけだけど|" "I'd only risk my life for it."
75px Nemu "そういうところが怖いから安心して行かせられないんだよ…" "That's the kind of place I'm afraid of, so I can't let you go there safely..."
75px Rena "それにしても、ノートパソコンでわかっちゃうものなの?" "But then again, how can you know that on a laptop?"
75px Kaede "便利って怖いよね" "Convenience is scary, isn't it?"
75px Touka "これはリモートで画面を映してるだけだよー" "This is just a remote that's showing the screen!"
75px Kaede "リモート?" "Remote?"
75px Touka "うーん、本当は電波望遠鏡とかのシステムが頑張って動いててね" "Hmmm, really, the radio telescope and other systems are working hard."
75px Touka "その様子を監視カメラみたいにここで見てるみたいな感じかにゃ" "It's like we're watching that scene here, like a surveillance camera."
75px Rena "要は中継みたいな感じ?" "The point is, it's like a live broadcast?"
75px Touka "そーいうこと!" "That's right!"
75px Iroha "もう、プロミストブラッドの人がどう動いてるかってわかるの?" "Do you already know how the Promise Blood people work?"
Touka "―灯花―みんな移動してるよただ、北に向かってるみたいなんだよにゃー…" "-Touka - they're all on the move, it's just that they seem to be heading north, nyah..."
Iroha "―いろは―北…?" "-Iroha-North...?"
Iroha "―いろは―プロミストブラッドの拠点は東にあるんじゃ…" "-Iroha - I think the Promise Blood base is in the east..."
Nemu "―ねむ―それが今までの定説だったけど僕達の予想が外れている可能性は大きいよ" "-Neem - that's been the prevailing theory for a while now, but there's a big chance we're wrong."
Iroha "―いろは―でも、北養の山で戦った時もそんなに早く応援は来なかったような…" "-Iroha - but I don't think the support came that quickly when we fought in the Hokuyo Mountain..."
Touka "―灯花―まだ、結果が出たわけじゃないしもう少し様子を見よー!" "-Lamplight - we haven't gotten the results yet, so let's see how it goes a bit more!"
75px Yachiyo "ジッと画面ばかり見てても時間が経つだけよ" "You can't just sit there and stare at a screen for hours."
75px Momoko "なんだよ、やちよさん冷たいな" "What the hell, Yachiyo-san, you're cold."
75px Yachiyo "夕飯でも食べながら見守りましょうってことよ" "I mean, let's just watch them over dinner."
75px Tsuruno "おなかが空くと思って、みんなで準備中だよ!" "We're all getting ready to go hungry!"
75px Felicia "ちゃんと食べねーと頭も回らねーもんなっ" "If you don't eat right, you won't be able to think straight."
75px Sana "敵の動き次第ではういちゃんが見つかるかも…" "Depending on how the enemy moves, we might find Ui-chan..."
75px Sana "時間は無駄にできないです…" "We can't waste time..."
75px Yachiyo "と、いうことよ" "And that's what I mean."
Momoko "―ももこ―あむっ…なんか、みんなまた北に進んでないか…?" "-Momoko-Amu... something, aren't we all moving north again...?"
Rena "―レナ―拠点が東って説は完全に無くなった感じがするわよね" "-Rena - I feel like the theory that your base is in the east is completely gone, isn't it?"
Kaede "―かえで―どこかで集合しないのかな?そうすれば、拠点に見えるのにね" "-Keige - why don't we meet somewhere? That would make it look like a stronghold."
Momoko "―ももこ―あと、こんな時になんだけどさやちよさん" "-Momoko - and also, at a time like this, Sayachiyo-san."
Yachiyo "―やちよ―なに?" "Yachiyo-what?"
Momoko "―ももこ―あとでこのロールキャベツのレシピ教えてくれない…?" "-Momoko - can you give me the recipe for these cabbage rolls later...?"
Yachiyo "―やちよ―ほんと、こんな時ね…" "Hey, you know, this is a really good time to be..."
Felicia "―フェリシア―ぷはーっ、美味かったー!" "-Felicia - Puh-uh, that was delicious!"
Yachiyo "―やちよ―お粗末さまでした" "-Yachio.
Felicia "―フェリシア―ういの分は残してあるよな?" "-Felicia - you have some left over for Ui, right?"
Tsuruno "―鶴乃―うん、冷凍できるからね!" "-Tsuruno - Yeah, I can freeze it!"
Sana "―さな―なんだか、この地図の点…本当に集まる気配がないですね…" "-Sana - I don't know, this dot on the map... there's really no sign of it coming together..."
Tsuruno "―鶴乃―北養区には完全に入ってるけど…" "-Tsuruno - I'm totally in the Northern Feeding District, but..."
Felicia "―フェリシア―向こうでキモチを調べてんじゃねーか!?" "-Felicia- You're checking out Kimochi over there, aren't you!"
Tsuruno "―鶴乃―それならこの点が集合してもおかしくないんだけど…" "-Tsuruno - then it wouldn't be surprising if these dots were assembled..."
Yachiyo "―やちよ―向こうも移動を続けてるから帰ってる途中じゃないかしら?" "Yachiyo - they keep moving, too, so I think they're on their way home."
Iroha "―いろは―でも、これ以上進むと…神浜に拠点がないことになりますよね…?" "-Iroha - but if we go any further... we won't have a base in Kamihama... right?"
Iroha "―いろは―本当に消えちゃった…" "Iroha - she's really gone..."
Touka "―灯花―お姉さまの言う通り神浜に拠点がないっていうことー!?" "Touka, you're right, your sister is right... there's no base in the Kamihama!"
Nemu "―ねむ―今までは東から姿を現した毎日行き来ができる距離じゃない…" "-Nemu- until now, you've emerged from the east, not far enough to go back and forth every day..."
Sakurako "―万年桜のウワサ―|魔法少女でも?|" "
Touka "―灯花―それだけでクタクタになっちゃうよ!" "-Lanterns - that's all it takes to make me exhausted!"
75px Touka "にゃっ!完全に神浜市外に出てる!!" "Nyah! It's completely out of Kamihama City!"
75px Sana "拠点は隣町にあるってことでしょうか…?" "Does that mean the base is in the next town...?"
75px Iroha "外から神浜に来てる子もいるからおかしくはないけど…" "It's not funny because some of the kids are coming to Kamihama from outside, but..."
75px Tsuruno "もしや、これは拠点がバレないように動いてる?" "If this is working to keep your base from being exposed?"
75px Touka "あっ…!" "Ah...!"
75px Iroha "どうしたの、灯花ちゃん!?" "What's the matter, Touka-chan?
75px Touka "信号がロストしちゃった" "The signal is lost."
75px Iroha "気付かれたっていうこと…?" "Does that mean they've noticed...?"
75px Touka "んー、わたくしにも事情はよくわからないけど" "Hmm, I don't know what's going on, either."
75px Touka "くふっ" "Huh."
75px Touka "これだけ時間があれば役割は果たしてくれたかにゃー" "If you had this much time, I wonder if you would have done your part..."
75px Momoko "そういえば発信器に手を入れたとか言ってたな" "Oh, by the way, you said you got your hands on a transmitter or something."
75px Momoko "動いたらどうなるんだ?" "What happens if you move?"
75px Touka "スマホをハッキングして位置情報を盗むんだよー" "I'm going to hack your phone and steal your location!"
75px Momoko "なっ…" "Nah..."
75px Yachiyo "プライバシーの欠片もないえげつないわね…" "It's a shameful thing to have an ounce of privacy..."
75px Touka "向こうの拠点はぜーんぶ教えてもらうもんねー!" "I'm going to get all the information about the bases over there!"
Part 7
Name Japanese Translation
75px "あれ、ひかるさん、なんか服に付いてますよ" "Oh, Hikaru-san, there's something on your clothes."
75px Hikaru "ほんとっす黒い、なんすかね、機械…?" "It's really black, what is it, a machine...?"
75px "さっきのユニオンとの戦いで、付けられたかもしれません…" "They may have put it on earlier in the fight with the Union..."
75px Hikaru "まさか、探偵みたいに探ってるってことっすか!?" "Don't tell me you're exploring like a detective?"
75px "長女さんが迂回して帰れと言っていたのはそれを想定して…" "That's what your eldest daughter told me to take a detour and go home, in anticipation of that..."
75px Hikaru "さすが、結菜さんっす…!" "As expected of Yuna-san...!"
75px Hikaru "信号が途絶えたら、向こうも混乱するはずっすね!" "If we lose the signal, it must be confusing for them too!"
Part 8
Name Japanese Translation
75px "菴輔ЁЛ*ォ!?" "菴輔ЁЛ*?
75px "ここの魔女はどうしますか?" "What about the witches here?"
75px Hikaru "ユニオンがひかるたちを探ってるような状況っすから" "It's like the Union is searching for Hikaru and the others."
75px Hikaru "結菜さんなら消してしまえって言うはずっす" "Yuna-san would have told me to erase it."
75px Hikaru "あとは環ういがキモチの居場所を吐いてくれてるのを祈るっす" "Now we just have to hope that Tamaki Ui is spitting out where Kimochi is."
75px "ユニオンはキモチの居場所を掴んでないようですからね" "Union doesn't seem to be getting a hold of Kimochi's place, so..."
75px Urara "はい、夕飯なんよ" "Yes, it's dinner."
75px Urara "レトルトカレーで悪いけど、これで我慢して欲しいんよ" "I'm sorry for the retort curry, but I'm hoping you'll be able to live with this."
75px Ui "…………" "............"
75px Urara "…キモチの場所なんて、素直に描いちゃえばいいんよ…" "...You can just draw an honest picture of where your kimochi are..."
75px Ui "だって、教えちゃったらお姉ちゃんたちが困るもん…" "Because if I tell you, your sisters will be in trouble..."
75px Urara "そのままだと解放してもらえないんよ?" "They won't let me go as it is, will they?"
75px Ui "いいよ、わたし怖くないもん…" "Okay, I'm not scared..."
75px Urara "怒らせて酷い目に遭う前に、教えた方が楽なんよ、ねっ" "It's easier to teach you before you piss me off and make me feel terrible, you know?"
75px Ui "っ…!別に怒らせたっていいもん…!" "Huh...! I don't care if I piss you off...!"
75px Ui "お姉ちゃんに救われて、魔法少女になってイブになって" "Your sister saved me, and then I became a magical girl, and then I became Eve."
75px Ui "それでもわたしは、生かされ続けてきた" "And yet I have been kept alive."
75px Ui "だから、その命を生かすためにみんなを犠牲にするぐらいなら" "So I'd rather sacrifice everyone else to keep that life alive."
75px Ui "わたしは…" "I don't..."
75px Urara "…わかったんよ" "...I know."
75px Yuna "どうだったかしらぁ?" "What did I think of that?"
75px Urara "まったくダメなんよ" "It's not good at all."
75px Urara "なんか、死ぬ覚悟ができちゃってるんよ…" "I'm kind of ready to die, you know..."
75px Juri "だとしたら、かなり手強いぞ命の価値が1番じゃないからな" "If that's the case, then you're pretty tough, because your life isn't worth one."
75px Ao "どういうこと?" "What do you mean?"
75px Juri "ニッ" "Nik."
75px Juri "お前は可愛いなーえー、妹~" "You're cute - eh, sister~"
75px Ao "ちょ、ちょっと姉ちゃんやめてよ、意味不明!" "Hey, hey sis, stop it, I don't get it!"
75px Ao "わかるように説明してよ~" "Explain it to me so I can understand~"
75px Yuna "私たちは命が一番大事なものって先入観を持ってるでしょぉ?" "We have a preconceived notion that life is the most important thing, don't we?"
75px Yuna "それぐらい当たり前の価値観が通用しない相手っていうのは" "That's about as much as you can take for granted when you're dealing with someone whose values don't apply to you."
75px Yuna "簡単には縛れないのよぉ" "I'm not easily tied up."
75px Juri "要は痛めつけたところで無意味って話だな" "The point is, you're talking about the pointlessness of hurting them."
75px Ao "じゃあ、どうにかして隙を作ったりするしかない…?" "Then we have to create an opening somehow or something...?"
75px Yuna "さすがね、アオそう、隙を作るしかないわぁ" "That's what I'm talking about, oh yeah, we'll just have to create an opening."
75px Hikaruの声 "戻ったっすよー!" "I'm back!"
75px Yuna "ひかるが偵察から戻って来たようねぇ" "Looks like Hikaru's back from scouting."
Part 9
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hikaru "というわけでアオさんのゲームはギリギリ隠せたっすよ" "So I was able to hide Ao's game just in time."
75px Hikaru "東の和泉たちは拠点を探してたみたいっすから" "It looks like Izumi and the others in the east were looking for a base of operations."
75px Hikaru "あと少し遅かったと思うと危なかったっす" "I was so close to being a little late,"
75px Ao "ごめんね、バタバタしてて隠すの忘れちゃってて" "I'm sorry, I was so flabbergasted I forgot to hide it."
75px Ao "テヘッ" "Teh-heh."
75px Urara "それにしても、旧車両基地なんてよく気付いたんよ" "But then again, I didn't realize how many old railroad depots there were."
75px Urara "人が寄りつきそうもないのに…" "It's not like people are going to stick around..."
75px Yuna "だからこそじゃなぃ?" "Isn't that why?"
75px Yuna "彼女たちだってマギウスの翼の拠点として使ってたんだからぁ…" "Even they were using it as a base for Magius' wings..."
75px Juri "でもバレてないんだよな?" "But they didn't find out, did they?"
75px Hikaru "大丈夫だとは思うっす" "I'm sure it'll be fine,"
75px Hikaru "ひかるたちも探るような形で侵入したので" "Since Hikaru and the others were probing as well,"
75px Hikaru "魔力の痕跡が残ってても怪しまれないはずっす" "Even if there are traces of magic, it shouldn't be suspicious, right?"
75px Juri "ま、結果オーライか" "Well, I guess it's all good."
75px Hikaru "それで、キモチの居場所は環ういから聞き出せたんすか?" "So, were you able to get Kimochi's whereabouts out of the ring?"
75px Yuna "いえ、まだよ" "No, not yet."
75px Hikaru "結菜さんや樹里さんが、ちょっと強く出れば" "If Yuna-san and Juri-san come out a little stronger,"
75px Hikaru "ポロリと吐くと思うんすけどね" "I think I'm going to throw up in polo,"
75px Ao "ちょっと、ダメだよひかる" "Hey, no, Hikaru."
75px Ao "今の誘拐ですら相手の逆鱗に触れるようなことなんだから~" "Even the kidnapping now is something that would be against the other side~"
75px Ao "これ以上やると、神浜にいる他の魔法少女まで動いちゃうよ?" "If you do any more, even the other magical girls on the beach will move, right?"
75px Yuna "それは、アオの言う通りねぇ" "That's what Ao says."
75px Yuna "石の回収に目処が立たない間は過度な争いは避けたいわぁ" "I don't want to get into an excessive amount of conflict while we don't have any hope of recovering the stone, huh?"
75px Yuna "どうせ石の奪い合いになった時に嫌でも殺し合いになるんだから" "We're going to kill each other anyway, even if we don't want to when we're fighting for the stone."
75px Yuna "こちらから不利になるような切っ掛けは作りたくないわぁ" "I don't want to make any kind of cutoffs that could be used against us!"
75px Juri "ただ、馬の言うことも一理あるぞ" "Just so you know, the horse has a point."
75px Juri "痛めつけるのは無意味にしても" "Even if it's pointless to hurt them."
75px Juri "さっきの隙を作るって話は、結局どうやって実践するんだよ" "How do you end up practicing what you said earlier about creating a gap?"
75px Yuna "樹里も戦う時はやってるじゃない" "Juri does it when she fights, too."
75px Yuna "四面楚歌に見せかけて、逃げ道だけは用意しておくのよぉ" "We're going to make it look like we're under siege, and we're just going to have a way out."
"ガチャ" "Gacha."
75px Ui "あっ…" "Oh..."
75px Yuna "そんなに身構えないでちょうだぃ" "Don't be so defensive, please."
75px Yuna "このスマホを、あなたに返そうと思っただけよぉ" "I just thought I'd give this phone back to you."
75px Ui "わたしの…でも、電池切れてる…" "My... but the battery is dead..."
75px Yuna "待ち受けに写っているお姉さんに連絡を取られたくないものぉ" "I don't want my sister in your phone screen to hear from you."
75px Ui "…………" "............"
75px Yuna "ごめんなさい、手に取った時に見えてしまったの" "I'm sorry, I just saw it when I picked it up."
75px Yuna "姉妹そろって仲が良さそうだったわぁ…" "The sisters seemed to get along so well together..."
75px Ui "…うん" "...Yeah."
75px Yuna "キモチの居場所を教えてくれたらすぐに会えるわよ" "Tell me where Kimochi is and I'll see you soon."
75px Ui "お姉ちゃんに迷惑をかけるなら、わたしは絶対に言わない…" "If you're going to bother your sister, I'm not going to tell her..."
75px Yuna "誰にも気付かれないままここで暮らすことになるわよぉ?" "You're going to live here without anyone noticing, huh?"
75px Yuna "そう…誰にも…あなたの場所は知られない…" "So... no one... will ever know where you are..."
75px Yuna "(だけど、今のあなたには、ひとつだけ伝える方法がある…)" "(But there's only one way to tell you right now...)"
75px Yuna "(そうでしょ…?)" "(Isn't it...?)"
75px Yuna "(それを使って、姉の所に情報を伝えなさい…)" "(Use it to pass the information to your sister...)"
75px userName "モッキュ…!" "Mock...!"
Part 10
Name Japanese Translation
75px Yuna "そう…誰にも…あなたの場所は知られない…" "So... no one... will ever know where you are..."
75px Ui "そんなことない…" "That's not true..."
75px Ui "(夜も遅くなったし、うららさん以外はいない…)" "(It's late at night, and there's no one but Urara-san...)"
75px Ui "(今ならわたしは、お姉ちゃんに伝えられる…)" "Now I can tell my sister..."
75px Ui "(わたしの居場所もキモチの居場所も!)" "(My place and Kimochi's place!)"
75px Ui "ふぅ…userName出てきていいよ" "Huh... you can come up with your userName."
75px userName "モキュッ…" "Mocu..."
75px Ui "あのね、お姉ちゃんたちにこの紙を届けて欲しいの" "You know, I need you to deliver this paper to your sisters."
75px Ui "キモチの居場所を描いた地図と、わたしの居場所を描いた手紙" "A map depicting Kimochi's whereabouts and a letter depicting my whereabouts."
75px Ui "お願いできるかな…?" "Can I ask...?"
75px userName "モキュキュウ…!" "Mocuuuuu...!"
75px Ui "ありがとうuserName" "Thank you, userName."
75px Ui "わたし、お手洗いに行く時は、外に出してもらえるから" "Me, when I go to the bathroom, they'll let me out."
75px Ui "その時に逃げて" "Then run away."
75px userName "モキュッ" "Mokyu."
75px Ui "…………" "............"
75px Ui "あの、うららさん…お手洗い行ってもいいですか…?" "Um, Urara-san... can I go to the bathroom...?"
"ガチャ" "Gacha."
75px Urara "怖くなって、目を覚ましたのん…?" "You got scared and you woke up...?"
75px Ui "う、うん…" "Uh, yeah..."
75px Ui "(お願いね、userName)" "(Please, userName)"
75px userName "キュッ…" "Coo..."
75px userName "モッキュ!モッキュ!" "Mock! Mock!"
75px Yunaの声 "賢い子でよかった逃げ道に気付いてくれたようね" "Good thing you're a smart kid, because it looks like you've figured out the way out."
75px userName "キュッ!?" "Coo?!"
75px Yuna "あなたが環ういの側にいるのは気付いていたわぁ…" "I've noticed you're on the side of the ring ui..."
75px Yuna "さぁ、預かったものを、こちらに渡しなさぃ…" "Come on, give us what you've left with us, please..."
75px userName "モキュゥ…" "Mocuu..."
75px Juri "逃げようとしても無駄だっつーの" "There's no point in trying to escape,"
75px userName "モキュッ!!" "Mocky!"
75px Juri "動物をイジめる趣味はないんだけどっ…!" "I don't have a hobby of bullying animals...!"
75px userName "ぷぎゅっ…" "Pfft..."
75px Juri "残念ながらお前はキュゥべえだからな" "Unfortunately, you're a Kyubey."
75px Juri "問答無用で持ってるもんを見せてもらうぞ" "I'm going to show you what I've got, no questions asked."
75px Juri "…………ニヒッ" ".........nihil."
75px Juri "これは、ビンゴだな姉さん!" "That's a bingo, sis!"
75px Yuna "思った通り、地図を送ろうとしていたわねぇ" "Just as I thought, you were going to send me a map."
75px Yuna "有り難く頂戴しておきましょう" "Let's be grateful for that."
75px Juri "この手紙はどうする?" "What about this letter?"
75px Juri "これは、暗号か?" "Is this a code?"
75px Juri "とは言っても、今の状況下で、伝えたいことは限られてるよな" "That said, there's only so much I can tell you under the current circumstances, right?"
75px Yuna "恐らく自分の居場所ね…" "Probably where I belong..."
75px Yuna "…………" "............"
75px Yuna "これは、このキュゥべえと一緒に放置しておきましょう" "Let's just leave this cubby together."
75px Juri "神浜の奴ら、二木に来るかもしれねえぞ?" "Those guys from Kamihama, they might be coming to Futatsugi?"
75px Yuna "むしろ、そうさせるのよぉ…" "It's more like that..."
75px Yuna "どうせ戦うなら、ホームの方が良いじゃなぃ…" "If we're going to fight, we might as well do it at home..."
75px Yuna "それより、地図が手に入ったなら次のターゲットを絞りましょぅ" "Anyway, if you've got the map, let's focus on the next target."
75px Juri "環ういにキモチの場所を探って貰うんじゃないのか?" "Aren't you going to ask Tamaki Ui to find out where Kimochi is?"
75px Yuna "手放すには惜しいから、まずは自分たちで調べましょぅ" "It's too good to let go, so let's do our own research first."
75px Ui "(頑張ってuserNameお姉ちゃんに居場所を伝えて…)" "(Good luck telling your userName sister where you are...)"
Uiの声 "―ういの声―…………" "-Uyi's voice................"
Uiの声 "―ういの声―(頑張ってuserName)" "-Uyi's Voice - (good luck with that, userName)"
userName "―userName―モ、モキュ…!" "-userName-Mo, mocu...!"
Part 11
Name Japanese Translation
75px Momoko "それで、灯花が言ってたハッキングってどうなったの?" "So, what happened to that hack that Touka was talking about?"
75px Iroha "私も詳しくないのでよくわからないんですけど…" "I'm not familiar with it either, so I'm not sure..."
75px Iroha "今日の夜には居場所がわかるみたいです" "It looks like we're going to find out where he is this evening."
75px Momoko "ほんと、末恐ろしいよ…" "Really, it's just horrible..."
75px Iroha "あと、今日はやちよさんと信号が消えた場所に行くって" "Also, Yachiyo-san and I are going to the place where the light went off today."
75px Momoko "同じ場所で信号が消えたのも不自然だったからな…" "It wasn't natural for the signal to disappear in the same place..."
75px Iroha "はい…" "Yes..."
75px Momoko "今の頼りはスマホのハッキングと信号が消えた場所だけか…" "So the only thing we can rely on now is the hacking of your phone and where the signal was lost..."
75px Iroha "あっ、実はもしかしたらなんですけど" "Oh, actually, maybe."
75px Iroha "プロミストブラッドの人と接触できるかもしれないです" "Maybe we can get in touch with someone from Promise Blood."
75px Momoko "ぇえ?" "Yeah?"
75px Momoko "昨日はこっちの様子を調べてたし来る理由はないんじゃ…" "I was just checking up on you yesterday, so there's no reason for you to come..."
75px Momoko "まさか、キモチの居場所が漏れたとか…?" "You don't think Kimochi's location was leaked or something...?"
75px Iroha "いえっ、そうじゃなくて…!" "Yeesh, I didn't mean...!"
75px Iroha "鶴乃ちゃんが言うには、学校に潜入してるみたいなんで" "Tsuruno-chan says it's like they're infiltrating the school,"
75px Iroha "同級生らしいんですよ" "It seems to be a classmate of mine."
75px Momoko "――っ!?" "--What?
75px Momoko "…そっちの方が驚くよそもそも本当なの?" "...That's more surprising to me, is it true in the first place?"
75px Iroha "フェントホープでの戦いに居たって言ってました…" "He said he was at the fight in Fendt Hope..."
75px Momoko "にわかには信じがたいけど、本当だったらチャンスだよ" "I know it's hard to believe it's true, but if it's true, it's an opportunity."
75px Iroha "はい…ういの手がかりが掴めたらいいんですけど…" "Yes...I wish I could get a clue about Ui..."
75px Yachiyo "信号が消えたのはこの辺りよね…" "The signal was lost right here..."
75px Touka "そうそう、ここで4つともポンポンポーンって消えちゃった" "Oh yeah, all four of them disappeared here with a pomp and a pop."
75px Yachiyo "ねえ、里見さん" "Hey, Satomi-san,"
75px Touka "ん~?" "Hmm~?"
75px Yachiyo "あなた、学校は良かったの?" "Did you do well in school, honey?"
75px Touka "ういがさらわれたのに、学校なんて行ってられないよー" "I can't go to school with Ui being kidnapped!"
75px Touka "それに、授業でやることなんてぜーんぶわかるもんねー" "Besides, you know what you're going to do in class..."
75px Yachiyo "そう…" "So..."
75px Yachiyo "勉強以外に学べることはあると思うんだけど" "I think there's something else you can learn besides studying,"
75px Yachiyo "今日だったら、先生っていう人たちの大変さとかね…" "If it were today, I'd say how hard it is for people called teachers..."
75px Touka "ん~?" "Hmm~?"
75px Touka "どうせ、先生よりういの方が大変だからいいの" "It's okay, it's harder for Ui to do than the teacher anyway."
75px Yachiyo "まぁ、里見さんがいいなら、私もとやかく言わないわ" "Well, if it's good for you, Satomi-san, I won't complain about it either."
75px Yachiyo "それで、何かわかりそう?" "So, what do you think you'll find out?"
75px Touka "信号が途絶えるようなものが近くにあるわけじゃないし" "It's not like there's anything nearby that's going to disrupt the signal."
75px Touka "特殊な場所でもないから余計にわかんにゃいかも…" "It's not a special place, so I don't know if it's too much to ask..."
75px Yachiyo "そう…あとは…" "Well... and then..."
75px Yachiyo "これは…" "This is..."
75px Yachiyo "里見さん、彼女たちは結界に入ったんじゃないかしら…" "Satomi-san, I think they've entered the wards..."
75px Yachiyo "魔力を調べてみて" "Check your magic."
75px Touka "うん" "Yeah."
75px Touka "ちょっとだけど魔女の魔力がある…" "It's a bit of a witch's spell..."
75px Yachiyo "それにこのパターンは、果てなしのミラーズのものよ…" "And this pattern is from the endless mirrors..."
75px Yachiyo "神浜の外で感知したということは使い魔が成長したんでしょうね…" "If you've sensed it outside of the Kamihama, then the messenger must have grown..."
75px Yachiyo "結界の影響で信号が消えて中で発信器を壊したのかしら…?" "I wonder if the warding caused the signal to go out and break the transmitter inside...?"
75px Touka "どっちみち、ハッキングのせいで電池を使い切っちゃったから" "Either way, the hacking has used up all the batteries."
75px Touka "信号は途絶えてたと思うけどね" "I think the signal was lost, though."
75px Yachiyo "そういえば、そっちの位置情報はどうなの?" "Speaking of which, what about your location over there?"
75px Touka "ちゃんと2台分のハッキングに成功したよ!" "I managed to hack two cars properly!"
75px Touka "だからあとちょっとだけ待っててよね" "So you'll have to wait a little while longer."
75px Tsuruno "いろはちゃんあの人だよ!" "Iroha-chan, it's that man!"
75px Iroha "わかりました!" "I understand!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "――っ!?" "--what?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "スパイを止めたとたんにバレるだなんて" "I can't believe they found out as soon as we stopped spying."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "さすがは最強の魔法少女だね由比さん" "As expected of the strongest magical girl, Yui-san."
75px Tsuruno "やっぱりわたしたちのことを調べてたんだね…" "I knew you were looking into us..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "そっちの作戦の深い部分まで聞けると思ったけど" "I thought I'd be able to ask you about the deeper aspects of your operation."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "それは望み薄だったから、西側の面子を調べておいたよ" "That wasn't very hopeful, so I did some research on the western side of the face."
75px Tsuruno "こちらの戦力を測るため…?" "To measure our strength...?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "そういうことだよ" "That's what I'm talking about."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "(それだけじゃないけどね…)" "(That's not all, though...)"
Part 12
Name Japanese Translation
75px Suzuka Sakuya "それで、スパイはこの場で殺す?" "So, you're going to kill the spy right here?"
75px Iroha "いえ、私たちは攻撃するつもりはありません" "No, we're not going to attack you."
75px Iroha "敵意がないって言ったらウソになりますけど" "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hostile."
75px Iroha "ただ、話をしたいだけなんです" "I just want to talk to you."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "敵を相手にして話って馬鹿にしすぎだよ" "You're too stupid to talk about it with your enemies."
75px Iroha "お願いです" "Please."
75px Iroha "周りの人に迷惑はかけたくないんです…!" "I don't want to bother the people around me...!"
75px Tsuruno "白昼堂々やりあってみんなを巻き込めないからね" "We can't get everyone involved in broad daylight with each other,"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…………" "............"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "一般人に被害が出るのは本意じゃないってこと?" "So you're saying you don't really mean for the public to be harmed?"
75px Iroha "はい…" "Yes..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "なるほどね" "I see."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "それは魔法少女として神浜でも同じなんだ" "It's the same for Kamihama as a magical girl."
Part 13
Name Japanese Translation
75px Iroha "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
75px Tsuruno "ふぅ…さっすがは陸上部…!" "Huh...that's the track and field team...!"
75px Tsuruno "ナイスファイト!" "Nice fight!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "競争してるんじゃないっての" "I'm not trying to compete,"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…まぁ、いいや" "...well, I don't know."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "話をして満足するなら、少しぐらいは構わないよ" "I don't mind a little bit if you're happy to talk to me."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "無駄に体力使いそうだし…" "It's going to be a waste of energy..."
75px Tsuruno "やっぱりさくやちゃんは話がわかる人だったよ!" "After all, Sakuya-chan was someone who knew how to talk!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "なれなれしいなぁ" "I'm so lonely,"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "それで何を話したいの?前にキモチと戦った時の話?" "So what do you want to talk about? What about the last time you fought Kimochi?"
75px Iroha "わかってるはずですういの居場所を教えてください" "You know what I'm talking about, so please tell me where Uui is."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "知ってますよね…?" "You know...?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "まさか、そこまで率直に聞かれるなんてね…" "I didn't expect to be asked so openly..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "ただ、知ってたとしても、それを教える義理はないよ" "It's just, even if I knew, I wouldn't have the right to tell you about it."
75px Iroha "そう、ですよね…" "Yes, I know..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…それだけ?だったら帰るよ?" "...That's it? Then I'll leave, okay?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "拷問をされるぐらいなら、逃げた方が良いしね" "And I'd rather run away than be tortured,"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "これから学校に通いづらくなるなぁ…" "It's going to be hard to go to school now..."
75px Tsuruno "それは気にしないでいいよ!身の安全は保証するから!" "Don't worry about that! I'll make sure you're safe!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "えっ?" "What?"
75px Tsuruno "わたしたちだって、みんなの前で戦いたいわけじゃないからね" "We don't want to fight in front of everyone, either,"
75px Tsuruno "それに、安らげる場所は残しておきたいでしょ?" "Besides, you want to keep a place to rest, don't you?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "お優しいね…" "That's very kind of you..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "言いたいことはわかるよ" "I know what you mean."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "私たちは本来、人を守るために魔女を倒してるんだからね" "We're essentially defeating witches to protect people, you know."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…………あのさ" " know what?"
75px Tsuruno "ほ?" "Huh?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "私も二木では親友を失ってるから結菜の気持ちはわかるんだ" "I've lost my best friend in Futatsugi, too, so I know how Yuna feels."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "仲間を殺した悔いもその道筋を作った神浜への怒りも" "Both the regret of killing my friends and the anger at Kamihama for creating that pathway."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "だから言えるけど、結菜はまだ妹を殺すことはないと思うよ" "So I can tell you, I don't think Yuna is going to kill her sister yet."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "もしも殺そうとするなら、私が止めると思う" "If he tries to kill me, I think I'll stop him."
75px Iroha "鈴鹿さん…" "Suzuka-san..."
Part 14
Name Japanese Translation
75px Yachiyo "『親友を失ってるからういちゃんを殺すことはない…』" "You're losing your best friend, so you're not going to kill Ui-chan..."
75px Yachiyo "どう捉えたら良いのか悩んでしまうわね" "It's hard to know how to take it, isn't it?"
75px Tsuruno "そうなんだよね…" "Yeah, I know..."
75px Tsuruno "親友を失う苦しみを知ってるから殺すのを止めようとしているのか" "You know the pain of losing your best friend, so you're trying to stop me from killing him."
75px Tsuruno "親友を失った復讐をするために殺すのを止めようとしているのか" "You're trying to stop me from killing to avenge the loss of my best friend."
75px Tsuruno "どっちとも取れるからね…" "It could go either way, you know..."
75px Sana "でも、ういちゃんは生きてるってことですよね…!" "But that means Ui-chan is still alive...!"
75px Iroha "それがわかっただけでも良かったよ" "I'm just glad to know that."
75px Felicia "で、ういはどこにいるんだよ?場所、聞かなかったのか?" "So where is Ui? You didn't ask me where, did you?"
75px Iroha "正門の前だと周りを巻き込んじゃうし" "I don't want to be in front of the main gate, it would bring people around."
75px Iroha "私たちが暴力を振るっちゃうとういが危険だと思って…" "I thought it would be dangerous for Ui if we got violent..."
75px Felicia "むぅ…そうかもしれねーけどさ…" "Mmm... maybe so, but..."
75px Iroha "やちよさんの方はどうでしたか?" "How was it for you, Yachiyo-san?"
75px Yachiyo "こっちも拠点に繋がるような収穫はなかったわ…" "We didn't get anything that would lead to a base over here either..."
75px Yachiyo "ただ、里見さんは今日にでも位置情報を割り出すつもりよ" "Just so you know, Satomi-san is going to figure out the location today."
75px Felicia "それがダメだったら、鈴鹿ってヤツをさらおうぜ!?" "If that doesn't work, why don't we take this Suzuka guy?
75px Felicia "そんで人質交換だ!" "And then we'll trade!
75px Sana "だから、そういうことをするとういちゃんが危ないんです…" "That's why it's dangerous for Ui-chan to do that..."
75px Iroha "それに相手が敵だとしても、私は人をさらったりしたくない…" "And I don't want to kidnap people, even if they're the enemy..."
75px Iroha "誰かを悲しませることを、当たり前にしたくないから" "I don't want to take it for granted that I'm going to make someone else sad."
75px Felicia "けど、どうすんだよ…" "But what are we going to do..."
75px Iroha "うん…ういのことをこのままにはできないし…" "Yeah...I can't just leave Ui's like this and..."
75px userName "モキュッ!" "Mocuuuut!"
75px Iroha "――っ!?" "--?!"
75px Iroha "え…userName!?" "What...userName?!"
75px Iroha "どうしたの!?そんなボロボロになって!" "What happened to you? What happened to you?
75px Iroha "まさかuserNameやっぱり、ういと一緒に…?" "You don't mean to say userName, I knew it, with Ui...?"
75px userName "モッキュ!" "Mock!"
75px Felicia "いろは!コイツ、なんか持ってるぞ!" "Iroha! This guy's got something!"
75px Yachiyo "これ、手紙かしら…" "Is this a letter..."
75px Tsuruno "鳥の足跡みたいな…暗号文…?" "Like a bird's footprints... ciphertext...?"
75px Juri "いやー今日の樹里サマはゴキゲンだっつーの" "No, Juri-sama was gobsmacked today."
75px Yuna "…………" "............"
75px Juri "って、姉さんは難しい顔だな…" "I mean, your sister has a difficult face..."
75px Ao "さくやが潜入してるのがユニオンのヤツにバレたんだって" "The Union guy found out that Sakuya's been undercover,"
75px Juri "んだ、そんなことか…" "Nah, I don't see why not..."
75px Hikaru "そんなことじゃないっすよ大変じゃないっすか" "That's not what I'm talking about, isn't it hard?"
75px Juri "どうせ遅かれ早かれバレるっつーの" "They're going to find out sooner or later anyway."
75px Juri "それに、ユニオン側だって一般人は巻き込めないだろ?" "Besides, even on the Union side, you can't get the public involved, can you?"
75px Juri "人通りが多い所を選んで歩けばさして問題はないし" "And it's not much of a problem if you pick a busy place to walk,"
75px Juri "要は場所と時間さえ間違わなきゃいいっつーことだよ" "The point is, as long as you don't get the place and time wrong, you're good to go."
75px Yuna "そんなものかしらぁ?" "I'm not so sure about that."
75px Juri "つーか、腹を括って神浜に潜入してるやつらだ" "I mean, they're the ones who are hungry and infiltrating the Kamihama."
75px Juri "心配するぐらいなら、礼讃してやれって" "You should be thanking him instead of worrying about it."
75px Yuna "そうね、さくやたちの覚悟を無駄にしちゃいけないわねぇ" "Well, we shouldn't waste the resolve of Sakuya and the others."
75px Juri "それより朗報だぞ、姉さん" "That's more good news, sister."
75px Yuna "何かしらぁ?" "What is it?"
75px Juri "次のlipSynch_1ニヒッ" "Next lipSynch_1 nihil."
Part 15
Name Japanese Translation
75px Yuna "キモチが絞れた?" "Did you get your kimochi squeezed?"
75px Ao "それって、場所だけじゃなくて対応した感情も~?" "Is that not only a place, but also a corresponding emotion~?"
75px Juri "じゃねーとキモチの結界を見つけられないだろ" "Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to find Kimochi's wards."
75px Yuna "どうやって判明したのぉ?" "How did you find out?"
75px Yuna "ここからが大変だと思ってたのに…" "I thought this was where it got tough..."
75px Juri "偶然だ" "It's a coincidence."
75px Juri "この間、プロミストブラッドを騙った魔法少女が出ただろ?" "Didn't you see that magical girl who tricked the Promise Blood the other day?"
75px Juri "らんかがソイツと戦った時、相手が感知したらしい" "It seems that when Ranka fought that guy, he sensed it when he fought that guy."
75px Chizu Ranka "アンタ、もしかして今、すごい魔力を感じたんじゃない?" "Anna, maybe you just felt some amazing magic, didn't you?"
75px Nayuta "…………" "............"
75px Nayuta "…感じてない" "...I'm not feeling it."
75px Chizu Ranka "ウソは良くないなー" "It's not good to lie..."
75px Chizu Ranka "懲らしめたら、さっさと消えようと思ったけど" "Once I chastised you, I thought I'd get the hell out of there."
75px Chizu Ranka "状況が変わったかな…" "I guess things have changed..."
75px Yuna "場所は?" "Where is the place?"
75px Juri "南凪の中心、樹里サマたちも手を付けてないところだな" "The center of Minaminagi, where Juri-Sama and the others haven't even touched it."
75px Hikaru "感情はなんだったんすか?" "What were the feelings?"
75px Ao "多分、今までのキモチと被ってない方がいいんだよね" "Maybe it's better if you're not wearing the same kimochi you've been wearing."
75px Hikaru "だとすると…" "If that's the case..."
75px Yuna "この町の魔法少女が金棒のサビになると思うだけで" "Just think of all the magical girls in this town who would be the rust of the goldenrod."
75px Yuna "悦びが溢れてしまうわねぇ" "You're going to be so full of pleasure."
75px Yuna "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
75px "∵ウゥ、グ、ヌァアアアッ!!" "Ugh, gu, noooooooo!"
75px Juri "お前の怒りなんざ、姉さんに比べりゃ生ぬるい" "Your anger is lukewarm compared to that of your sister."
Card 10254 d.png Shizuka "さっきの嫌な感情と同じような相手が外にいる" "There's someone out there who has the same kind of bad feelings I had earlier."
Card 10254 d.png Shizuka "ちゃる、すなお…少し行ってくるわ…" "Charu, Sunao...I'm going to go out for a bit..."
75px Hikaru "ひかるたちは4つのうち、3つは知ってるはずっすよね" "I'm sure Hikaru and the others know three of the four, right?"
75px Ao "“喜び”“怒り”“嫌悪”がその3つだと思うよ" ""Joy,"" "Anger," and "Disgust" are the three main ones, I guess."
75px Juri "1つ、時女が持ってる石だけは何かわかんねーけど" "One thing, I don't know what the only stone the Tokime has is the one she has."
75px Juri "一応、どれとも違うぞ" "In a nutshell, it's not like any of those."
75px Juri "相手が感じ取ったのは、“恐怖”か“驚き”らしいからな" "The only thing they could sense was fear or surprise."
75px Hikaru "まさかの2択っすか…" "I didn't think you had two choices..."
75px Ao "でもまぁ、難しいよ" "But, well, it's hard,"
75px Ao "不意打ちを食らったりすると、両方でちゃうからね~" "If I get caught by surprise or something, I'll be both!"
75px Yuna "だけど、そこまで絞れたら十分よ" "But if you can squeeze that much in, that's enough."
75px Yuna "ありがとう樹里標的が南凪に決まったわぁ" "Thank you, Juri, the target has been chosen as Minaminagi!"
75px Iroha "なんて書いてあるんでしょうか鳥の足跡みたいなんですが…" "I don't know what it says, but it looks like a bird's footprint..."
75px Yachiyo "読めそうにないわね…鶴乃…あなた、何かわかる…?" "I don't think I can read it... Tsuruno... do you know what it is...?"
75px Tsuruno "うぇえええ!?キラーパスだよ、ししょー!" "Eeeeee! It's a killer pass, shush!"
75px Tsuruno "熊野牛王符(くまのごおうふ)が鴉文字(からすもじ)だけど…" "Kumano Goofu is a raven script, but..."
75px Tsuruno "あれも読めるわけじゃないし…" "It's not like I can read that one either..."
75px Felicia "ほっ" "Ho."
75px Felicia "おぉ" "Oh."
75px Felicia "ほっ!" "Ho!"
75px Iroha "フェリシアちゃん?" "Felicia?"
75px Felicia "この足跡みたいな字と同じように方向を変えてみてるんだぞ" "I'm trying to change the direction as well as these footprints-like letters."
75px Felicia "けど、なんもわかんねーや" "But I don't know what's going on."
75px Sana "いえ、待ってください…!" "No, wait...!"
75px Felicia "なんか、ヒントになってるか!?" "What's the hint?
75px Sana "足跡で文字を書く…" "Write in the footprints..."
75px Iroha "さなちゃん知ってる!?" "You know that, Sana-chan!"
75px Sana "はい、たぶんですけど…" "Yes, maybe, but..."
75px Sana "こねこのゴロゴロに出てくるダークロウの文字です…!" "It's the character of Darklow from the ragging of the kitten...!"
75px Felicia "マジか!" "Really?!"
75px Iroha "さなちゃん、読めるの!?" "Sana, you can read it!"
75px Sana "ファンブックに載ってますし、読めると思います…!" "It's in the fanbook, and I think I can read it...!"
75px Sana "少し待ってください…今、読んでみますから…!" "Wait a minute...I'll read it now...!"
75px Iroha "ごめんね、さなちゃんありがとう…!" "I'm sorry, Sana-chan, thank you...!"
75px Ui "(さらわれて移動してきた距離はとても遠かったような気がして)" "(It seemed like a very long way to travel after being kidnapped.)"
75px Ui "(プロミストブラッドの人たちがみんなここに集まってる…)" "(All the Promise Blood people are here...)"
75px Ui "(そして、元々わたしだった自動浄化システムを感じない…)" "(And I don't feel the automatic purification system that was originally me...)"
75px Ui "それって、つまり…" "That means..."
Ui "わたしは二木市に居ると思います詳しい場所はuserNameに聞いてください" "I believe I'm in Futatsugi City, and I'll be happy to give you more information on how to get there by contacting userName."
Ui "あと、キモチの地図を作ったのでそれはお姉ちゃんたちが使ってください" "Also, I made a map of Kimochi, so that's for your sisters to use."
75px Iroha "二木市…!?" "Futatsugi City...?"
75px Sana "はい、そう書いてあります" "Yes, that's what it says."
75px Iroha "userName場所はわかるんだよね…!?" "You know where userName is...?!"
75px userName "モキュッ" "Mocuuuut."
75px Felicia "しゃあ!お手柄だぞuserName!!" "Shhh! Good job, userName!"
75px Yachiyo "ただ、キモチの地図はどこにあるの…?" "Just where is Kimochi's map...?"
75px userName "モキュゥ…" "Mocuu..."
75px Yachiyo "まさか紅晴さんたちの手に…" "I didn't think it was in the hands of Kureha and the others..."
75px Felicia "んだよ、プラマイ0だぞ…" "Nah, it's plastic zero..."
75px Tsuruno "でも、ここまで届けてくれたのは本当にすごいと思うよ" "But I think it's really great that you've delivered so far."
75px Iroha "うん、userName本当にありがとうね" "Yeah, userName, thank you so much."
75px Iroha "明日は案内をお願いできる?" "Can you give me a tour tomorrow?"
75px Iroha "みんなで一緒に二木に行って、ういを連れて帰りたいから" "Because we all want to go to Futatsugi together and bring Ui back with us."
75px userName "モッキュ!" "Mock!"
"~~♪~~♪" "~~♪~~♪~~♪"
75px Iroha "灯花ちゃんから電話…!" "Touka-chan is calling...!"
75px Yachiyo "拠点が絞れたのかもしれないわ" "Maybe we've narrowed down our base."
75px Iroha "はいっ" "Yes."
75px Touka "お姉さま!" "Sister!"
75px Iroha "灯花ちゃん…!何かわかった…!?" "Touka-chan...! What did you find out...?"
75px Touka "うん、たぶんだけど、二木市の拠点を見つけたよっ!" "Yeah, maybe, but I've found a stronghold in Futatsugi City!"
Part 16
Name Japanese Translation
75px Iroha "皆さんにもメッセージで連絡をさせてもらったんですが" "I've had to message you all,"
75px Iroha "二木市に移動して、ういを連れて帰ってきます" "I'm going to move to Futatsugi City and bring Ui back with me."
75px Miyako Hinano "本当に西のメンバーだけで大丈夫そうか…?" "Are you sure you're going to be okay with just the members of the West...?"
75px Yachiyo "なだれ込んだ方が目立つもの" "The ones that stand out more when they're rumbling in."
75px Yachiyo "それに、里見さんが見つけた拠点は狭そうだったから" "Besides, the base Satomi-san found seemed to be small."
75px Yachiyo "人数は絞った上で短時間で終わらせたいわ" "I'd like to narrow down the number of people and make it quicker."
75px Felicia "オレたちチームみかづき荘のメンバーで" "We are the members of Mikazuki-so."
75px Felicia "シュババッとういのヤツを助けてやるぜ!" "I'm gonna save that Shubba-Bucket Ui guy!"
75px Rena "ちょっと、西のメンバーってレナたちも行くんだけど?" "Hey, members of the West, do you think Rena and the others are going to be there?"
75px Felicia "あーそうだっけ?" "Oh, yeah?"
75px Tsuruno "バックアップがないとわたしたちも怖いからねー" "If you don't have a backup, we're scared too!"
75px Tsuruno "ももこ、レナ、かえで信頼してるからね!" "Momo, Rena, I trust you, Kaede!"
75px Kaede "そう言ってくれるのは嬉しいけどちょっと怖いよね…" "It's nice of you to say that, but it's a little scary..."
75px Kaede "向こうには自動浄化システムがないから…" "We don't have an automatic septic system over there, so..."
75px Momoko "アタシらにとっちゃ結構、久しぶりの状況だからね" "It's been a pretty long time since we've been in a situation like this for us."
75px Momoko "でも大丈夫だよかえでも成長してるんだからさ" "But it's okay, Kae, but you're growing up."
75px Kaede "うんっ" "Yeah."
75px Yachiyo "それにドッペルを使った浄化は今の神浜でも最終手段よ" "And using the doppelgänger for purification is a last resort, even in the current Kamihama."
75px Yachiyo "以前と変わらずに戦ってきた以上ヘマをしなければ大丈夫よ" "As long as you don't screw up, as long as you've been fighting like you did before, you'll be fine."
75px Miyako Hinano "じゃあ、アタシたち南と東は、プロミストブラッドの相手だな" "Well, then, Atta and the South and East are the Promise Blood's opponents."
75px Iroha "はい、お願いします" "Yes, please."
75px Iroha "きっとキモチが相手になるので、大勢で来ると思うんです" "I'm sure they're going to be dealing with Kimochi, so I think they're going to come in droves."
75px Kanagi "しかし、うい君がキモチを探知できる以上" "But as long as Ui-kun can detect the kimochi,"
75px Kanagi "地図と一緒に連れてくる可能性があるぞ" "There's a chance you'll bring him along with a map."
75px Iroha "私たちは空振りになるので、その時は、お願いします…!" "We're going to strike out, so when we do, please...!"
75px Kanagi "ふ、こちらで救出か" "Huh, this way to the rescue."
75px Kanagi "思ったよりも役割が重かったな" "You had a heavier role than I thought you would."
75px Miyako Hinano "まぁ、いろはたちの場合は、身を危険にさらすわけだ" "Well, in the case of Iroha and the others, you're putting yourself in danger."
75px Miyako Hinano "その分はアタシらで引き受けるつもりでいこう" "We'll take care of that for you."
75px Kanagi "うむ、都の言う通りだな" "Mmm, the capital is right."
"~~♪~~♪" "~~♪~~♪~~♪"
75px Miyako Hinano "…これは、郁美?" "...Is this, Ikumi?"
75px Makino Ikumi "ひなのさ~ん" "Hinanosan~"
75px Makino Ikumi "プロミストブラッドの人たちがもう南凪にいるんだけど~!" "The Promise Blood people are already in Minaminagi~!"
75px Miyako Hinano "なっ、早くないか!?" "Hey, aren't you early!"
75px Makino Ikumi "数人だけだから様子を見に来たんだと思うけど…" "It's only a few of us, so I guess I came to check on you..."
75px Miyako Hinano "てことは、斥候と同じか…" "So it's the same as a scout..."
75px Miyako Hinano "あとで本命が来るかもしれないアタシらも準備して向かう" "The real deal might come later, and we'll head out there ready to go."
75px Makino Ikumi "くみこわ~いぴえん" "Kumi Koi Pien."
75px Miyako Hinano "ぴえんじゃないわ早く令にも伝えろ!" "It's not Pien, tell the decree as soon as possible!"
75px Makino Ikumi "う、うんっ" "Uh-huh."
75px Miyako Hinano "プロミストブラッドのメンバーが様子を見に来てるらしい…" "I heard that a member of the Promise Bloods is here to check on you..."
75px Yachiyo "さっそく…" "Let's get on with it..."
75px Kanagi "メイドのバイトが終わってから動こうと思っていたが" "I was going to move after the maid's job was done."
75px Kanagi "シフトを変えてもらうか…" "I'll have to ask you to change shifts..."
75px Miyako Hinano "悪いな十七夜" "Sorry, Kanagi."
75px Kanagi "悪い点はないぞ都みんなの問題だからな" "There's nothing wrong with that, because it's a problem for everyone in the city."
75px Kanagi "それで、西も動くか?" "So, does the west move too?"
75px Iroha "はい、二木が空っぽになる今がチャンスですから" "Yes, because now is the time for the Futatsugi to be empty."
75px Yachiyo "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "やちよさん…?" "Yachiyo-san...?"
75px Yachiyo "私たちが二木市に向かうこと…気付かれてるんじゃないかしら…" "I wonder if they've noticed that we're heading to Futatsugi City..."
75px Sana "紅晴さんにってことですか…?" "You mean for Kureha-san...?"
75px Yachiyo "ええ…" "Yes..."
75px Tsuruno "でも、二木に戻ろうとしても、わたしたちの方が早い!" "But if you try to get back to the two trees, we'll be faster than you!"
75px Tsuruno "前にフェントホープでキモチを取り合った時は" "The last time we fought for kimochi in Fendt Hope,"
75px Tsuruno "神浜内の拠点に待機してたのかもしれないけど" "They may have been waiting at a base within the Kamihama, though."
75px Tsuruno "今回は距離が離れてるからすぐに追いつけっこないよ!" "We're not going to catch up to you right away this time because we're so far apart!"
75px Yachiyo "そうね、杞憂だと思うわ…" "Well, I guess that's unfounded..."
75px Felicia "んじゃ、これからみんなで二木市だな!" "Then we're all going to be in Futatsugi City now!"
75px Tsuruno "うん、気を取り直してみんなで気合いを入れよー!" "Yeah, let's get back on track and get everyone fired up!"
75px Iroha "え、え?" "What?"
75px Tsuruno "ういちゃんを奪還だーーー!" "Let's take back Ui-chan!"
75px Everyone "おーーーー!" "Ooooooh!"
75px Momoko "急だから付いていけないんだよ…" "I can't keep up with you because it's so urgent..."
75px Yuna "先に行かせた子たちいわく、南凪にユニオンの姿はないそうよ" "According to the kids I sent ahead of you, there's no sign of the Union in Minaminagi."
75px Juri "んじゃ、樹里サマたちも追いかけて行くとするか" "Then I guess Juri-sama and the others will go after them, too."
75px Hikaru "このままみんなで一気にキモチの石を回収っすね!" "I guess we'll all collect the Kimochi stone at once like this!"
75px Yuna "でもアオ、本当に電車で神浜まで行くつもりなのぉ…?" "But Ao, are you really going to take the train to Kamihama...?"
75px Ao "向こうが本当に二木に来るなら確実に意表を突かないと~" "If they're really going to come to Futatsugi, we have to be sure to take them by surprise~"
75px Ao "そのためにも、本当の移動手段は使わないようにしないとね" "We've got to make sure we don't use any real transportation for that."
75px Ao "クスッ" "Kusu."
75px Hikaru "あっ、そろそろ時間すよ!みんな急ぐっす!" "Oh, it's about time! We're all in a hurry!"
75px Yachiyo "もう一度言っておくけど、今回の救出は短時間で行うわよ" "I'll tell you again, this time we're going to make a quick rescue."
75px Tsuruno "そうだよ、寄り道をしてる時間はないからね!" "Yes, because we don't have time to take a detour!"
75px Felicia "なんで、オレばっかに言うんだよ!" "Why are you talking to me all the time?"
75px Felicia "なんもしてねーじゃん!" "You didn't do anything!"
75px Rena "普段の行いが悪いのよ" "It's just that I'm not doing my normal thing."
75px Felicia "ぁあ!?" "Oh!?"
75px Momoko "それならレナも注意しなよ?" "Then why don't you be careful, Rena?"
75px Momoko "気になる曲が流れてるとフラッと移動するんだからさ…" "You know, when a song is playing that I'm interested in, I'm going to move on in a huff..."
75px Rena "なっ、それならかえでだって動物にクギヅケになるわよ!?" "Hey, then even maple trees will be nailed to the ground by animals!"
75px Kaede "ももこちゃんもアイドルとかに弱いの知ってるからね!?" "Momoko-chan knows I have a weakness for idols!"
75px Sana "車内では静かにしてください…" "Please be quiet in the car..."
75px Momoko "あぅ、ごめんね…" "Oh, I'm sorry..."
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
Iroha "待っててねういからのメッセージは受け取ったよ" "Just wait and see, I got your message from Uui."
Iroha "お姉ちゃんがすぐに助けるからね" "Your sister will help you in a minute, okay?"
Yuna "まずは南凪に潜んでいるキモチをいただくつもりだけど" "I'm going to start with the kimochi lurking in the southern calm."
Yuna "もしも環いろはが二木に来るようであればユニオンの支柱である彼女を折るわ" "If Tamaki Iroha comes to Futatsugi, I will break her, the pillar of the Union,"
Part 17
Name Japanese Translation
75px Himena "本当にプロミストブラッドの手伝いに行っちゃうの?" "Are you really going to go help Promise Blood?"
75px Shigure "だって、樹里さんからメッセージが届いたから…" "Because I received a message from Juri-san..."
75px Hagumu "何もしないで、危害を加えられるぐらいなら" "Don't do anything, rather than be harmed."
75px Hagumu "町の案内をしてネオマギウスを残した方がいいと思って…" "I figured I'd better show you around town and leave the neoMagius behind..."
75px Himena "いや、それじゃ意味ないって残ってるって言えるの?" "No, how can you tell me that's not worth it and that it's still there?"
75px Hagumu "…………" "............"
75px Himena "つーか、マジでダサいよ?" "I mean, it's really lame, you know?"
75px Himena "ポッと出てきた私チャンが言うのもなんだけど" "Poof, I'm a chan who just popped up and I'm going to say it."
75px Himena "魔法少女至上主義を謳って天辺を目指したいんだよね?" "You want to claim magical girl supremacy and aim for the heavens, don't you?"
75px Himena "今やってるのってタダのパシリじゃん" "What you're doing now is just a free passerby."
75px Shigure "本当に、急に出てきて…勝手に仲間だとか言って…" "Really, he came out of nowhere... and said he was one of us without permission..."
75px Shigure "あげくの果てに暴言を吐かれて、ぼくはお前がキライ…" "The last thing I need is for you to go on a rant and I hate you..."
75px Himena "キャハ★言うね~" "Cacha* you say~"
75px Himena "今にそんなこと言えなくなっちゃうよ~?" "You won't be able to say that now~?"
75px Himena "っていうか、そういうセリフは樹里ってヤツに言えばいいじゃん" "I mean, you can just say those lines to that guy Juri."
75px Shigure "…………" "............"
75px Himena "ま、安心して★" "Well, don't worry*."
75px Himena "私チャンがみんなを天辺に引っ張っちゃうからっ!" "I'm going to pull you all to the heavens!"
75px Himena "仲間の妹を守れずにさらわれちゃった負い目とか" "The guilt of not being able to protect your fellow sisters and getting kidnapped."
75px Himena "怖くて反抗できないから相手の言うことを聞いちゃうとか" "Or you're too scared to rebel, so you listen to what they say."
75px Himena "そういう状況からは、私チャンが脱出させてアゲル" "I'll get you out of that kind of situation, I Chan, Agel."
75px Shigure "どうして…そんなことが言えるの…?" "How can you... how can you say that...?"
75px Himena "私チャンの最強の彼ピが、色々と考えてくれてるからね" "My's strongest he-pi has a lot on his mind."
75px Shigure "彼…ピ…?" "He...pi...?"
75px Hagumu "なんだか…藍家さんって、掴み所がないです…" "It's kind of...Aiya-san, you don't have a grip..."
75px Hagumu "ネオマギウスにこだわる理由も全然わからない…" "I have no idea why you're so obsessed with Neo-Magius..."
75px Hagumu "本当に天辺を目指すだけなら、他のグループの方がいいのに…" "If you really just want to reach the top of the sky, you'd be better off with another group..."
75px Himena "私チャンは魔法少女至上主義の話を聞いて" "I, Chang, heard about the supremacy of magical girls."
75px Himena "マジでアガったんだよね" "I'm seriously aggravated, right?"
75px Himena "その辺の一般人なんかより、魔法少女が上ってことだから" "It's just that magical girls are better than the average person in the area."
75px Himena "その魔法少女の上に立てば、マジで天辺ってことっしょ?" "If you stand on top of that magical girl, that means you're seriously topside, right?"
75px Himena "私チャンにも、彼ピにも誰も刃向かえないしディスれない" "No one can turn on me Chan or himpi and not be dismissed."
75px Himena "それにね彼ピが言ってたの" "Besides, you know, He Pi told me."
75px Himena "天辺に登るなら人材が足りてないグループが一番早いって" "He said that if you want to climb to the heavens, the group with the least amount of talent is the fastest."
75px Himena "キャハッ★" "Cahaha*"
75px Hagumu "確かに、人材は足りてない…" "Sure, we don't have enough people..."
75px Shigure "能力も足りてない…" "I'm not even competent enough..."
75px Himena "あっ…" "Oh..."
75px Shigure "どうしたの…?" "What's the matter...?"
75px Himena "ちょっと、彼ピが私チャンに声をかけてきて…" "Hey, He Pi approached me Chang..."
75px Himena "ん…何…?" "Hmm... what...?"
75px Himena "そう、時雨ちゃんとはぐむちゃんだよ" "Yes, it's Shigure-chan and Hagumu-chan."
75px Himena "今日は行かせた方がいい…?じゃあ、私チャンは…?" "Should I let him go today...? Then I, Chang...?"
75px Himena "うん、情報収集…?" "Yeah, gathering information...?"
75px Himena "そうだね材料は多い方がいいもんね" "Yes, the more ingredients the better, I suppose."
75px Shigure "は、はぐむん…急にひとりでしゃべりはじめた…" "Ha, hagum... suddenly he started talking on his own..."
75px Hagumu "私たちの周りって、どうして危険な人ばっかり集まるんだろ…" "Why is it that we're surrounded by so many dangerous people..."
"ピロン♪" "Pilon♪"
75px Shigure "あ…樹里さんから催促が…" "Ah...Juri-san has prompted me..."
75px Hagumu "行こう、時雨ちゃん" "Let's go, Shigure."
75px Shigure "う、うん…!" "Uh, yeah...!"
75px Himena "うん…うん…" "Yeah...yeah..."
75px Himena "キャハッ★確かにそうかもっ" "You're right.
75px Himena "いっそ、ふたりの二枚舌はユニオンにはバレた方がいいね" "I'd rather the Union find out about the duplicity of the two of you, for that matter."
Part 18
Name Japanese Translation
75px Juri "ちょっと遅いな…" "It's a little late for that..."
75px Hagumu "すみません離れた所にいて…" "I'm sorry, I'm so far away..."
75px Shigure "これでも急いだんだよ…" "I was still in a hurry for this..."
75px Juri "ま、結果的に来てくれたからいいけどな" "Well, it's a good thing you came as a result."
75px Juri "山の時も色々と世話になったしいつも助かるよ" "You've done a lot for me in the mountains, and that's always a big help."
75px Hagumu "えっ?そんな、私たちは全然…" "What? Oh no, we're not at all..."
75px Shigure "う、うん…" "Uh, yeah..."
75px Shigure "今回は南凪にキモチがいるの…?" "You have Kimochi in Minaminagi this time...?"
75px Yuna "ええ、偶然も重なったけど、なんとか判明したのよぉ" "Yeah, it was a series of coincidences, but we managed to figure it out."
75px Shigure "そうなんだ…" "Yeah..."
75px Shigure "あの、ういちゃんは…" "Um, Ui-chan..."
75px Hikaru "おかげで情報が頂けたっす" "Thanks for the information."
75px Hikaru "別に危害は加えてないっすからそれは安心して欲しいっす" "I'm not trying to hurt you, so you can rest assured of that."
75px Ao "ごめんねふたりとも損な役回りをさせちゃって…" "I'm sorry I made you both look like a loss..."
75px Juri "樹里サマが礼をしてるんだから文句はないだろ?" "Juri-sama is thanking you, so you're not complaining, right?"
75px Ao "心の負担に対して釣り合わないと思うけどな~" "I don't think that's balanced against the burden on your mind!"
75px Ao "程ほどにしておきなよ姉ちゃん" "Keep it in moderation, sister."
75px Juri "わかってるっつーの" "I know, I know."
75px Juri "それで、らんか" "So, Ranka."
75px Juri "樹里サマたちの名前を騙ったヤツは" "The one who cheated on Juri-sama and the others' names."
75px Juri "どのタイミングでキモチの存在に気付いたんだ?" "At what point did you notice Kimochi's presence?"
75px Chizu Ranka "ちょうど、この辺りで戦ってて窮地に追い込んだ時かな" "I guess it was just when we were fighting around here and we were in a tight spot."
75px Chizu Ranka "完全に気付いたって顔をしてた" "He looked like he was totally aware of it."
75px Juri "ほーん…?" "Hmm...?"
75px Chizu Ranka "それを聞いてどうすんの?" "What are you going to do with that?"
75px Juri "ふたりに道案内を頼むんだよ" "Ask the two of you for directions."
75px Shigure "え…?" "What...?"
75px Hagumu "な、なに!?" "What?
75px Juri "さぁ、頼むぞ…!!" "Come on, please...!"
Shigure&はぐむ "[se:8002_flame_01_h「ひぃ~~~!!」" "[se:8002_flame_01_h "Hi~~!"!"
Part 19
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hikaru "道案内をさせるって、同じ目に遭わせるってことっすか" "So you're going to make me do the same thing by making me show you the way?"
75px Hikaru "エグイっす…!" "That's egregious...!"
75px Ao "程ほどにって言ったのに!" "I told you to be moderate!"
Part 20
Name Japanese Translation
75px Shigure&はぐむ "ハッ…!!" "Ha...!"
75px Juri "おっ、キモチの場所感知できたか!?" "Whoa, did you detect the location of the kimochi?"
75px Juri "驚きと恐怖で言うとどっちだ…?" "Which is more surprising or terrifying...?"
75px Hagumu "途中から演技だってわかったので" "I found out halfway through that it was an act,"
75px Hagumu "どちらかというと驚きかな…" "I guess I'm more of a surprise..."
75px Shigure "うん…" "Yeah..."
75px Ao "ふたりともそれでいいの~?" "Are you both okay with that~?"
75px Ao "姉ちゃんもあんまり虐めないであげてよね!" "Don't torture her too much, sis, please don't torture her too much!"
75px Juri "今回は仕方ないっつーの案内できねーだろ?" "I can't show you what to do this time, can I?"
75px Yuna "樹里は昔からこういうやり方よねぇ" "This is the way Juri has always done things, isn't it?"
75px Juri "それが樹里サマだからな" "That's Juri-Sama, you know."
75px Hikaru "で、場所はわかりそうっすか?" "So, do you think you know where it is?"
75px Shigure "うん、わかると思う…" "Yeah, I think I know..."
Kanagiの声 "「すまないが、その船に自分たちも乗って良いか?」" "I'm sorry, but can we get ourselves on that ship?"
75px Hagumu "あっ…" "Oh..."
75px Shigure "うっ…" "Ugh..."
75px Kanagi "それともこの場で争うか?" "Or do you want to fight it out here?"
75px Juri "獲物を奪いに来たハイエナを同じ船に乗せると思うのか?" "You think we're going to put the hyenas in the same boat as the hyenas who came to steal our prey?"
75px Miyako Hinano "その獲物の情報源をさらったのはオマエたちだ" "It was you guys who took the source of that prey."
75px Makino Ikumi "情報は取られたとしても、キモチの石は渡さないからね" "Even if they take your information, I won't give you the Kimochi stone, you know."
75px Midori Ryo "それが観鳥さんたちにできる、さらわれた側への慰めだからねぇ" "That's the kind of consolation for the kidnapped side that you can give to the watchers, you know."
75px Shigure "っ…………" "Huh..........."
75px Hagumu "…………" "............"
75px Tsukuyo "緊張しなくても、裏切りだとは思ってないでございます" "I don't need to be nervous, but I don't think it's a betrayal, sir."
75px Shigure "ほんとに…?" "Really...?"
75px Tsukasa "相手の報復を考えたら逃げられない時もあるからね" "Sometimes you can't get away with it if you think they're going to retaliate."
75px Tsukuyo "ねー" "Hey,"
75px Shigure "…………" "............"
75px Tsukuyo "おふたりとも、結界まで案内して頂けますか?" "Would you two be willing to lead me to the wards?"
75px Hikaru "付いて来たところで、その人数だとやられるだけっすよ" "If you follow me, you'll just get beaten up with that number of people."
75px Hikaru "こっちは二木の魔法少女を引き連れて来てるんす" "We're here with a magical girl from Futatsugi in tow."
"~~♪~~♪" "~~♪~~♪~~♪"
75px Yuna "電話…うらら…彼女は今、二木に居るはず…" "Phone...ura...she should be in Futatsugi right now..."
75px Kanagi "今、ちょうど釣り合いが取れたかもしれんぞ" "You may have just balanced it out now."
75px Yuna "…っ!" "...hmmm!"
75px Yuna "私よ…" "It's me..."
75px Urara "大変なんよ長女さん!" "It's hard work, eldest daughter!"
75px Urara "二木で環いろはたちを見たって報告が来てるんよ!" "I'm getting reports of seeing Kan Iroha and her friends in Futatsugi!"
75px Urara "妹を奪いにこっちに来てるなら二木は手薄なんよ!" "If he's coming over here to take my sister away from me, Futatsugi's short-handed!"
75px Yuna "わかったわ、引き返すわぁ…" "Okay, I'll turn back, I'll turn back..."
75px Yuna "ひかる、二木に戻るわよあなたの仲間も連れていきなさぃ" "Hikaru, we're going back to Futatsugi, and you can't take your people with you."
75px Hikaru "急にどうしたんすか…!" "What's going on with you all of a sudden...!"
75px Yuna "環いろはたちが二木に来たわぁ" "Tamaki Iroha and the others are here in Futatsugi."
75px Hikaru "…………っす…" "......................"
75px Juri "こっちは任せろ姉さん" "I'll take care of this one, sister."
75px Yuna "ええ頼んだわよ、次女、三女!" "Yes, I'm asking you, second and third daughter!"
75px Ao "これぐらいイージーモードだよ" "This is about as easy mode as it gets."
75px Kanagi "釣り合いがとれたな改めて案内してもらえるか" "Now that we have a balance, can you show me around again?"
75px Hagumu "はっ、はい…" "Ha, yes..."
75px Shigure "わかった…" "Okay..."
Part 21
Name Japanese Translation
75px Iroha "十七夜さんからメッセージです" "I have a message for you, Miss Kanagi."
75px Yachiyo "紅晴結菜が気付いたって?" "Kureha Yuna noticed?"
75px Iroha "ひかるちゃんたちを連れて、二木に戻ってるそうです" "They're taking Hikaru and the others back to Futatsugi."
75px Iroha "あと、ういはいないって" "Also, he said there's no ui."
75px Sana "それなら、ういちゃんは二木にいるかも…" "Then maybe Ui-chan is in Futatsugi..."
75px Yachiyo "追いつかれる前に、助けないといけないわね" "We'll have to help them before they catch up to us."
75px Tsuruno "神浜から二木までの距離なら、すぐには来られないよ!" "If it's a long way from Kamihama to Futatsugi, I can't be here soon enough!"
75px Tsuruno "ふんふん!" "Humph!"
75px Felicia "おう、ズガーンって勢いで終わらせる予定だから" "Oh, I'm going to end it with a bang, Zugan."
75px Felicia "なんの問題もないぞ!ふんす!" "There's nothing wrong with that! Phew!"
75px Yachiyo "これはふたりの言う通りね" "You're both right about this."
75px Felicia "っしゃ、正解だ!" "Shucks, you're right!"
75px Iroha "案内よりも先に行ったら意味ないよ!" "There's no point in getting there before the guide!"
75px userName "モキュッ" "Mokyu."
75px Yuna "フフッ" "Huh."
75px Hikaru "結菜さんなんか楽しそうっすね" "You look like you're having fun, Yuna."
75px Yuna "ええ" "Yes."
75px Yuna "血の惨劇があった故郷で環いろはを葬れるなら愉快だわぁ" "It would be fun to bury Tamaki Iroha in my hometown where there was a bloodbath!"
75px Hikaru "葬る…?" "Bury...?"
75px Yuna "全員で神浜に来たのは、わざとなのよ、ひかるぅ…" "We all came to Kamihama on purpose, Hikaru..."
75px Yuna "あの子たちは今、魔女化が残った二木にいる…" "Those girls are now in the two trees where the witching remains..."
75px Hikaru "絶望の淵に追いやるつもりっすか…" "You're going to drive me to the edge of despair..."
75px Yuna "それで間接的にでも、マギウスを苦しめてやるわぁ…" "So I'll make the Magius suffer, even if it's indirectly..."
75px Yuna "ようやく私は、かつての仲間に少し報いることができる…" "Finally, I can repay my former comrades a little..."
Yuna "「私の悲しみはね怒りだけが癒やしてくれる…」" "As for my sorrow, only anger can heal it..."
Part 22
Name Japanese Translation
75px Livia "ほい、これで調整も終わりやな" "Ho, I guess that's the end of the adjustment."
75px Himena "ありがと★" "Thanks, *"
75px Livia "調整してる時にアンタのことが見えてしまったんやけど" "I saw you when I was adjusting," he said, "and I saw you."
75px Livia "えらい底が知れんヤツやなぁ" "He's a terrible know-it-all."
75px Livia "今の状況をひっかき回してくれそうやわ" "I think you're going to scratch the surface of what's going on right now."
75px Himena "それってどちらかと言うと、調整屋さんでしょ?" "That's more of an adjuster, right?"
75px Himena "キャハッ★" "Cahaha*"
75px Livia "アハハッ!" "Ahaha!"
75px Livia "まぁ確かに私らみたいな存在は、自分らから見たら妙やろうな" "Well, it would certainly be strange to see an entity like us from our own perspective."
75px Livia "グリーフシードだけもろて、調整なんて商売をやっとるし" "I'm in the business of making adjustments, and I'm only going to be a grief seed."
75px Livia "みんなが恨んどるキュゥべえにもなーんも思ってへん" "Everyone hates me, Kyubey, and I don't think about it at all."
75px Himena "彼ピは、何かを悟ってるみたいだって言ってる" "He Pi says it's like he's on to something."
75px Livia "そんな大層なもんちゃうわ" "It's not that big of a deal,"
75px Livia "あるがままの自分を素直に受け入れとるだけや" "I'm just accepting myself for who I am."
75px Livia "特に私の場合は、そうやって宇宙と一体になるしかあれへん" "Especially in my case, I have no choice but to become one with the universe in that way."
75px Himena "まぁ、よくわからないけど?" "Well, I'm not sure, but?"
75px Himena "あ、ちなみにリヴィアさん" "Oh, by the way, Livia."
75px Livia "なんや?" "What?"
75px Himena "なんか、この辺りでアガる話ってワンチャンない?" "What's the one story that's aggravating around here?"
75px Livia "アガる?" "Aggravated?"
75px Livia "そう言われても困るわこんな争っとる時分やしなぁ…" "Well, I don't want you to say that, at a time when we're fighting like this..."
75px Livia "んーまぁ…せやな…" "Hmmm... well... hey..."
75px Livia "気をつけた方がええ話やったらあるで" "You better be careful, because if you do, there's a story."
75px Himena "いいじゃん、聞いとく!" "That's good, I'll ask!"
75px Livia "最近、あんた東の子と一緒につるんでるやろ?" "You've been hanging out with those East girls lately, haven't you?"
75px Himena "しぐりんとはぐりん?" "Shiri and Hagurin?"
75px Livia "せや" "Seya,"
75px Livia "本来、神浜の東西の連中は分裂しとったんやけど" "Originally, the east and west side of Kamihama were split up."
75px Livia "またきな臭い事になってるんや東とつるむなら気をつけや" "It's getting kinky again, and if you're going to hang out with the East, watch out."
75px Himena "それって爆弾?" "Is that a bomb?"
75px Livia "そう、この町は抱えとるんやえらい大っきな爆弾をな" "Yes, this town has a bomb of epic proportions."
75px Himena "キャハッ★どちゃクソ、アガる話じゃん" "Ahahaha*, that's a very exciting story."
75px Kagome "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
75px Kagome "また、キモチを巡って、争いが始まる…" "The fight starts again over kimochi..."
75px Kagome "リィちゃん…もうすぐだよね…?" "Rii-chan... we're almost there... right?"
Rii-chan "…………" "............"
75px Kagome "うん、みんなが集まってる反応は感じ取ったよ" "Yeah, I could sense the reaction of everyone coming together."
75px Kagome "でも、紅晴さんたちが消えていくのがわかった…" "But I could see that Kureha and the others were disappearing..."
75px Kagome "いろはさんたちが、二木に着いたからかな…?" "Is it because Iroha-san and the others arrived at Futatsugi...?"
Rii-chan "…………" "............"
75px Kagome "やっぱり…それで戻ったっていうことは…" "I knew it... and that's why you're back..."
75px Kagome "今回は令さんや十七夜さんを含むユニオンの東と南…" "This time, the east and south of the Union, including Mr. Decree and Kanagi-san..."
75px Kagome "そして、大庭さんと笠音さんたちプロミストブラッドとの競争…" "And the competition between Oba-san and Kasane and the other Promise Bloods..."
75px Kagome "やっぱりそうだ…" "I knew it..."
75px Kagome "それに今日も、カメラを持ってる…" "And today, I still have my camera..."
75px Aru-chan "<気になるの?>" "<Are you curious? >"
75px Kagome "少し、羨ましいだけ" "I'm just a little jealous."
75px Kagome "写真って目に飛びこんできたらいろんな情報が入ってくるから" "Photographs are a great way to get all kinds of information when they pop into your eyes."
75px Aru-chan "<だけど、かごめちゃんは、文字で伝えようとしてる>" "But Kagome-chan is trying to communicate in writing."
75px Kagome "…でも、私が書き留めたものがみんなに伝わるか不安なの" "...but I'm not sure people will get what I've written down."
75px Kagome "魔法少女のことを伝えたいのに、その方法がわからないから…" "I want to tell you about the magical girls and I don't know how to do it, so..."
"深月 フェリシア" "Deep Moon, Felicia."
"「あ?オレが望んでることが何か?」" "Oh? What is it that I want?"
"あんま考えたことねーかもなー」" "Maybe I haven't thought about it much..."
"みかづき荘って草好きが多いんだよ」" "Mikazuki Villa is full of grass lovers."
"「あと…魚?」" ""
"「だからオレが望むとしたら肉だな!」" "So if I wanted it, it would be meat!"
"ひとりで傭兵してたからさ」" "I was a mercenary on my own, you know."
"だから、あんまり望むもんがねーのかも」" "So maybe that's why I don't have much to wish for."
"んで、そいつをぶっ殺してやるんだ」" "Why, I'm going to kill that guy."
"なれたような気がするんだぞ!」" "I feel like I could have been!"
"メッチャうまい牛乳を飲ませてやる!」" "I'm going to give you some crazy good milk to drink!"
"「ま、そんぐらいだな!」" "Well, that's about it!"

Section 2

Part 1
Name Japanese Translation
"集まってきたの。" "We've gathered together."
"ネオマギウスの時雨ちゃんやはぐむさんの姿も。" "Neomagius Shigure-chan and Hagumu-san are there, too."
"大きな水柱が上がるように荒れると思う…。" "I think it's going to be rough like a big water column going up...."
"ずっと早鐘を鳴らし続けてる…。" "They keep ringing the early bell all the time...."
"始まるからだけじゃない…。" "It's not just because it's starting...."
"陰りのひとつもなかったから。" "Because there wasn't a single shade of shade...."
"心地よさそうにしている気がする…。" "I feel like you're comfortable....."
75px Kagome "本当に大丈夫かな…いろはさん…" "Are you sure you're okay...Iroha-san..."
75px Iroha "この路地裏に入った所にういがいるの…?" "There's a ui in this alleyway in...?"
75px userName "モキュッ" "Mokyu."
75px Iroha "灯花ちゃんから教えてもらった拠点の場所と同じ…" "It's the same location of the base that Touka-chan told me about..."
75px Yachiyo "信憑性は高そうね" "That sounds very credible."
75px Iroha "魔力の反応は…" "The magic response is..."
75px Iroha "特に感じられないし、他の魔法少女は居なさそうです" "I don't really feel it, and it doesn't look like there are any other magical girls around."
75px Sana "魔法少女はこの先の拠点にいるだけかもしれませんね…" "Maybe the magical girls are just at a base down the road..."
75px Felicia "それならさっさとういを助けに行こうぜ" "Then let's get on with it and go save Ui."
75px Felicia "どうせ、心配しなくても二木の奴らはみんな神浜だろ?" "You don't have to worry about them anyway, all those guys in Futatsugi, right?"
75px Yachiyo "そうね" "Yes,"
75px Yachiyo "相手がキモチに注力してる間に終わらせましょう" "Let's get this over with while they're focused on their kimochi."
75px Tsuruno "よっし、ういちゃんを奪還して、今日はたこ焼きパーティーだー!" "Alright, let's get Ui-chan back and have a takoyaki party today!"
75px Tsuruno "ね、いろはちゃん!" "Hey, Iroha-chan!"
75px Iroha "うん" "Yeah."
75px Yachiyo "それじゃあ、入りましょうか" "Well, let's go in then."
75px Felicia "なんかマンガに出てくる不良のたまり場みてーだな" "It's kind of like a delinquent hangout in a comic book."
75px Rena "血の気の多いアイツらにはお似合いなんじゃないの?" "Isn't that a good fit for those bloodthirsty guys?"
75px userName "モキュッ" "Mokyu."
75px Iroha "こっちだそうです" "It's this way."
75px Momoko "ここはアタシらが見張るみかづき荘で行ってきなよ" "You should go to Mikazuki Manor, where Attachi and the others will be watching over you."
75px Iroha "ありがとうございます" "Thank you."
"ガチャッ" "Clunk."
75px Iroha "…………うい?"
75px Yachiyo "ういちゃん?" "Ui-chan?"
75px Tsuruno "…………" "............"
75px Tsuruno "おかしい、気配がまるでない…" "It's funny, there's no sign of..."
75px Iroha "userName本当にここだったんだよね…?" "UserName, it was really here...?"
75px userName "モキュゥ…" "Mokyu..."
75px Yachiyo "待って…微かに魔力の痕跡があるわ…" "Wait... there are faint traces of magic..."
75px Felicia "でも、いないってことは…" "But if you're not there..."
75px Felicia "…ってことは、なんだ…!?" "...So, what does that mean...?"
75px Sana "少し前までいたのは、確かなんだと思います…" "I'm pretty sure I was there a while ago..."
75px Iroha "連れ出された…?" "Taken out...?"
75px Yachiyo "恐らくね…相手も動きが早いわ…" "Probably... they're moving fast too..."
75px Tsuruno "それなら、ここも危ない!いくら近くに潜んでなくても!" "Then it's not safe here either! No matter how close you don't lurk!"
75px Kaedeの声 "で、でたーっ!" "So, there it is!"
75px Tsuruno "あー!遅かった!" "Ah! It's too late!"
75px Urara "まさか敵陣に堂々と乗り込むとは思わないんよ…" "I don't expect you to ride proudly into enemy lines..."
75px "とはいえ、飛んで火に入る夏の虫ね" "However, it's a summer bug that flies and goes into the fire."
75px "任された以上は、ここで仕留めるよ" "As long as you're in charge, I'll finish you off here."
75px Rena "どうせそっちの魔法少女はほとんど留守にしてるんでしょ?" "Most of the magical girls over there are away from home anyway, right?"
75px Rena "それならレナたちが返り討ちにしてあげるわ" "Then Rena and the others will pay you back."
Part 2
Name Japanese Translation
75px Tsuruno "やっぱりプロミストブラッドのヤツらが現れたよ!" "I knew those Promise Blood guys would show up!"
75px Yachiyo "ここじゃ戦い辛いわ!正面の敵を倒して外に出るわよ!" "It's hard to fight here! Let's take out the enemies in front of us and get out!"
Part 3
Name Japanese Translation
75px Iroha "っ、はぁ…はぁ…はぁ…" "Huh...ha...ha...ha..."
75px Iroha "みんな、外に出た!?" "Guys, you're out!"
75px Felicia "おう!" "Oh!"
75px Felicia "中のヤツらはドカンとやってやったぞ!" "The guys inside did it with a bang!"
75px Sana "でも、全員は倒せてないです…" "But we haven't beaten them all..."
75px Tsuruno "ういちゃんを素早く奪還して、帰りたかったけど" "I was hoping to recapture Ui-chan quickly and leave, though."
75px Tsuruno "相手の動きも早いし、うかうかしてられないね…" "They're moving so fast, I can't be hovering around..."
75px Urara "待つんよ!" "Wait!"
75px Yachiyo "あなたは…" "You're..."
75px "環いろはに七海やちよ…面倒な相手だな…" "Tamaki Iroha and Nanami Yachiyo... you're a pain in the ass..."
75px Urara "た、助けて欲しいんよ!" "Ta, I need your help!"
75px Urara "この人たち、突然ウチを襲ってきたんよ!" "These people, they attacked our house all of a sudden!"
75px Yachiyo "神浜の魔法少女と、勘違いしてないかしら" "I hope you haven't mistaken me for a magical girl from Kamihama."
75px Yachiyo "ういちゃんをさらった張本人…" "I'm the one who took Uichan..."
75px Iroha "あなたなら、ういの居場所を知ってるよね…?" "You'd know where to find Ui... right?"
75px Iroha "お願い、教えて…!" "Please, tell me...!"
75px Urara "ウチにとっては信頼を得るために成功させた作戦" "For us, it was a successful strategy to gain our trust."
75px Urara "居場所を教えるなんてヘマは絶対にできないんよ" "I could never screw up telling you where I am."
75px Rena "それなら、無理矢理聞くだけよ自分がやったことを反省しなさい" "Then you'll just have to force yourself to listen and be sorry for what you've done."
75px Urara "長女さんたちが来るまで、ウチらで耐えてみせるんよ" "You're going to have to endure it in our house until your eldest daughters arrive."
75px Kaede "だけど、向こうは私たちの動きに気付いたばかりだよ" "But the other side just found out what we're doing."
75px Momoko "あぁ、神浜から辿り着くまで耐えられっこないさ" "Oh, I won't be able to stand it until we get there from the Kamihama."
75px Momoko "なっ、ウソだろ…!?" "What? No way...?"
75px Iroha "紅晴さんの魔力反応…いくらなんでも早すぎます…" "Kureha-san's magical reaction... no matter how fast it is, it's too fast..."
75px Sana "囲まれてます…!" "We're surrounded...!"
75px Yuna "よく耐えてくれたわねぇうらら" "You've endured well, Ira."
75px Hikaru "ここからはひかるたちも加勢して一気にユニオンを叩くっすよ" "From here, Hikaru and the others will join in and beat the Union at once."
75px Tsuruno "いくら魔法少女だからって追いつくのが速すぎるよ" "No matter how much you're a magical girl, you're catching up too fast."
75px Yachiyo "何か特殊な固有魔法でも持ってるのかしら…" "I wonder if it has some special inherent magic..."
75px Yuna "フフッ…それはどうかしらねぇ?" "Huh... how about that?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "今わかるのは、形勢が逆転したということだよ" "What we can see now is that the form has been reversed,"
75px Tsuruno "さくやちゃん…!" "Sakuya-chan...!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "こっちは敵だよ由比さん軽々しく話しかけてこないで…" "We're the enemy here, Yui-san, don't talk to us lightly..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "結菜、ここは作戦通りに?" "Yuna, are we on a mission here?"
75px Yuna "ええ、いくわよ!" "Yes, let's go!"
75px Hikaru "環さんの相手は、この煌里ひかるっすよ!" "Tamaki-san's counterpart is this Hikaru Kirari Hikaru!"
75px Iroha "っ…" "Huh..."
75px Hikaru "混乱が滲み出てるっすね" "The confusion oozes out of you, doesn't it?"
75px Hikaru "妹を助けに来たはずなのに、残念っすけど" "I'm sorry to say that I'm supposed to be here to help my sister."
75px Hikaru "逆に墓場にさせてもらうっす" "On the contrary, I'm going to turn it into a graveyard."
75px Iroha "キャッ!" "Cat!"
75px Iroha "(いけない、このままだとやちよさんたちと離される…!)" "(I shouldn't, if I don't, I'll be separated from Yachiyo-san and the others...!"
75px Iroha "お願い、どいて!" "Please, get out of my way!"
75px Hikaru "足を狙ってくるなんてさすがっすけど" "I'm impressed that you're going for my leg."
75px Hikaru "今は環さんを離すのがひかるの役目なんすよ!" "It's Hikaru's job to let Tamaki-san go now!"
75px Hikaru "いけ…ひかる軍団!!" "Kei... the Hikaru Army!"
75px Sana "いろはさん…!!" "Iroha-san...!"
75px Sana "やちよさん、いろはさんが、どんどん離されてます!" "Yachiyo-san, Iroha-san is getting away from us!"
75px Yachiyo "わかってるわ…!" "I know...!"
75px Yachiyo "…………" "............"
Yachiyo "しっかり壁を作ってる…でも、むりやりこじ開けて進めなくもなさそうね…" "You're building a solid wall... but it doesn't look like you'll have to forcefully pry it open to proceed..."
75px Yachiyo "通り抜けるわよ…!" "I'm coming through...!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "ごめんね、作戦の都合上行かせられないんだ" "I'm sorry, but I can't let you go because of the mission."
75px Yachiyo "速い…!!" "You're fast...!"
75px Momoko "大丈夫だやちよさん!" "It's okay, Yachiyo-san!"
75px Kaede "うん、私たちが行くから!" "Yeah, we'll be there!"
75px さくやの声 "加速!!" "Accelerate!
75px Rena "何よ、コイツ忍者!?" "What the hell is this guy, a ninja?
75px Suzuka Sakuya "陸上部だよ" "That's the track team.
75px Felicia "くそっ、いろはをどこに連れて行く気だ!" "Damn it, where are you taking Iroha!"
75px Felicia "どけよ!" "Get out of my way!"
75px Yuna "わめかないでくれるぅ?" "Will you stop ranting?"
75px Felicia "コイツつえーし嫌いだぞ…" "I hate this guy and I hate him..."
75px Felicia "ハッ…いろは…!" "Ha...Iroha...!"
75px Yuna "分断は成功ねぇ" "Divide and conquer.
75px Yuna "あとは魔女化する二木でユニオンの支柱を砕くだけ…" "All that's left to do is shatter the Union's pillars with the witching Futatsugi..."
75px Yuna "ふっ、ふふやはりホームだとやりやすいわぁ" "Huh, hmmm, it's easier to do it at home, after all."
75px Yachiyo "今がいろはを追える限界の距離ね…" "So this is the limit of how far we can follow Iroha now..."
75px Yachiyo "鶴乃、二葉さんをこのタイミングで…" "Tsuruno, Futaba-san at this time..."
75px Tsuruno "うん!さなーーーー!!" "Yeah! Sanaaaaah!"
75px Hikaru "なっ…透明に…!?こっちが忍者じゃないっすか!" "Wha... it's transparent...? Isn't this the ninja?"
75px Sana "いろはさんまで、あなたたちに渡しませんから…!" "I won't give it to you guys, even Iroha-san...!"
75px Iroha "さなちゃん…!" "Sana-chan...!"
75px Urara "邪魔なんよ!ヨーヨーでグルグル巻きなんよ!" "You're in the way! It's a yo-yo and it's rolled up in a circle!"
75px Sana "キャッ!" "Cat!"
75px Iroha "さなちゃん!っ、どうして私だけを…" "Sana! Why do you want me to..."
75px Hikaru "神浜のブレインになってるマギウスは消せなかったっすから" "I couldn't erase the Magius that's become the Brain of Kamihama, you know."
75px Hikaru "今回は支柱の環さんを狙うんすよ" "We're going after the ring of pillars this time."
Part 4
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hagumu "たぶん、ここにキモチがいます…!" "Maybe there's Kimochi here...!"
75px Shigure "本当にあった…" "It really happened..."
75px Kanagi "芯に響くような強い魔力キモチで間違い無さそうだな" "It looks like there's no doubt that it's a strong magic kimochi that resonates to the core."
75px Chizu Ranka "それで、ここから毎度恒例のキモチ狩り競争ってわけ?" "So, so this is where we start our annual Kimochi hunting competition?"
75px Juri "つーことだな" "I guess that means."
75px Juri "とは言っても、樹里サマたちは不利なんだよな…" "That said, Juri Sama and the others are at a disadvantage..."
75px Chizu Ranka "どうして?" "Why?"
75px Juri "この間、山の中でキモチを奪いあった時があったろ" "You know, there was a time the other day when we were fighting for kimochi in the mountains."
75px Juri "そのキモチと戦う前に、ウワサとかいうのが出るんだよな" "Before you fight that kimochi, you're going to get a rumor or something like that."
75px Juri "ユニオンのヤツらは、そのウワサの情報を知ってやがる" "The Union guys know all the rumors about it."
75px Ao "それなら、ネオマギのふたりに聞いてみたら~?" "Then why don't you ask the two neomagi~?"
75px Ao "痛めつけるより、健全な協力方法だと思うけど?" "I think that's a healthier way to cooperate than hurting them, don't you?"
75px Juri "…なんだよトゲがあるな" "...what a spike."
75px Juri "おい、ネオマギのふたり聞こえるか?" "Hey, can you two neomagi hear me?"
75px Shigure "えっ…!?うん…!" "What...? Yeah...!"
75px Hagumu "聞こえてます…!" "I can hear you...!"
75px Juri "お前ら、ウワサについてって詳しく知ってるのか?" "Do you guys know much about rumors?"
75px Shigure "ぼく…聞いたことはあるけど…詳しくは知らない…" "I... I've heard of it, but I don't know much about it..."
75px Hagumu "私たちは前のフェントホープにほとんど付いてたので…" "We were mostly attached to the previous Fendt Hope, so..."
75px Juri "くそっ、前の妙ちくりんな城なら役に立ったってことか…" "Damn, I guess that means that the weird-ass castle from before would have helped..."
75px Makino Ikumi "もう、何をじっとしてるの?" "What are you waiting for already?"
75px Makino Ikumi "テレパシーで秘密の作戦なんて立ててたらプンプンだからねっ" "If you're making a secret telepathic plan, you're going to be punked out, you know."
75px Midori Ryo "相手に行く気がないなら、観鳥さんたちで頂戴しようよ" "If you don't want to go to the other side, let's give it to them, Mr. Watchtower and the others."
75px Miyako Hinano "そうだなアタシたちの不戦勝だ" "Yes, it's an unwinnable victory for Attaches."
75px Ao "あーダメダメ!わたしたちも行くから!" "Oh no, no! We'll come with you!"
75px Juri "まぁ不利なのは仕方ないそこは作戦でカバーするか" "Well, I guess we're at a disadvantage, and we'll have a plan to cover that."
75px Shigure "ぼくたちは…?" "What about us...?"
75px Kanagi "どちらを味方にするつもりだ…?" "Which side are you going to take...?"
75px Juri "…………" "............"
75px Juri "足手まといはいらないっつーの樹里サマたちだけで行く" "I don't need to be slowed down, I'll just go with Juri and the others."
75px Tsukasa "ウチらは足手まといとは思わないけど…" "I don't think we're a drag, but..."
75px Tsukuyo "中に入れば、守ってあげられる自信はないでございますね" "I'm not sure I can protect you once you're inside, sir."
75px Hagumu "い、いいんです…気にしないで行ってください!" "No, it's okay... don't worry about it, just go!"
75px Kanagi "そうか…では、赴くとしよう" "Well... then, let's go."
75px Juri "これでまたプロミストブラッドの持ち数が増えるな" "Now we'll have more Promise Bloods to hold on to again."
75px Kanagi "このキモチとの決着がつくまでに身の振りを考えた方がいいぞ" "You'd better start thinking about shaking yourself off before you get to the bottom of this kimochi."
75px Shigure&はぐむ "…………" "............"
75px Shigure "はぐむん、どうしよう…" "Hagumun, what should I do..."
75px Shigure "天音のふたりは事情を話したら許してくれそうだけど" "I'm sure the two Tenon's will forgive me if I tell them what happened."
75px Shigure "十七夜さんはわからない…" "I don't understand, Kanagi-san..."
75px Hagumu "元々、私たちも東のメンバーでマギウスの翼に入ったからね" "Originally, we were also members of the East and joined the Magius Wing."
75px Hagumu "今度は許されないかも" "Maybe this time they won't allow it."
75px Shigure "ぐすっ…何もうまくいかない…" "Gosh... nothing's working..."
75px Shigure "ぼくたちはただ馬鹿にされたくないだけなのに" "We just don't want to be made fun of."
75px Shigure "魔法少女は優れてるんだって認めて欲しいだけなのに…" "I just want you to acknowledge that magical girls are superior..."
75px Hagumu "それに魔法少女が人類の進歩を支えてくれたのなら" "And if a magical girl has helped humanity progress,"
75px Hagumu "私たちが少し上にいる世界の方がもっと進化を果たせると思う" "I think the world we're a little bit higher up in can be more evolved."
75px Hagumu "でも立ち上がろうとすれば、挫かれる…" "But if you try to get up, you'll be thwarted..."
75px Hagumu "踏ん張りたいのに踏ん張れない…" "I want to step on it, but I can't..."
75px Hagumu "…でも" "...but,"
75px Himena "ま、安心して★" "Well, don't worry*."
75px Himena "私チャンがみんなを天辺に引っ張っちゃうからっ!" "I'm going to pull you all to the heavens!"
75px Himena "仲間の妹を守れずにさらわれちゃった負い目とか" "The guilt of not being able to protect your fellow sisters and getting kidnapped."
75px Himena "怖くて反抗できないから相手の言うことを聞いちゃうとか" "Or you're too scared to rebel, so you listen to what they say."
75px Himena "そういう状況からは、私チャンが脱出させてアゲル" "I'll get you out of that kind of situation, I Chan, Agel."
75px Hagumu "あの人は、連れていってくれるかな?" "Will that man take me?"
75px Shigure "ぼくも、どうしてだろう…あの人のことを思い出した…" "I don't know why... but I remember him too..."
Part 5
Name Japanese Translation
75px "|hoot-オッ∂√ΘΣ|" "|hoot-o-∂√√ΘΣ|"
75px Kanagi "…ミザリーウォーターか" "...Misery water."
75px Miyako Hinano "知ってるのか?" "You know that?"
75px Kanagi "うむ、以前に七海から聞いて多少は攻略法を把握している" "Hmm, I've heard from Nanami before and I have some grasp of the strategy."
75px Miyako Hinano "それなら案内は任せたぞ" "Then I'll let you show me around."
75px Kanagi "任されよう" "I'll leave it to you."
75px Juri "やっぱり、向こうの方が断然有利だな…" "I knew it, the other side has a definite advantage..."
75px Ao "姉ちゃん" "Sis,"
75px Juri "ん?" "Hmm?"
75px Ao "さっき、ネオマギのふたりをかばったでしょ" "You defended the two neomagi earlier."
75px Ao "どっちに付かなくても良いように" "So that you don't have to take sides."
75px Juri "弱いヤツを倒す趣味はないからな" "I don't have a hobby of beating the weak ones, you know."
Part 6
Name Japanese Translation
75px Tsukasa "プロミストブラッドとの距離が開いてる" "It's opening up the distance between us and Promise Blood."
75px Tsukuyo "このまま順調に進めば、私たちの勝利でございますね" "If things continue to go well, we'll win, won't we?"
75px Kanagi "キモチと遭遇することを想定して" "Just in case you run into Kimochi."
75px Kanagi "事前に情報を共有したのが功を奏したな" "You shared the information with me beforehand, and it paid off."
75px Kanagi "あとはウワサが厄介でなければ良いのだが…" "Now if only the rumors weren't so nasty..."
75px Miyako Hinano "いくら距離を開いたところで足止めを食らうとな…" "No matter how much distance we open up, if we get stranded..."
75px Makino Ikumi "逆にくみたちの体力が削られちゃうよ~" "On the contrary, Kumi and the others will lose their strength~"
75px Midori Ryo "それも先を行く観鳥さんたちの宿命だよねぇ" "That's also the fate of the birds of preternatural observation, isn't it?"
75px Kanagi "よし、あとはこのまま直進奧が開けているはずだ" "Okay, now we just need to keep going and the straightening dean should be open."
75px Juri "魔力の反応で、相手を追えてるとは言っても" "Even though I've been able to track them with my magical reactions."
75px Juri "これ以上離されると厄介だな" "It's going to be tricky if they let us go any further."
75px Ao "別に、いいんじゃない?" "No, it's fine."
75px Ao "先で敵のウワサっていうのが出てくるんなら" "If you're going to come up with some kind of rumor about the enemy ahead,"
75px Ao "ユニオンの人たちに片付けてもらっちゃおうよ" "Let's get the Union people to clean up the mess."
75px Juri "それで消耗させておくって?ニヒッ、良い悪知恵だな" "So you're going to let it wear you down? Nicely done, that's some good badassery."
75px Ao "テヘッ" "Teh-heh."
75px Juri "お前もそうやってセンスはあるんだからさ" "You've got some sense like that too, you know."
75px Ao "え?" "What?"
75px Juri "もう怖がりな自分は捨てろ" "Get rid of your fearful self already."
75px Ao "なに急に~" "What is this all of a sudden?"
75px Juri "ネオマギのことで樹里サマに突っかかるのは" "I'm not going to run into Juri Sama about the neomagi."
75px Juri "搾取されてた頃の自分を思い出したからだろ?" "Because it reminded you of yourself when you were being exploited, right?"
75px Ao "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
75px "ほら、グリーフシードを早くこっちに渡しなさい" "Come on, give the grief seed to me quickly."
75px Ao "やだ、これはわたしが手に入れたのに…" "Oh no, I could have gotten this..."
75px "そう、だから渡すのよ" "Yes, that's why I'm giving it to you."
75px "いつも守ってあげている私たちにねっ!" "We've always been there to protect you, you know!"
75px Ao "う…まぁ…うん…" "U...well...yeah..."
75px Juri "それで樹里サマに止めろって言われても変えられねえ" "And I can't change it even if Juri-sama told me to stop."
75px Juri "ただ、笠音アオってヤツが樹里サマよりも強いヤツだったら" "Only, if this Kasane Ao guy is stronger than Juri-sama."
75px Juri "違った結果になったはずだ" "It would have turned out differently."
75px Ao "姉ちゃん…" "Sis..."
75px Juri "理不尽をなくしたきゃお前が強くなるしかないぞ、妹" "If you want to be less unreasonable, you're going to have to be stronger, sister."
75px Ao "うん…" "Yeah..."
75px Juri "覚悟さえできればお前は強くなる" "If you're ready, you'll be strong."
75px Juri "二木でお前が樹里サマにとどめを刺せなかった時も" "Even when you couldn't finish Juri-Sama off in Futatsugi."
75px Juri "山狩りで時女のリーダーを仕留め切れなかった時も" "Even when I couldn't finish off the leader of the Tokime on a mountain hunt."
75px Juri "覚悟さえできていれば結果は違ってた" "If only I'd been prepared, the outcome would have been different."
75px Ao "…………" "............"
75px Hagumu "本当にあの人は…" "Really, that man..."
75px Hagumu "藍家さんは天辺に連れて行ってくれるかな…?" "I wonder if the Ai family will take me to the heavens...?"
75px Hagumu "私たちに踏ん張る力をくれるかな…?" "Will you give us the strength to hold on...?"
75px Shigure "得体が知れないのに" "Even though we don't know what the hell this thing is."
75px Shigure "あの自信を見てると本当かもって思っちゃう…" "When I see that confidence, I think it might be true..."
75px Hagumu "そうなんだよね…" "Yeah, I know..."
75px Himena "あれれ?" "Huh?"
75px Himena "ふたり揃って、なんでしょんぼりんこしてるの?" "What are you two doing in your little puddles together?"
75px Shigure "わっ…!" "Wow...!"
75px Hagumu "はわわ…えと、情報収集はもういいの…?" "Haha... uh, are we done gathering information...?"
75px Himena "それはもう、おけまる" "That's it, Okemaru."
75px Himena "ケアトレーラーで調整しつつ、色々と話してきたから" "We've been talking about a lot of things while making adjustments in the care trailer,"
75px Himena "で、南凪にキモチが居るって聞いたから来たんだけど" "So, I heard there's Kimochi in Minaminagi, so I'm here."
75px Himena "結界の前でどうして突っ立ってるの?" "Why are you standing there in front of the wards?"
75px Himena "戦いに行けばいいのにマジでイミフ" "You should have gone to fight, but seriously, imho."
75px Shigure "あなたには…わからない…弱いぼくたちの…気持ちなんて…" "You don't... understand... how weak we are... how we feel..."
75px Himena "うん、わかんない★" "Yeah, I don't know*."
75px Shigure "…………" "............"
75px Himena "でも、馬鹿にされたくないから天辺に登りたいって気持ちはね" "But I don't want to look like an idiot, so I want to climb up to the heavens."
75px Himena "私チャンとしぐりんとはぐりんはマジで繋がれると思うんだよね" "I think I Chan and Shigurin and Hagurin can really connect with each other, right?"
75px Shigure "それは、同じかもしれないけど…" "It may be the same, but..."
75px Himena "なら、オッケー問題なし!ノープロブレムじゃん★" "Then, ok, no problem! That's a no-problem."
75px Hagumu "どうして、そんなに自信があるの?" "How can you be so sure?"
75px Himena "私チャンのことは、彼ピが支えてくれるから" "I'm going to have hepi to support me Chang."
75px Himena "だから、ふたりに自信がなくて誰かに支えて欲しいなら" "So, if you two aren't sure and need someone to support you,"
75px Himena "私チャンが支えてあげる" "I'll support you, Chang."
75px Hagumu "…じゃあ、私たちはまずどうすればいいと思う?" "...So what do you think we should do first?"
75px Hagumu "今は、プロミストブラッドとユニオンの間に挟まれてるから…" "Right now, we're caught between the Promise Blood and the Union..."
75px Himena "オッケ、聞いてみる…" "Ok, I'll ask..."
75px Himena "…………" "............"
75px Himena "彼ピはプロミストブラッドに従えって言ってる" "He Pi says to follow the Promise Blood."
75px Himena "確かにユニオンはそろそろ終わりそうだからね" "It's true that the Union is about to end,"
75px Shigure "終わる…?" "The end...?"
75px Himena "彼ピの意見だとね★" "In Hispi's opinion*."
75px Himena "だから今はプロミストブラッドを手伝いに行こう" "So now let's go help out with the Promise Blood."
75px Shigure "そんな、急に…!" "Oh no, it can't be that sudden...!"
75px Himena "どっちみち私チャンキモチを1回見ておきたいから" "Because I want to see me chankimochi one time anyway."
75px Himena "本当はサーシャが来るのを待ちたかったけど" "I really wanted to wait for Sasha to get here, but..."
75px Hagumu "それは…誰ですか…?" "It's... who...?"
75px Himena "私チャンに、ネオマギウスを教えてくれたマイメン★" "My Men* for teaching me Chang the neo-magius."
Part 7
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hikaru "橋の方に環いろはがいるっす!" "There's a ring Iroha at the bridge!"
75px "ひかるさん、これ以上進まれたら…" "Hikaru-san, if you go any further..."
75px Hikaru "一般人の数が増えるから戦い辛くなるっすね…" "It's going to be harder to fight with more civilians..."
75px Hikaru "これ以上、逃げられないように先回りするっすよ!" "I'm going to get ahead of you so you can't get away with it any more!"
Yachiyo "いろは、戦おうとはしないで今は二木市駅に向かって逃げてちょうだい!" "Iroha, don't try to fight, now run away towards Futatsugi City Station!"
75px Iroha "(こういう時に地図が苦手なのはかなり不利になっちゃう…)" "(It's quite a disadvantage to be bad at maps in these situations...)"
75px Iroha "うぅ…合ってるかな…合ってるよね…?" "Ummm... is it right... is it right...?"
75px userName "モキュッ!" "Mokyuuut!"
75px Iroha "userName…!付いて来てくれたの…?" "userName...! Did you follow me...?"
75px userName "キュイ!" "Cui!"
75px Iroha "二木市駅の方角ってわかる…?私だと迷っちゃいそうで…" "Do you know what direction Futatsugi City Station is...? I'm afraid I'd get lost..."
75px userName "モキュモキュ" "Mocu-mocu."
75px Iroha "付いて行けばいいの…?" "Should I follow you...?"
75px userName "モッキュ!" "Mock!"
75px Iroha "良かった、これなら駅まで行けそう…" "Good, this will get us to the station..."
75px Felicia "くっそ、アイツら全然オレたちのことあきらめねーな…" "Damn, they haven't given up on us at all..."
75px Sana "自分たちのホームだから、かなり強気なんだと思います…" "I think we're pretty bullish because it's our home..."
75px Felicia "でも少しだけ遠くなったよな!?" "But we're a little farther away now, aren't we!"
75px Momoko "確かに距離は開いたけど、まだまだ安心できないよ" "Sure, we've opened up the distance, but I still don't feel safe."
75px Kaede "ちょっところんだりしただけで追いつかれそうだもん" "It's going to catch up to you if you fall down a little bit or something."
75px Rena "って、言ってる矢先にこけそうじゃない?" "I mean, just as I'm saying, I think you're going to skid."
75px Kaede "そんなことないよぅ…!" "No, it's not...!"
75px Rena "かえでのことだなんて言ってないでしょ?" "You didn't say it was about the maple tree, did you?"
75px Yachiyo "…………" "............"
75px Tsuruno "ししょーどうする?" "Shishou - what do we do?"
75px Yachiyo "…え?" "...What?"
75px Tsuruno "町に出るのが良いと思うけどどうしようかって聞いたの" "I think it's a good idea to get out of town, but I asked what I should do."
75px Yachiyo "ごめんなさい、少し考え事をしてたわ…" "I'm sorry, I was just thinking about it for a minute..."
75px Yachiyo "もちろん、いろはにも伝えたし私も同じ意見よ" "Of course, I told Iroha, and I agree with her."
75px Yachiyo "駅でいろはと合流したら神浜へ撤退しましょう" "When we meet up with Iroha at the station, let's retreat to Kamihama."
75px Yachiyo "交通費の計算なんて、してられないわ…" "I'm not going to be calculating the cost of transportation..."
75px Yachiyo "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
75px Yachiyo "そうよ、交通費!それも気になるのよ…!" "Yes, transportation! I'm curious about that too...!"
75px Tsuruno "はっ、もしや考えてたのはプロミストブラッドの動き?" "Ha, if that's what you were thinking, is that a Promise Blood move?"
75px Yachiyo "ええ、紅晴さんたちの移動があまりに速かったから" "Yes, because Kureha-san and the others were moving too fast."
75px Yachiyo "その理由を考えていたのよ" "I've been trying to figure out why."
75px Yachiyo "早い時間で見積もったとしても今ごろ駅に到着するはずだし" "And even if we estimated it to be early, we should be at the station by now."
75px Yachiyo "交通費だって長期化すればお小遣いじゃ賄えないわ…" "Even my allowance won't cover the cost of transportation if it's prolonged..."
75px Tsuruno "もはやワープしてるとしか!…なんてね" "We're no longer at warp! ...What a surprise."
75px Yachiyo "それも考えたのよね…" "I know you've thought about that too..."
75px Tsuruno "冗談のつもりだったのに!?" "It was supposed to be a joke!"
75px Yachiyo "だって、仕掛けた発信器の信号が同じ場所で途絶えたでしょ?" "Because the signal from the transmitter you set up was lost in the same place, right?"
75px Tsuruno "まさか、そのタイミングでワープしたって思ってるの?" "You don't think we were warped at that point in time?"
75px Yachiyo "あくまで可能性のひとつよ" "It's just one of the possibilities."
75px Momoko "やちよさん!そろそろ表に出られる!" "Yachiyo-san! It's time to get out in the open!"
75px Momoko "アタシらも人混みに紛れて逃げよう!" "Let's run away with the crowd, too!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "まだ、ホッとするのは早いよ" "I'm not ready to be relieved just yet."
75px Momoko "さっすが陸上部…" "That's the track and field team..."
75px "ふぅ…やっと追いついた…" "Huh... finally catching up..."
75px "拠点内でやられた分は、ここで返させてもらうよ" "I'll have to pay you back here for what you did to me in the base."
75px Yuna "ふふっ" "Huh."
75px Yuna "殺す必要はないわぁ磨耗させて疲弊させなさぁい…" "There's no need to kill it, wear it out, tire it out..."
Part 8
Name Japanese Translation
75px Yachiyo "あ…くっ…" "Oh.....ouch..."
75px Yuna "さあ、早く膝をつきなさい…" "Now, get down on your knees quickly..."
75px Momoko "あと少しで抜けられるってのに囲まれるなんて" "I can't believe I'm surrounded by people who are so close to getting out."
75px Sana "なんで、やちよさんばかり狙ってくるんですか…" "Why do you only come after Yachiyo-san..."
75px Kaede "いろはちゃんも含めて、ユニオンの支柱を折る気だから?" "Because he's going to break the pillars of the Union, including Iroha-chan?"
75px Tsuruno "だけど、折られないよ" "But I won't be broken."
75px Tsuruno "レナとフェリシアがなんとかしてくれるからね!" "Rena and Felicia will take care of it, you know!"
75px Kaede "あ、いつの間にかレナちゃんがいないっ" "Oh, when did Rena-chan disappear?"
75px Tsuruno "こっそりわたしが、作戦を伝えたからねっ!" "I'm the one who told them the plan, you know."
75px Yuna "私たちの血肉となりなさぃ…" "You will not become our flesh and blood..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "結菜、とどめは私にとらせて" "Yuna, let me finish the job."
75px Yuna "さくや?" "Sakuya?"
75px Yuna "ぐっ…" "Guh..."
75px Rena "やちよさんに集中しすぎてがら空きなのよバーーカ" "I'm so focused on Yachiyosan, it's empty, barker."
75px Urara "長女さん!" "Eldest daughter!"
75px Felicia "お前たちはオレが相手だ!" "You guys are against me!"
75px Felicia "この超巨大ハンマーで、全部忘れさせてやるぜーーー!" "I'm going to make you forget all about it with this super giant hammer!"
75px Felicia "ズッカーーーン!!" "Zucker!"
75px Tsuruno "よしっ!これで記憶がとんだはずだね!" "Good! I'm sure this should have popped your memory!"
75px Felicia "おう!何をしてたのか、少しの間わからなくなるぞ!" "Oh! You're going to lose track of what you've been doing for a little while!"
75px Yuna "っ…!" "Huh...!"
75px Yachiyo "私たちもね、簡単にはやられないわよ" "Neither are we, we're not going to get beaten up easily."
75px Yuna "表に出れば、派手に暴れられないわねぇ…" "You can't go out there and flaunt it..."
75px Yuna "うららたちは、環ういの監視に戻りなさぃ…" "Ura and the others, don't go back to watching the ring-ui..."
75px Urara "わ、わかったんよ…" "Wow, I know..."
75px Yachiyo "本気で削りに来たけど、ここまで来れば大丈夫ね…" "I'm serious about grinding, but if you've made it this far, you'll be fine..."
75px Momoko "大丈夫か、やちよさんソウルジェムがかなり濁ってる…" "Are you okay, Yachiyo-san, your soul gems are pretty cloudy..."
75px Yachiyo "グリーフシードを持って来たから平気よ" "I brought you some grief seeds, I'm fine."
75px Momoko "良かった…" "Good..."
75px Momoko "とりあえず人も多くなったし、戦闘は避けられそうだな…" "At any rate, there are more people now, and it looks like we'll be able to avoid a fight..."
75px Sana "ただ、どうやって駅まで向かいましょうか…" "Just how shall we get to the station..."
75px Felicia "ピュッて行けばいいじゃん" "Why don't you just go poof!"
75px Kaede "でも、向こうで見てるよ…?" "But I'm watching you over there...?"
75px Yuna "…………" "............"
75px Felicia "んだよ、しつこいな" "Nah, you're persistent."
75px Rena "こうして見られてる以上は、危険かもしれないわね" "As long as they're looking at you like this, it could be dangerous."
75px Kaede "うん、戦える場所に誘導されるかもしれないもん…" "Yeah, I don't know if they'll lead us to a place where we can fight..."
75px Rena "はぁ…" "Huh..."
75px Rena "本当なら今頃、全部成功して神浜に帰れたはずなのに…" "If it were true, we could have succeeded in all of this and gone back to the Kamihama by now..."
75px Rena "ういちゃんを連れ帰ったらヒトカラでストレス発散ね…" "When we bring Ui-chan home, I'll go to Hitokara to relieve some stress..."
75px Tsuruno "ほっ?おぉ?ふんふん!" "Ho? Oh? Hmmm!"
75px Rena "はぁ?ヒトカラのこと言ってる?" "Huh? Are you talking about Hitokara?"
75px Tsuruno "そうそう、上手くやり過ごすならカラオケを使ってみよう!" "Yeah, yeah, if you want to get by well, try using karaoke!"
75px Yachiyo "どう、やり過ごすの?" "How are we going to get by?"
75px Yuna "七海やちよたちが動いたわ" "Nanami Yachiyo, and the others are on the move."
75px Yuna "この状況で撤退するなら駅に向かうはずよ" "If we were going to pull out in this situation, we'd be heading for the station."
75px Yuna "みんなをそっちに固めなさい…" "Get everyone over there and harden everyone over there..."
Part 9
Name Japanese Translation
75px "…………" "............"
75px Midori Ryo "っとと…本当に近付くと揺れる…" "Well... it shakes when you get really close..."
75px Makino Ikumi "ここまでは話の通りだね" "So far, you're right about the story."
75px Midori Ryo "喜ばしいことだけど、どう近付けばいいのやら…" "I'm pleased, but I don't know how to approach it..."
75px Makino Ikumi "これを無視してキモチと戦えないかなぁ?" "I wonder if we can't ignore this and fight Kimochi?"
75px Miyako Hinano "ウワサを手下として使って隠れ蓑にしてる以上は" "As long as you're using rumors as your minions and using them as a cover,"
75px Miyako Hinano "避けては通れないだろうな" "I guess there's no way to avoid it."
75px Makino Ikumi "ぴえん…" "Pien..."
75px Kanagi "その泣いてることを示す言葉イラッとするな" "That word that indicates you're crying is annoying."
75px Makino Ikumi "わざわざ言わなくてもいいのに!" "You shouldn't have bothered to tell me!"
75px Kanagi "とりあえず近付いてみよう偶然の可能性も捨てきれんからな" "Let's just get closer to it for now, because we can't leave out the possibility of coincidence."
75px "…………" "............"
75px Kanagi "むぅ、これは難儀だな本当に近付けば天井が崩落するぞ" "Mmm, this is going to be a challenge, because if we get really close, the ceiling is going to collapse."
75px Kanagi "いっそ都の色仕掛けで止まらないか?" "Wouldn't you rather stop at the capital's color scheme?"
75px Miyako Hinano "おい、イラッとさせるな完全にブーメランだぞ" "Hey, don't get annoyed, it's a complete boomerang."
75px Kanagi "しかし、このまま足止めを食うと追いつかれるだろうな" "But if we stay stranded, they'll catch up with us."
75px Miyako Hinano "何か手立てがあれば良いが…" "I wish there was something I could do to help..."
75px Tsukasa "それならウチらの笛が役立つと思います" "Then I think our whistle will help."
75px Tsukuyo "実は白羽根だった時に、ここのウワサを守っていて" "I was actually protecting the rumors here when I was a white feather,"
75px Tsukuyo "音の反響を利用して、戦っていたのでございます" "We were fighting with the echoes of sound, sir."
75px Tsukasa "ねー" "Hey,"
75px Miyako Hinano "なるほど、笛の音と相性がいいのか" "I see, so it goes well with the sound of the flute."
75px Tsukasa "上手く反響を応用すれば崩落も止められると思うんです" "I think if we apply the repercussions well, we can stop the collapse."
75px Tsukasa "100%とは言い切れないけど…" "I'm not 100% sure, but..."
75px Kanagi "ではやってみるか" "Then let's try it."
75px Tsukasa "えっ、はやい!" "What? It's too soon!"
75px Kanagi "思い立ったら即実行奴らに追いつかれるからな" "You do it on the spur of the moment, because they're going to catch up with you."
75px "…………" "............"
75px Kanagi "月咲君、月夜君、今だ!大きく息を吸い込め!" "Tsukasa-kun, Tsukuyo-kun, now! Take a big breath!"
75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "はっ、はぃい!" "Ha, yes!"
Tsukuyo&月咲 "「す~~~~~~」" "S~~♪"
"~~♪" "~~"
Part 10
Name Japanese Translation
75px Kanagi "止まった…" "It stopped..."
75px Kanagi "よし、この隙に片付ける!行くぞ、都!" "Okay, I'll take care of it while I'm here! Let's go, city!"
75px Miyako Hinano "ちょっ十七夜!相変わらず強引だな…" "Hey, seventeen nights! You're still pushy as ever..."
75px Miyako Hinano "仕方ない、令、郁美!ここは全員でウワサを潰すぞ!" "It can't be helped, Decree, Ikumi! We're all going to crush the rumors here!"
75px Midori Ryo "なんかそうなる気がしたよ" "I had a feeling it was going to happen."
75px Midori Ryo "行こう、牧野チャン" "Let's go, Makino Chan."
75px Makino Ikumi "うんっ!" "Yeah!"
75px Tsukasa "(いいから早く…息が…!)" "(Just come on...breathe...!)"
75px Tsukuyo "(もたないでございます…!)" "I can't hold it in...!"
Part 11
Name Japanese Translation
[[File:|75px]] "…………" "............"
75px Kanagi "やったか…" "You did it..."
75px Makino Ikumi "はぁ…ひなのさんの爆発に助けられたぁ…" "Huh...Hinano-san's explosion saved me..."
75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "ぶはぁっ…!" "Bwahaha...!"
75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "ひゅーーーはぁーすーーはぁ~" "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
75px Tsukuyo "はぁ…はぁ…死ぬかと思ったでございます…" "Ha... ha... ha... I thought I was going to die, sir..."
75px Tsukasa "けっこう、消耗しちゃったね…" "I'm pretty worn out..."
75px Kanagi "すまないなふたりともだが、おかげで倒せたぞ" "Sorry about that, both of you, but we got it down, thanks to you."
75px Tsukuyo "そう言ってもらえると、努力の甲斐があったでございます" "When you say that, it was worth the effort, sir."
75px Tsukasa "そうだ、本命がくるよ…" "Yes, the real deal is coming..."
75px Miyako Hinano "アタシらの本番はここからだな" "I guess this is where the real work begins for us."
75px "∵ヒィ ̄ィ―イィッ!!" "∵hi-yi-yi!"
75px Makino Ikumi "…………う" "............ugh."
75px Midori Ryo "牧野チャン!" "Makino Chan!"
75px Makino Ikumi "ごめん、令ちゃん…こんな気圧されると思わなくて…" "I'm sorry, Ryou-chan... I didn't think you'd be pressured like this..."
75px Miyako Hinano "確かに気を張らないと心が折れそうになるな…" "You're certainly going to break my heart if I don't pay attention..."
75px Kanagi "最初から勝ちに行く気なら気を張らなくても大丈夫だろう" "If we're going to win from the start, we won't have to worry about it."
75px Miyako Hinano "お前のハートは鋼か…" "Is your heart of steel..."
75px Juri "キモチを狩るレースには樹里サマたちも参加するぞ!" "Juri-sama and the others will be participating in the race to hunt kimochi!"
75px Ao "ウワサは消えたからあとはキモチだけだね~" "The rumors are gone, so all that's left is kimochi!"
75px Kanagi "ふっ、この船にはハイエナしか乗ってなかったようだな" "Huh, I see that only hyenas were on this ship."
75px "∵ワッ―キィヤァ ̄_!!" "∵Wah-kiyah_!"
75px Kanagi "まずい、来たか…!" "Not good, you're here...!"
75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "このまま音で弾きます!" "I'll play it in sound as it is!"
75px Kanagi "すまない、自分も全力で!" "I'm sorry, I'm doing the best I can!"
75px "∵ヒャ―ヒィ_ィッ!!" "∵hi-hih_yi!"
75px Kanagi "はぁああっ!!" "Hahhhh!"
75px Kanagi "グッ…!" "Guh...!"
75px Tsukuyo "ケホッ、ぅ…" "Kehot, uh..."
75px Tsukasa "防ぎきれない、なんて…" "I can't prevent it from happening, how..."
75px Ao "…………" "............"
75px Juri "呑まれるな妹逆に呑み返してやれ" "Don't get swallowed up, sister, swallow him back."
75px Juri "キモチにハートで負けんな" "Don't let Kimochi beat you with your heart."
75px Ao "うん…" "Yeah..."
75px Juri "ニヒッ" "Nihil."
75px Juri "んじゃあ、らんか樹里サマたちも前に出るか" "Then, Ranka Juri-sama and the others should step forward, too."
75px Chizu Ranka "あんな力を見せられてよく堂々と前に出られるわね…" "How can you step forward so proudly after being shown such power..."
75px Juri "恐怖を感じる器官は、とっくに壊れてるからな" "The organ of fear has been broken for a long time now."
75px Himena "ねえ、その戦い私チャンも混じっていい?" "Hey, can I join that fight, Chang?"
75px Juri "あ?" "Oh?"
75px Ao "見たことない…誰…?" "I've never seen... who...?"
75px Himena "藍家ひめなネオマギウスの新しいリーダー" "The new leader of the Aika Himena Neomagius."
75px Himena "そして、いずれみんなの天辺にくる魔法少女だよっ★" "And I'm a magical girl who will eventually come to everyone's topside*."
75px Ao "あっ!" "Oh!"
75px Ao "やばいよ!挨拶とかしてる場合じゃない!" "Oh no! This is not the time to say hello or anything!"
75px "∵ウワァッ―ヒィ!" "∵Wah-hee!"
75px "∵キィ ̄ヤァアア―アッ!!" "∵kya-ah-ah!"
75px Himena "くっ!" "Damn!"
75px Himena "っ…もう、マジで痛いんだけど…" "Huh... it really hurts already..."
75px Himena "ていうか、私チャンの自己紹介を邪魔するとか、マジおこだし!" "I mean, interrupting me Chan's introductions, I'm really offended!"
75px Juri "…コイツもネジが飛んでるな?" "...this guy's got a screw loose too, isn't he?"
75px Chizu Ranka "道に落としたんじゃない?" "I think you dropped it in the street."
75px Juri "ニヒッ、有り得るな" "Nicely, that's possible."
75px Shigure "はぐむん、ぼくたちも行く…?" "Hagumun, we're coming too...?"
75px Hagumu "すーはー…" "Soo-hah..."
75px Hagumu "うん、臆病じゃいられない" "Yeah, I can't be a coward."
75px Hagumu "藍家さんぐらい真っ直ぐにならないと" "You have to be as straight as Aika-san."
75px ??? "あらあら、もしかしてひめちゃん行っちゃった~?" "Oh dear, could it be that Himechan has gone~?"
75px Hagumu "はわっ!?!" "What?!"
75px Shigure "今度は…誰…?" "Now... who...?"
75px ??? "うふふ、私はひめちゃんのお友だち" "Uh-huh, I'm Himechan's friend."
75px Alexandra "栗栖アレクサンドラ(くるす あれくさんどら)です" "Kurisu Alexandra."
75px Alexandra "なんと、ネオマギウスの事を教えてあげた張本人なんですよ" "Oh my God, he's the one who told you about Neo-Magius."
75px Hagumu "あ、さっき藍家さんが言ってた…" "Oh, Aika-san said earlier..."
75px Himena "本当はサーシャが来るのを待ちたかったけどっ" "I really wanted to wait for Sasha to get here, but..."
75px Hagumu "それは…誰ですか…?" "It's... who...?"
75px Himena "私チャンに、ネオマギウスを教えてくれたマイメン★" "My Men* for teaching me Chang the neo-magius."
75px Alexandra "ひめちゃんから聞いてたんですね、うふふ♪" "You heard from Hime-chan, ugh..."
75px Alexandra "今日から私も仲間だからよろしくね安積はぐむちゃん" "I'm one of you from today, so take care of me, Azumi Hagumu-chan."
75px Alexandra "それに、宮尾時雨ちゃんも" "Besides, Miyabi Shigure-chan."
75px Shigure "あ、はい…" "Oh, yes..."
75px Alexandra "じゃあ、私ひめちゃんを追いかけますね" "Well, I'm going to go after Himechan, then."
75px Alexandra "うふふふふ♪" "Mmmmmmmm..."
75px Hagumu "…………" "............"
75px Shigure "なんか返事しちゃった…" "I kind of replied..."
75px Hagumu "私たちも行こう時雨ちゃん!" "We'll go too, Shigure-chan!"
75px Shigure "うん…!" "Yeah...!"
75px Hagumu "なんだか…" "It's kind of..."
75px Hagumu "急に周りに人が増えて、わからなくなってきちゃったね…" "Suddenly there are so many people around, you're starting to lose track..."
Part 12
Name Japanese Translation
75px Iroha "(襲われないようにって、とっさに入ったけど…)" "(I went in there on the spur of the moment to make sure I didn't get attacked, but...)"
75px Hikaru "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "(すっごく見てる…)" "(I'm looking at you so much...)"
75px Iroha "(このままじっとしてても、外に出たら同じだし…)" "(If we stay put, it's the same when we get out...)"
75px Iroha "(夜遅くなるほど人も減って、どんどん危険になっちゃうし…)" "(The later it gets, the less people there are, and the more dangerous it gets...)"
75px Iroha "困ったなぁ…" "I'm so embarrassed..."
75px userName "モキュゥ…" "Mokyu..."
75px Iroha "(このまま駅に向かうなら、不意を突いて突破するしか…)" "(If we continue to head to the station, we'll have to break through by surprise...)"
75px Iroha "ゴクッ…" "Gok..."
75px Iroha "(確か地図のアプリで、周りの景色が確認できたよね…)" "(I'm pretty sure the map app allowed you to see the view around you...)"
75px Iroha "どうやるんだろ…userNameはわかる…?" "How do we do we know the userName...?"
75px userName "キュゥ…" "Coo..."
75px Iroha "わからないよね鶴乃ちゃんに聞いてみよう…" "I don't know, let's ask Tsuruno-chan..."
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
"ピロン♪" "Pilon♪"
75px Iroha "あれ、先に鶴乃ちゃんからメッセージが…" "Oh, there was a message from Tsuruno-chan earlier..."
75px Iroha "動画…?" "Video...?"
75px Tsuruno "うーわー!" "Woohoo!"
75px Tsuruno "久しぶりにししょーの歌聞いたけど" "It's been a while since I've heard Shishou sing."
75px Tsuruno "やっぱりすっごい上手だよ!" "I knew you were really good at it!"
75px Yachiyo "やめてよ鶴乃、恥ずかしいから…!" "Don't do it, Tsuruno, it's embarrassing...!"
75px Felicia "んじゃ、次はオレの番な!" "Then it's my turn to be next!"
75px Felicia "鶴乃もデカゴンボールの歌、一緒に歌おーぜ!" "Tsuruno, the Decagon Ball song, let's sing it together!"
75px Sana "私、何を入れよう…" "I, what shall I put in..."
75px Yachiyo "二葉さん、一緒に歌ってみる?" "Futaba-san, do you want to sing with me?"
75px Iroha "(こんな時に、みんな、何やってるの…!?)" "(What are you guys doing in this situation...?!)"
75px Iroha "あれ、2通目がある…" "Oh, there's a second letter..."
Tsuruno "誤解を生まないように言っておくけどこれも相手から逃げるための作戦だからねっ!" "I don't want you to get the wrong idea, but this is just another strategy to get away from them, you know!"
Tsuruno "地図アプリの詳しい使い方はURLの先にあるからそれで試してみてね!" "The detailed instructions for the map app are at the end of the URL, so you can try it out with that!"
75px Iroha "どんな作戦なんだろ…気になる…" "I don't know what the plan is... I'm curious..."
75px Iroha "(でも、今はひかるちゃんを出し抜ける路地をみつけないと)" "(But now I have to find an alleyway to outsmart Hikaru.)"
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "(向かいの通りに暗い路地があるここなら不意を突けるかも…)" "(There's a dark alley across the street, maybe we can catch them off guard here...)"
75px Hikaru "ちょっと、お手洗いに行ってくるっすよ" "Hey, I'm going to the bathroom."
75px "では、私たちで動きを見ておきますね" "So we'll see how it moves with us."
75px Hikaru "お願いするっす" "Please."
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "今…" "Now..."
75px "あぁっ!!" "Ah!"
75px Iroha "確かこの辺りに…" "I think it's around here..."
75px Iroha "あった!" "There it is!"
75px Hikaruの声 "なーーー!" "Nah!"
75px Hikaruの声 "トイレの隙を突くなんて、卑怯っすよ!" "It's not fair to exploit the gap in the bathroom!"
75px "魔力の反応はこっちです!" "The magic response is over here!"
75px Iroha "大丈夫…やれる…" "It's okay... we can do this..."
Part 13
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hikaru "環いろは、どこっすか!" "Tamaki Iroha, where are you!"
75px Iroha "いっけーーーーっ!" "Icky!"
75px Hikaru "なぅっ!" "Nah!"
75px Hikaru "しまった…こっちが誘い込まれたっす…" "Shit....I'm being lured in..."
75px Iroha "(この奇襲で1対1に持ち込めば…)" "(If we can get to one on one with this surprise attack...)"
Part 14
Name Japanese Translation
75px "く…ひかるさ…" "Ku...Hikarusa..."
75px Iroha "これで1対1だよ…" "It's one on one now..."
75px Hikaru "やってくれたっすね…" "You've done it..."
75px Hikaru "虎屋町の馬は、簡単には折れないっすよ" "Horses in Toraya Town aren't easy to break, you know."
75px Hikaru "結菜さんのためなら" "For Yuna-san,"
75px Hikaru "1滴でも多くの血を流させてやるっす…!" "I'm going to make you shed as much blood as possible...!"
75px Iroha "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
75px Hikaru "ふっ…やぁっ!" "Huh...hey!"
75px Iroha "すごい…軽くて素早い…" "Wow... light and quick..."
75px Hikaru "まだまだ、手数じゃ負けないっす" "I'm still not as good as my hands."
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
75px Hikaru "待つっす!" "I'll wait!"
75px Iroha "ごめんね、駅に向かわないといけないの!" "I'm sorry, I have to head to the station!"
75px Hikaru "戦う気はないってことっすか…" "You mean you don't want to fight..."
75px Hikaru "環ういの命はどうなってもいいんすね…?" "So it doesn't matter what happens to the life of Kan'ui...?"
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "私も二木では親友を失ってるから結菜の気持ちは痛い程わかるんだ" "I've lost my best friend in Futatsugi, too, so I know how painful it is for Yuna to feel."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "仲間を殺した悔いもその道筋を作った神浜への怒りも" "Both the regret of killing my friends and the anger at Kamihama for creating that pathway."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "だから言えるけど、結菜はまだ妹を殺すことはないと思うよ" "So I can tell you, I don't think Yuna is going to kill her sister yet."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "もしも殺そうとするなら、私が止めると思う" "If he tries to kill me, I think I'll stop him."
75px Iroha "(あの言葉を信じていいの…?)" "(Can I trust those words...?)"
75px Iroha "(簡単に信じると危ない…)" "(It's dangerous to believe easily...)"
75px Iroha "わかった…戦えばいいんだよね…?" "Okay... we're going to fight... right?"
75px Yuna "それじゃあ、さくやあとはよろしく頼むわねぇ…" "Well then, Sakuya, take care of the rest..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "この店を出てきたところを追い込んで" "We drove him out of this store."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "駅付近で挟み撃ちだね?" "You're pinned down near the station, right?"
75px Yuna "ええ、戦力を固めて、一気に葬りましょぅ" "Yes, let's consolidate our forces and bury them all at once."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "環ういはどうするの?" "What about the ring ui?"
75px Yuna "さすがにみかづき荘の面々が纏めてやられたとなれば" "As expected, if the people of Mikazuki Manor have been beaten together."
75px Yuna "精神的に持たないでしょうねぇ" "You can't keep it up mentally, can you?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "もしも環いろはたちが生きて二木を脱出したら?" "What if Kan Iroha and the others escape Futatsugi alive?"
75px Yuna "環ういを殺して、環いろはを再起不能にするわぁ" "I'm going to kill Tamaki Ui and make Kan Iroha reappear."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "そっか…" "I see..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…うん、方針はわかったしこっちは外で張ることにするよ" "...Yeah, I know what the policy is, and I'm going to set up this one outside."
75px Yachiyo "それで結局どうやって敵をだますのよ…" "So how are you going to fool the enemy after all..."
75px Tsuruno "今まで歌いながら、カラオケを録音してたでしょ?" "You've been singing and recording karaoke, haven't you?"
75px Tsuruno "で、その録音したアカウントをももこたちの部屋と交換!" "So, I'll trade that recorded account for a room with Momo and the others!"
75px Tsuruno "お互いにログインして再生しっぱなしにするとなんと!" "We log in to each other and leave it playing, and what a surprise!"
75px Yachiyo "なんと?" "How?"
75px Tsuruno "しばらく歌ってるように見せかけて" "Make it look like you've been singing for a while."
75px Tsuruno "脱出できちゃうんだよ!ふんふん!" "We're going to get out of here! Hmmm!"
75px Felicia "おーーーすげーじゃん!" "Oooooh, that's awesome!"
75px Sana "カラオケって色んな機能があるんですね…!" "Karaoke has so many functions...!"
75px Tsuruno "そうそう!" "Yes, yes!"
75px Tsuruno "これなら歌ってるように聞こえても、もぬけの殻に!" "This will make it sound like I'm singing, but I'm going to get rid of it!"
75px Yachiyo "…それって店の外で張られた場合はどうするのよ" "...What if...that's put up outside the store?"
75px Tsuruno "それはね…!" "That's...!"
75px Tsuruno "…………" "............"
75px Tsuruno "あぁ…しまったぁ…その手があったんだぁー…" "Oh...shucks...that's how it works..."
75px Sana "なんだか、珍しいですね…" "It's kind of unusual..."
75px Sana "鶴乃さん、こういう時は、外さないのに…" "Tsuruno-san, at a time like this, you wouldn't take it off..."
75px Yachiyo "人間だもの…仕方ないわ…無駄な出費だったけど…" "You're human... it's no use... it was a waste of money, but..."
75px Tsuruno "ごめんししょー…" "I'm sorry, Shishou..."
75px Felicia "んじゃ、ももこたちに連絡してさっさと出ようぜ" "Well, let's call Momo and the others and get the hell out of here."
75px "では、私たちも結菜さんと駅へ向かえと" "Then we should head to the station with Yuna-san."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "うん、七海やちよたちを駅に誘導するにしても" "Yeah, even if we have to lead Nanami Yachiyo and the others to the station."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "大人数で迫っちゃうと意表を突けないと思ってさ" "I didn't think I'd be caught off guard if a bunch of people came at me."
75px "思い切りは良いですけど、本当に大丈夫ですか…?" "It's a bold move, but are you sure you're okay...?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "命は取られないよ相手が相手だからね" "They're not going to take your life, because they're against you."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "だから早く行って" "So get going."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "魔力の反応が多いと、そもそも出て来ないから" "Because if you have a lot of magical reactions, they won't come out in the first place."
75px "…わかりましたでは、気を付けて" "...Okay, then, be careful."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "うん" "Yeah."
Part 15
Name Japanese Translation
75px Yachiyo "魔力の反応もなくなったわね" "You've lost your magical response, too."
75px Momoko "駅までも遠くないしいろはちゃんと合流するだけだな" "It's not far to the station, and we'll just meet up with Iroha."
75px Rena "でも、誰かひとりだけこの辺りに残ってるわよ" "But there's only one person left around here."
75px Tsuruno "この魔力パターン…知ってる…" "This magic pattern... I know..."
75px Tsuruno "さくやちゃん、だよね?" "Sakuya-chan, right?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "やっぱり、由比さんにはすっかり覚えられてるみたいだね" "I knew it, it looks like Yui-san remembers you completely."
75px Tsuruno "それで、こんな所まで連れてきてなんの用なんだろ…?" "So, what do you want to bring me to this place...?"
75px Tsuruno "さすがにひとりで戦うつもりじゃないよね…?" "You're not going to fight on your own, as expected...?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "そんな無謀なマネはしないよただ、伝えておこうと思ってね" "I'm not going to be that reckless, just thought I'd let you know."
75px Tsuruno "なに…?" "What...?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "このまま二木の駅に向かえば、挟撃される" "If we continue to head to Futatsugi's station, we'll be pinned down."
75px Tsuruno "――っ!?" "--?!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "あと環ういは今夜のうちに蛇の宮に戻されるよ" "Also, Tamaki Ui will be returned to the Snake Palace tonight."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "今日、由比さんたちが行った誰もいなかったはずの拠点にね" "Today, Yui-san and the others went to a base where no one was supposed to be,"
75px Tsuruno "え、あの…" "Well, um..."
75px Yachiyo "混乱するのも無理はないわね…" "No wonder you're confused..."
75px Kaede "うん、急にそんな教えてくれるなんて変だよ" "Yeah, it's weird that you can tell me that all of a sudden."
75px Momoko "素直に受け入れたら罠ってオチかもしれないしな…" "If you accept it honestly, it might be a trap..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "聞いておいた方が良いと思うけどな…" "I think you should ask..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "ここに連れてきたのも" "I also brought you here."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "高い場所の方が距離を稼げて魔力を感知されないからだし" "And it's because you can gain more distance in high places and they can't detect your magic."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "一晩明かすには良いと思ったからなんだよ" "That's because I thought it would be a good way to spend the night."
75px Yachiyo "魔法少女の行動が活発な夜をここでしのげってこと?" "You mean we're going to be able to get out of this place for a night of magical girl activity?"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "そうだよ" "Yes,"
75px Rena "もっともらしいことを言って、ここで潰す気じゃないの…?" "Aren't you going to say something plausible and crush it here...?"
75px Tsuruno "うん…さくやちゃんが、私たちを助ける理由がわからない" "Yeah...Sakuya-chan, I don't know why you're helping us."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "…………" "............"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "私、由比さんに言ったでしょ結菜は環ういを殺さないって" "I told Yui-san that Yuna wouldn't kill Tamaki Ui."
75px Tsuruno "うん" "Yeah."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "それは、環ういの人となりを結菜が知ったから言えたんだよ" "I was able to say that because Yuna found out who Tamaki Ui was."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "相手を知れば知るほど、命は奪いづらくなるからね…" "The more you know about them, the harder it is to take their lives..."
75px Suzuka Sakuya "だけど結菜は今、環ういを殺そうとしてるんだ…" "But Yuna is trying to kill Tamaki Ui now..."
75px Tsuruno "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "私はね、その一線を結菜に越えさせたくない" "I, you know, I don't want Yuna to cross that line."
75px Tsuruno "…………" "............"
75px Tsuruno "わかった、ありがとう、さくやちゃん" "Okay, thanks, Sakuya-chan."
75px Tsuruno "わたしたちは今夜ここで夜を明かすことにするよ" "We're going to spend the night here tonight,"
75px Suzuka Sakuya "ぜひ、そうしてじゃあ、また学校で" "By all means, do so, and then I'll see you at school."
75px Momoko "また学校でってねぇ…" "See you at school again..."
75px Felicia "なぁ、今のどういう意味なんだ?" "Hey, what did you mean by that?"
75px Tsuruno "紅晴結菜を誰でも殺せる人にしたくないんだよ…" "I don't want Kureha Yuna to be someone who can kill anyone..."
75px Hikaru "ふぅ…はぁ…" "Huh... haha..."
75px Hikaru "っ…" "Huh..."
75px Iroha "あっ…" "Oh..."
75px Hikaru "これ以上は動けそうにないっす早く行くっすよ…" "I don't think I can move any further, I'm going to go now..."
75px Iroha "ごめんね…" "I'm sorry..."
75px Hikaru "何を謝ってるんすか…" "What are you apologizing for..."
"ピロン♪" "Pilon♪"
75px Iroha "…やちよさんから" "...from Yachiyo-san."
Yachiyo "駅に向かうのは中止よ敵が待ち構えていて挟撃されるわ" "Don't head for the station, the enemy is waiting for you and you'll be pinned down."
Yachiyo "すごく嫌だけど、今晩はこの町で夜を明かすことになりそうね…" "I hate it so much, but I think I'm going to spend the night in this town tonight..."
75px Iroha "駅で挟撃…?" "A pincer at the station...?"
75px Hikaru "――っ!?" "--What?!"
75px Iroha "わざと戦って私の魔力をすり減らして…" "You deliberately fought and wore out my magic by wearing out my--"
Part 16
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hikaru "バレたっすね…" "You've been found out..."
75px Hikaru "じゃあ、もう1ラウンドで沈めるっすよ…" "Well, I'm going to sink it in one more round..."
75px Iroha "やめて、ひかるちゃん足がふらついてるよ!" "Stop it, Hikaru, your legs are wobbling!"
75px Hikaru "関係ないっす" "I don't care."
75px Hikaru "結菜さんの中にこだまする仲間の断末魔を消すためなら" "If it's to erase the decapitation of my friends that haunts Yuna-san,"
75px Hikaru "結菜さんの悲しみが怒りでしか消えないのだとしたら" "If Yuna's grief is only extinguished by anger,"
75px Hikaru "ひかるは命を賭してでも、あがき続け" "Hikaru continues to struggle, even at the risk of her life."
75px Hikaru "どれだけの命でも奪ってみせるんすよ…!" "I'm going to take any number of lives...!"
Part 17
Name Japanese Translation
75px Hikaru "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "ひかるちゃん…?" "Hikaru-chan...?"
75px Iroha "ひかるちゃん…!!" "Hikaru-chan...!"
75px Hikaru "…………" "............."
75px Iroha "グリーフシード…" "Greasy seed..."
75px Hikaru "ん…" "Hmm..."
75px Iroha "良かった…気を失ってるだけだった…" "Good...I just passed out..."
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
Iroha "(いつも戦ってばかりだからわからなかったけど)" "(I didn't understand it because I'm always fighting.)"
Iroha "(こうして眺めてみたらひかるちゃんは幼い…)" "(Looking at it like this, Hikaru is so young...)"
Iroha "(フェリシアちゃんと同じぐらいの女の子だ…)" "(She's a girl about the same age as Felicia...)"
Iroha "そんな子に、命を賭けるとか命を奪うとか言わせるなんて…" "You can't let a girl like that tell you to risk your life or take your life..."
Iroha "どうしてそうなったの…?神浜が魔女を集めたせいなの…?" "How did that happen...? Is it because Kamihama collected witches...?"
Iroha "だとしたらごめんね…本当にごめんね…" "If that's the case, I'm sorry...I'm really sorry..."
75px Iroha "でも私は謝ることしかできなくて譲ることはできないの…" "But all I can do is apologize and I can't give in..."
75px Iroha "だから、その代わりに私はみんなを幸せにする…" "So, in return, I'll make everyone happy..."
75px Iroha "紅晴さんの恨みもひかるちゃんの想いも" "Both Kureha-san's resentment and Hikaru's thoughts."
75px Iroha "いつか全部晴らしてみせるからだから許して…お願い…" "I'll clear it all up one day, so please forgive me... please..."
Part 18
Name Japanese Translation
75px "∵ヒィ―ッ_!!" "∵hi-hee_!"
75px Makino Ikumi "あぁ、もうっ!また浮かんじゃったよ!" "Oh, goddamn it! I'm floating again!"
75px Makino Ikumi "令ちゃん!写真に閉じ込められないの!?" "Decree! Can't you lock me in the picture?"
75px Midori Ryo "コイツ、結構望遠だからファインダーに収まらなくてね…" "This guy is pretty telephoto, so I can't get it in the viewfinder..."
75px Kanagi "月夜君、月咲君キモチの動きを止めてくれるか" "Tsukuyo-kun, Tsukasa-kun, can you stop Kimochi from moving?"
75px Tsukuyo "ここなら、さっきと同じようにやれるでございます" "I can do the same thing here as I did before, sir."
75px Tsukasa "月夜ちゃん" "Tsukuyo-chan."
75px Tsukuyo "はいっ" "Yes."
75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "笛花共鳴!!" "Fuehua resonance!"
75px "∵キヤァ_ッ ̄!?" "∵Kyaa ___?!"
75px Kanagi "よし、都!ウワサの時と同じだ!" "Okay, capital! Just like in the rumor mill!"
75px Miyako Hinano "アタシらふたりの力押しで!" "You and me both pushing it!"
75px Miyako Hinano "くぅっ!" "Ugh!"
75px Juri "どけどけどけーーー!" "Move out of the way, move out of the way!"
75px Kanagi "むぅ、侮れない火力だな退かざるを得んとは…" "Mmm, that's a lot of firepower to be reckoned with, having to retreat..."
75px Juri "ハイエナ根性上等でかっさらってやるぞ!" "I'll take you out with my hyena guts!"
75px Himena "ちょっとちょっと!片付けるのはまだ早いって!" "Hey, hey! He said it's too early to put it away!"
75px Juri "なんなんだよお前!" "What the hell is wrong with you!"
75px Himena "私チャンにもう少し見せてよみんなの戦い方★" "Let me Chan show you a little more about how everyone fights*."
75px Himena "やっぱ全力を出してる方が、勉強になるっしょ?" "I knew you'd learn more if you were giving it your all, right?"
75px Juri "お前は何をしに来たんだムカツクなぁ" "What the hell are you doing here, you disgust me?"
75px Juri "ネオマギウスのリーダーかなんだか知らないけどな" "I don't know if you're the leader of Neomagius or what,"
75px Juri "樹里サマの道を阻むヤツはウェルダンにしてやる!!" "Anyone who stands in the way of Juri Sama is going to be a Weldan!"
75px Ao "ちょっと、姉ちゃん!目的が変わってる!" "Hey, sis! The purpose is changing!"
75px Chizu Ranka "あーあ、頭に血が上ってる" "Oh, my God, I'm so mad."
75px Chizu Ranka "ま、さっきからひっかき回してくるし" "Well, he's been scratching me for a while now."
75px Chizu Ranka "先に倒すのもアリじゃん?" "We could take it down first, right?"
75px Ao "ええッ!?" "What?!"
75px Himena "わーお…急にピンチになっちゃった?" "Wow...I'm suddenly in a pinch?"
75px Himena "でも" "But,"
75px Himena "そうだね彼ピもう来る頃だよね" "Yes, he should be here by now, right?"
75px Ao "来るって誰のこと言ってるの…" "Who are you talking about coming..."
75px Alexandra "私ですよねひーめちゃん♪" "It's me, right, Hime?"
75px Himena "サーシャナイスタイミング★" "Sasha, nice timing*."
75px "∵ヒィ―キャァ…!!" "∵hi-cah...!"
75px Alexandra "あの強い魔力を秘めてるのが、キモチなんですね、うふふ♪" "It's that strong magical power you have hidden in you, kimochi, ughhhh...."
75px Alexandra "見られてよかった♪" "It's good to see you..."
75px Miyako Hinano "また、新しいゲストか…" "Another new guest..."
75px Alexandra "ん~…?" "Hmmm...?"
75px Alexandra "キモチも他の魔法少女たちもみんなピリピリしてますね" "Kimochi and all the other magical girls are tense, aren't they?"
75px Himena "そうだ、サーシャ!" "Yes, Sasha!"
75px Himena "私チャン、ちょこっとキモチと戦ってみたいから" "I, Chang, I want to fight a little bit of Kimochi."
75px Himena "ワンチャン1曲演奏してくんない?" "Can you play one of your songs?"
75px Alexandra "いいですよ" "Okay."
75px Alexandra "サーシャのハープの音色でリラックスしちゃってください" "Relax with the sound of Sasha's harp."
75px Alexandra "うふふ♪" "Uh-huh."
Part 19
Name Japanese Translation
75px Alexandra "さぁ、いかがですか?" "Well, how do you like it?"
75px "…………" "............"
75px Tsukuyo "すごいでございますキモチが大人しく…" "It's amazing, sir, how you can be so pissed off and..."
75px Kanagi "いや、それどころかこっちも…" "No, on the contrary, this one too..."
75px Ao "なに、これ…" "What is that..."
75px Chizu Ranka "やる気が削がれていくような…" "It's like my motivation is diminished..."
75px Alexandra "リラックースリラックース♪" "Relax, relax, relax..."
75px Alexandra "ひめちゃん、今のうちにキモチの感触を確かめてください" "Hime-chan, please check the feel of the kimochi while you're at it."
75px Himena "あざおでーす★" "Azao-Do★"
Part 20
Name Japanese Translation
75px "∵ワッ_ヒィ ̄ィッ―!!" "∵Wah-hey-hey!"
75px Himena "っと…" "Tsk..."
75px Himena "ワンチャンひとりでなんとかなると思ったけど" "I thought I could get by on my own,"
75px Himena "これは、やばたにえん" "This is Yabata ni En."
75px Alexandra "ごめんね、ひめちゃん私も持ちそうにないです…!" "I'm sorry, Himechan, I don't think I'm going to have it either...!"
75px Himena "うん、でもまぁ感覚は掴めたかなっ★" "Yeah, but, well, I guess I got the feeling...★"
75px Shigure "はぁ…はぁ…やっと、追いついた…" "Huh... huh... finally, I caught up..."
75px Hagumu "はわわ、もうキモチと戦ってる…早すぎるよ…" "Haha, I'm already fighting Kimochi... it's too soon..."
75px Juri "ひっかき回すふたりは、本当にネオマギウスみたいだな" "The two of you scratching around really look like neoMagius."
75px Juri "ニヒッ" "Nihil."
75px Shigure "あっ、う…" "Oh, uh..."
75px Juri "お前たちが離れていくのは自然だ気にすることじゃないっつーの" "It's natural for you guys to move away, and I don't care what happens to you."
75px Chizu Ranka "ただ、キモチを奪い合うなら放っておけなくない?" "Just can't we leave it alone if we're going to fight for the kimochi?"
75px Juri "だから奪うつもりなら、自分の命も奪われる覚悟が必要だ" "So if you're going to take it away, you have to be prepared to have your life taken away too."
75px Shigure "ひっ…ぅ…" "H...uh..."
75px Hagumu "今回のキモチ…私たちは…" "This time Kimochi... we're..."
75px Himena "いーりません★" "It's okay.
75px Hagumu "えっ!?" "What?!"
75px Himena "どういう敵なのかは彼ピがなんとなくわかったって" "He says he's kind of figured out what kind of enemy he is."
75px Alexandra "これからを考える上での情報は得られたわけですね、うふふ♪" "So you've got some information to help you think about the future, ugh..."
75px Kanagi "では、そちらは見学というわけだな" "So you're going to visit that one, then?"
75px Himena "ま、そういうムーブだよね" "Well, that's the kind of move I'm talking about."
75px Himena "私チャン的にはこんな混乱した中で" "I'm in such a mess, from my Chan's point of view."
75px Himena "危険な目にあってまで欲しくないし" "And I don't want it to be in danger."
75px Hagumu "全力で手に入れに行ったのかと思いました…" "I thought you were going to do everything you could to get it..."
75px Himena "彼ピが百聞は一見に如かず目で見るより体験しろって" "He Pi says that seeing is believing and experiencing is better than seeing."
75px Shigure "ぼくは…その彼氏さんの件で混乱しっぱなしだよ…" "I'm... this whole boyfriend thing is just confusing me..."
75px Alexandra "あとでちゃんと説明しないとですね♪" "I'll have to explain it properly later..."
75px Shigure "えと、栗栖さんもね…" "Well, Kurisu-san, too..."
75px Alexandra "そうですね、うふふ♪" "Yes, uh-huh..."
Part 21
Name Japanese Translation
75px Ao "…………" "............"
75px Ao "姉ちゃん…" "Sis..."
75px Juri "ん?" "Hmm?"
75px Ao "このキモチはわたしにやらせて" "Let me be the one to do this shit."
75px Juri "どんな心境の変化だよ" "What kind of change of heart is that?"
75px Ao "誰かに支えられてでも、ネオマギの子が少し歩き始めた…" "Even with the support of someone else, the neomagi child began to walk a bit..."
75px Ao "姉ちゃんの言う通り、わたしも怖がってられない" "You're right, sister, I can't be scared either."
75px Ao "覚悟を決めに行ってくる" "I'm going to go and prepare myself."
75px Juri "イージーゲーム?" "Easy game?"
75px Ao "ハードモードのハードゲームだよ" "It's a hard game in hard mode,"
75px Juri "んじゃ、らんかともう何人か連れて行け" "Then take Ranka and a few more people with you."
75px Chizu Ranka "ネトゲ以外でタッグを組むのは初めてじゃん" "You're the first time you've ever teamed up with someone outside of the netherworld."
75px Chizu Ranka "よろしく頼むよ" "It's nice to meet you."
75px Ao "ありがとね、らんか" "Thanks, Ranka."
75px Chizu Ranka "いいって" "No,"
75px "∵ッ―ワッァア_ッ!!" "Hey, whaaaaat?!"
75px Ao "来るっ…!" "It's coming...!"
75px Chizu Ranka "んじゃ、アタシはサポート役に徹してあげるわ" "Well, I'm going to play the supportive role, then."
75px Kanagi "完全に脇役にされるといささか腹立たしいな" "It's somewhat annoying when you're completely sidelined."
75px Miyako Hinano "こっちも人数はいる遅れを取るわけにはいかないぞ" "We've got a few people over here too, we can't afford to fall behind."
75px Midori Ryo "ただ、虎の子の天音姉妹が、もうかなり辛そうだよ" "It's just that the tiger sisters, the Amane sisters, are already looking pretty hard."
75px Makino Ikumi "大丈夫…?" "Are you okay...?"
75px Tsukuyo "ちょっと、いえ、かなり消耗が激しいでございます…" "Hey, no, it's quite draining..."
75px Tsukasa "だいぶ連続で使ったからね…でも、まだ…" "I've used it for quite a while in a row... but I'm still..."
75px Kanagi "いや、無理をしても、この流れは変えられないだろう" "No, I don't think we'll be able to change this trend if we push it too far."
75px Kanagi "引き際だな…" "It's time to pull out..."
75px Juri "それに、妹の邪魔をするなら、姉の樹里サマが全力で止める" "Besides, if you interfere with my sister, Juri Sama, she will do her best to stop you."
75px Juri "キモチにとどめを刺すために溜めてきた魔力だが" "I've been building up my magic power to put a stop to Kimochi."
75px Juri "お前たちをベリーウェルダンに仕上げるために使ってもいいぞ" "I can use it to make you guys look like bellywells."
75px "∵ヒィイィ―イ_ッ!!" "∵hi-yi-yi_!"
75px Chizu Ranka "…ふん、攻略方法発見" "...Hmm, I found a way to attack."
75px Chizu Ranka "三女、後ろの翼の付け根を狙ってたぶん体勢を崩すわよ!" "Three girls, aim for the base of your back wing and you'll probably lose your stance!"
75px Ao "おっけ~" "Oops!"
75px Ao "思いっきり魔力を込めて…" "Put all your magic into it..."
75px Ao "これがわたしの投擲スキルだー!" "These are my throwing skills!"
75px "∵キィヤァッ―ァア ̄ッ_!?" "∵kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
75px Ao "よし、落ちた…!" "Okay, it's down...!"
75px Ao "らんか、みんな…!" "Ranka, guys...!"
75px Ao "キモチは地べたで暴れてるだけだし" "Kimochi's just flailing around on the ground."
75px Ao "このまま力を合わせて全力で!!" "Keep working together and do your best to keep it together!"
75px Chizu Ranka "聞こえたわね!みんな、行くよ!" "You heard me! Guys, let's go!"
75px "はいっ!" "Yes!"
75px Ao "これでひとつ成長する…" "This is one thing that will grow..."
75px Ao "わたしは自分の覚悟を固め直すんだ…!" "I'm going to redefine my resolve...!"
75px "∵ヒィィッ!!" "Hey!"
75px Ao "まだ、動く、何かわたしに仕掛けてくる…?" "Still moving, what's going to happen to me...?"
75px "∵キィ――ィ__!!" "∵ky--y _____!"
75px Ao "(あっ…危ない…一瞬で心が折れそうになった…)" "(Ah... dangerous... my heart was about to break in an instant...)"
Part 22
Name Japanese Translation
75px Ao "ハードモードなんて超えてるし、わたしじゃ完全にレベル不足…" "I'm beyond hard mode, and I'm completely out of level..."
75px Ao "だけど、その不足してる分をみんなが支えてくれてる" "But people are supporting us in that shortage."
75px Ao "だから、やれる…やれるよ…!" "So I can...I can do it...I can do it...!"
75px Ao "勝ちに行くなら、覚悟を決めよう" "If we're going to win, we're going to have to be ready to go."
75px Ao "強くなってどんな敵でもイージーモードにしてやるんだ" "We're going to get stronger and put any enemy in easy mode."
75px Ao "そうすれば、搾取のない世界に少しだけ近付ける" "That way, we're a little bit closer to a world without exploitation."
75px Ao "私と同じように苦しんだ蛇の宮の子たちの心を救える!" "I can save the hearts of the children of the Serpent's Palace who have suffered just as much as I have!"
75px "∵ワッ_ァア―ッ!!" "∵Wah-ah-ah!"
75px Ao "あなたが驚くぐらい、ここでレベルアップするから!!" "You'll be surprised how much you'll level up here!"
Part 23
Name Japanese Translation
75px Ao "その首、もらったよ!!" "I got that head!"
75px "∵ヒィッ―ィ_ィィィィ…!?" "∵hyyyy...?"
75px Ao "ふぅ…はぁ…これで…やった…?" " you...?"
75px Ao "消えてる…キモチが…!" "It's's creeping me out...!"
75px Chizu Ranka "やったじゃん、アオ" "You did it, Ao."
75px Ao "うん…" "Yeah..."
75px Ao "キャッ" "Caw."
75px Ao "これ、姉さまと同じやつ" "This is the same one as your sister."
75px Juri "ま、お前の成長の証っつーことだな" "Well, I guess it's a sign of your growth."
75px Ao "うん、ありがとう姉ちゃん" "Yeah, thanks, sis."
75px Juri "つーわけで、これでひとまず決着は付いたな" "So, I guess that settles it for now."
75px Chizu Ranka "あとで来たアタシらの方が体力も魔力も余ってたからね" "You guys who came later had more strength and magic power than us who came later."
75px Miyako Hinano "…まったくだ" "...totally."
75px Miyako Hinano "先に戦った方が損だなんて正直、複雑な気分だ" "I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about the loss of the first one to fight."
75px Tsukuyo "それにしても、私たちにとってこの場所は鬼門でございますね" "And yet, this place is a demon for us, isn't it?"
75px Tsukasa "本当は相性がいいはずなのにね…" "We're really supposed to be a good match for each other..."
75px Tsukuyo "ねー…" "Hey..."
75px Kanagi "それでもよくやってくれた感謝するぞ" "Still, you've done well, and I thank you for that."
75px Midori Ryo "とりあえず今日はもう帰って回復に努めようよ…" "Anyway, let's just go home today and try to recover..."
75px Midori Ryo "地図も石も手に入れられて不満はタラタラなんだけどさ" "I've got the map, I've got the stones, and I'm not happy about it."
75px Midori Ryo "少なくとも観鳥さんは、ここで奪い返すほどの元気はないよ" "At least Midori-san doesn't have enough energy to take it back here."
75px Makino Ikumi "本当に悔しいけどね" "It's really frustrating, though."
75px Juri "ここから樹里サマたちの快進撃が始まるぞ、ニヒッ" "This is where Juri Sama and the others' rapid progress begins, nihil."
75px Kanagi "明日にでもそれを止めてやる今日はひとまず帰ろう" "We'll stop that tomorrow, and then we'll go home for the day."
75px Miyako Hinano "だな" "Right."
75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
75px Kanagi "宮尾君、安積君…身の振りは早いうちに決めておけ" "Miyabi-kun, Azumi-kun... you need to decide on your body language as soon as possible."
75px Shigure&はぐむ "…………" "............"
75px Himena "しぐりん、はぐりん今日は見学できて良かったね★" "Shigurin, Hagurin, it's good to see you today★"
75px Shigure "え…?" "What...?"
75px Himena "プロミストブラッドのアオちゃん" "Promise Blood's Ao-chan."
75px Himena "キモチを倒す時の迷いのなさふたりに必要なのはあれだよ" "That's what you two need, that's what you don't hesitate to do when you take down Kimochi, that's what you both need."
75px Alexandra "じゃあ、ちょっと自信を付ける特訓が必要ですね、うふふ♪" "Then you need a little confidence-building training, ugh..."
75px Hagumu "特訓って言われても…" "I'm not sure what you call training..."
75px Hagumu "それに、ふたりのこと、まだ私たちは知らないのに…" "And besides, we don't even know about the two of you yet..."
75px Juri "それより、東の和泉も言ってたが身の振りはどうするんだ?" "Anyway, as Izumi from the east said, how are you going to gesture yourself?"
75px Juri "早めに答えは出した方がいいぞ" "You'd better have your answers as soon as possible."
75px Juri "樹里サマはもう、敵だと思ってるからな" "Juri-Sama already thinks you're the enemy, you know."
75px Hagumu "えっ!?あ、で、でも…!!" "What? Oh, but...!"
75px Hagumu "実はプロミストブラッドに付こうって話してたんです…" "Actually, we were talking about following the Promise Blood..."
75px Juri "あれだけひっかき回しといて?" "After all that scratching?"
75px Himena "ちょっとキモチの方が私チャン、気になっちゃって" "I'm a bit more interested in Kimochi, me Chang."
75px Himena "キャハッ★" "Cahaha*"
75px Juri "んだよそれ…つーかユニオンはいいのか…?" "Nah, that's...I mean, is the Union good...?"
75px Shigure "大丈夫…元々は別のグループだったし…" "It's okay... it was a different group originally..."
75px Shigure "色々やらかしたから…" "I've done a lot of things..."
75px Hagumu "踏ん切りついちゃったね…" "We've come to the end of the line..."
75px Juri "んじゃ、また連絡するけど、それでもいいんだな?" "Well, I'll get back to you, but that's okay, right?"
75px Hagumu "はい…" "Yes..."
75px Juri "んじゃあ、行くか妹らんかたちも二木に戻るぞー" "Well then, let's go, sister Ranikata, let's go back to Futatsugi!"
75px Ao "おっけ~" "Oops!"
75px Juri "もう1体キモチと戦えるぐらい元気そうだな" "You look well enough to fight another Kimochi."
75px Ao "クスッ、そうかも" "Kusu, I guess."
75px Alexandra "それでは、帰りましょうか♪" "Well then, let's go home..."
75px Himena "しぐりん、はぐりん、後で仲間の候補を教えてくれる?" "Shigurin, Hagurin, can you tell me your potential mate later?"
75px Hagumu "はい、構いませんけど…" "Yes, I don't mind, but..."
75px Shigure "でも、元マギウスの翼の人たち…みんな断られてるけど…" "But the former Magius Wingers... they've all been rejected..."
75px Himena "リーダーが変われば色々と見え方も変わるって" "He said that when leaders change, you see a lot of things differently."
75px Himena "案外、おけまるかも★" "It's more than you think.
75px Shigure "あれ…なんか…" "That... something..."
75px Hagumu "自然と藍家さんがリーダーに…" "Naturally, Indigo House is the leader..."
75px Alexandra "ひめちゃんのすごいところだよね♪" "That's the great thing about Hime-chan..."
Part 24
Name Japanese Translation
Hikaru "「結菜さん…」" "Yuna-san..."
Hikaru "「結菜さん…!」" "Yuna-san...!"
75px Hikaru "――っ!?" "--What?
75px Hikaru "環いろは…" "Tamaki Iroha..."
75px Iroha "目を覚まさないんじゃないかってちょっと心配しちゃった" "I was a little worried that he wouldn't wake up."
75px Iroha "ソウルジェム、浄化しておいたからね" "Soul Gem, I've purified it for you."
75px Hikaru "どうして殺さなかったんすか…" "Why didn't you kill him..."
75px Iroha "…………" "............"
75px Hikaru "どこまでお人好しなんすか…" "How far will you go to be a goody-goody..."
75px Iroha "元々殺すつもりなんてないけど、紅晴さんは悲しむでしょ…?" "I originally didn't mean to kill you, but Kureha-san will be sad...?"
75px Iroha "ひかるちゃんが死んじゃったら…" "If Hikaru-chan died..."
75px Hikaru "そうっ…すかね…" "Yeah....I guess..."
75px Hikaru "あのまま逃がして良かったんすか?" "Are you sure you're glad you let him get away with it?"
75px Yuna "殺せば殺すほど憎しみは続くひとりが死ねば多くが泣くのよ?" "The more you kill, the more hate you'll have, and when one of you dies, the more you'll cry?"
75px Yuna "ひかるが死んだら、私だって怒り狂うわよ?" "If Hikaru dies, I'm going to be mad too, right?"
75px Hikaru "前の結菜さんみたいなこと言うんすね…" "You're like the previous Yuna-san..."
75px Iroha "え…?" "What...?"
75px Hikaru "夜は戦場になりやすいから、移動しない方がいいっすよ…" "You don't want to move around at night because it can easily become a battlefield..."
75px Iroha "ひかるちゃん…" "Hikaru-chan..."
75px Hikaru "今日のひかるは死んだっす" "Hikaru is dead today."
75px Iroha "あっ、やちよさんに連絡だけでも入れておかないと…" "Oh, I should just call Yachiyo-san..."
75px Iroha "うそ…スマホの電池、切れちゃった…" "Oh no... my phone battery is dead..."
75px Iroha "はぁ…" "Huh..."
75px Iroha "(紅晴さんの悲しみは怒りでしか消えない…)" "(Kureha-san's grief can only be erased by anger...)"
75px Iroha "(怒りでしか隠せないほど、悲しみで満ちているんだ…)" "(I'm so full of sorrow that I can only hide it with anger...)"
Part 25
Name Japanese Translation
75px Rena "こんな所で寝たら、絶対に体痛くなるんだけど!" "I'm definitely going to be sore if I sleep here!"
75px Kaede "お布団かベッドで寝たいな…" "I'd rather sleep on the futon or in bed..."
75px Momoko "ワガママ言うなよ下手に降りたら的になるぞ?" "Don't be selfish, because if you get off that thing, you'll be a target, okay?"
75px Yachiyo "そもそもお金がないわよ" "You don't have any money to begin with,"
75px Rena "じゃあ、貯金下ろす" "Well, I'll just put my savings down."
75px Yachiyo "下ろしても親の同意もなく宿の予約はできません" "If you drop it off, you can't make a reservation at the inn without parental consent."
75px Rena "ぐっ" "Ugh."
75px Yachiyo "それよりも、友だちの家に泊まるとか" "Or better yet, stay at a friend's house."
75px Yachiyo "親への都合の良い言い訳を考えておいた方がいいわよ?" "You'd better come up with a good excuse for your parents, okay?"
75px Momoko "こういう時、みかづき荘はいいよなぁ" "At times like this, Mikazuki-so is nice, isn't it?"
75px Momoko "保護者がやちよさんだし" "And the guardian is Mr. Yachiyo."
75px Yachiyo "一応、未成年よ?" "I'm underage, you know?"
75px Momoko "そりゃ、わかってるけどさ" "Yeah, I know, but..."
75px Sana "あ…いろはさんのスマホ…電池きれちゃったみたいです…" "Oh...Iroha-san's looks like the battery is dead..."
75px Momoko "ただでさえ方向音痴なのに…" "I'm not even sure I have a sense of direction..."
75px Sana "GPSの信号が消えてるので、たぶん本当に…" "The GPS signal is gone, so maybe it's really..."
75px Yachiyo "次から次へと問題が降りかかるわね…" "It's just one problem after another that keeps coming up..."
75px Felicia "やちよは、何を調べてるんだ?" "What are you looking into, Yachiyo?"
75px Yachiyo "電車の時間とか路線図とか" "Like train times and route maps."
75px Yachiyo "明日の動きに向けて事前に調べておこうと思って" "I thought I'd look into it beforehand for tomorrow's move."
75px Felicia "アイツらが来たら電車の上に飛び乗るんだな!?" "You're going to jump on top of the train when they come in!"
75px Yachiyo "アクション映画の見過ぎよ…" "You've been watching too many action movies..."
75px Yachiyo "鶴乃、ちょっと明日の動きを纏めておきたいから知恵を貸して" "Tsuruno, I'd like to put together some moves for tomorrow, so lend me your wisdom."
75px Tsuruno "ほいほい!" "Hoi hoi!"
75px Tsuruno "みかづき荘最強の頭脳がアドバイスするよ!" "The strongest brain in Mikazuki Manor will advise you!"
75px Yuna "そう、環いろはを見失ってしまったのね…?" "So, you've lost sight of the ring Iroha...?"
75px Hikaru "正直に言うと…やられて気を失ったっす…" "Honestly...I got hit and passed out..."
75px Yuna "結局、駅付近での挟撃は失敗…" "In the end, the pincer near the station failed..."
75px Hikaru "ひかるが原因を作ったっす…期待を裏切ったようなものっす…" "Hikaru caused it... it's like I'm failing you..."
75px Yuna "どのみち、さくや側の問題もあったから結果は同じよぉ" "Anyway, it was a problem on Sakuya's side, so the result will be the same."
75px Hikaru "さくやさんもやられたんすか…?" "Did Sakuya-san get beaten up too...?"
75px Yuna "いえ、むしろ助けたのよぉ相手の身と私の心をねぇ…" "No, it was more of a help to them and my heart..."
75px Hikaru "………?" ".........?"
75px Yuna "ただ、次は環いろはを確実に片付けるわぁ" "Just make sure I get rid of the ring Iroha next time."
75px Hikaru "何か考えがあるんすか…?" "What do you have in mind...?"
75px Yuna "地下墓地へ連れて行くわ" "I'll take you to the catacombs."
75px Yuna "ひかるは環ういのヘアゴムをもらって" "Hikaru got a hair elastic from Tamaki Ui."
75px Yuna "準備しておきなさぃ" "I'll be ready."
75px Hikaru "環ういの墓をっすか…" "What about the grave of the ring..."
75px Yuna "ええ…" "Yes..."
75px Miyako Hinano "ふたりとも今日はゆっくり休めよ" "You two should get some rest today."
75px Makino Ikumi "うん、今日はお店に出ないで、ぐっすり寝ることにする" "Yeah, I'm going to stay out of the store today and get a good night's sleep."
75px Midori Ryo "観鳥さんも特ダネが無い限り、真っ直ぐ帰るかな" "I wonder if Midori-san will go straight home unless he has a special story to tell."
75px Miyako Hinano "うん、それじゃあおやすみ" "Yeah, good night then."
75px Miyako Hinano "やっぱり今日の結果は辛いなぁ…" "I knew today's results were hard to take..."
75px Makino Ikumi "前に出すぎなければ良かったかもね…" "Maybe I shouldn't have been too forward..."
75px Midori Ryo "さって…" "Well..."
75px Midori Ryo "こっちは家が大東だから遠いんだよなぁ…" "It's so far away over here because my house is in Daito..."
75px Kagome "あの、令さん…" "Excuse me, sir..."
75px Midori Ryo "あ、佐鳥ちゃん今回も巻き込まれなかった…?" "Oh, Satori-chan, you didn't get involved this time either...?"
75px Kagome "リィちゃんのおかげでなんとかケガはせずに…" "Thanks to Rii-chan, I managed to stay uninjured..."
75px Kagome "キモチとの戦いもちゃんと見てました…" "And I saw the fight with Kimochi properly..."
75px Midori Ryo "格好悪いところ見られたな…" "They've seen how uncool it is..."
75px Kagome "それより、また魔法少女が増えてどうなるのか不安です…" "More importantly, I'm worried about what's going to happen with another magical girl..."
75px Kagome "このままだと、どんどん混乱していきそうで…" "I'm afraid it's going to get more and more confusing as it is..."
75px Midori Ryo "とは言っても、止める手立てがないからねぇ" "That said, there's nothing we can do to stop it, you know."
75px Kagome "でも、みんなが魔法少女のことを知っていたら…" "But if everyone knew about the magical girls..."
75px Kagome "学校の人とか町の大人たちが魔法少女を知ってたら…" "If the people at school or the adults in town knew about the magical girls..."
75px Midori Ryo "抑止力になってくれる…?" "Will it be a deterrent...?"
75px Kagome "かもしれません…" "Maybe..."
75px Kagome "広める方法はわからないけど…でも…あの…" "I don't know how to spread the word... but... but... um..."
75px Kagome "少しでも伝えられる努力はできるような気がしていて…" "I feel like I can make an effort to communicate a little bit..."
75px Kagome "それで、ですね…" "So, you know..."
75px Kagome "…………" "............"
75px Midori Ryo "ん?" "Hmm?"
75px Aru-chan "<令さんの写真を使わせて欲しいって>" "He wants us to use the decree's picture."
75px Aru-chan "<かごめちゃんは言いたいんだよ>" "Kagome-chan is trying to say..."
75px Midori Ryo "観鳥さんの写真を?" "Did you get a picture of the viewing birds?"
75px Aru-chan "<写真はすぐに状況を見る人に伝えてくれるでしょ?>" "<The pictures tell the viewer what's going on right away, don't they? >"
75px Aru-chan "<そこに、かごめちゃんの文章が加わると詳しいことがわかる>" "<And when Kagome's sentence is added to that, you can see the details."
75px Kagome "だから、良い所も悪い所も補って伝えやすくなるかなって…" "So I was wondering if it would be easier to make up for the good parts and the bad parts and tell them..."
75px Midori Ryo "実は観鳥さんも魔法少女のことを伝えたいと思ったことはあるんだ" "Actually, I've always wanted to tell you about magical girls, too, Midori-san."
75px Midori Ryo "腐ってもブン屋の端くれだからね" "I'm just on the edge of a bun shop, even if it's rotten."
75px Kagome "今は、どうなんですか…?" "What about now...?"
75px Midori Ryo "アリだね" "You're ants."
75px Midori Ryo "むしろ思い付かなかった自分に腹が立つぐらいさ" "I'm rather annoyed at myself for not thinking of it."
75px Midori Ryo "だから、協力させてもらうよ" "So, I'm going to help you."
75px Kagome "ありがとうございます!" "Thank you!"
"ピロン♪" "Pilon♪"
75px Midori Ryo "こっちは疲れてるのに誰から…って、マギウスから…!?" "I'm tired over here, and from who... from Magius...?!"
Touka "シャッターチャンスを逃さない人にお願い!ハッキングしたスマホのGPSを追いかけてたらね大東で気になるポイントを発見しちゃった!" "For those who don't want to miss a shutterbug, please! I was just following the GPS on my hacked phone, and I found a point of interest in Daito!"
Touka "地図を添付して送るからちょっとだけ張ってくれないかにゃー?特ダネがあるかもしれないよー?" "I'm going to send you a map with an attachment, can you just put up a little bit of it? Maybe there's a special feature!"
Touka "わたくしが調べてても良かったんだけどー変な挙動に気付かれちゃったのか初期化されたみたいなんだよねー専門外のことはやるもんじゃないにゃー" "I could have looked into it myself, but I think I noticed some weird behavior or it was initialized... I'm not supposed to do anything unprofessional..."
75px Midori Ryo "ふっ…" "Huh..."
75px Midori Ryo "真っ直ぐ帰ろうと思ってたけど、それならもう一仕事するかなぁ" "I was going to go straight home, but then I guess I'll have to do another job."
75px Kagome "え?" "What?"
75px Midori Ryo "天才からのお仕事だよ" "It's a job from a genius."
"笠音さんが倒して腕輪になった。" "Kasane knocked me over and turned me into an armband."
"何を見て良いかわからないぐらいグチャグチャ。" "It was so messed up I didn't know what to look for."
"去って行っちゃった。" "It went away."
"みんな吸い込む絶対的な存在に見えたの…。" "It looked like an absolute sucker for everyone..."
"でもどうしてだろう。" "But I don't know why."
"この神浜にも自分の存在を刻むような気がする。" "I feel like I'm going to carve my existence on this Kamihama as well."
"二葉 さな" "Futaba Sana."
"それって夢みたいなものですか…?」" "Is that like a dream...?"
"私が夢を持つのは贅沢な気がして…」" "It feels like a luxury for me to have a dream..."
"ずっと幸せに暮らしてるから…」" "I've been living happily ever after..."
"アイちゃんに会いたい…かな」" "I'd like to see Ai...I guess."
"「…………」" ".........."
"アイちゃんのおかげで前に向けた…」" "Thanks to Ai, I've been able to look forward..."
"ダメだと思うんです…」" "I don't think it's a good idea..."
"刻み込んでいれば平気だから…」" "I'll be fine as long as I keep it ticking away..."
"「あっ…」" "Oh..."
"「刻む…」" "Carve..."
"「そう、夢ありました…!」" "Yes, I had a dream...!"
"絵本の世界で助けられたらなーって…!」" "I wish I could help you in the storybook world...!"
"「無茶…でしょうか…?」" "Is it it...?"
"少し考えてるんです…」" "I'm thinking about it for a moment..."

Episode 3

Episode 3
Japanese English
かごめ: いろはさんたちが ういちゃんを助けに二木へ行き、 大庭さんたちがキモチを巡って争っていたころ、 静香さんたち時女一族は、 時女の集落に帰っていたみたい。 Kagome: While Iroha-san and the others were going to Futatsugi to save Ui-chan, and Ooba-san and the others were fighting over Kimochi, Shizuka and the rest of the Tokime clan were returning to Tokime village.
かごめ: 耳を澄ませると争いの音が鳴っている神浜。 それと違って時女の集落は きっと落ち着いた場所なんだと思う。 Kagome: If you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of fighting in Kamihama. Unlike that, Tokime must be a calm place.
かごめ: ちはるちゃんから来たメッセージには、 向こうの様子が書かれていて、 画面の先から音が聞こえてくる気がした。 Kagome: I got a message from Chiharu describing what's going on over there, and I felt like I could hear the sounds coming from beyond the screen.
かごめ: それは、木の葉の触れる音だったり、 サーって水が流れる音だったり、 動物が生きる音だったり…。 Kagome: It could be the touch of leaves on a tree, the sound of water flowing, the sound of animals living...
かごめ: 静香さんもね、 昔の時女のことについて触れてる間に 悩みが少しずつほどけていったみたい。 Kagome: Shizuka, while we were talking about the old Tokime, your worries seemed to unravel little by little.
かごめ: 神浜に戻って来て早々に 大庭さんや笠音さんとぶつかったみたいだけど、 それまで集落では どんなことをしてきたんだろう。 Kagome: It seems that you bumped into Ooba-san and Kasane-san as soon as you came back to Kamihama, but what did you do in the village before that?
<数日前> <A few days ago...>
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
結菜: ユニオンの連中ですら、 利他の中に利己を持ってる Yuna: Even the Unionists have selfishness in their altruism.
結菜: 対して全てが利他である あなたの魂は Yuna: Your soul, on the other hand, is all about altruism.
結菜: 他人がいないと存在できない 抜け殻のようなものよぉ Yuna: It's like a shell that can't exist without others.
静香: やめなさい Shizuka: Stop it!
結菜: 己を尊ばない者は、 機械で良い Yuna: A man who does not respect himself is a machine.
結菜: そんな者の矜持など、 叶える必要なんてないわぁ Shizuka: I don't need to fulfill the pride of such a person
静香: (あの時の嫌な気持ちが、 消えてくれない…) Shizuka: (I can't get rid of the bad feeling I had back then...)
静香: (日の本のために願った私と、 他の人が違うのは当然だから) Shizuka: (It's natural that others are different from me who wished for the sake of Japan)
静香: (私だって、みんなに合わせて その隙間を埋めようと思った…) Shizuka: (I tried to fill in the gaps to fit in with everyone else...)
静香: (それが集落しか知らない私に 必要なことだと思ったから…) Shizuka: (Because I thought that's what I needed to do as someone who only knows the village)
静香: (だけど、 紅晴結菜の言葉を思い出す度に) Shizuka: (But every time I think of KurehaYuna's words)
静香: (私たちには、絶対に埋まらない 溝があるように思う…) Shizuka: I feel like there's a gap between us that will never be filled...
静香: それを考え始めると… 環さんに対しても同じなのよね… Shizuka: When I start thinking about it... it's the same for Tamaki...
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
すなお: 静香 Sunao: Shizuka
静香: すなお… Shizuka: Sunao...
すなお: ずっと悩みっぱなしですね… Sunao: I've been worrying about this for a long time...
すなお: まだ、紅晴さんの言葉に 悩んでいるんですか? Sunao: Are you still troubled by Kureha's words?
静香: あの言葉が離れなくて… Shizuka: I can't get rid of those words...
すなお: それなら、 少し休みませんか? Sunao: Then why don't you take a break?
静香: え…? Shizuka: What...?
すなお: 山奥から急に都会に来たんです 色々と負担が掛かってるんですよ Sunao: I came to the city from deep in the mountains, so I'm under a lot of pressure.
静香: でも、今は環さんたちに協力して ういちゃんを助けないと Shizuka: But right now, we need to help Tamaki and the others to save Ui-chan
静香: まだ小さい子をさらうなんて 許せないわ Shizuka: It's unacceptable to kidnap a little girl like that!
すなお: 私だって同じ気持ちですけど、 静香の方が心配です… Sunao: I feel the same way, but I'm more worried about Shizuka...
すなお: それに環さんに肩入れしすぎると 一部の分家が反発を強くします… Sanao: And if you're too much of a fan of Mr. Tamaki's, some of the other branches of the family will become very opposed…
静香: 魔女化のない世界… 目指すところは同じはずなのに… Shizuka: A world without witchcraft... We should be aiming for the same thing...
ちはる: 静香ちゃん、すなおちゃん! Chiharu: Shizuka, Sunao!
すなお: ちゃる、 どうしたんですか? Sunao: Chiru, what's wrong?
ちはる: 今、お母さんから 電話があったんだけどね Chiharu: I just got a call from my mom.
ちはる: 一度、集落に戻ってこいって Chiharu: She said to come back to the village.
静香: こんな時に…!? Shizuka: At a time like this...?
ちはる: そう言われても… Chiharu: Even if you say so...
ちはる: こっちはいつもバタついてるから タイミングは悪くなっちゃうよぅ Chiharu: I'm always in a rush, so the timing can't be good.
静香: それはそうなんだけど… Shizuka: That's true, but...
静香: さっきも話してたんだけど、 ういちゃんの捜索が… Shizuka: We were talking about this earlier, but the search for Ui-chan...
ちはる: うーん… Chiharu: Hmm...
ちはる: でも、お母さんたちの話を 無視はできないし… Chiharu: But we can't ignore what the mothers said...
静香: …そうね、わかったわ Shizuka: ...right, I get it.
静香: 環さんには悪いけど、 集落に一度戻りましょう Shizuka: I hate to break it to you, but let's go back to the village.
静香: 時女の事が後回しになってるって 分家に言われたくもないしね… Shizuka: I don't want the branch family to think that Tokime is an afterthought...
ちはる: 良かったね、すなおちゃん! Chiharu: Good for you, Sunao!
すなお: はいっ Sunao: Yes!
静香: どうせ私たちが戻るなら、 他の子たちも休暇にしましょう Shizuka: If we're going back, let's make it a vacation for the other kids too
静香: 私たちだけが集落に戻るのも 悪いからね Shizuka: It would be bad if we were the only ones going back to the village.
ちはる: それなら、 時女集落に興味がある人は Chiharu: Then, if you are interested in Tokime village
ちはる: 来てもらうのも 良いんじゃないかな? Shizuka: It would be bad if we were the only ones returning to the village.
すなお: そうですね Sunao: Yes.
すなお: 分家の方々は本家の地を 見たことはないでしょうし Shizuka: Yes, I think so.
静香: そうね、みんなに 聞いてみましょうか Shizuka: Yeah, let's ask them.
ちはるの母: また時女集落へのお越しを お待ちしております Chiharu's mom: We look forward to welcoming you back to Tokime village!
静香の母: 道中お気を付けて Shizuka's mom: Take care on the way!
ちはるの母: これで今日の チェックアウトは終わり Chiharu's mom: This is the end of the checkout for today
静香の母: 次の宿泊客が来るのは、 また少し先ね Shizuka's mom: It'll be a while before the next guest arrives.
ちはるの母: あら、今日は来るじゃないですか 私たちの娘がね Chiharu's mom: Oh, she's coming today. Our daughter.
静香の母: そういえば、そうだったわ Shizuka's mom: Oh, that's right.
ちはるの声: おかーーーさーーん! Chiharu's voice: Mooom!
ちはるの母: ふふっ、噂をすれば Chiharu's mom: Hmm, speak of the devil.
ちはる: ただいまっ! Chiharu: I'm home!
ちはるの母: そんな久しぶりじゃないのに 大げさなんだから Chiharu's mom: It hasn't been that long, but you're exaggerating.
ちはる: だって、実家には帰るけど 集落で会うのは久しぶりでしょ? Chiharu: It's been a while since we've seen each other in the village, right?
ちはる: ん~、それにしても、 悪意がないから気が楽だよぅ… Chiharu: Well, it's easy for me not to feel bad about it...
すなお: 感知しないように 力を制御しなくて良いですからね Sunao: You don't have to control your power to avoid detection.
ちはる: それっ! Chiharu: That's it!
静香: 母様、戻りました Shizuka: Mom, I'm back!
静香の母: 対して静香は学校もないんだし もう少し帰ってきたらどう? Shizuka's mom: On the other hand, Shizuka doesn't have school, so why don't you come home a little more?
静香: いきなり説教!? Shizuka: Suddenly you're lecturing me?
静香の母: 顔を見せて 安心させろってことよ Shizuka's mom: I'm just trying to reassure you by showing my face
静香: でも…色々と自分の決意とかが ブレそうな気がして… Shizuka: But... I feel like I'm going to lose my mind...
静香の母: それで、思い悩んでたら 仕方ないでしょ Shizuka's mom: If that's what's bothering you, then what can I do?
静香の母: …少し、やつれてるわよ Shizuka's mom:'re looking a little thin.
静香: ごめんなさい… って、どうして悩んでること… Shizuka's mom: I'm sorry... but why are you worried about...
静香の母: すなおちゃんから聞いたの Shizuka's mom: Sunao told me.
すなお: 私たちが言っても 集落に戻らないと思ったんです Shizuka's mom: I heard it from Sunao... Sunao: I thought you wouldn't come back to the village even if we told you.
すなお: 静香って、 けっこう頑固じゃないですか Sunao: Shizuka is quite stubborn, isn't she?
静香: そうかもしれないけど… じゃあ、ちゃるも? Shizuka: Maybe so, but...
ちはる: ふふん、グルだよ! Chiharu: Hmm, we're in this together!
静香: 私が悪意を嗅ぎ取れたら 気付けたはず… Shizuka: If I could smell the bad intentions, I would have noticed...
ちはる: 悪意じゃなくて善意だよぅ! Chiharu: It's not malice, it's goodness!
静香の母: そうそう、心配してくれたのに 失礼なこと言わないの Shizuka's mom: Oh yeah, don't be rude when you're worried about me.
静香: はい… Shizuka: Yes...
すなお: なんだか留守にしてる間に、 集落も少しだけ変わりましたね Shizuka: Yes... Sunao: While I've been away, the village has changed a bit.
すなお: 長だった神子柴が亡くなって 集落の収入もなくなって Sunao: After the death of the chief, Kamikoshiba, the community lost its income.
すなお: あれから私たちも 色々と協力しましたけど… Sunao: After that, we helped in many ways, but...
ちはるの母: 今は名産のだいだいっこを使った 商品も作ったりしてるし Chiharu's mom: Now we make products using the famous daidaiiko.
ちはるの母: 古い空き家を 宿にもしてるの Chiharu's mom: We're also turning an old abandoned house into an inn.
静香の母: それに温泉への獣道も ちゃんと整備してるところよ Shizuka's mom: And we're working on the animal trail to the hot springs.
ちはるの母: 集落への道路すら 通ってないのに Chiharu's mom: The road to the village doesn't even go through.
静香の母: ほんと、ふふっ Shizuka's mom: really, wow
静香: 少しだけ変わったけど、 でも前と雰囲気は同じまま… Shizuka: It's changed a bit, but the atmosphere is still the same...
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香の母: ちょっとらしくないわね 何、泣いてるの? Shizuka's mom: That's a little out of character. What are you crying about?
静香: わからないけど、 ホッとしちゃったのよ! Shizuka: I don't know, I'm just relieved!
静香の母: 本家の巫とは言っても まだまだ子どもなんだから Shizuka's mom: Even though she's a priestess of the main family, she's still just a child.
すなお: それに、分家の方々に 涙なんて見せてられませんよ? Shizuka's mom: Even though she's a priestess of the main family, she's still just a child. Sunao: Besides, how can she show tears to the branch families?
ちはるの母: そういえば、他にも何人か 来てるって言ってたわね Chiharu's mom: By the way, you said there were some other people coming.
少しの間、 よろしくお願いします! I'm looking forward to working with you for a little while!
旭: 我も少しの間、 お世話になるであります Asahi: I'll be staying with you for a while, too.
ちはる: お部屋の用意が必要だし、 お母さん、わたし手伝うよ Chiharu: Your room needs to be ready, mom, I'll help you.
ちはるの母: ありがとう、ちゃる Chiharu's mom: Thanks, Charu!
静香の母: あなたの話はその後ね Shizuka's mom: We'll talk about you later
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香の母: 頑張ってると思うよ 私の娘はさ Shizuka's mom: I think you're doing great, my daughter is.
静香: それで、相手に言われた言葉が 私の中で消えなくて… Shizuka: So, what the other person said to me stuck with me...
静香: もちろん、巫になった私と、 他が違うのは理解できるし Shizuka: Of course, I understand that I'm a priestess and that others are different.
静香: 誰かのために生きる私の矜持が 揺れたわけでもない Shizuka: It doesn't mean that my pride in living for someone else has been shaken
静香: むしろ、以前よりも 強固なものになったと思う… Shizuka: In fact, I think I'm stronger than ever...
静香: けれど、見えない根本的な所に 大きな溝がある気がするのよ… Shizuka: But I think there's a big gap at the root that you can't see...
すなお: やっぱり、あの時の言葉を 気にしてたんですね… Shizuka: But I feel that there's a big gap at the root that I can't see... Sunao: So you were worried about what I said back then...
静香: だって、すなおも 他の分家から来た子たちも Shizuka: Because Sunao and the other children from the other branch families
静香: 日の本のために願いを叶えた人は 全然いないわ… Shizuka: No one has ever made a wish for Hinomoto...
静香: そんなみんなを理解するには、 私が歩み寄るしかないじゃない Shizuka: The only way to understand them is for me to come closer to them.
ちはる: ん~、わたしはそこまで 気にする必要ないと思うよ? Chiharu: Hmm, I don't think I need to worry about that much.
静香: どうしてよ… Shizuka: Why would I...
ちはる: 等々力耕一が言ってたからね Chiharu: Because Koichi Todoroki said so.
等々力(ちはる): 私の探偵業務に協力するのに 過去の経歴は関係ない 必要なのは私と同じ 信念と矜持を持つことなんだよ Todoroki (Chiharu): It doesn't matter what you've done in the past to help me with my detective work, all you need is to have the same faith and pride as me.
ちはる: つまり、どんな経緯でもさ みんなが同じ想いならいいんだよ Chiharu: I mean, it doesn't matter what your background is, as long as we all feel the same way.
ちはる: 日の本のための巫でありたい それでいいと思う Chiharu: I want to be a shrine maiden for Japan, that's all I want.
すなお: はい、私も日の本のために 願いは叶えてませんが Sunao: yes, I also want to be a priestess for the sake of Japan, although my wish has not come true
すなお: 一緒に戦う中で抱えている想いは 静香と同じつもりですよ Sunao: I think I have the same feelings as Shizuka as we fight together.
静香: ちゃる…すなお… Shizuka: Charu...Sunao...
静香: そうね…願いの叶え方が違っても 私たちは同じ想いだった… Shizuka: Well... even though we made our wishes come true in different ways, we had the same feelings...
静香の母: ただ、その想いを持つ人と そうじゃない人との違い Shizuka's mom: Just the difference between those who have that feeling and those who don't
静香の母: それは、静香が感じている溝と 繋がっているかもしれないわ Shizuka's mom: That might be connected to the rift you're feeling
静香: それなら、集落に帰ってきたのは 正解かもしれない… Shizuka: Then maybe it was the right decision to come back to the village...
静香: もう一度、時女の巫を振り返って 他の魔法少女との違いを探るわ Shizuka: I'm going to go back and look at Tokime's shrine and see what makes her different from the other magical girls.
静香の母: 分家の子たちも資料を見てるなら ちょうどいいわ Shizuka's mom: It's a good idea if the branch families are looking at the data too
静香: うん Shizuka: Yeah.
ちはる: よかった、これで ひとつモヤモヤが解決したね! Chiharu: Good, that clears up one of my questions!
静香: あぁ、でも… 実はもうひとつあるのよ… Shizuka: Oh, but... there's one more thing...
ちはる: まだあった! Chiharu: There's more!
すなお: 紅晴さんの言葉だけだと 思ってました Sunao: I thought it was just Kureha's words.
ちはる: わたしも Chiharu: Me too
静香: 一応関係はあるのよ… Shizuka: There is a connection...
静香: 言われてから、 すごく胸の奥が嫌な感じで… Shizuka: I've been feeling really bad inside since you said that...
静香: あの人のことを考えると、 いーって気持ち悪くなるのよ… Shizuka: When I think about him, I feel sick...
静香: 怒りとかじゃないけど、 頭の中はぐちゃぐちゃするし… Shizuka: It's not like I'm angry or anything, but it's just messing with my head...
静香: これはなんだろうって… Shizuka: I don't know what this is...
ちはる: 胸の違和感とぐちゃぐちゃ… もやもや… Shizuka: I'm not angry, but my head is messed up.
ちはる: 胸のもやもや… それって恋なんじゃ…! Shizuka: I don't know...
静香: こ、これがっ!? すごく嫌な感じなのに!? Shizuka: Oh my god! I feel so bad!
ちはるの母: ちゃるだって恋してないでしょ? したことあるの? Chiharu's mom: You've never been in love, have you? Have you ever been in love?
ちはる: ない… Chiharu: No...
ちはるの母: …あまり言いたくないけど、 それって嫌悪感じゃない…? Chiharu's mom: ...I don't want to say too much, but isn't that disgusting...?
ちはるの母: 静香ちゃん、本当にその子が 嫌いなんだと思うわ… Chiharu's mom: Shizuka, I think you really hate that girl...
静香: 嫌い…? Shizuka: Hate...?
静香の母: こんな小さい集落で 生まれ育ってきたからね… Shizuka's mom: I was born and raised in a small village like this...
静香の母: 自分を騙した神子柴に対しては 強い怒りを感じていたけど Shizuka's mom: I was very angry at Kamishibaba for deceiving me, but...
静香の母: 同世代の子を嫌だと思うのは 初めてなんだと思うわ Shizuka's mom: I think this is the first time I've ever hated a child my own age.
ちはるの母: それと時女の矜持の件が混じって 整理できなくなったのね… Shizuka's mom: I think I've never hated a girl my age before.
静香: そっか…そうなんだ… Shizuka: I see...
すなお: せっかく集落に戻ったんです 色々整理して戻りましょう Sunao: Now that we're back in the village, let's go back and sort things out.
静香: うん、そうね Shizuka: Yeah, I guess so
静香: みんな、ごめんなさい 少しだけスッキリしたわ Shizuka: I'm sorry guys, I feel a little better now.
ちはるの母: でも、ピュアなのは 静香ちゃんだけじゃないわ Chiharu's mom: But Shizuka isn't the only one who's pure.
ちはるの母: 集落の人みーんな同じよ… Chiharu's mom: Everyone in the village is the same...
ちはる: 境遇は同じだもんね Chiharu: We're all in the same boat, aren't we?
ちはるの母: そう、世間から隔離されて、 働くことすら初めて Chiharu's mom: Yeah, being isolated from the world, not even working for the first time.
ちはるの母: 現代のことを何も知らない人が 村で色々見てくるとね Chiharu's mom: If you don't know anything about the modern world, you'll see a lot of things in the village.
ちはるの母: 大変なことが起きるのよ… Shizuka's mom: It's not easy...
静香の母: あー…あの問題…? Shizuka's mom: uh... that problem?
すなお: 何か問題が 起きてるんですか…? Sunao: Is there a problem?
ちはるの母: 初めての賭け事で ハマる人が出てるのよ… Chiharu's mom: Some people are getting addicted to betting for the first time...
ちはる: ぇええ… Chiharu: Yeah...
ちはるの母: ぇえええっ!? Chiharu's mom: eeeeee!
ちはるの母: それ、本当に!? 冗談じゃないですよね!? Chiharu's mom: Really? Chiharu's mom: really?
静香の母: そんなの冗談で 広江さんに言うわけないでしょ! Shizuka's mom: I wouldn't tell Hiroe-san that as a joke!
ちはる: なになに、どうしたの!? Chiharu: What's wrong with you?
すなお: 集落の共有金庫から、 お金が持ち出されたらしいんです Shizuka's mom: I wouldn't tell Hiroe!
ちはる: えええええ!? Chiharu: What?
ちはる: 持ち出されたって、 言い直せば盗みだよぅ! Chiharu: In other words, it was stolen!
静香: 集落にいる人で、 そんなことをする人なんて… Shizuka: There's no one in the village who would do such a thing...
ちはる: わたし、探すの手伝うよ!? この鼻で悪意を嗅ぎ取れるし! Chiharu: I'll help you find it! Shizuka: I'll help you find them.
ちはるの母: ちゃるたちは、自分たちの することがあるでしょ? Chiharu's mom: We have our own things to do, don't we?
ちはる: そうだけど… Chiharu: Yes, but...
ちはるの母: 巫のゆかりの地や 資料を調べてきなさい Chiharu's mom: You should go check out the places and materials related to the shrine maiden.
ちはる: うん… Chiharu: Yeah...
静香: ここは母様たちに任せて、 みんなを誘って行きましょう Shizuka: Let's leave this to your moms and invite everyone to go.
すなお: 心配ですけど、そうですね… Sunao: I'm worried, but yes...
ちはる: じゃあ昨日、 旭ちゃんは集落を巡っただけ? Chiharu: So yesterday, Asahi, you just went around the village?
旭: そうであります Asahi: Yes, that's right.
旭: あとは、山にいる動物や、 狙撃のポイント探しでありますよ We'll look for animals in the mountains and sniper points.
静香: 集落で飼ってる子は 撃たないでよ? Shizuka: Don't shoot the animals in the village, okay?
旭: それは、当然であります Asahi: That's a given.
旭: ただ、ここの集落には 驚かされるでありますよ But this village never ceases to amaze me.
静香: どうして? Shizuka: Why?
旭: 我の故郷の町よりも山深く、 それでいて生命力が強い It's deeper in the mountains than my home town, and yet it's so vital.
静香: そんなことがわかるの…? Shizuka: How can you tell that?
旭: 自然が元気かどうかは、 肌で感じるでありますよ Asahi: You can feel if nature is healthy or not.
ちはる: うわー懐かしい! Chiharu: Wow, this brings back memories!
静香: ちゃると私はここで 魔法少女になったものね Shizuka: This is where Charu and I became magical girls.
旭: ここで? Asahi: Here?
ちはる: そうそう! Chiharu: Yes, yes!
ちはる: 舞と神楽で久兵衛様を呼んで、 わたしは願い事を叶えたんだよ Chiharu: We called upon Kyubei-sama with dance and Kagura, and I got my wish.
静香: 素質がある子たちは、 いずれそうなる運命なのよ Shizuka: It's the fate of all children who have the gift to do so.
静香: 日の本のために叶える願いも 事前に集落の長が決めていてね Shizuka: The chief of the village decides in advance which wishes will be granted for the sake of Hinomoto
静香: 自分のために巫になるなんて 有り得ないことだったわ It was impossible for me to become a priestess for my own sake
旭: カルチャーショックであります… Asahi: It's a culture shock...
静香: でた、強そうな言葉…! Shizuka: Now there's a strong word...!
すなお: 旭さんが驚くのも当然です Sunao: No wonder Asahi is surprised!
すなお: 静香とは近い分家の私でさえ Sunao: Even I'm from a family close to Shizuka's
すなお: 親から何も聞いてなかったので 普通に願いを叶えましたから Sunao: I didn't know anything about it from my parents, so I just made my wish.
ちはる: 旭ちゃんも? Chiharu: You too, Asahi?
旭: 自分のために 願いを叶えたでありますよ Asahi: I made a wish for myself.
旭: それでも、巫と時女に関する話は 子孫に伝わっていたであります Asahi: Still, the story of the shaman and Tokime was passed down to my descendants.
旭: ただ、日の本のためという部分は 欠落していたでありますよ Asahi: But the part about doing it for the sake of Japan was missing, wasn't it?
ちはる: やっぱり、土地によって バラバラなんだねぇ Chiharu: I guess it varies from place to place.
ちはる: うちは完全に 都市伝説みたいだったもん Chiharu: It was totally like an urban legend in our house.
すなお: 静香だけが現実の存在として、 巫を認識してたと思うんですけど Sunao: I think Shizuka was the only one who recognized the miko as a real entity.
すなお: 幼い頃の静香にとって 巫はどう見えていたんですか? Sunao: How did the shrine maiden appear to Shizuka when she was a child?
静香: うーん、どう見えてたか… Shizuka: Well, I don't know how I saw him...
静香: 私にとっては英雄かしら 国と人々を助ける憧れの対象ね Shizuka: To me, they were heroes, people who helped their country and their people.
静香: 私が産まれた時って、 集落には巫がいなかったんだけど Shizuka: When I was born, there were no priests in the village.
静香: 大人たちからは、 色んな武勇伝をたくさん聞いたわ Shizuka: I've heard so many stories of heroism from the adults
静香: ちゃるって、 等々力耕一になりたい? Shizuka: Do you want to be Koichi Todoroki?
ちはる: なりたいっていうか憧れ? Chiharu: Not really.
ちはる: 同じような仕事について、 犯人を捕まえたいって感じかな Chiharu: I think I'd like to have a similar job and catch a criminal.
静香: 私も同じよ Shizuka: I want the same thing!
静香: いつか巫になって、 みんなを助けるのが夢だったわ Shizuka: I've always dreamed of becoming a shaman and helping people.
静香: そう…小さい頃からずっと 染みついてるのよね… Shizuka: Yeah... it's been ingrained in me since I was little...
ちはる: 結局、犯人は 見つからなかったの? Chiharu: So, they didn't find the culprit after all?
ちはるの母: 残念だけどね… Chiharu's mom: Unfortunately, no...
ちはるの母: ちゃるはどこかで 悪意を感じなかった? Chiharu's mom: Didn't you sense any malice somewhere?
ちはる: 神社とか、色々巡ってたけど、 特に悪意は感じなかったよ? Chiharu: I was visiting shrines and stuff, but I didn't feel any malice, you know?
ちはるの母: そう… Chiharu's mom: Well...
すなお: なんとか見つけたいですね… Sunao: I want to find it somehow...
すなお: 集落のみんなで 頑張って稼いだお金ですから… Chiharu's mom: I hope we can find it... Sunao: It's money that we all worked hard to earn...
静香: 私たちだって前に 物産展を手伝ったりしたし Shizuka: We've also helped with a product fair before.
静香: 苦労が水の泡になるって思うと 腹立たしいわ Shizuka: It's annoying to think that all our hard work is going to go down the drain
静香の母: そんなこと言っても、 手がかりも見つからないからね Shizuka's mom: you're not going to find any clues
静香の母: それより、そっちはどうだった? 何か収穫はあったの? Shizuka's mom: Anyway, how did it go over there? Did you get anything out of it?
静香: 収穫っていうより、 なんだか幼い頃を思い出したわ Shizuka: It wasn't really a harvest, it was more of a reminder of my childhood
静香: 私って昔っから 巫と共にあったんだなって… Shizuka: I think I've always been with the shaman
静香: それで、明日は資料周りを 色々と漁ってみるつもりよ Shizuka: So, tomorrow I'm going to go through the archives and see what I can find.
すなお: 旭さんたちも 気にしてましたからね Sunao: Asahi and the others were wondering about that too.
静香: そうそう Shizuka: Yeah, yeah
ちはるの母: それなら、 ちょうど良かったわ Chiharu's mom: That's good to know.
ちはるの母: 一緒に資料整理を 手伝ってもらっていいかしら? Chiharu's mom: I was wondering if you could help me organize the materials?
すなお: 資料整理、ですか? Chiharu's mom: Yes.
ちはるの母: 観光に来る方に巫の話をするとね 興味を持たれることが多いのよ Chiharu's mom: When I talk about shamanism to tourists, they're often interested in it.
ちはるの母: それで、本とかを整理して 資料館を作ろうと思って Chiharu's mom: So I was thinking of organizing the books and making a library.
ちはるの母: とはいっても空き家を改装する こぢんまりしたものだけどね Chiharu's mom: but it's just a small renovation of an empty house
ちはる: 物好きもいるんだね Chiharu: I guess there are some people who like things.
静香: そうでもないと思うわ Shizuka: I don't think so.
静香: ほら、前に調整屋で会った子が いたじゃない Shizuka: You know, there was a girl I met at the adjustment shop before.
ちはる: あ、あ~~ほんとだっ! Chiharu: Oh, my gosh, that's so true!
静香の母: 巫に興味を持ってるの? Shizuka's mom: are you interested in shamanism?
静香: 昔に学者だとかいう人が 巫を調べに来たでしょ? Shizuka: Didn't some scholar come here a long time ago to look into shamanism?
静香: あの時のおじさんの娘がね、 神浜に居たのよ Shizuka: My uncle's daughter was in Kamihama.
静香: 私たちと同じ巫…というか 魔法少女としてね Shizuka: She's a shaman like us... or rather a magical girl.
静香の母: あぁ…2回目は 神子柴に追い返されてたわね… Shizuka's mom: Oh... the second time, you were turned away by Kamikoshiba...
静香: そうそう、その人 Shizuka: Yeah, that's the one.
すなお: もしかしたら、あの子も 興味を持つかもしれませんし Shizuka's mom: Yeah.
すなお: 整理するのは、 ちょうどいいかもしれませんね Sunao: It might be a good idea to organize them
ちはるの母: 資料に目を通すのを優先して、 手伝いはついででいいからね Chiharu's mom: I'll look through the materials first, and then I'll help you.
すなお: はい Sunao: yes
ちはる: どんな本があるのか、 楽しみだねっ Chiharu: I can't wait to see what kind of books they have!
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
旭: 夜道を乙女がひとりとは、 危険でありますな Asahi: It's dangerous for a maiden to be walking alone at night.
静香: ――っ!? Shizuka: --?
静香: なんだ、旭だったの… 何してたの? Shizuka: Oh, it's you, Asahi... what were you doing?
旭: 獣の声を聞いてたでありますよ 静香殿は? Asahi: I was listening to the beast's voice, Shizuka-dono?
静香: 少し夜風に当たりながら 考え事をしてたのよ Shizuka: I was just thinking, enjoying the night breeze.
静香: 自分は思ってたよりも、 周りとは違うんだなって I realized that I'm not as different from the people around me as I thought.
旭: 幼い頃から魔法少女に触れる人は 数えるほどだと思うであります I think there are only a few people who are exposed to magical girls from a young age
静香: だから、周りと私は違うでしょ? Shizuka: So I'm different from those around me, right?
旭: それを負い目に感じることは ないでありますよ Asahi: You don't have to feel guilty about that.
静香: ちゃるも言ってたわ Shizuka: That's what Chiru said.
旭: ちはる殿でありますか? Asahi: Chiharu-dono?
静香: 過去は関係ない… 想いが同じなら大丈夫だって… Shizuka: The past doesn't matter... as long as our feelings are the same...
静香: それなら、やっぱり 私がやることはひとつなのよね Shizuka: Then I guess there's only one thing for me to do
静香: 本家として想いを伝えて 一族を引っ張る… Shizuka: As the head of the family, I'll convey my feelings and lead the clan...
旭: それに何か不都合でも…? Asahi: Is there anything wrong with that?
静香: ひとつの問題が首をもたげるわ Shizuka: There's just one problem that hangs over my head.
旭: なんでありますか? Asahi: What is it?
静香: どう手を組んだところで、 ユニオンとは相容れないわ… Shizuka: No matter how we team up, we will never be compatible with the Union...
静香: 私は時女としての境遇を 第一にするんだから… I put my circumstances as Tokime first, so...
静香: そう… Shizuka: Well...
静香: 私たちは私たちでしかない… Shizuka: We are what we are...
ちはる: む…むむぅ… Chiharu: Mmm... mmm...
ちはる: ん~~~? Chiharu: hmmm~?
ちはる: んなぁーーーー! Chiharu: Noooooooo!
静香: ちゃる、うるさい Shizuka: Charu, shut up!
ちはる: だってこんなミミズみたいな字 読めないよぅ…! Chiharu: I can't read these wormy letters...!
ちはる: ねえ、すなおちゃん! Chiharu: Hey, Sunao!
すなお: 私は読めますよ Sunao: I can read!
すなお: 神子柴の家に住み込んでいた時 かなり鍛えられましたから Sunao: When I was living in Kamikoshiba's house, I was trained very well.
ちはる: なっ…ずるいよぅ… Chiharu: What... that's not fair...
旭: しかし、我もちはる殿と同じで さっぱりであります… Asahi: But like Chiharu, I have no idea how to read...
旭: あ、でもこれなら、 読めそうでありますよ…! Asahi: Oh, but I think I can read this...!
ちはる: 旭ちゃんずるい…! Chiharu: That's not fair, Asahi...!
旭: …か、ん、た、ん、な Asahi: ...or...or...or...or...
ちはる: まさか、簡単な巫としての 技の覚え方とか…! Chiharu: Don't tell me it's a simple way to learn the techniques of shamanism...!
旭: ………… Asahi: ............
旭: 山菜の見つけ方であります… Asahi: How to find wild plants...
ちはる: はい、ドボン! Chiharu: Yes, I did!
すなお: まさか、神子柴の家にあった本を 集めただけとは思いませんでした Sunao: I didn't think it was just a collection of books from Jinko Shiba's house!
旭: 玉石混交というよりも、 石だけの恐れもありますな… Sunao: I didn't think they just collected books from the Jinkoshiba's house... Asahi: It's more like a mixture of rocks and stones...
すなお: それでも、展示に使える資料は、 混ざってるみたいですよ Sunao: Even so, it seems that there are some materials that can be used for the exhibition.
ちはる: 例えば? Chiharu: For example?
すなお: これは、 ちゃるでも読めると思います Sunao: I think even Charu can read this one.
ちはる: …巫だった子の日記? Chiharu: ...the diary of a priestess?
すなお: 戦いについて纏めてあります Sunao: It's about the battle.
すなお: 根気よく調べてみましょう Sunao: Let's look into it patiently.
ちはる: うん、そうだね Chiharu: Yes, you're right.
これまで多くの悪鬼を倒してきた私は 集落を幾度となく守ったと思う I've defeated many demons, and I think I've protected the village many times.
だけど、その力の根源で巫の象徴と言われる宝石が かなり黒く濁ってきて 最近は力が出なくなってきた But the source of my power, the jewel that is said to be the symbol of the shaman, has become cloudy and black, and lately my power has been diminished.
神子柴様が言うには それは裳着の儀を行って成人になり 集落の外に出られる証らしい Kamikoshiba-sama said that it was a sign that I could perform the ceremony of wearing the costume and become an adult and go out of the village.
これほど嬉しいことはない I couldn't be happier.
日の本の刃として私は集落のみならず 諸先輩方と同じように 全国に巣くう悪鬼を討つ存在になるのだから As the blade of Japan, I will be the one to avenge the demons that lurk not only in the village, but all over the country, just like my predecessors.
ちはる: うぅぅ… Chiharu: ugh...
すなお: ちゃる…!? Sunao: Churu...?
ちはる: わたしたちは気付けたけど、 この子たちは知らなかったんだよ Chiharu: We noticed it, but these kids didn't know about it.
ちはる: 神子柴にだまされて これから殺されることに… Chiharu: Kamikoshiba tricked us and now we're going to be killed...
静香: この名簿に載っている 歴代の巫たちも同じよ… Shizuka: It's the same with the priestesses on this list...
静香: 私とちゃるが 神子柴に落とされた滝壺で Shizuka: In the waterfall pit where me and Chiru were dropped by Kamikoshiba...
静香: 骸となってなお 無念とともに眠っているわ… Shizuka: In the waterfall pit where Charu and I were dropped by Shizuka, we are still sleeping with regret...
旭: 本家はそんな過酷だったで ありますか… Asahi: Wasn't the original so harsh?
旭: 千尋の谷に突き落とすみたいな ことでありますか? Shizuka: It's like throwing someone down a thousand fathoms?
静香: 試練でもなんでもないわ Shizuka: It's not an ordeal or anything.
静香: 私たち時女集落の巫は 私欲のために利用されてきて We Tokime shamans have been used for our own personal gain.
静香: 力を使い切ったあとは、 ゴミを捨てるように殺されたのよ Shizuka: After we used up our powers, we were killed like trash.
ちはる: わたしたちはね、それに気付いて 負のループから抜け出したんだよ Chiharu: We realized that and broke out of the negative loop.
旭: それがキモチの石を求める 切っ掛けになったでありますね Asahi: And that's what led you to seek out the stone of kimochi, isn't it?
静香: ええ、今度こそ日の本のために この身を費やせるようにね… Shizuka: Yes, so that this time I can devote myself to the cause of Japan...
静香: そういえば、 まだ連れていってなかったわね Shizuka: By the way, I haven't taken you with me yet.
静香: 裳着の儀が行われた場所に… Shizuka: To the place where the costume dressing ceremony took place...
旭: ここが、その裳着の儀をする 場所でありますか… Is this where the ceremony of the costume fitting takes place?
静香: そうよ Shizuka: Yes.
静香: わざわざ立派な衣装を纏ってね ここから突き落とされるの Shizuka: You'll be thrown down from here, all dressed up in your finest costume.
静香: すぐ先は滝壺 Shizuka: Just ahead is the waterfall
静香: 私の憧れだった人たちはみんな そこで眠っているわ… Everyone I've ever admired is sleeping there...
旭: っ… Asahi: Oh...
ちはる: わたしも見たよ 一緒に滝壺に落ちたから… Chiharu: I saw it too. We fell into the waterfall together...
すなお: 静香… Sunao: Shizuka...
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香: 日の本のために生きて 多くの人々を助けるという意思は 私だけのものじゃない Shizuka: The will to live for the sun and help many people is not mine alone.
静香: 私は憧れた人の無念を 何十何百と背負っているんだ Shizuka: I carry the regrets of dozens and hundreds of people I admire
静香: それを報いて多くを救うためにも 私は魔女化という現実を 時女から剥がさないといけない Shizuka: In order to avenge them and save many others, I must strip Tokime of the reality of witchcraft
静香: ――っ!? Shizuka: --?
旭: 魔女の反応でありますな… Asahi: That's the witch's response...
すなお: はい、 悪鬼が集落の周辺にいます… Sunao: Yes, there are demons around the village...
すなお: やっぱりごはんは、 集落の方が美味しいですね Sunao: The food tastes better in the village after all!
静香: 味がしっかりしてるわよね Shizuka: The food tastes so much better there!
ちはる: それに、うちのお母さん 料理上手だからね Chiharu: And my mom is a good cook.
ちはるの母: 褒めたところで、 おかずは増えないわよ? Chiharu's mom: You can't make more dishes by praising her.
ちはる: えへへ Chiharu: hehe
ちはる: ――っ!? Chiharu: --?
ちはる: 匂う… Chiharu: I smell...
ちはるの母: ちょっとおかず増やさないから ケチを付けるつもり? Chiharu's mom: Are you going to complain because I don't make more dishes?
ちはる: ちがう、ちがうよぅ! 悪意の匂いがするんだよぅ! Chiharu: No, no, no! I can smell the malice!
すなお: あっ… Sunao: Oh...
すなお: 前の盗みの一件って 夜の犯行でしたよね…? Sunao: The last time you stole something, you did it at night, right?
静香の母: ええ、行ってみましょう ちゃる案内して Shizuka's mom: Yeah, let's go there. Show me Charu.
ちはる: うんっ! Chiharu: Yes!
静香: こっちの方って、 時女の資料を集めてる家じゃ Shizuka: Isn't this the house that collects Tokime's stuff?
静香の母: 今度は資料を盗む気…!? Shizuka's mom: Now you're going to steal my stuff?
カチャリ… Shizuka: Mom!
静香: 母様! さすがに真剣で切っちゃだめ! Shizuka: Mom! Don't cut yourself too seriously!
静香の母: やって峰打ちよ! Shizuka's mom: Do it!
………… ............
ちはるの母: 持ち出してるわ… Chiharu's mom: I'm bringing it up...
ちはる: 魔女の口付けがある… Chiharu: There's a witch's kiss...
すなお: 川で感知した魔女の影響を 受けているかもしれません! Sunao: We may be under the influence of the witch we sensed in the river!
静香: あいつ…歴代巫の名簿まで… Shizuka: He even took the list of priestesses...
静香: 許せない…! Shizuka: I can't allow it...!
ちはるの母: 時女さんの真剣と同じ 親子の血ね… Chiharu's mom: It's the same parent-child blood as Tokime's serious...
静香の母: 静香!あなたたちは巫だから 悪鬼を倒してきなさい! Shizuka's mom: Shizuka, you're priestesses, go and kill the demon!
静香: でも、その男は…! Shizuka: But that guy...!
静香の母: 私ひとりで十分よ! Shizuka's mom: I'm fine on my own!
静香の母: コイツを崩すから、 広江さんは取り押さえて! Shizuka's mom: I'll break him up, but you have to take him down!
ちはるの母: え、あ、はいっ! Shizuka's mom: I'm fine by myself!
ちはる: えぇ… Chiharu: Yeah...
………… ............
静香の母: アンタが 集落の金を盗ったのね… Shizuka's mom: You stole the community's money...
静香の母: 時女一心流! Shizuka's mom: Tokime Isshinryu!
静香の母: “伝心、瞳合わせ!” Shizuka's mom: "Denshin, pupil matching!"
――っ!? =--What?
か、確保します! I'll get her!
すなお: 目を合わせただけで 倒れましたよ… Shizuka's mom: "Denshin, pupil meeting!
ちはる: 静香ちゃんのお母さんって ほんと、何者なの…? Chiharu: Who is Shizuka's mom really?
静香: 巫ではないけど… Shizuka: She's not a shaman, but...
静香の母の声: ほら、3人とも 突っ立ってないで早く行く! Shizuka's mom's voice: Come on, you three, don't just stand there, let's go!
静香: はい! Shizuka: Yes!
静香: うーん… Shizuka: Hmm...
ちはる: 何か不満そうだね 静香ちゃん Chiharu: You don't look happy, Shizuka.
静香: 前に母様からは、 技は教えきったって言われたのよ Shizuka: My mom told me before that I've taught you all the techniques.
静香: でも、今の技は初めて見たのよ… どういうことかしら… Shizuka: but I've never seen this technique before... I don't understand...
すなお: 剣の技ではないですしね…? Shizuka: But I've never seen this technique before.
静香: そうなのよね Shizuka: I know, right?
ちはる: あんなにあっさり 倒せると思わなかったよぅ Chiharu: I didn't think it was that easy to defeat.
ちはる: 前は悪鬼ってもう少し 苦戦したと思うんだけどなぁ Chiharu: I thought demons were a bit more difficult to defeat before.
すなお: きっと神浜で調整を 受けてるからだと思いますよ Sunao: I think it's because they've been adjusted by Kamihama.
ちはる: そっかそっか! Chiharu: I see!
ちはる: 元々、神浜で調整するのって 強い魔女と戦うためだもんね Sunao: I think it's because we're gathering witches now.
すなお: 今は魔女を集めてないので、 魔女の強さも普通ですけどね Sunao: We don't collect witches now, so the strength of witches is normal.
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香: しっかり倒してきたわ Shizuka: I've defeated them all!
静香の母: こっちも正気に戻った犯人から 事情を聞いて他の人に渡したわ Shizuka's mom: I got the story from the culprit who came to his senses and gave it to someone else.
ちはる: 原因はなんだったの? Chiharu: What was the cause?
ちはるの母: ………… Chiharu's mom: ............
ちはるの母: 賭け事にはまって お金をすっちゃったんだって… Chiharu's mom: He said he got addicted to gambling and lost all his money...
ちはる: 言ってたやつだ… Chiharu: That's what you said...
すなお: それで落ち込んでる隙を 悪鬼に狙われたんですね… Chiharu's mom: She got addicted to gambling and lost her money...
静香の母: 巫の資料も展示するぐらいだから 価値があると思ったそうよ Shizuka's mom: She thought it was worth it to have the shaman's stuff on display.
静香: ほんと、この集落の歴史なのに 許せないわ… Shizuka: It's the history of this village, I can't forgive it...
静香の母: 私もただの男に 技なんて使っちゃったわ… Shizuka's mom: I also used a technique on a mere man...
ちはる: 静香ちゃんの母様の技! あれ、なんなの!? Chiharu: Shizuka's mom's technique! Chiharu: What's that?
静香: 私も技は全部教えたって 聞いてたんだけど… Shizuka: I heard you taught her all your moves too...
静香の母: さっきの技はね、以前の静香には 教えられなかったの Shizuka's mom: I couldn't teach that move to the old Shizuka.
静香: どうして? Shizuka: Why not?
静香の母: 平和な環境で生きてきて、 強い感情を発露しなかったからよ Shizuka's mom: Because she lived in a peaceful environment and never expressed strong emotions.
でも、今なら教えられるわ But I can teach her now.
静香: 今なら…? Shizuka: Now you can...?
すなお: 静香が強い嫌悪感を持って 帰ってきたからですか? Sunao: Because Shizuka came back with strong feelings of disgust?
そう、すなおちゃんの言う通り Yes, you're right, Sunao.
相手にぶつけるような気持ちがね この技には必要なのよ It's the feeling of hitting the opponent that's necessary for this technique.
あらかた調べて答えも出て、 もう神浜に行くつもりでしょう? You've done your research, you have your answers, and you're going to Kamihama, right?
静香: はい Shizuka: Yes.
それなら明日、旅立つ前の娘に、 もうひとつ技を教えてあげるわ In that case, I'll teach her one more trick before she leaves tomorrow.
すなお: それでは静香、応援してますね また、夕方に会いましょう Sunao: I'll be rooting for you, Shizuka. I'll see you in the evening.
静香: ええ、また後でね Shizuka: Yeah, I'll see you later.
旭: すなお殿は 先に神浜に戻るでありますか? Asahi: Sunao, are you going back to Kamihama first?
すなお: いえ、私の実家が村にあるので 今日は親と過ごそうと思うんです Sunao: No, my parents live in the village, so I'm going to spend today with them
旭: それは、親孝行でありますな Asahi: That's very filial of you.
すなお: 特に巫が危険なのは、 両親ともよく知ってますから Sunao: Both of my parents know that shamanism is particularly dangerous.
ちはる: おじさんとおばさんに よろしくね Chiharu: Give my regards to your aunt and uncle.
すなお: はい、行ってきます Sunao: Yes, I'm off!
静香の母: じゃあ、静香 時間ないから急いで済ませるわ Shizuka's mom: Okay, Shizuka, I don't have much time, so I'll hurry up and finish.
静香: …お願いします Shizuka: ...please
静香の母: 目を合わせて… Shizuka's mom: Make eye contact...
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香の母: ………… Shizuka's mom: ............
静香: …っ Shizuka: ...
ちはる: 静香ちゃん! Chiharu: Shizuka!
ちはる: 何かしたようには 見えなかったんだけど Chiharu: It didn't look like he did anything.
静香: すごい怖くて、 膝から力が抜けた… Chiharu: It didn't look like I did anything, but I was so scared that my knees gave out...
静香の母: “瞳合わせ”はそうやって 強い感情をぶつける技よ Shizuka's mom: "Eye contact" is a technique where you throw out strong emotions like that.
静香の母: その中でも伝えやすいのが 攻撃的な感情 Shizuka's mom: Aggression is the easiest to communicate
静香の母: 巫は肉体が強くなっても、 心は前と変わらないでしょ? Shizuka's mom: Even though you're physically stronger, your mind is still the same, right?
静香の母: だから、私が相手だとしても 巫に膝を付かせられるわ Shizuka's mom: So even if it's me you're up against, I can bring you to your knees.
静香: これは、他の感情も 伝えられるっていうこと…? Shizuka: Does this mean that you can communicate other emotions as well?
静香の母: もちろんよ Shizuka's mom: Of course.
静香の母: あなたの父様だって、 これで落としたんだから Shizuka's mom: It's what got your father killed.
静香: えっ!? Shizuka: What?
静香の母: うそよ、うそうそ Shizuka's mom: No, no, no.
静香: こっちは真剣なんだから 冗談はやめてよ Shizuka's mom: I'm serious
静香の母: でも、恐怖は抜けて、 もう立ち上がれるでしょ? Shizuka's mom: but now that the fear is gone, you can get up, right?
静香: あ、うん… Shizuka: Uh, yeah...
静香の母: 誰かを嫌い、恨む気持ちが 芽生えた静香なら Shizuka's mom: If you've grown to hate or resent someone
静香の母: きっと使えるわ Shizuka's mom: I'm sure she can use it
ちはる: ちなみに静香ちゃんの母様は どうやって会得したの? Chiharu: By the way, Shizuka's mom, how did you learn this?
ちはる: 集落の中は平和だから 静香ちゃんはダメだったのに Chiharu: It's so peaceful in the village, Shizuka couldn't do it.
静香: 母様も外で 恨む相手がいるの…? Shizuka: Does your mom have someone to hate out there too?
静香の母: いえ、私は父様との夫婦ゲンカで 会得したのよ Shizuka's mom: No, I learned that from my fight with my father.
静香: また、冗談でしょ Shizuka: You're kidding again.
静香の母: ………… Shizuka's mom: ............
静香: それは本当なの…!? Shizuka: Is that true...?
静香: …っ Shizuka: ...!
静香の母: 何も響いてこないわよ Shizuka's mom: Nothing's resonating with me.
静香: ぬぅぅぅ…! Shizuka: Noooooo...!
静香の母: 目を見開いても意味なし! Shizuka's mom: There's no point in opening your eyes!
静香の母: あなたの嫌いなやつの顔を 思い浮かべてみなさい! Shizuka's mom: Picture the face of someone you don't like!
旭: 我々はこの様子を 見続けるでありますか…? Asahi: Are we going to keep watching this...?
ちはる: だからすなおちゃんも 実家に行ったんだよ Chiharu: That's why you went to your parents' house, Sunao.
ちはる: わたしも、お母さんが 資料の整理の続きをしてるから Chiharu: I'm going to go help my mom with some of the stuff she's still working on.
ちはる: これから手伝いにいくよ? Chiharu: I'm going to help her now.
旭: 我もお邪魔して 良いでありますか…? Asahi: Can I come in too?
静香: 紅晴結菜のあの言葉… あれだけは許せない…! Shizuka: KurehaYuna's words... I can't forgive her for that...!
ちはるの母: あら、まだやってたの… Chiharu's mom: Oh, you're still doing that...
ちはる: これ、今日中に 神浜に戻れるのかな… Chiharu: I wonder if I'll be able to get back to Kamihama by the end of the day...
旭: 怪しくなってきたであります… Asahi: It's starting to look doubtful...
ちはる: でも、なんだろうこの空気… Chiharu: but what's with the air...
すなお: 肌がヒリつくぐらい、 ピリピリしてますね… Sunao: It's so tingly it's making my skin burn...
ちはる: すなおちゃん Chiharu: Sunao!
静香の母: この集落に戻ってきて、 静香は何を得たの? Shizuka's mom: What did Shizuka get from coming back to this village?
静香の母: 命をかけてまで巫として 戦いに赴いた理由はなんなの? Shizuka's mom: Why did you risk your life to go into battle as a shaman?
静香の母: その矜持は!その信念は! それが潰されると思いなさい! Shizuka's mom: Your pride! Your faith! Think of how that will be crushed!
静香: 私が得た答え… Shizuka: The answer I got...
静香: 個々の過去は関係ない 時女の矜持と信念に従えばいい… Shizuka: Our individual pasts are irrelevant, just follow Tokime's pride and beliefs...
静香: それは日の本と人々の刃となり 身を費やすこと… Shizuka: It's about being a blade for Japan and its people and spending your life...
静香: 他の魔法少女と名乗る 少女たちとの大きな違いは Shizuka: The main difference between us and the other girls who call themselves magical girls is that
静香: 巫という歴史と文化の中で生まれ 育まれてきたということ… Shizuka: I was born and raised in the history and culture of shamanism
静香: つまり…! Shizuka: In other words...!
静香: 私たち時女一族は 生まれた時から巫と共にあり 他者のために命を全うする存在! Shizuka: We, the Tokime clan, have been with the shaman since birth, and we are here to fulfill our lives for the sake of others!
静香: 非業によって志半ばにしてこの世を去った 巫たちの想いを背負い 魔女化という理不尽を打ち破り 全力で日の本と人々のために尽くすのよ! Shizuka: We will carry the feelings of the priestesses who died in the line of duty, defeat the injustice of witchcraft, and do everything in our power for the sake of Japan and its people!
静香: 巫であることを人生の添え物にして ただ宿命から逃げようとする者たちとは違うわ! Shizuka: We're not like those who just try to escape their fate by making being a shrine maiden an accessory to their lives!
静香: はぁ…はぁ… Shizuka: Haha... haha...
静香の母: どこで、そう思ったの? Shizuka's mom: Where did you get that idea?
静香: 歴代の巫の名簿を見て涙した時と 過去の資料を男から守った時… Shizuka: When I saw the list of priestesses and cried, and when I protected the past from the men...
静香: 巫と共に育たなかった 他の地の魔法少女だったら Shizuka: If it had been a magical girl from another land who hadn't grown up with the shrine maiden...
静香: 時女の資料なんて、 紙切れなんだろうって思ったのよ Shizuka: I thought that Tokime's files were just pieces of paper.
静香の母: あなたの真意がどれほどか 見せてもらうわ Shizuka's mom: Let's see how true your intentions are.
静香: 母様!? Shizuka: mom?
静香の母: 全ての歴史を切り刻んであげる Shizuka's mom: I'm gonna cut up all your history.
静香: ――っ!? Shizuka: --?
静香: 「やめろ!」 Shizuka: "Stop!
静香の母: あっ…く… Shizuka's mom: Oh...shit...
静香: 母様! Shizuka: Mother!
静香の母: ふぅ… ようやく会得できたわね… Shizuka's mom: Hmm... you've finally mastered it...
静香: あっ… Shizuka: Ah...
静香の母: ほら、時間がないでしょう Shizuka's mom: Look, we're running out of time.
静香の母: すなおちゃんもいるし、 さっさと神浜に行きなさい Shizuka's mom: Sunao is here too, so get your ass to Kamihama
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香: ありがとうございました! Shizuka: Thank you very much!
静香: ちゃる、すなお、旭! そして他のみんなも! Shizuka: Charu, Sunao, Asahi, and everyone else!
静香: 戻るわよ、神浜に! Shizuka: We're going back, to Kamihama!
わかりました! I understand!
旭: 先ほどの言葉、 胸を打たれたであります Asahi: What you just said hit me right in the heart!
旭: さすが本家でありますな Asahi: That's the original family!
ちはる: お母さん、行ってくるね! Chiharu: Mom, I'm off!
ちはるの母: 気をつけてね! Chiharu's mom: Be careful!
すなお: さきほど、ユニオンの方から 連絡がありました Sunao: I just got a call from the Union.
静香: …なんて? Shizuka: ...what?
すなお: 南凪ではプロミストブラッドに 石を取られたそうです Sunao: In Nannagi, they said that a stone was taken by a Promised Blood.
すなお: あと、ういちゃんもまだ 助けられていないそうです… Sunao: Also, Ui-chan hasn't been saved yet...
ちはる: 苦戦してるね… Chiharu: You're struggling...
旭: ユニオンとの同盟は どうするつもりでありますか? Asahi: What do you plan to do about the alliance with the Union?
ちはる: え…? Chiharu: Huh...?
静香: 今なら反対していた子たちの 気持ちが理解できるわ Shizuka: Now I can understand why those kids were against it.
静香: 私は時女としての 主体性を失っていたのよ… Shizuka: I was losing my independence as Tokime...
静香: そして私自身、 相手に譲歩しすぎていたわ Shizuka: And I was giving in to them too much.
ちはる: 戦わないよね… Chiharu: You're not going to fight...
静香: もちろん争うつもりはないわ 理由がないもの Shizuka: Of course we're not going to fight, we have no reason to.
静香: ただ、自分たちのことを 優先しないとって思ってるわ Shizuka: I just think that we have to put ourselves first.
樹里: んじゃあ、行くか妹 らんかたちも二木に戻るぞー Juri: Well, let's go, little sister. Let's go back to Niki too!
アオ: おっけ~ Ao: Ok~!
樹里: もう1体キモチと戦えるぐらい 元気そうだな Juri: You look healthy enough to fight another Kimochi.
アオ: クスッ、そうかも Ao: I guess so!
アオ: なんか姉ちゃんも まだまだ余裕ありそうだね~ Ao: Looks like you've still got some time left in the tank.
アオ: キモチ用に溜めてた魔力 消費したんじゃないの~? Ao: Didn't you use up all the magic you had stored up for Kimochi?
樹里: ユニオン側にいた笛のヤツらが かなりバテてたからな Juri: The flute players on Union's side were pretty exhausted.
樹里: 相手も下手に消費するより 退く選択をしてたんだよ Juri: They chose to retreat rather than consume it.
アオ: それなら、姉ちゃんも もう1戦ぐらいできそうだね Ao: Then I guess you can have one more fight
樹里: いや、今日はもう帰ろうぜ… Juri: No, let's go home for the day...
アオ: クスッ Juri: No, let's just go home...
アオ: ありがとうね Ao: Thank you.
樹里: あ? Juri: Oh?
アオ: ううん、なんでもない Ao: No, it's nothing
智珠 らんか: 樹里の言葉のおかげで、 本気になれたからでしょ? Chizu Ranka: It's because of what Juri said that I got serious, right?
アオ: 言わなくていいのに… Ao: You don't have to say that...
智珠 らんか: アオはゲーム内だけ強気の内弁慶 言いたいことはわかるって Chizu Ranka: Ao, you're just a tough guy in the game, you know what I mean
アオ: もうっ… Ao: Oh my god...
樹里: まぁ、妹は舐めた態度をとる割に 戦うのが嫌いだからな Juri: Well, my sister doesn't like to fight, even though she's got an attitude
樹里: 色んな所が大きいくせに、 肝っ玉だけは小さいんだよ Juri: You're big in many ways, but you're small in the guts.
アオ: 姉ちゃんとは逆だね Ao: She's the opposite of my sister.
樹里: そういうとこだっつーの! Juri: That's what I'm talking about!
アオ: クスッ Ao: Crap!
アオ: (姉ちゃんが敵だった時は 全然わからなかったけど…) Ao: (I didn't get it at all when my sister was the enemy, but...)
アオ: (なんで竜ケ崎の魔法少女が、 大庭樹里を慕うのかわかる…) Ao: (I know why the magical girls of Ryukesaki adore Oba Juri...)
アオ: (やり方が乱暴過ぎるのだけが もったいないよなぁ…) Ao: (The only thing that's a waste is that she's too violent...)
アオ: ――っ!? Ao: --?
智珠 らんか: なに、急に止まって… Chizu Ranka: What's with the sudden stop...
アオ: …………キモチがいる Ao: ............ There's a witch
樹里: なっ、魔女じゃなくてか…? Juri: Are you sure it's not a witch?
アオ: うん、間違いない! 姉ちゃん地図見せて! Ao: Yeah, I'm sure! Ao: Yeah, definitely!
樹里: …どうだ? Juri: ...what do you think?
アオ: 北養の西側… 今いる場所と照らし合わせて… Ao: West side of Beiyang... compare it to where we are now...
アオ: 間違いない…いる…! Ao: Definitely... there...!
智珠 らんか: うっそ、マジでもう1戦!? 明日にした方がよくない? Chizu Ranka: Oh no, seriously, one more round? Shouldn't we do it tomorrow?
樹里: いや、感知した以上は むしろ今だな Juri: No, now that I've sensed it, I'd rather do it now.
樹里: こっちに流れが来てるし、 アドレナリンも出てるだろ Juri: It's flowing this way, and the ad-renaulin is flowing
智珠 らんか: それは否定できないけどさ Chizu Ranka: I can't deny that, but...
智珠 らんか: ま、わかったよ 長女さんには連絡しておく Chizu Ranka: Well, okay, I'll contact your eldest daughter
アオ: まさか、本当にもう1戦すると 思わなかった~ Ao: I didn't think we'd actually have to fight another round
静香: この魔力の感じは… プロミストブラッド… Shizuka: This feeling of magic... Promised Blood...
すなお: 距離があって特定できませんが 間違いなさそうですね Sunao: I can't pinpoint it due to the distance, but I'm pretty sure it's there
旭: 人数からしてキモチを探してると 思われるであります Asahi: Based on the number of people, I'd say they're looking for Kimoi
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
静香: こちらも人数がいるし、 追いかけましょう Shizuka: There's a lot of people here too, let's go after them
静香: うまくいけば私たちも石を 手に入れられるかもしれないわ Shizuka: Hopefully we'll get the stone too.
ちはる: ちょっと待って! ういちゃんはどうするの…? Chiharu: Wait a minute! Chiharu: Wait a minute!
静香: 私たちは私たちの成すべきことを 優先しないといけないわ Shizuka: We have to prioritize what we have to do.
ちはる: …友だちだとしても、 時女一族の未来のためには… Chiharu: ...even if we are friends, for the sake of Tokime clan's future...
静香: ええ、今はキモチを狙う Shizuka: Yeah, we're going after Kimoi now.
静香: 過去の巫たちと集まった仲間に 胸を張れるようにね Shizuka: that we can show our pride in our past priests and our gathered friends.
樹里: なんか迫ってくると思ったら、 やっぱりお前らか、時女… Juri: I thought something was coming at me, but it's you guys, Tokime...
樹里: 自力でキモチを見つけたのに とんだ邪魔が入ったな… Juri: You found Kimochi on your own, and now you're in my way...
アオ: 南凪の時とは逆だね~ Ao: It's the opposite of what happened with Nanagi.
すなお: 邪魔だと言われても、 私たちとしても石が必要なんです Sunao: Even if you say it's a hindrance, we need the stone too
静香: 日の本のためにも魔女化の軛を 断たないといけないからね Shizuka: We have to break the yoke of witchcraft for the sake of Hinomoto
アオ: …なんだか目つき変わった? Ao: ...has his eyes changed?
樹里: アイツもどこか 腹が決まったような感じがするな Juri: It seems like she's decided to do something, too.
樹里: 妹、油断するなよ… Juri: Sister, don't let your guard down...
アオ: うん… Ao: Yeah...
智珠 らんか: どうせバレてるなら、 明日に回しちゃえば…? Chizu Ranka: If he knows, why don't we leave it for tomorrow?
ちはる: それなら、わたしたちは、 仲間をここに待機させるよっ Chiharu: Then we'll have our people wait here.
智珠 らんか: あぁそう… Chizu Ranka: Oh yeah...
樹里: バレたらそこまで やりあうしかないっつーの Juri: If they find out, we'll have to fight to the bitter end!
アオ: じゃあ、今回もキモチは 奪い合いってことになりそうだね Ao: I guess we'll have to fight for our feelings this time too.
樹里: だな Juri: Right.
アオ: 仕方ないか… Ao: I guess we have no choice...
アオ: …ふっ…やぁっ! Ao:!
アオ: 姉ちゃん、らんか、行こう! Ao: Sis, Ranca, let's go!
樹里: おう Juri: oh
智珠 らんか: もう全力でやるしかないか Chizu Ranka: I guess we'll just have to give it our all
静香: みんな! 遅れをとるわけにはいかないわ! Shizuka: Guys! We can't afford to fall behind!
静香: 必ず石を手に入れるわよ! Shizuka: We'll get the stone!
|<)))wヘ√レwヘ√レv~─ ィン| |<Shizuka: We'll get the stone!
ちはる: なーーー! 入った瞬間すっごい音…! Chiharu: Woohoo! The moment I entered, there was a huge sound...!
すなお: すごい、頭が揺さぶられます… Sunao: Wow, my head is shaking...
旭: しかもこの環境… 隠れるところがない… Sunao: My head is shaking... And this environment... There's nowhere to hide...
旭: 狙撃でサポートするのは、 難しいであります… Asahi: It's hard to support with snipers...
樹里: くっそ…なんだあの音… 空気砲かよ… Juri: Damn... what's that noise... is that an air cannon...
智珠 らんか: やば、フラつく Chizu Ranka: Oh no, I'm dizzy
樹里: 大丈夫からんか… Juri: It's not okay...
智珠 らんか: なんとかね… Chizu Ranka: I don't know...
智珠 らんか: でも連続で食らったら 立てなくなるかも… Chizu Ranka: but if I get hit repeatedly I might not be able to stand up...
樹里: 笛といいハープといい、 今日は音と縁があるな… Chizu Ranka: but if I get hit repeatedly, I might not be able to stand up... Juri: the flute and the harp... I've got a connection with sound today...
アオ: ほんとだね~ Ao: You're right!
旭: 狙いを定めて… Asahi: I'll take aim...
旭: ここで…! Asahi: Here...!
|<)))√Wレヘ~ ィン!?| |<Ao: You're right. |I'm not sure.
………… ............
I don't know.
旭: 致命傷にならないであります… Asahi: It's not a fatal wound...
ちはる: なんとか接近して、 思いっきり攻撃できたらいいけど Chiharu: I wish I could get close enough to attack with all my might.
ちはる: 隙を作るしかないよね? Chiharu: We'll just have to create an opening, won't we?
すなお: あのウワサ、全方位に向けて 音を放っていますが Sunao: That rumor is emitting sound in all directions.
すなお: 正面以外は私たちも ひるむほどじゃありません! Sunao: It's not enough to make us flinch except for the front!
静香: なるほどね… Shizuka: I see...
静香: それなら私がおとりになるから すなおたちは背後から攻めて! Shizuka: Then I'll take the bait and Sunao and the others can attack from behind!
すなお: でも、どうやって! Sunao: But how?
静香: まずはプロミストブラッドの ところに突っ込むわ! Sunao: But how? Shizuka: I'll just run right into the Promised Blood first!
すなお: 無茶な! Sunao: That's absurd!
アオ: わたしがウワサの攻撃を受けて 隙を作るから Ao: I'll take Uwasa's attack and make an opening.
アオ: その間に姉ちゃんは らんかと一緒に攻撃して Ao: In the meantime, you and Ranka will attack.
樹里: お前ひとりで大丈夫か…!? Juri: Are you sure you can do it alone?
アオ: イージーゲームだよ Ao: It's an easy game.
静香: ふっ! Shizuka: Huh!
アオ: なっ…不意打ち… Ao: What... a surprise attack...
静香: あなたたちには渡さない この勝負は時女がいただくわ Shizuka: You can't have it. Tokime will take this game.
アオ: そんなすごまれても、 わたしたちだって負けないよ Shizuka: I'm not going to let you win!
アオ: 魔法少女同士で殺し合って 願い以上の代償を払ってきたけど Ao: Puella Magi have killed each other and paid more than we could ever hope to pay.
アオ: 自動浄化システムを奪取できれば 魔女や魔法少女と戦わなくていい If we can take over the automated purification system, we won't have to fight witches and magical girls
アオ: 平穏な搾取のない世界になって 魔法少女なんて服を捨てられる! We'll have a peaceful, exploitation-free world, and we can throw away our magical girl clothes!
静香: 捨てる、ね… Shizuka: Throw away...
静香: やっぱりあなたたちにとって巫は 邪魔な添え物でしかないのね… Shizuka: I guess to you people, the shrine maiden is just a distraction...
アオ: 巫…? クスッ、何言ってるの? Ao: Shaman? Ao: What are you talking about?
静香: 瞳合わせ… Shizuka: Eye contact...
アオ: あ…っ…え…? Ao: Ah...what?
樹里: ――っ!? Juri: --?
樹里: お前…! 妹に何しやがった! Juri: You...! What the hell did you do to my sister!
樹里: おい!妹! Juri: Hey! My sister!
アオ: ………… Ao: ............
静香: 体を傷付けたわけじゃないわ ただ目を合わせただけよ Shizuka: I didn't mean to hurt you physically, I was just making eye contact.
樹里: それで、 こんな風になるかよ! Juri: That's not how it works!
静香: なるわ Shizuka: It will.
静香: 私は魔法少女を受け入れられない あなたたちを否定しているから Shizuka: I can't accept magical girls because I'm in denial about you guys
樹里: お前たちの都合なんざ 樹里サマは知ったこっちゃない Juri: Juri-sama doesn't give a shit about your reasons
樹里: ただな、否定の一言で 片付けてんじゃねーぞ! Juri: But don't just sweep it under the rug!
樹里: うらぁあああっ!! Juri: Aaah!
静香: これを待ってたのよ! Shizuka: This is what I've been waiting for!
|<)))√~ヘwWヘ√レヘ ィン!?| |<Shizuka: I've been waiting for this! |I've been waiting for this!
|<)))w√レヘ~―ィン!| |<Shizuka: I've been waiting for this! |I've been waiting for you.
樹里: 樹里サマに矛先を向けるのが 目的だとぉ…!? Juri: You think the purpose of this is to get at Juri-sama...?
樹里: 妹、動けるか! Juri: Sister, can you move?
アオ: ごめ、足の力が抜けて… Ao: Sorry, my legs are weak...
|<)))wヘ√レwヘ√レv~─ ィン| |<Ao: Sorry, my legs are weak.
樹里: このままじゃ、 妹がモロに食らう…! Juri: If I don't, she'll get eaten alive...
智珠 らんか: 1回ぐらいは、 壁になれる…! Chizu Ranka: At least I can be a wall for once...
アオ: らんか…ごめん…! Ao: Ranka... sorry...
樹里: 樹里サマとらんかで、 妹の盾になるぞ! Juri: Juri-sama and Ranka, I'll be your sister's shield!
静香: みんな! 今なら背後ががら空きよ! Shizuka: Guys! There's an empty spot behind you right now!
すなお: 相手は攻撃を受けたら、 こちらに向いて来ます! Sunao: If they get attacked, they'll turn towards us!
すなお: 全員同時に攻撃して 1撃での必殺を狙いましょう! Sunao: Let's all attack at the same time and aim for the kill shot!
旭: 了解、銃剣での接近戦は 久しぶりであります Sunao: We'll all attack at the same time, aiming for a single kill!
ちはる: 3人で1本の槍になって貫こう! Chiharu: The three of us will become one spear and pierce it!
旭: そうでありますな Asahi: I see.
ちはる: みんなも一緒にお願いね! Chiharu: Everyone join in!
はい! Chiharu: Yes!
ちはる: 終わりだーーーっ!! Chiharu: It's over!
|<)))~レ√wィン…| |<It's over!
ちはる: やった…? Chiharu: You did it...?
|<))))))))√レwヘ―!!!!| |<)))))))) √√lewhe-!!!! |Sunao.
すなお: 断末魔! Sunao: The end!
旭: ただでは死なないと… Chiharu: You're not going to die for nothing...
ちはる: くるよ!? Chiharu: It's coming!
樹里: よし、時女が体勢を崩した! Juri: Okay, Tokime's out of position!
樹里: キモチが出てくる前に、 ひとりずつ押さえ込め! Juri: Hold them off, one by one, before they come out!
わかりました!! Juri: Hold them down one by one before they get creepy!
静香: しまった…! Shizuka: Oh no...!
すなお: いたたっ… 皆さんケガはありませんか…? Sunao: Ouch... are any of you injured?
旭: なんとか… Asahi: Somehow...
ちはる: 最後のあがきを受けちゃったけど これで、キモチと戦えるね… Chiharu: I got the last straw, but now I can fight Kimochi...
それは叶わない! That's not going to happen!
ちはる: うあっ! Chiharu: Oh no!
ここで全員拘束させてもらう I'm going to have to restrain everyone here.
すなお: こちらも、 隙を突かれましたね… Chiharu: I'm going to have to restrain everyone here.
すなお: しかも、この反応… キモチが、出てくる…! Sunao: And this reaction... I'm getting so excited...
∵ハァ~―ゥ~_!! ∵Shizuka: That's right.
静香: この震えるような魔力… 由比さんたちと戦った時と同じ… Shizuka: This trembling magic power is the same as when I fought Yui and the others...
静香: キモチで間違い無さそうね… Shizuka: I'm pretty sure it's kimochi...
静香: (ちゃるたちが捕まった以上、 ここは私ひとりで…!) Shizuka: (Now that Chiru and the others have been captured, I'm on my own here...)
樹里: 遅れをとったが、 ひとりで相手できるヤツじゃない Juri: I know I'm late, but I'm not the only one who can take them on
樹里: 妹、動けるか? Juri: Sister, can you move?
アオ: うん、ようやくね… らんかは…? Ao: Yeah, finally... Ranka...?
智珠 らんか: ごめん、ウワサの一発が効いた… 耳鳴りがしてるし目眩もひどい… Chizu Ranka: sorry, the rumor shot worked... my ears are ringing and I'm dizzy...
アオ: 三半規管がやられたのかも… Ao: Maybe it's my semicircular canal...
樹里: んじゃ、らんかは休憩だな 妹、もう一回タッグで攻めるぞ Juri: Well, Ranka needs a break, little sister.
アオ: 連戦だし、残りの魔力で やれるかどうかわからないけどね Ao: It's going to be a series of fights, and I don't know if I can do it with my remaining magic power.
∵フゥ_―ァア ̄ゥ!! ∵Ao: I don't know if I can do it with my remaining magic power.
静香: っ、やっぱりひとりだと、 ひるませるのが限界かしら… Shizuka: I'm not sure if I'll be able to stun her if I'm alone...
樹里: のんびりやってると、 樹里サマたちがいただくぞ! Juri: If you take it easy, Juri and his friends will take it!
アオ: さっきの借りは、 石を手に入れて返すからね Ao: I'll get the stone to pay you back for what you did!
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
アオ: ――っ!? Ao: --?
アオ: 目を見られたぐらいでひるむな… わたしは姉ちゃんの力を借りて もう一度、強くなるために覚悟を決めた… Ao: Don't be intimidated by the look in my eyes... I'm determined to become strong again with the help of my sister...
アオ: ふぅ… Ao: Hmm...
アオ: イージーモード イージーゲーム… Ao: Easy mode, easy game...
∵ン~_ハァ―ァア…!! ∵Juri: I can't get enough of you...
樹里: ふたり掛かりでもさっぱりだな… 今までのキモチより硬いぞ… Juri: I can't even get two of them to work together... This is harder than anything I've ever done...
アオ: 溜め込んでた魔力は 使わないの? Ao: Aren't you going to use the magic you've been storing up?
アオ: キモチと戦う用の魔力は、 残してあるんでしょ~? Ao: You have some magic power left to fight Kimochi, right?
樹里: わざと使ってねーんだっつーの Juri: I'm not using it on purpose!
アオ: わざと…? Ao: On purpose...?
樹里: ウワサの時に出し抜かれた分、 お返ししてやるんだよ Juri: I'm trying to repay you for outsmarting me during the rumors.
静香: このままだと、時女も プロミストブラッドも全滅ね Shizuka: At this rate, Tokime and Promised Blood will be wiped out!
樹里: こっちも連戦だからな… Juri: We're in a series of battles too...
静香: 共闘しないと倒せないわ Shizuka: We'll have to fight together to defeat them.
アオ: 時女のみんなの 拘束を解けってことだよね~ Shizuka: We'll need to fight together to defeat them
静香: 全滅するのは避けたいでしょ? Shizuka: We don't want to get wiped out, do we?
樹里: 生き残る代わりに、 どっちが倒しても恨みっこなしか Shizuka: You don't want to get wiped out, do you? Juri: So instead of surviving, there'll be no hard feelings no matter who defeats you?
アオ: この際、仕方ないよ Ao: I don't have a choice at this point
樹里: だな… Juri: I guess...
樹里: みんな、時女の拘束を 解いてやってくれ Juri: Everyone, help Tokime out of his bindings.
ほら、解いたぞ… Here, I've untied him...
ちはる: ふふん、ありがとうー Chiharu: Hmmm, thanks!
ムカツクなぁ… I'm so pissed...
すなお: 強情張って死ぬよりかは、 良いじゃないですか Sunao: It's better than being stubborn and dying!
旭: これだけの数で攻撃すれば、 石は確実に手に入るであります Asahi: If we attack with this many, we're sure to get the stone.
∵ハァ~ァッ!! ∵Huh!
静香: 誰が石を受け取っても構わない! ただ、時女の底力を見せなさい! Shizuka: I don't care who gets the stone! Just show us Tokime's true strength!
アオ: 姉ちゃん! Ao: Sis!
樹里: …………まだ動くな! Juri: ............ Don't move yet!
∵フゥ_―ハァ~ゥ!?!? ∵Ao: Don't move yet!
ちはる: よし、上手く拘束して 膝を突いた! Chiharu: Okay, I've got her well restrained and kneeling!
静香: みんな一斉に! Shizuka: Everyone, in unison!
本家に続いて! Follow the main family!
静香: とどめよ…これで一歩、 時女の理想へと近付いてみせる! Shizuka: Stop... this is one step closer to Tokime's ideal!
∵ッ…ン~ ̄_ハ…!! ∵Shizuka: I'll do it!
静香: はぁ…ふぅ…っ Shizuka: Huh...phew...
すなお: これで、 全力を出し切りましたが… Sunao: I've given it all I've got, but...
ちはる: プロミストブラッドが 動いてない…! Chiharu: Promised Blood isn't moving...!
旭: まさか、トドメだけを 狙ってたでありますか…! Asahi: You were only aiming for the end...
静香: 謀られた…! Shizuka: I've been conned...
∵…ン! ∵I've been conspired against...!
樹里: 謀ってないっつーの 賭けただけだ Juri: I wasn't scheming, I was just betting.
樹里: 妙に硬いヤツだったからな Juri: He was strangely hard...
樹里: 一斉攻撃で、ランダムで 手に入るぐらいだったら Juri: If we could get it randomly by attacking all at once...
樹里: こっちは魔力を温存した方が、 負けたとしても楽だろ? Juri: It's easier for us to save our magic power if we lose, right?
アオ: それじゃー、 運が味方したっていうこと? Ao: So you're saying that luck was on our side?
樹里: ニヒッ、運も実力だからな Juri: Luck is also a skill!
静香: ~~~~~! 滅茶苦茶、悔しい…! Shizuka: ~~~~~! It's so frustrating...
樹里: さーて、それじゃあ、 対キモチ戦用に溜めた魔力 Juri: Now then, let's use the magic we've accumulated for the battle against Kimochi.
樹里: ここでぶっ放すぞ! Juri: I'll unleash it right here!
∵ハ_ァ~ ̄フゥ!! ∵Juri: Let's unleash it!
∵ンンー!?!? ∵Juri: -Juri
樹里: ―樹里― ふぅ、いっちょ上がり Juri: -Juri- Huh, one more time!
樹里: ―樹里― こいつにはベリーウェルダンが ちょうど良い焼き加減だろ Juri: -Juri- Belly well-done is just the right amount for this.
樹里: っと… Juri: Well...
樹里: 今回もプロミストブラッドが 石を頂いたっつーわけだな Juri: So, this time, Promised Blood got the stone again.
アオ: これで3姉妹とも 手に入れたってことだね~ Ao: So now you've got all three sisters...
樹里: ひとつは樹里サマが 姉さんにあげたもんだけどな Juri: Juri-sama gave one of them to her sister...
ちはる: 静香ちゃん… Chiharu: Shizuka...
静香: これは私の判断ミスよ… Shizuka: This was an error in judgment on my part...
静香: 前にもプロミストブラッドに 言われたけど Shizuka: Promised Blood told me this before.
静香: 私は対人での経験が浅い だから招いたことだわ Shizuka: I'm inexperienced with people, that's why I brought this on myself.
アオ: クスッ、魔女と戦うのとは、 ワケが違うからね~ It's not like fighting a witch.
静香: ………… Shizuka: ............
アオ: な、なに…? Ao: What's that?
静香: 別にもう戦う理由はないから、 警戒しなくていいわよ Shizuka: There's no reason to fight anymore, so don't be alarmed.
アオ: だって目を見たら、 変な技を使ってくるからさ~ Ao: because if you look me in the eye, I'll use some weird move on you
静香: あの時は偶然、 腹が立ったから出ただけよ Shizuka: That was just an accident, I got angry and left
静香: 私たち以外は仕方がないから 魔法少女をしてるんだなって… Shizuka: I guess the rest of us are Puella Magi because we have no choice...
樹里: 日の本だとか言ってるヤツが 特殊なんだっつーの Juri: Whoever said it's Japan's book is special
樹里: ほら、夜が明ける前に帰るぞ Juri: Come on, let's go home before dawn
智珠 らんか: 帰りも迂回するの? もうアタシ疲れたんだけど Chizu Ranka: Are you going to take a detour on the way back too? I'm so tired!
樹里: 樹里サマも、めんどくさい Juri: You're a pain in the ass too, Juri!
智珠 らんか: じゃあ、近道しよっ Chizu Ranka: Then let's take a shortcut
樹里: しゃーねーなー… Juri: I can't help it...
アオ: じゃあ、わたしもいくね Ao: I'll go with you then
旭: なんだか三女だけ 少し様子が変でありましたな Asahi: It seems like only the three girls are acting a little strange
すなお: 前より真っ直ぐな 目をしてました Sunao: She had straighter eyes than before
ちはる: でも、静香ちゃんを 怖がってたし… Chiharu: But she was scared of Shizuka...
すなお: はい、なんだか 安定してませんでしたね… Chiharu: But she was scared of Shizuka... Sunao: Yes, she was a bit unstable...
ちはる: 静香ちゃんも答えが出たのに、 また悩んでるの? Chiharu: Shizuka, you got your answer and now you're worried again?
静香: 周りとの違いを再認識しただけで もう悩んでないわ Shizuka: I'm not bothered anymore, I just realized how different I am from others.
静香: それより、ちゃるたちは、 私の想いに従ってもいいの…? Shizuka: Can you follow my heart?
ちはる: え? Chiharu: What?
静香: ほら、勝手に答えを出して みんなには聞いてないから… Shizuka: You know, I'll just give you the answer on my own and not ask you...
ちはる: 瞳合わせの稽古をしてる時に ぜーんぶ聞いてるよ Chiharu: I heard all about it when we were rehearsing for the pupil meeting.
ちはる: だから心配しないで 静香ちゃん! Chiharu: So don't worry about it, Shizuka!
ちはる: わたしは静香ちゃんたちみたいに 巫が側にあったわけじゃないけど Chiharu: I didn't have a miko by my side like Shizuka did.
ちはる: 元の女の子に 戻るつもりはないから Chiharu: I'm not going to go back to being a girl.
ちはる: 日の本と人々を守る刃として、 巫と共に生きていくよ Chiharu: I will live with the shaman as a blade to protect the people and the book of Japan.
すなお: それは、私も同じです Sunao: that's the same for me
静香: 他のみんなも? Shizuka: And everyone else?
はい、その本家の想いの下に、 私たちは付いて行きます Yes, we will follow in the footsteps of this family.
静香: それなら良かったわ Shizuka: I'm glad to hear that
静香: ふふっ Shizuka: Phew!
すなお: どうしました? Sunao: What's wrong?
静香: 今ね、時女一族に 大きな柱が出来た気がするわ Shizuka: Right now, I feel like the Tokime clan has a big pillar.
静香: それはきっと簡単には揺るがない 丈夫で気高い神木のようなものよ Shizuka: I'm sure it's like a strong and noble sacred tree that won't be easily shaken
カシャッ! Crunch!
観鳥 令: マギウスの睨んだ通りだった… Midori Ryou: It was just as Magus had feared...
観鳥 令: この辺りに現れたってことは、 秘密のルートがあるかも… Midori Ryou: If they've appeared in this area, then maybe there's a secret route...
アオ: ………… Ao: ............
樹里: どうした? Juri: What's wrong?
アオ: なんだか視線を感じた 迂回した方が良かったかも… Ao: I felt some eyes on me. Maybe we should have taken a detour...
樹里: 軽率なことは するもんじゃないな… Juri: It's not something to be rash about...
かごめ: 写真の件については、 令さんとお話ができたけど Kagome: I was able to talk to Ms. Rei about the photos, but
かごめ: 結局、書いたものを 広める方法が思い付かない… Kagome: In the end, I can't think of a way to spread what I wrote...
かごめ: リィちゃんは何か、 良い方法って知らない…? Kagome: Rii-chan, do you know of any good ways to do that?
リィちゃん: ………… Rii-chan: ............
かごめ: そうだよね、わからないよね… Kagome: I know, I don't know...
かごめ: はぁ…本を出すような お金なんてどこにもないし I don't have the kind of money to publish a book.
かごめ: ほとんど使ったことないけど、 SNSとか使えばいいのかな…? Kagome: I've barely used social networking sites, but I guess I could use...?
かごめ: あと、ブログとか? Kagome: And blogs?
リィちゃん: ………… Rii-chan: ............
かごめ: それなら良い方法がある? 教えてリィちゃん! Kagome: Is there a better way to do that? Tell me, Rii-chan!
リィちゃん: ………… Rii-chan: ............
かごめ: そっか、マギウスのふたり… Kagome: I see, the two of you in Magus...
かごめ: (ねむちゃんなら、私の文章を 整えてくれるかもしれないし…) Kagome: (Nemu might be able to help me fix my sentences...)
かごめ: (灯花ちゃんはSNSとか 色々と詳しそうな気がする…!) Kagome: (I have a feeling that Koka knows a lot about social networking...)
かごめ: うん、そうしよう! アルちゃんはどう思う? Kagome: Yeah, let's do that! Kagome: Yeah, let's do that! What do you think, Aru-chan?
アルちゃん: <大賛成だよ! 明日さっそく行ってみよう!> Aru-chan: <I'm all for it! Let's go there tomorrow! >
かごめ: うんっ Kagome: Yes!
結菜: 居たわねぇ、環いろは Yuna: There you are, Iroha Tamaki!
いろは: ――っ!? Iroha: --?
結菜: ひとりで相手ができる 人数じゃないわよぉ… Yuna: There's not enough people for one person to deal with...
いろは: 見つかってしまいましたね… Iroha: You've been discovered...
鶴乃: さくやちゃんの話を信じると、 今はういちゃんが居るはず… Sana: I don't know here...
さな: ここだとわかりませんけど… Sana: I don't know if it's here, but...
かえで: プロミストブラッドの人は 居る気がするよ…? Kaede: I think there's someone from Promised Blood...
レナ: 拠点なんだから当たり前でしょ Rena: It's only natural since we're in a base
ももこ: それじゃあ、やちよさん スパイの情報に賭けてみるか Momoko: Well then, Yachiyo, let's bet on the spy's information
やちよ: 天国か地獄か… でもその前に… Yachiyo: Heaven or Hell... but first...
やちよ: 起きなさいフェリシア Yachiyo: Wake up Felicia!
フェリシア: んあ!? Felicia: Huh?
フェリシア: …………あー…あ? Felicia: ............ Uh... what?
フェリシア: 敵か!? Felicia: Enemy?
ももこ: どこでも寝られるんだな… Momoko: You can sleep anywhere...

Episode 4

Episode 4
Japanese English
かごめ: ねえ、アルちゃん Kagome: Hey, Aru-chan
かごめ: 電波望遠鏡に来てって、 灯花ちゃんたちは言ってたけど Kagome: Touka and the others told us to come to the radio telescope
かごめ: プロミストブラッドに見つかって 危険じゃないのかな…? Kagome: Isn't it dangerous for Promised Blood to find us...?
アルちゃん: <あの時は狙われたけど、 今回は平気だよっ> Aru-chan: "We were targeted that time, but this time we're fine.
かごめ: どうして? Kagome: Why?
アルちゃん: <みんな二木の町とか 石のことで出払ってるから> Aru-chan: Because everyone's out of town with Futatsugi and the stone.
かごめ: 少し心配だけど… Kagome: I'm a little worried, but...
かごめ: 今はマギウスだったふたりを 狙う余裕なんてないもんね… Kagome: We can't afford to target two former Magus right now...
いろは: 私を殺しに来たんですか? Iroha: Are you here to kill me?
結菜: どうだと思う…? Yuna: What do you think...?
いろは: きっとそうなんだと思います… Iroha: I'm sure they did...
結菜: じゃあ今から 念仏でも唱えてなさい Yuna: Then chant the Buddhist scriptures from now on
結菜: それとも最期に言いたいことは あるかしらぁ Yuna: Or do you have any last words?
いろは: ………… Iroha: ............
いろは: 昨日、ひかるちゃんが 倒れた時に思ったんです Iroha: Yesterday, when Hikaru collapsed, I thought...
いろは: 二木市は殺すって言葉が 簡単に出る環境なんだって… Iroha: It's easy to say the word "kill" in Futatsugi City...
いろは: それに前の紅晴さんは 優しかったんだろうなって… Iroha: And the old Kureha must have been kind...
結菜: それを変えたのは神浜よぉ Yuna: It was Kamihama that changed that
結菜: 争いが始まった原因が たとえ私たちにあったとしても Yuna: Even if we were the cause of the conflict...
結菜: 神浜が何もしなければ 多くの魔法少女が生き残っていた If Kamihama hadn't done anything, many magical girls would still be alive
結菜: 学び舎に毎日通いながら、 家族のいる家に帰っていたのよぉ Yuna: They would have gone to the academy every day and returned home to their families
いろは: だからって殺し合いを続けたら 止められない負の連鎖になる… Iroha: But if we keep killing each other, it'll be an unstoppable negative cycle...
いろは: 繰り返し繰り返し、 新しい狂気を生むことになって Iroha: over and over again, creating new insanity.
いろは: 多くを失っちゃう… Iroha: We will lose so much...
結菜: 何が言いたいの…? Yuna: What are you trying to say...?
いろは: もしも私が殺される前に 今、言えることがあるとすれば If there's anything I can say now, before I'm killed...
いろは: まだ私は 紅晴さんと手を取り合いたい I still want to join hands with Kureha
いろは: 魔法少女の解放を目指すために、 一緒に前を向いていきたい I want to look forward together to the liberation of magical girls
いろは: ひとりの女の子として平穏に 暮らしたいっていう気持ちは I want to live peacefully as a single girl
いろは: 同じだと思うから Iroha: I think we're the same
いろは: そのためなら何度でも謝ります 神浜のせいで血を流したことを… I'll apologize again and again for the blood I've spilled because of you...
結菜: ふっ…ふふ… Yuna: Hmm... hmm...
結菜: あなたを苦しめる相手に 言うセリフじゃないわねぇ… Yuna: That's not something you say to someone who torments you...
結菜: それに、この状況で言われても 命乞いにしか聞こえないわぁ And it sounds like you're begging for your life in this situation.
いろは: そう、ですよね… Iroha: Right, right...
結菜: 話はそれで終わりかしら Yuna: Is that the end of the story?
結菜: 煮え繰り返る感情を抑えるので 精一杯なのよぉ Yuna: I'm trying my best to control my seething emotions
いろは: …………ダメなんですね Iroha: ............ is not working
結菜: 付いて来なさぃ Yuna: Follow me!
いろは: え…? Iroha: What...?
結菜: これから見せるものを見ても 同じことが言えるかしらぁ? I wonder if I can say the same thing about what I'm about to show you?
結菜: ここよ Yuna: Here!
ひかる: 結菜さん お待ちしてたっす Hikaru: Yuna, we've been waiting for you
結菜: もう終わったぁ…? Yuna: Are you done already...?
ひかる: はい… Hikaru: Yes...
いろは: ひかるちゃん… 終わったって何が…? Iroha: Hikaru... what do you mean done?
ひかる: 申し訳ないっす環さん… Hikaru: I'm sorry, Mr. Tamaki...
いろは: 何が…? Iroha: For what?
ひかる: …行けばわかるっす Hikaru:'ll understand when you get there
いろは: 「なにこれ、すごい臭い…」 Iroha: "What's that smell...
結菜: 「下水だから我慢しなさい それに半分は 命の臭いなんだからぁ」 Yuna: "It's just sewage, so bear with it. And half of it is the smell of life.
いろは: 「命の臭い…?」 Iroha: "The smell of life...?
いろは: ここは… Iroha: This is...
ひかる: 二木のカタコンベっす Hikaru: The catacombs of Futatsugi
いろは: カタコンベ…? Iroha: Catacombs...?
ひかる: 地下墓地のことっすよ 今まで死んでいった魔法少女の… Hikaru: I mean the catacombs.
結菜: いつ死ぬかわからないから 魔法少女には選ばせているのよぉ Yuna: We don't know when we'll die, so we let the magical girls choose.
結菜: 生前希望する場合もあれば、 亡くなる間際に決める場合もある Yuna: Sometimes they choose before they die, and sometimes they choose before they die
結菜: 親族に見せられるような 姿じゃない時も葬ってあげるわぁ Yuna: I'll bury you even when you don't look like you can show your relatives
いろは: じゃあ、これひとつひとつが… Yuna: I'll bury you even when you don't look like you can show your relatives
結菜: 二木の魔法少女よぉ… Yuna: Futatsugi's magical girl...
いろは: こんなに… Iroha: So many...
結菜: 私の先輩が作ったから、 かなり前からあるものだけどねぇ Yuna: My senior made these, so they've been around for a while
結菜: でも、この中の多くが、 神浜の影響で始まった But many of these were started because of the influence of Kamihama
結菜: 血の惨劇による死者たちよぉ Yuna: The dead from the bloodbath
結菜: これを見てもあなたは、 手を取り合えると思うのかしらぁ I wonder if you still think we can work together after seeing this
いろは: どうあっても、 戦うように仕向けたいんですね… Iroha: No matter what, you want us to fight...
結菜: ここまで被害が出れば、 何を言われても信用できない… Yuna: With this much damage, I don't trust anything you say...
いろは: あの頃の神浜と今の神浜は 全然違います…! Iroha: The Kamihama of then and the Kamihama of now are completely different...!
結菜: そう威勢良く言われたところで、 私には響かないわぁ Yuna: Even if you say it so vigorously, it doesn't sound good to me.
いろは: どうして… Iroha: Why...
結菜: あなただって真実を秘匿されて 魔女と戦ってきたはずよぉ Yuna: You've been fighting against witches with the truth hidden from you.
結菜: 「つまりね、真実が見えなかった私からすると あなたたちがしてきたことは キュゥべえと何も変わらないのよぉ」 Yuna: "I mean, I couldn't see the truth, but what you guys have been doing is no different from Kyubey.
結菜: 「何も知らずに戦わされて 仲間が死んでいって 実は魔法少女を救う計画の影響って言われるのと」 Yuna: "It's like being forced to fight without knowing anything, having your friends die, and then being told that you're actually affected by a plan to save magical girls.
結菜: 「何も知らずに魔女と戦わされて 仲間が死んでいって 実は宇宙を救う計画でしたって言われるのは同じ」 Yuna: "It's the same as being made to fight witches without knowing anything, and then having your friends die, and then being told that it was actually a plan to save the universe.
結菜: 「ただでさえ二木市では キュゥべえを殺処分してきたんだから 信じられなくて当然よぉ」 Yuna: "It's no wonder they don't believe us, since we've been killing off Kyubeys in Futatsugi City.
結菜: 「特にあんな得体の知れない天才が 相手ともなればねぇ」 Yuna: "Especially when you're dealing with an unknown genius like him.
結菜: それにあの子は 私の前でハッキリと言ったわ… Yuna: And she said it very clearly in front of me…
結菜: 周りの町に影響が出るのは 想定済みだったって… Yuna: "I knew it would affect the surrounding towns...
結菜: 確信犯にどう譲歩しろってぇ? Yuna: How can I concede to a convicted criminal?
いろは: そんなこと言われたら 何も通じないじゃないですか Iroha: You can't understand anything if you say that.
結菜: それが答え 何も通じないのよぉ Yuna: That's the answer, you can't get anything through.
いろは: ………… Iroha: ............
いろは: それを説明するために、 私をここに案内したんですか… Iroha: Is that why you brought me here to explain to me...
いろは: 紅晴さんとの交渉を 諦めさせるために Iroha: To make you give up on your negotiations with Kureha
結菜: 元々はそのつもりだったけど 今は違うわぁ Yuna: Originally that was my intention, but now it's not
結菜: 石をふたつ手に入れたって 次女と三女から連絡が来てねぇ Yuna: I got a call from my second and third daughters that they got two stones
結菜: もう、あなたの妹が 必要なくなったのよぉ Yuna: I don't need your sister anymore
いろは: ――っ!? Iroha: --?
いろは: まさか… Iroha: No way...
結菜: もう神浜の魔法少女たちに 手出しをしない時間は終わった Yuna: The time for not messing with the magical girls of Kamihama is over.
いろは: …ウソですよね!? Iroha: You're lying, right?
結菜: 戦端を開くわ Yuna: I'll start a war!
結菜: ひかる Yuna: Hikaru
ひかる: …環ういは既に ここに埋められているっす Hikaru: ...Tamaki Ui is already buried here.
いろは: これ… ういの、髪留め… Iroha: This... is Ui's hair clip...
いろは: 本当に…? Iroha: Really...?
ひかる: ………… Hikaru: ............
いろは: どうして止めてくれなかったの… 昨日、私は助けたのに… Iroha: Why didn't you stop me... I saved you yesterday...
ひかる: …申し訳ないっす Hikaru: ...I'm sorry...
いろは: …………違う Iroha: ............ no
いろは: 私は簡単には信じない ういが殺されたなんて…! Iroha: I don't easily believe that Ui was killed...!
結菜: これを見ればわかるでしょぅ Yuna: You should see this!
いろは: グリーフシード… Iroha: Grief Seed...
結菜: 苦しめた分は こちらの血肉になってもらうわぁ You'll be my flesh and blood for all the suffering you've caused me.
いろは: 魔女になったっていうこと…? Iroha: You mean you've become a witch...?
いろは: あぁ…やめて…! Iroha: Oh... stop it...!
いろは: くっ…ぁ、はぁ… Iroha: Kuh... ah, haha...
ひかる: 環いろはのソウルジェムが… Hikaru: Iroha's soul gem...
結菜: そうやってあなたも 堕ちていきなさぃ Yuna: That's how you'll fall too!
結菜: 姉妹そろって 私が食べてあげるから… Yuna: I'll eat all your sisters together...
いろは: ぅ、ぁああっ! Iroha: Aaah!
結菜: その次は、前に逃した マギウスの番よぉ… Yuna: Next, it's the turn of the Magus we missed before...
鶴乃: 今度こそ、 ういちゃんを返してもらうよ! Tsuruno: I'll get Ui back this time!
こんな朝早くに…! So early in the morning...!
鶴乃: みんなが活動しない時間だからね Tsuruno: It's the time when everyone is inactive.
がっ…ぅぅ… Sana: Ui's reaction...
さな: ういちゃんの反応があります…! 戻って来てます…! Sana: There's a response from Ui...! She's coming back...!
鶴乃: やった、 信じて良かったね! Tsuruno: Yay, it's good to believe!
ももこ: 可能性が確信になった以上は、 もう放置はできないよなっ! Momoko: Now that we're sure of the possibility, we can't just leave it there!
このまま押し返して! 外に出すわ! Keep pushing it back! Let's get him out!
レナ: んな少人数じゃないわよ 昨日のことも覚えてないわけ? Rena: There's not that many of us! Don't you even remember what happened yesterday?
レナ: こっちも押し返してやるわよ! Rena: I'm going to push you back too!
かえで: 硬い地面で寝ちゃって、 レナちゃん機嫌が悪いからね! Kaede: You're in a bad mood, sleeping on the hard ground!
っ…ぐ Oh...
三姉妹が留守の時に限って… Only when the three sisters are not home...
うらら: うう、これはマズいんよ 絶体絶命の大ピンチなんよ… Urara: Ugh, this isn't good. We're in desperate straits...
やちよ: あなたには ようやく借りを返せるわね… Yachiyo: I'll finally be able to pay you back...
フェリシア: 罠まで仕掛けたりして マジで許せねえぞ Felicia: I'll never forgive you for setting a trap for me.
さな: ういちゃんを傷つけたりしてたら わかってますよね…? Sana: If you hurt Ui, you know what I'm talking about...
うらら: なんかウチだけ責められるのは 理不尽な気がするんよ…! Urara: I feel like it's unreasonable to blame only me...
うらら: それに大丈夫なんよ すごく丁重に扱ったんよ…! Urara: And don't worry, I treated her very carefully...
やちよ: 全ては見てから判断するわ Yachiyo: I'll judge everything after I see it
鈴鹿 さくや: うらら、大丈夫!? Suzuka Sakuya: Urara, are you okay?
うらら: よかったー! 増援が来てくれたんよ! Urara: Thank goodness! The reinforcements are here!
やちよ: 安心して Yachiyo: Don't worry
やちよ: 紅晴さんに 一線は越えさせないわ Yachiyo: I won't let Kureha cross the line
鈴鹿 さくや: 一線って何の話? 私はここを守りに来ただけだよ Suzuka Sakuya: What line are you talking about? I'm just here to protect you.
やちよ: そうね Yachiyo: You're right.
やちよ: ういちゃん! Yachiyo: Ui-chan!
うい: やっぱり、やちよさんだっ! Ui: I knew it was you, Yachiyo!
やちよ: どこもケガはしてない? 何か変なことはされてない? Yachiyo: Are you hurt anywhere? Did they do anything strange to you?
やちよ: ご飯はちゃんと出たの? あと、あと… Yachiyo: Did you eat well? And later...
うい: もう出られないのかなって 思ったけど、それぐらいだよ Ui: I thought I wouldn't be able to go out again, but that's about it.
うい: ご飯も出たし、トイレも行けたし ケガだってどこにもないから Ui: I was able to eat, use the bathroom, and I'm not hurt anywhere.
やちよ: よかったぁ… Yachiyo: Thank goodness...
鶴乃: お家に帰ったら、 今度こそたこ焼きパーティーだね Tsuruno: When we get home, we'll have a takoyaki party this time!
さな: こねこのゴロゴロも ちゃんと録画してあるからね…? Sana: I've recorded the cat's rumbling too, okay?
うい: あ、あの暗号 さなさんなら解けたよね? Ui: Oh, you solved that code, didn't you Sana?
さな: うん、ちゃんとわかったよ Sana: Yes, I figured it out!
うい: キモチの地図は? Ui: Where's the map of Kimochi?
うらら: っ… Urara: No...
うらら: それなら、先に長女さんが 抜き取ったんよ Urara: In that case, your eldest daughter took it out first
うらら: おかげで次女さんたちは キモチの石を手に入れたんよ… Urara: Thanks to you, the second daughter got the stone of Kimochi...
うい: そんな… わたしのせいで… Ui: Oh no... it's my fault...
さな: ういちゃんは悪くないよ… さらった人が悪いんだから… Sana: It's not your fault, Ui... It's the kidnapper's fault...
ももこ: それに、暗号文がなかったら 助けられなかったよ Momoko: And if it wasn't for the cipher text, I wouldn't have been able to save you.
うい: でも、キモチの石がないと、 自動浄化システムを広げられない Ui: but without Kimochi's stone, we can't expand the automatic purification system
うい: みんな、魔法少女を救うために、 嫌でも戦ってきたのに…! Ui: We've all been fighting to save magical girls, even if we didn't want to...
フェリシア: 石なんて今取られただけだしな 後で取り返したら大丈夫だぞ Felicia: The stone was just taken. We'll get it back later and we'll be fine.
やちよ: ういちゃんを失うことも、 取り返しが付かないことなのよ? Yachiyo: Losing Ui is also something that can't be undone, you know.
うい: そう…? Ui: Yeah...?
フェリシア: だぞっ! Felicia: That's right!
うい: うん… Ui: Yeah...
かえで: あとはいろはちゃんを見つけて 神浜に帰らないとね Ui: Yeah... Kaede: Now we just need to find Iroha and go back to Kamihama!
レナ: ただ、そのいろはの 居場所が問題よね Rena: The only problem is where to find Iroha...
うい: いないの…? Ui: She's not here...?
レナ: あっ…えーと、 ちょっとはぐれちゃっただけよ Ui: She's not here? Rena: Uh... she just got separated for a while.
鈴鹿 さくや: けほっ… 結菜の本命は環いろはだよ… Suzuka Sakuya: Yuna's true love is Iroha...
鈴鹿 さくや: もう向かってるはずだ Suzuka Sakuya: She should be on her way
鈴鹿 さくや: こっちは次女と三女で ふたつ石を手に入れて合計3つ… Suzuka: I'm getting two stones from the second and third girls, for a total of three...
鈴鹿 さくや: どうせ奪い合いになるなら、 妹の方はどうでも良かったんだ… Suzuka: I didn't care about my sister if we were going to have to fight for it...
鈴鹿 さくや: 私も、ってて… 聞かされたばかりだけどね… Suzuka: I was just told that too...
レナ: 妹の前で そんなこと言う…? Rena: You say that in front of your sister?
かえで: いろはちゃんどうなるの…? Kaede: What's going to happen to Iroha?
うらら: たぶん長女さんは、 環いろはを魔女にして食べるんよ Urara: Maybe your eldest daughter will turn Iroha into a witch and eat her
うい: お姉ちゃん…! Ui: Sis...!
やちよ: みんな追いかけて! Yachiyo: Everyone chase after her!
さな: 待って、ういちゃん! Sana: Wait, Ui!
レナ: かえでが余計なこと聞くから! Rena: Kaede's asking too much!
かえで: うゆぅっ、だってぇ! Kaede: Yuck, of course!
フェリシア: やちよはどうすんだ!? Felicia: What are you going to do about Yachiyo?
やちよ: 少し話をして行くから、 鶴乃と先に行って! Yachiyo: I'm going to have a little talk, go ahead with Tsuruno!
鶴乃: 行こう、フェリシア! Tsuruno: Let's go, Felicia!
やちよ: ごめんなさい Yachiyo: I'm sorry
うらら: なっ、う… Urara: What, uh...
やちよ: (聞かれないと思うけど 一応ね…) Yachiyo: (I don't think she'll ask, but just in case...)
やちよ: 鈴鹿さん、 いろははどこにいるの? Yachiyo: Suzuka, where's Iroha?
鈴鹿 さくや: 聞いても間に合わないよ Suzuka Sakuya: It's too late to ask!
やちよ: 教えて… Yachiyo: Tell me...
鈴鹿 さくや: ………… Suzuka Sakuya: ............
鈴鹿 さくや: …二木のカタコンベ Suzuka: ...Catacombs of Futatsugi
やちよ: カタコンベ…地下墓地…? Yachiyo: Catacombs...catacombs...catacombs?
鈴鹿 さくや: 今いる竜ケ崎の北に位置するのが 虎屋町っていう地域なんだけど… Suzuka Sakuya: To the north of where I am now in Ryukesaki is an area called Toraya-machi...
鈴鹿 さくや: このふたつの地域を隔てるように 川が流れていてね Suzuka Sakuya: There's a river that separates these two areas.
鈴鹿 さくや: それを結ぶ真ん中の橋の下に 入口があるんだ… Suzuka Sakuya: There's an entrance under the bridge that connects the two...
鈴鹿 さくや: 間に合えば、結菜がいるはずだよ Suzuka Sakuya: If you're there in time, Yuna should be there
やちよ: ありがとう、恩に着るわ Yachiyo: Thanks, I owe you!
鶴乃: やちよ! Tsuruno: Yachiyo!
やちよ: っ…この反応… 何かがおかしい…! Yachiyo: Oh... this reaction... something's wrong...!
やちよ: まるで、あの時と同じ… メルの時と同じような… Yachiyo: It's just like that time... just like Mel's time...
フェリシア: やめろよ…それって、 魔女になるってことじゃんか! Felicia: Stop it... that means you're going to be a witch!
うい: ここには 自動浄化システムがない… Ui: There's no automatic purification system here...
さな: いろはさん…! Sana: Iroha-san...!
結菜: 安心しなさい 葬るなら隣にしてあげるわぁ Yuna: Don't worry, I'll bury you next door.
いろは: ………… Iroha: ............
いろは: 久しぶりの感覚… 冷たくて深い底に堕ちていく… Iroha: I haven't felt like this in a long time... I'm falling into the cold, deep depths...
いろは: ここは… Iroha: This is...
いろは: キモチ… 私のブレスレットについてる… Iroha: Kimochi... it's on my bracelet...
∵ヒッ_フフ―ッ ∵Iroha: Yes...
いろは: そうだね… Iroha: Well...
いろは: あなたは私のことを信用して 付いて来てくれているのに Iroha: You're following me because you trust me...
いろは: 私は心で負けちゃった… Iroha: I've lost in my heart...
いろは: この冷たい感覚はね、 初めてドッペルを出した時と同じ Iroha: This cold feeling is the same as when I first released my doppelgänger.
いろは: でも、ここは二木だから… Iroha: But this is Futatsugi, so...
∵ハハッ_フ ̄ヒ― ∵Iroha: But this is Futatsugi...
いろは: 魔女にはさせないって… Iroha: I won't let you become a witch...
∵フ_にひっ―フ ∵Iroha: But this is Futaki...
いろは: 私に魔力をくれる…? Iroha: You'll give me magic power...?
いろは: それで助かったら、 本当に連れていかないとね Iroha: If it helps, I really have to take you there
いろは: あなたが行きたい場所に Iroha: Where you want to go
いろは: ねえ、行きたがってるのは どこなの…? Iroha: Hey, where is it that you want to go...?
∵あはっ_―ニフッ― ∵Iroha: I don't know...
いろは: そっか、あなたも 自動浄化システムに行きたいんだ Iroha: I see, you also want to go to the automatic purification system
いろは: ぐっ… Iroha: Geez...
いろは: 一緒に行ってあげたいけど… やっぱり難しいかな…? Iroha: I'd love to go with you, but... is it really that difficult?
いろは: ………… Iroha: ............
ひかる: 変っすね… Hikaru: That's weird...
結菜: もう魔女化していても おかしくないのに… Yuna: It's not surprising that she's already a witch...
ういの声: おねええちゃーーーーん!! Ui's voice: Onee-chan!
結菜: ――っ!? Yuna: --?
結菜: まさか、奪還して ここまで来たっていうの…!? Yuna: Don't tell me you've come all this way to recapture it...?
ういの声: おねえ…ちゃー…ん Ui's voice: Onee-chan...
いろは: うい…!? Iroha: Ui...?
いろは: よかった…生きてる…? Iroha: Thank God you're alive...?
∵フッ_―ヒヒッ ̄あは! ∵Iroha: Yes.
いろは: うん、恥ずかしいけど、 堕ちてる場合じゃないみたい Iroha: Yes, I'm embarrassed, but this is not the time to be depressed
いろは: ありがとう あなたには助けられちゃったね Iroha: Thank you, you've saved my life.
結菜: よくここが わかったわねぇ Yuna: How did you find this place?
やちよ: いろはの魔力を掴んだのよ さぁ、返しなさい! Yachiyo: I've captured Iroha's magic. Now give it back!
フェリシア: じゃねーと ドーンって記憶を飛ばしてやる! Felicia: Or I'll blast your memories out of your head!
やちよ: いえ、ここで戦うことは 私が許さないわ Yachiyo: No, I will not allow you to fight here.
フェリシア: なんでだよ! いろは、そこにいるんだぞ!? Felicia: Why not? Iroha, I'm right there!
鶴乃: わたしもやちよと同じだよ Tsuruno: I'm with Yachiyo.
鶴乃: そこまで追い込んだんだから もういいでしょ You drove her to that point.
鶴乃: いろはちゃんを 返してくれたらいいんだよ Tsuruno: You just have to give Iroha back to me.
ひかる: 結菜さん… Hikaru: Yuna...
ひかる: この場では、ひかるも 環いろはを返すべきだと思うっす Hikaru: I think Hikaru should give Iroha back, too!
結菜: 仲間を想えばこそねぇ… Yuna: It's because you care about your friends...
フェリシア: 意味がわかんねぇ… Felicia: I don't get it...
さな: 二木の魔法少女たちが、 ここで眠ってるから… Sana: Because the magical girls of Futatsugi are sleeping here...
鶴乃: うん… Tsuruno: Yeah...
鶴乃: 死んだ人の寝床を荒らすほど、 わたしたちは無粋じゃないよ… Tsuruno: We're not so tactful as to ruin the beds of the dead...
結菜: ………… Yuna: ............
結菜: そぅ…彼女たちのこと… 考えてくれるのね… Yuna: Well... you think about them... you think about them...
結菜: 連れて行きなさぃ… Yuna: Take them with you...
さな: いろはさん…! Sana: Iroha-san...!
いろは: ぅ…ん…さなちゃん… Iroha: Oh... Sana-chan...
さな: 二木で濁り切っちゃうなんて… 本当に、心配しました… Sana: I was really worried about you...
いろは: キモチが支えてくれた… じゃないと魔女になってたよ… Iroha: Kimochi supported me... otherwise I would have become a witch...
さな: キモチが…? Sana: Kimochi...?
うい: お姉ちゃん…! Ui: Sis...!
いろは: うい、無事で良かったね Iroha: Ui, I'm glad you're okay!
うい: お姉ちゃんもだよぉ…! Ui: You too, sis...!
いろは: っ… Iroha: Oh...
いろは: ういが死んだって、 紅晴さんはウソを吐いたんですね Iroha: Kureha lied to you about Ui's death, didn't she?
結菜: ええ、あなたを魔女にして、 ユニオンを崩すためにねぇ Yuna: Yes, to make you a witch and destroy the Union.
いろは: ひどい… Iroha: That's terrible...
結菜: 私はあなたの提案も説得も、 全て否定してきたつもりよぉ I've rejected all your suggestions and persuasion.
結菜: どうせ 二木の魔法少女は地獄行き The magical girls of Futatsugi are going to hell anyway.
結菜: 仲間の命の数だけ奪い返さないと 死を悼むことすらできなぃ… I can't even mourn their deaths unless I take back as many of my friends' lives as I can...
結菜: 私たちはねぇ もはや畜生道を生きてるのよぅ… Yuna: We're already living the way of the beast...
ひかる: 早く外に出るっす Hikaru: Let's get out of here!
ひかる: ここでは戦えないっすけど、 一歩外にでれば刃を向けるっすよ Hikaru: We can't fight here, but we'll turn on them once we step outside.
ももこ: やちよさん 向こうから貨物列車が来てる! Momoko: Yachiyo, there's a freight train coming from over there!
レナ: えっ、このまま跳び乗って 逃げようってこと!? Rena: What, you mean we should just jump on it and run away?
ももこ: 正解! Momoko: Correct!
かえで: それって本当に大丈夫なの!? 絶対に怒られるし危ないよね!? Kaede: Are you sure that's a good idea? Kaede: Are you sure that's safe?
樹里: な、姉さんが墓場に居るって 言うから来てみれば… Juri: Hey, my sister said she was at the cemetery, so I came here...
結菜: 次女、三女、良いタイミングね 環いろはたちを捕まえるわよぉ Yuna: Second girl, third girl, good timing, let's go get Iroha and the others!
アオ: いやっ、徹夜だし、 さすがに無理ゲーなんだけど~ Ao: No, I've been up all night and it's just too much work
かえで: ふゆぅ… 相手が増えちゃったよぅ! Kaede: Fuyu... I'm getting more opponents!
やちよ: この時間だと、次の電車まで しばらく時間が空くわ Yachiyo: At this time of night, it'll be a while before the next train
やちよ: ももこの言う通り このまま飛び移りましょう Yachiyo: Momoko's right, let's just jump over here
やちよ: 今の方がよっぽど危険だもの Yachiyo: It's much more dangerous now!
うい: お姉ちゃん、大丈夫…? Ui: Sis, are you alright...?
いろは: うん、ごめんね 私の方が心配かけちゃった… Iroha: Yeah, I'm sorry I worried you more than I did...
ももこ: 今だ! みんな跳び乗れ! Momoko: Now! Everybody jump on!
かえで: レナちゃん、一緒に行こう! Kaede: Rena, come with me!
レナ: ちゃんと、手掴みなさいよ! Rena: Make sure you grab my hand!
やちよ: みかづき荘も行くわよ! Yachiyo: Mikazukisou is coming too!
樹里: 行かせるかぁっ! Juri: You can't make me go!
鶴乃: 炎扇斬舞!! Tsuruno: Flame Fan Zanbu!
樹里: ぐっ…ぅ! Juri: Aah!
鶴乃: 相手はバテバテだよ! 距離を取った今のうちに! Tsuruno: He's exhausted! Get some distance while you can!
フェリシア: さな! Felicia: Sana!
さな: はいっ! Sana: Yes!
うい: お姉ちゃん! Ui: Sis!
いろは: うんっ…! Iroha: Yes...!
いろは: ………… Iroha: ............
いろは: 紅晴さんの恨みが重いのはわかってた… だけど、前よりもずっと黒く塗りつぶされて まるで消えるような気がしない… Iroha: I knew Kureha's grudge was heavy but it's been painted much darker than before and it doesn't seem as if it's going to go away...
いろは: 紅晴さんは私たちへの復讐が希望で生きている だからソウルジェムは輝いている だとしたら、怒りを除けば紅晴さんは魔女になる それを避けるには怒りに隠された悲しみを 取り除かないといけない Iroha: Kureha lives in hope of revenge against us, that's why her soul gem is shining, if we remove her anger, she'll become a witch, and to avoid that, we have to remove the sadness hidden in her anger
いろは: それができる未来が私には見えないけど 紅晴さんの怒りも恨みも どこか優しさの裏返しのような気がする… I can't see a future where I can do that, but I feel that Kureha's anger and resentment are somehow the reverse of kindness...
樹里: 悪いな姉さん… 逃がしちまった… Juri: I'm sorry, sister... I let you go...
結菜: さすがにふたつも 石を手に入れたんじゃ Yuna: It's no wonder you got two stones
結菜: 体力を使い果たしていても、 おかしくないわぁ Yuna: I wouldn't be surprised if you've used up all your strength
結菜: それに今回の功労者は、 樹里とアオじゃなぃ Yuna: Besides, Juri and Ao aren't the ones who did it this time
結菜: 責められないわよぉ Yuna: You can't blame them!
アオ: 3姉妹でひとつずつになったね Ao: Three sisters in one!
ひかる: なんか、ひかるだけ 仲間はずれっす… Hikaru: I feel like Hikaru is the only one left out...
アオ: また一緒に探しに行こう Ao: Let's go look for them together again!
ひかる: そうは言っても、キモチの石って いくつ必要なんすかね… Hikaru: Even so, how many Kimochi stones do we need...
結菜: そうねぇ Yuna: I guess so
結菜: 自動浄化システムを奪取するのに あといくつ必要なのかしらぁ… Yuna: I wonder how many more are needed to take over the automatic purification system...
キュゥべえ: ちょうどタイミングが良かったよ 紅晴結菜 Kyubey: Your timing is perfect, Kureha Yuna!
結菜: っ…!キュゥべえ… Kyubey...
やちよ: さすがにプロミストブラッドも 諦めるでしょう Yachiyo: I'm sure Promised Blood will give up as well
鶴乃: ただ、どこかで下りないと 大変なことになりそうだね… Tsuruno: But if we don't get off somewhere, we'll be in big trouble...
フェリシア: 風が気持ちいいし 超楽しいからいいじゃんっ Felicia: The wind feels good and it's super fun!
鶴乃: そういうわけにはいかないよ Tsuruno: We can't do that!
ももこ: まぁ、暫くは高架だから 人目にもつかないし Momoko: well, it's elevated for a while, so we won't be seen
ももこ: もう少し距離を取ってから 下りよう Momoko: Let's get a little more distance before we go down
レナ: 変なことで捕まって 学校中に知れ渡ったら Rena: If I get caught doing something weird and the whole school knows about it
レナ: また、妙な目で見られるじゃない Rena: If I get caught and the whole school finds out, they'll look at me strangely again.
レナ: それだけはレナ 絶対に嫌だからね Rena: I don't want that, Rena!
やちよ: 私だって下手に仕事がなくなれば みかづき荘はおしまいよ Yachiyo: If I don't get a job, Mikazukisou will be finished!
フェリシア: そ、そんなのダメだぞ! メシが食えなくなるぞ! Felicia: No, you can't do that! We won't be able to eat!
さな: フェリシアさん… Sana: Felicia-san...
キュゥべえ: 紅晴結菜と同じように キミたちも落ち着いたようだね Sana: Felicia... Kyubey: Looks like you guys have settled down just like Kureha and Yuna.
いろは: ――っ!? Iroha: --?
いろは: ―いろは― キュゥべえ… Iroha: -Iroha- Kyubey...
userName: ―userName― モキュ… userName: -userName-
userName: ―キュゥべえ― その個体も一緒にいたんだね Iroha: -Iroha- Kyubey...
いろは: ―いろは― ………… Iroha: -Iroha- ............
キュゥべえ: ―キュゥべえ― 警戒しなくても大丈夫だよ Kyubey: -Kyubey- Don't be alarmed, you'll be fine.
キュゥべえ: ―キュゥべえ― ボクはもう、その個体に対して 興味はないからね Kyubey: -Kyubey- I'm not interested in that one anymore.
キュゥべえ: ―キュゥべえ― それよりボクはキミたちに 伝えたいことがあるんだ Kyubey: -Kyubey- But I have something I want to tell you.
userName: ―userName― モギュゥ… Ui: -Ui-
うい: ―うい― 何を伝えにきたの…? Ui: -Ui- What did you come to tell me...?
キュゥべえ: それはちょうどキミが 知りたがっていたことだよ Kyubey: It's just what you wanted to know.
結菜: またひとつ個体を殺される 可能性があると言うのに… Yuna: There's a chance they'll kill another individual...
キュゥべえ: だけどキミたちに伝える必要が ボクにもあるからね Kyubey: But I need to tell you, too.
キュゥべえ: 自動浄化システムを奪取する上で 必要なキモチの石の数について Kyubey: About the number of Kimochi stones needed to take out the automated purification system.
灯花: ………… Touka: ............
灯花: 別件で連絡したのに ビックリしたよ Touka: You scared me when I contacted you about something else
灯花: まさかキュゥべえも 用事があったなんてねー Touka: I didn't know Kyubey had something to do too!
かごめ: でも、 必要なキモチの石の数って… Kagome: but the number of Kimochi stones we need...
ねむ: 僕達には重要な事だね Nemu: It's important to us.
ねむ: ちなみに他のグループにも 伝達している話だよね? Kagome: But the number of Kimochi stones needed...
ねむ: 戦況をより苛烈で凄惨な 方向に持って行くためにもね Nemu: It's important for us to know how many stones there are.
キュゥべえ: もちろん他の魔法少女にも 別の個体が伝えているよ Kyubey: Of course, there's another individual telling the other magical girls about it.
灯花: じゃあ、 早く教えてくれるかにゃ? Kyubey: Of course, there are other magical girls who can tell you.
灯花: 戦いを激しくしちゃう 残りの石の数のこと Kyubey: about the number of stones left that will make the fight more intense
キュゥべえ: そうだね Kyubey: Yes, that's right
キュゥべえ: まず具体的な数を算出する上での 指標についてだけど ボクはイブのエネルギーを参考にしているんだ Kyubey: First of all, in terms of the specific number of stones, I'm referring to Eve's energy.
キュゥべえ: キモチとして散らばってしまう前の段階なら アリナが神浜を包む被膜を収縮させた時に ボクも確認することができたからね Kyubey: I was able to confirm that when Alina shrank the membrane surrounding the beach before it was scattered as Kimochi.
キュゥべえ: そのキモチが膨大な魔力を持っていて 普通の魔女の境地を超えていることは キミたちも既に知っていると思うけど Kyubey: I'm sure you already know that the Kimochi have enormous magical power and are beyond the realm of ordinary witches.
キュゥべえ: ブレスレットに付いている石にも それだけ膨大なエネルギーが含まれているんだ Kyubey: The stones on the bracelet also contain a tremendous amount of energy.
キュゥべえ: ―キュゥべえ― それを踏まえた上で 必要な石の数についてだけど Kyubey: -Kyubey, with that in mind, how many stones do you need?
キュゥべえ: ―キュゥべえ― まず、キモチの石のエネルギー量は ボクが調べた限りだと“イブの1/8” といったところだね Kyubey: -Kyubey- First of all, the amount of energy in the Kimochi stone is, as far as I can tell, 1/8 of Eve's.
キュゥべえ: ―キュゥべえ― キミたちが今までに見つけたキモチは “合計で6体”だから Kyubey: -Kyubey- You've found a total of six Kimochi so far.
キュゥべえ: 必要な石の数は はっきりとしているはずだよ Kyubey: I think we know exactly how many stones we need.
灯花: 2つ… Touka: Two...
キュゥべえ: そうだよ里見灯花 Kyubey: That's right, Satomi Touka!
かごめ: もうすぐなんだ… Kagome: we're almost there...
ねむ: この話を知れば、最後を前にして 更に燃えるかもしれないね Nemu: Knowing this story might make you even more excited for the end.
キュゥべえ: ただ、それで見つけたところで キミたちの戦いは終わらない Kyubey: But even if you find it, your fight is not over.
かごめ: 誰かひとりが手にする必要がある そういうこと…? Kagome: One of us has to get it. You mean...?
キュゥべえ: そうだね Kyubey: Yes.
キュゥべえ: 複数の人物が石を保有しても 自動浄化システムは奪えない Even if more than one person possesses the Stone, they can't take away the autopurification system.
キュゥべえ: それにイブのエネルギーから 逆算した結果である以上 Kyubey: And since we're working backwards from Eve's energy
キュゥべえ: 残り2つを超えるキモチは 神浜にいないはずだ Kyubey: There can't be more than two Kimochis left in the city
灯花: 簡単に言えば 奪い合えってことでしょー? Touka: Simply put, we're supposed to take them from each other, right?
ねむ: 引き続き僕達はキミの盤上で 躍る事になるんだね Nemu: I guess we'll just have to keep dancing on your board
かごめ: でも、みんなが望んで戦う以上、 私たちには止められない… Kagome: But as long as everyone wants to fight, there's nothing we can do to stop them...
ねむ: 世界中の魔法少女を救う光明を、 失うわけにはいかないからね… Kagome: But we can't stop you if you want to fight.
かごめ: お互いの目的のために、 まだまだ争いは続きそうだね… Kagome: It looks like we'll still be fighting for each other's goals...
かごめ: (救われたいのは同じなのに…) Kagome: (Even though we both want to be saved...)
ひめな: 残り2つか~ Himena: Only two left!
ひめな: キュゥべえから マジで良い話が聞けた★ Himena: I heard some really good things from Kyubey
アレクサンドラ: 仲間を集めるために 外に出てきただけなのに Alexandra: I just came out here to get some company.
アレクサンドラ: 得した気分ですね、うふふ♪ Alexandra: I feel so lucky!
はぐむ: あわわ… Hagumu: Aww...
はぐむ: でも、私たちまだひとつも 石を手に入れてないのに… Hagumu: But we haven't even gotten one stone yet...
時雨: 残り本当にふたつなら ひとつぐらい手に入れないと…! Shigure: If there are really only two left, we should get at least one...!
ひめな: お、しぐりん、やる気じゃん★ Himena: Oh, Shigurin, you're so determined!
時雨: 怖いけど…弱いけど… やらなきゃ… Shigure: I'm scared... but I'm weak... but I have to try...
はぐむ: あとは、他の人が 手を貸してくれたらいいけど… Shigure: I'm scared... but I'm weak... but I have to try... Hagumu: Now, if only the others would lend a hand...
ひめな: ワンチャンいけるかどうか、 交渉しに宝崎まで来たんだから Himena: I came to Takarazaki to see if I could get a chance.
ひめな: ま、良い成果を出して帰ろっ★ Himena: Well, let's go home with a good result
時雨: (なんで、この人のペースに 乗せられてるんだろ…) Shigure: (Why am I letting myself get carried away by this guy's pace...)
ラビ: 奪い合いに参加するつもりはない Rabi: I'm not going to participate in a fight for it
ラビ: だけど伝えておかないと Rabi: But I have to tell you
ラビ: 全てが集まれば、 また1分進まざるを得ない… Rabi: If everything comes together, we'll have to move another minute...
かごめ: これから奪い合いになるなら 早くキュゥべえに聞かないと…! Kagome: If we're going to be fighting over this, we need to ask Kyubey soon...!
ねむ: 魔法少女を知る者を増やすこと それは争いの抑止力になるからね Nemu: The more people who know about magical girls, the more they'll be a deterrent to conflict.
キュゥべえ: そういえば、 聞きたいことがあるんだよね? Kyubey: So, there's something you want to ask me, right?
キュゥべえ: その様子だと、佐鳥かごめが ボクに用があったんだね Kyubey: By the looks of it, Satori Kagome wanted to see me.
ねむ: 僕にとっても興味があることだよ Nemu: It's something I'm interested in as well.
ねむ: 魔法少女を世間に知ってもらう その方法についてだからね Nemu: It's about how to make magical girls known to the public.
灯花: そう、本来はその話をしたくて わたくしから連絡したんだよ Touka: Yes, that's why I contacted you, to talk about it.
キュゥべえ: それは先にボクの話をしたのは 良くなかったね Kyubey: Well, I shouldn't have told you about me first.
かごめ: …みんなに魔法少女のことを 伝える方法ってある? Kagome: there a way to tell everyone about magical girls?
キュゥべえ: さすがに方法については、 ボクにもわからないよ Kyubey: I don't know how to do that.
キュゥべえ: ただ知られていた時代は 人類の歴史の中にもあるけどね There have been times in human history when it was known, but...
かごめ: その時はどう伝わったかって キュゥべえにはわからないの…? Kagome: So you don't know how it was transmitted then...?
キュゥべえ: そうだね Kyubey: No.
キュゥべえ: キミたちの歴史に その瞬間だけ刻まれるとするなら If it's just a moment in your history...
キュゥべえ: 神話や伝説として 記されていることが多いはずだよ Kyubey: It's more likely to be written down as myths and legends.
キュゥべえ: そして文明として継続的に残り 社会に溶け込んだ存在なら And if it's an ongoing civilization, if it's an integral part of society.
キュゥべえ: キミたちの身近なところに 時女一族がいる You have the Toki Onna clan close at hand.
かごめ: …でも、それは少し違うかも Kagome: ...but that's not quite right
ねむ: 僕達はありのままの魔法少女を 世間に伝えたいからね… Nemu: We want to tell the world about magical girls as they really are...
ねむ: 過去の歴史はねじ曲げられるし フィクションと変わらない Nemu: The past history can be twisted, it's no different from fiction
灯花: 時女の文化とかも 巫として捻れてるもんねー Touka: Tokijo's culture is also twisted as a shaman
かごめ: 魔法少女が みんなを守ってくれてることも Kagome: And that magical girls are protecting us all
かごめ: 魔女化と向き合ってることも、 宇宙との関わりも… And that we're dealing with witchcraft and the universe...
かごめ: それじゃ何も伝わらない… 表面だけしかさらえてない… Kagome: That doesn't convey anything... it only scratches the surface...
キュゥべえ: 確かに形を変えて 人々に伝わっているとしても Kyubey: Even though it's certainly being communicated to people in different forms
キュゥべえ: 佐鳥かごめの言う通り 根本的な部分は踏み込んでないね Kyubey: Satori, Kagome is right, we're not getting to the root of the problem.
かごめ: どうして…? Kagome: Why...?
キュゥべえ: ボクに聞かれても困るよ Kyubey: I'm not the one to ask
キュゥべえ: そればかりはキミたち 人類次第といったところだからね Kyubey: Because it's up to you humans to figure it out
アルちゃん: <それを変えないと、 かごめちゃん…!> Aru-chan: We need to change that, Kagome... >Kagome: Yeah.
かごめ: うん… Kagome: Yeah...
灯花: …叔父様の方が 詳しいかもしれないにゃー… Touka: ...your uncle might know more about it...
ねむ: 灯花の…? Nemu: Touka's...?
灯花: 佐鳥かごめと同じような活動を ずっとしてたからねー… Nemu: Touka's...? Touka: I've been doing the same kind of work as Satori Kagome for a long time...
灯花: ただ、どこにいるのか わからないんだよにゃー… Touka: I just don't know where he is...
キュゥべえ: ボクじゃ役に立てなかった みたいだね Kyubey: I guess I'm not much help to you
灯花: そう、だからもういいよ バイバーイ Touka: Yeah, that's why I'm still here, bye bye
キュゥべえ: ひとつだけいいかな? Kyubey: Can I ask you something?
灯花: なーに? Touka: What is it?
キュゥべえ: いや、佐鳥かごめ キミに言っておくことがあるんだ Kyubey: No, Satori Kagome, there's something I have to tell you.
かごめ: えっ…? Kagome: What...?
キュゥべえ: キミが魔法少女になる願いを 叶えるというなら Kyubey: If you're going to grant me my wish to become a magical girl...
プツン Nemu: You're relentless.
ねむ: 容赦ないね Nemu: You're relentless.
灯花: どうせ、佐鳥かごめは 魔法少女にならないでしょ? Touka: Satori Kagome isn't going to become a magical girl anyway, is she?
灯花: くふふっ Touka: Hmmm...
かごめ: うん、そのつもり Kagome: Yeah, that's the plan
レナ: それじゃあ、レナ帰るから もう1回寝直さないと… Rena: Okay, Rena, I'm leaving, I have to go back to bed...
かえで: 私は早くお風呂に入りたいよぅ Kaede: I can't wait to take a bath!
ももこ: そうだよな Momoko: I know, right?
ももこ: 今日はふたりともお疲れ 少しゆっくりと休もう Kaede: I want to take a bath soon
レナ: 言われなくてもそうするわよ Rena: You don't have to tell me that!
ももこ: じゃあ、アタシらはここで Momoko: Okay, we'll stay here.
ももこ: いろはちゃんたちも今は 英気を養っておきなよ Momoko: Iroha and the rest of you need to regain your strength now.
いろは: はい、キモチの石も 残り2つですし Iroha: Yes, there are only two Kimochi stones left
いろは: 他のグループも力を入れてくる かもしれませんから… Iroha: The other groups might put more effort into it...
ももこ: それが終わっても奪い合い 切りが無いね Momoko: Even after that, there's no end to the fighting
ももこ: んー、ダメだダメだ 疲れてネガティブになってる Momoko: no, no, no, no, I'm tired and negative
かえで: ももこちゃんもお風呂に入って ゆっくり寝た方が良いよ Kaede: Momoko, you should take a bath and get some sleep.
ももこ: だな、んじゃまたね Momoko: Yeah, I'll see you later.
いろは: はいっ Iroha: Okay!
いろは: 私たちも帰りましょう Iroha: Let's go home too
フェリシア: すーぴー …んが…すーぴー Felicia: sooooo..............................................................
鶴乃: フェリシア起きないんだけど… あれだけ寝てたのに… Tsuruno: Felicia doesn't wake up... she was sleeping so long...
さな: 熟睡しきってますね… Sana: You're sleeping so soundly...
さな: 鶴乃さんの背中が 気持ち良いんでしょうか… Sana: I wonder if Tsuruno's back feels good...
いろは: 体温高そうだもんね Iroha: Your body temperature seems to be high.
鶴乃: いつも熱く燃えてるからねっ! Tsuruno: I'm always burning hot!
フェリシア: すーぴー
鶴乃: ま、万々歳に戻ろうと思ったけど Tsuruno: Well, I was going to go back to Banzai...
鶴乃: 今日はわたしも、 みかづき荘で寝ることにしよう Tsuruno: I think I'll sleep at Mikazuki-so today, too!
さな: ういちゃんも起きませんか…? Sana: Why don't you wake up too, Ui...?
いろは: うん、緊張の糸が切れたみたい Iroha: Yeah, I think I've lost my tension
うい: んう…ぉねえちゃ…くー Ui: Mmm... onee-chan... coo
いろは: ふふっ… Iroha: Hmm...
やちよ: はぁ… Yachiyo: Huh...
いろは: あ、電話終わりましたか? みたまさんからですよね? Iroha: Oh, did you finish your call? It's from Mitama, right?
やちよ: ええ… Yachiyo: Yes...
やちよ: 少し調整屋に寄っていくから、 先に帰っておいてくれる? Yachiyo: I'm going to stop by the adjustment shop for a bit, can you go home first?
いろは: 何かあったんですか…? Iroha: Is there something wrong?
やちよ: プロミストブラッドを追って 発信器の信号が消えたでしょ? Yachiyo: The signal from the transmitter went out after Promised Blood, right?
やちよ: あの件と紅晴さんたちが 二木に戻ってくる速さ Yachiyo: That and the speed at which Kureha and the others returned to Futagi
やちよ: ふたつの事柄がね 結びつきそうなのよ… Yachiyo: The two things are about to be connected...
やちよ: ちょっと今日は疲れてるから 手短にお願いね Yachiyo: I'm kind of tired today, so please make it short
みたま: あらぁ、別の日にした方が 良かったかしらぁ? Mitama: Oh, maybe we should have done this another day?
やちよ: ここまで来たら今さらじゃない 取りあえず話しましょう Yachiyo: It's not too late. Let's just talk about it.
みたま: まず、やちよさんに 聞きたいんだけど Mitama: First, I have a question for you, Yachiyo.
みたま: 発信器の信号が消えた所で 魔力を感じたのよね…? Mitama: When the signal from the transmitter went out, you felt the magic, right?
やちよ: ええ、魔女の魔力よ それも果てなしのミラーズのね Yachiyo: Yes, the magic of the witches, and the endless mirrors.
みたま: それを聞いてね わたし、思い出したのよ Mitama: When I heard that, I remembered something.
みたま: 大東でミラーズの使い魔が 魔女になった時のことを… Mitama: I remember when the Mirrors' messenger became a witch in the Daito...
やちよ: ………… Yachiyo: ............
みたま: …あの時、 大本の果てなしのミラーズと Mitama: ...that time, with the endless Mirrors of Dahon.
みたま: 大東にあった 果てなしのミラーズは Mitama: The Endless Mirrors in Daito...
みたま: 鏡屋敷の結界を繋げていたわ Mitama: The wards of the Mirror House were connected.
みたま: そしてひとつの現象を 起こしていた… Mitama: And they were causing a phenomenon...
みたま: やちよさんも覚えてるでしょ? Mitama: You remember that, don't you, Yachiyo?
やちよ: ええ… Yachiyo: Yes...
やちよ: ふたつの結界は 離れた場所にあるはずなのに Yachiyo: The two wards were supposed to be far apart
やちよ: 繋がった結界を行き来するだけで 私たちは長い距離を移動していた Yachiyo: We traveled long distances just to go back and forth between the connected wards
やちよ: 要はミラーズを介した ワープ現象よね… Yachiyo: So it's a warp phenomenon through the mirrors...
みたま: 言いたいことはわかるでしょ? Mitama: You know what I mean.
やちよ: 私も考えたわ プロミストブラッドは Yachiyo: I thought of that too, Promised Blood
やちよ: “果てなしのミラーズ”を介して 移動しているって Yachiyo: Promised Blood is moving through the Endless Mirrors
やちよ: ただ、それが本当だとすると 大変な話になってくるわ… Yachiyo: But if that's true, it's a big story...
やちよ: 時女一族も 他の地域から来た魔法少女も Yachiyo: The Toki Onna clan and the magical girls from other regions
やちよ: 同じことをしている 可能性がある Yachiyo: It's possible that they're doing the same thing
みたま: それで一番怖いのは、 果てなしのミラーズの成長よ Mitama: And the scariest part is the endless growth of mirrors
みたま: あの複雑怪奇な迷宮を Mitama: That labyrinth of complexity
みたま: わたしたちは踏破できないまま 魔女を成長させすぎた… Mitama: We've allowed the witches to grow too big to break through...
みたま: もし全国で果てなしのミラーズの 使い魔が成長していたら Mitama: If the witches of the Endless Mirrors had grown all over the country
みたま: 今頃、神浜にある大本の結界は… Mitama: By now, the wards of Omoto in Kamihama...
やちよ: ワープするための ターミナルになっている… Yachiyo: It's a terminal for warping...
みたま: 可能性はあるわ… Mitama: It's possible...
やちよ: 頭がいたいわね… Yachiyo: My head hurts...
みたま: 神浜自体が非常事態ではあるけど 本腰を入れないといけないわ Yachiyo: I've got a headache...
みたま: 果てなしのミラーズもね Mitama: And the endless mirrors.
やちよ: ありがとう、わかったわ… Yachiyo: Thanks, I get it...
みたま: あと Mitama: And
やちよ: まだ、なにかあるの? Yachiyo: Is there anything else?
みたま: いえ、また今度にするわ Mitama: No, maybe another time
みたま: (東で流れてる噂の話は、 また今度の方がいいわよねぇ) Mitama: (It's better to talk about the rumors circulating in the East another time)
みたま: (これ以上は、やちよさんにも 負担をかけたくないし) Mitama: (I don't want to burden Yachiyo any more than I already have)
静香: ふぅ… Shizuka: Hmm...
ちはる: 同盟は止めて独立するって話 いつ伝えるか悩んでるの? Chiharu: Are you wondering when you're going to tell them you're leaving the alliance and going independent?
静香: 別に嫌いになったわけじゃないし 良好な関係でいたいけど Shizuka: It's not that I don't like you, and I want to be on good terms with you, but...
静香: 向こうからすると 一方的な破棄になるじゃない? Chiharu: I don't hate you, and I want to be on good terms with you, but from their point of view, it's a one-sided break.
静香: 穏便に伝えられる方法って ないかなと思って Shizuka: I was wondering if there's a way to tell her in an amicable way.
ちはる: いろはちゃんたちなら、 わかってくれると思うけど… Chiharu: I'm sure Iroha and the others will understand...
ちはる: だってあくまで時女のみんなに 姿勢を示すためでしょ? Shizuka: Yeah, that's the plan.
静香: うん、そのつもりよ Shizuka: Yeah, that's the plan.
静香: 「覚悟もこれからの姿勢も 私の中で決まりました!」 Shizuka: "I've made up my mind and I've decided what I'm going to do!
静香: 「でも、同盟はそのままです!」 Shizuka: "But the alliance is still intact!
静香: って言ったら Shizuka: "But the alliance will remain intact!
静香: 「私たちにまだユニオンの 駒になれって言うんですか!」 Shizuka: "Do you still want us to be pawns of the Union?
静香: って、絶対に邪推されるもの Shizuka: "But the alliance is still intact!
ちはる: わかる Chiharu: I know
すなお: あっ、静香! Sunao: oh, Shizuka!
すなお: 明日なんですけど 出掛けてきていいですか? Sunao: It's tomorrow, can I go out?
静香: どこに? Shizuka: Where?
すなお: みかづき荘に Sunao: To Mikazuki-so
すなお: さなさんが、こねこのゴロゴロを 録画してるみたいで Sunao: I think Suna-san is recording Koneko no Rogo Rogo
すなお: ういちゃんも戻って来たから 一緒に観ようって Sunao: Ui-chan came back too, so she wants us to watch it together
静香: えっ、ええ、うん Sunao: Ui-chan is back, so she wants to watch it with us.
ちはる: ほら、 心配しなくても大丈夫だよ Chiharu: See, you don't have to worry about it.
静香: ふふっ、そうかもしれないわね Shizuka: Hmm, I guess you're right.
ちはる: かくいう、わたしも 明日はみかづき荘に行くもんね Chiharu: Well, I'm going to Mikazukisou tomorrow too.
静香: どうして!? Shizuka: Why?
ちはる: デカゴンボールの感想を 伝えないといけないし Chiharu: Because I have to tell them what I think of the Decagon Ball.
ちはる: 宿無し探偵、等々力耕一の感想を 聞かないといけないからね Chiharu: I have to tell them what I thought of the Innocent Detective, Koichi Todoroki.
静香: え、それなら私も行くわ! Shizuka: Oh, I'm coming with you then!
静香: ひとりだけ 仲間はずれみたいじゃない! Shizuka: I feel like I'm the only one left out!
いろは: ただいまー Iroha: I'm home!
鶴乃: みかづき荘に着くと、 帰って来たって感じがするよー Tsuruno: When I arrive at Mikazukisou, I feel like I'm back!
さな: はい…ホッとします… みんな無事で良かったなって… Sana: Yes... I'm relieved... I'm glad that everyone is safe...
うい: すー…くー… Ui: Soooo... koooooo...
いろは: だけど、今回みたいな戦いが、 これからも続くんだよね… Iroha: But battles like this one will continue from now on...
いろは: はぁ… Iroha: Huh...
さな: いろはさん大丈夫ですか…!? Sana: Iroha, are you okay...?
鶴乃: 満身創痍だね… Tsuruno: You have wounds all over your body...
いろは: はい、さすがに 今日はもう疲れちゃいました… Iroha: Yes, as expected, I'm exhausted today...
いろは: 世界中の魔法少女を救うために キモチの石がいる Iroha: I need Kimochi's stone to save all the magical girls in the world!
いろは: 先に手に入れるには戦わなくちゃいけない 守るためにも戦わなくちゃいけない 何もせずに説得だけしていたら奪われてしまう Iroha: We must fight to get it first We must fight to protect it If we do nothing but persuade, it will be taken away
いろは: 言葉だけじゃどうすることもできない 今日はそれを突きつけられた気がする… Iroha: Words alone can't do anything, and I feel like I was confronted with that today...
―取材記録― 十咎 ももこ =-Interview - Momoko
ももこ: 「急に望むことって言われても難しいな…」 Momoko: "It's hard to say what I want all of a sudden...
ももこ: 「そりゃ、魔法少女になって すぐに後悔したのは今でも染みついてるし、 メルのこととかもあったから、 みかづき荘のメンバーだった時にも 色々と後悔してきたよ」 Momoko: "Well, the regrets I had as soon as I became a Puella Magi are still ingrained in me, and with Mel and all, I've regretted a lot of things when I was a member of Mikazukisou.
ももこ: 「ほんと、もう山ほどね」 Momoko: "There are so many regrets.
ももこ: 「けどさ、それで全てを 否定するかって言われると、 アタシにはできないんだよな」 Momoko: "But if you're asking me to deny everything, I can't.
ももこ: 「いつまで経ってもレナは意地っ張りで かえでは成長したと思っても 根本的なところは怖がりなまま」 Momoko: "Rena will always be stubborn, and Kaede will think she's grown up, but she's still scared at the core.
ももこ: 「よく面倒事を起こすし、 感情剥き出しにして泣いたりもするし、 そりゃまあ大変なふたりなんだけどさ、 ふたりはなんか特別なんだよな」 Momoko: "They get into trouble a lot, they cry a lot, they're a tough couple, but there's something special about them.
ももこ: 「だから、そんな出会いをくれた魔法少女を 一概に否定することはできないから、 アタシは否定を望むんじゃなくて、 みんなと一緒に大人になれる未来を望むよ」 Momoko: "So, I can't deny the magical girl who gave me such an opportunity, so I don't want to deny her, I want a future where we can grow up together.
ももこ: 「かえでも含めたら6年後か」 Momoko: "Including Kaede, that's six years from now.
ももこ: 「みんなが20歳になったら、 3人で一緒にお酒とか飲んでみたいよ」 Momoko: "When we all turn 20, I want the three of us to have a drink together.
ももこ: 「いや、やっぱりいいや ふたりとも酒癖悪そうだからな あっはは」 Momoko: "No, I don't think so, we both seem to have bad drinking habits haha

Episode 5

Episode 5
Japanese English
かごめ: プロミストブラッドとユニオンがね 神浜市と二木市で争っているの…。 Kagome: Promised Blood and Union are fighting over Kamihama City and Futatsugi City...
かごめ: ゴウゴウ、かたやキモチの石、 ゴウゴウ、かたやういちゃんのために…。 Kagome: Clashing for Kimochi stones, clashing for Ui-chan...
かごめ: 今、魔法少女がいる所はどこでもね、 ヒリつくような空気を漂わせている気がする…。 Kagome: Wherever there are Magical Girls now, there seems to be a stinging sensation in the air...
かごめ: ひっそりと危険が渦巻いている町を眺めていると “あの子”のことを思い出す。 Kagome: As I look out over the city, where danger is swirling quietly underneath, I remember "that girl".
かごめ: 私に魔法少女のことを教えてくれて、 世間に広めるっていう目的を与えてくれた おじさんの娘、里見那由他さんのことを。 Kagome: I think of my uncle's daughter, Nayuta Satomi, who taught me about magical girls and gave me the purpose of spreading the word.
かごめ: 今もどこのグループにも入らずに、 危険な町の中でお父さんを捜しているのかな? Kagome: I wonder if she's still looking for her father in the dangerous city, without joining any group?
かごめ: どうしているのか私にはわからないけど、 同じ目的を持っている特別な魔法少女だから、 うまくいってるといいなって思う…。 Kagome: I don't know how she's doing, but because we're both special magical girls with the same goal, I hope she's doing well...
かごめ: ただ、無事を祈りながら…。 Kagome: I just want to wish you well...
みたま: はい、これで調整は終わりよ Mitama: Okay, with this, the adjustment is over and done with.
みかげ: うんっ、うん…? あっ、すごいよ姉ちゃ! Mikage: 'kay, hm...? Ah, that's amazing, sis!
みかげ: なんか体がポカポカするし ちょっと軽い気がするっ! Mikage: My body feels so warm and I feel a little light!
みたま: 魔力の底上げをしたんだから、 当然の反応よ Mitama: It's a natural reaction after raising your magic power.
みたま: ………… Mitama: ............
みかげ: …姉ちゃ、まだ怒ってるの? Mikage: ...are you still mad at me, sis?
みたま: 怒ってるっていうか心配… 今の神浜は危険な状況だからね… Mitama: I'm not angry, I'm worried... Kamihama's in a dangerous situation right now...
みかげ: ミィは自動浄化システムとか、 別にきょーみないよ? Mikage: Mii isn't interested in the automatic purification system or stuff like that?
みかげ: なゆたんパパを見つけて Mikage: I'm looking for Nayutan's papa,
みかげ: 魔法少女の話をたっくさんの人に 伝えてもらうんだっ Mikage: and I'm gonna get him to tell lots of people about magical girls.
みたま: どうして、ミィがそうするの? Mitama: Why would you do that, Mii?
みたま: お願いだから無茶はしないで 調整したのは身を護るためよ…? Mitama: Please, don't do anything rash? I only adjusted you so that you could protect yourself...
みたま: それに、 ミィが捜す必要はないでしょ? Mitama: Besides, there isn't a desperate need to find him?
みかげ: あるよ Mikage: Yes there is.
みかげ: だって、魔法少女はすごいって みんなが思ってくれるんだからっ Mikage: Because then everyone will think magical girls are amazing!
みかげ: (そしたら、東のミィも姉ちゃも みんながいっぱい褒めてくれる) Mikage: (And then, everyone in the East will praise Mii and sis lots and lots.)
那由他: こんにちは みかげさんに呼ばれたんですけど Nayuta: Hello, Mikage-san called me here.
みかげ: あっ、なゆたん! 早くパパを探しに行こっ! Mikage: Ah, Nayutan! Let's hurry up and go find your papa!
みかげ: ミィね、調整してもらって、 前より強くなったんだよ!? Mikage: Mii got adjusted, and got even stronger than before!?
那由他: ――っ!? Nayuta: --?
那由他: その件だと思いましたけど… あの、よろしいんですの? Nayuta: I thought that's what this was about, but... Um, are you sure?
那由他: ただでさえお姉さまが 心配なさっているのに… Nayuta: Your sister is worried about you...
みたま: 一度言い始めたら聞かないから わたしの方は諦めてるわ Mitama: Once she starts talking, she won't stop, so I've given up on her.
みたま: きっと縄でくくったところで、 どこかへ逃げちゃうから Mitama: I'm sure she'll run away even if we tie her up with a rope.
みたま: せめて危険を回避できるように こうして調整したのよ Mitama: I've arranged it so that we can at least avoid danger.
那由他: でも、本当に、 行かせてもいいんですの…? Nayuta: But are you sure you want to let her go...?
みたま: 悪いけど、那由他ちゃん ミィのことをお願いするわ Mitama: I'm sorry, Nayuta, but I need you to take care of Mii.
みたま: きっと迷惑を かけちゃうと思うけど Mitama: I'm sure you'll get in trouble.
みかげ: そんなことないよねっ ミィ、役に立ってるよ? Mikage: No way. Mii will be super helpful, you know?
那由他: 仕方ないですの… Nayuta: I don't have a choice...
那由他: お姉さまの許可が出た以上は、 面倒を見てあげますの Nayuta: As long as your sister gives me permission, I'll take care of you.
みかげ: やったーーー! それで今日はどこに行くの? Mikage: Yay! So where are we going today?
那由他: 里見メディカルセンターに もう一度行ってみますの Nayuta: I'm going to the Satomi Medical Center again.
みたま: それじゃあよろしくね 那由他ちゃん Mitama: Well then, I'll be leaving her in your care, Nayuta!
みたま: ミィをグループ同士の戦いに どうしても巻き込みたくないのよ Mitama: I really don't want to involve Mii in a fight between groups.
那由他: 私たちは独立して動いてるので、 他よりは安全だと思いますの Nayuta: We work independently, so I think we're safer than the others
みたま: ごめんね Mitama: I'm sorry
那由他: その分、みかげさんには、 役に立ってもらいますの Nayuta: That's why Mikage is going to be so helpful.
みかげ: また病院に行ってどうするの? Mikage: What are you going to do, go to the hospital again?
那由他: パパの居場所を知らないか 伯父様に話を聞きますの Nayuta: I'm going to talk to my uncle to see if he knows where my dad is.
那由他: この間は 帰ってしまいましたから Nayuta: He left the other day.
那由他: この間、調整屋で出会った魔法少女たち まさかパパと接触している子が 何人もいるとは思いませんでしたの… Nayuta: I didn't expect magical girls I met at the Coordinator's were in contact with my dad...
那由他: ひとりは時女一族の本家… 私も魔法少女になる前の4年前に 接触していた Nayuta: One of them is the head of the Tokime clan I had contact with four years ago, before I became a magical girl.
那由他: 次は神浜の七海やちよ 私とパパが魔法少女について調べ始めた2年前に この町で接触していたんですの Next is Yachiyo Nanami of Kamihama, who my dad and I came into contact with in this town two years ago when we started researching magical girls.
那由他: そして、各国を回りながら 魔法少女と思われる歴史の事例を集めて 執筆のために帰国した時に Nayuta: And as we traveled around the world collecting historical examples of what we believed to be magical girls, when we returned home to write
那由他: 佐鳥かごめさんに出会っていたんですの… Nayuta: I met Satori Kagome...
那由他: 不思議とパパの足跡がこの町に集まっている もしかしたら伯父様も 何か知ってるかもしれない… Nayuta: Strangely enough, my dad's footprints are all over this town, maybe my uncle knows something...
灯花の父: 久しぶりだね那由他 灯花から話は聞いてるよ Touka's dad: It's been a while Nayuta, I've heard a lot about you from Touka.
灯花の父: 神浜で太助を 捜してるそうじゃないか Touka's dad: I heard you're looking for Tasuke in Kamihama.
那由他: はい、それで伯父様に 伺いたいことがあるんですの Nayuta: Yes, and I have a question for you, Uncle.
わかっているよ 太助がどこにいるか…だね? I know. 'Where is Tasuke'...right?
那由他: …ご存知ですの? Nayuta: you know?
みかげ: あ、ラビたん 前に絵を描いてた人がいるよ! Mikage: Ah, Rabi-tan, the person who painted the picture last time is here!
ラビ: みかげさんが言っていた、 日本語が堪能な外国人ですか Rabi: The foreigner Mikage was talking about, the one who is fluent in Japanese?
灯花の父: 元気なお友だちだ Touka's dad: You've got quite the lively friend here!
那由他: 病院で申し訳ないですの… Nayuta: I'm truly sorry for her behavior, and especially in a hospital...
灯花の父: 外に行ったようだし、 気にしてないよ Touka's dad: I don't mind, I think she went outside.
灯花の父: それで太助のことだけど、 期待には応えてあげられない Touka's dad: So about Tasuke, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
灯花の父: 私も捜してはいるが 情報が入ってこないんだ Touka's dad: I'm looking for him too, but no information has turned up.
那由他: そう、ですの… Nayuta: I see...
那由他: でも伯父様が捜してくれていて 姪としては嬉しいですの Nayuta: But to learn that Uncle-sama is searching for him too, makes me really happy as your niece.
灯花の父: 仕方ないよ 出来の悪い弟でも家族だからね Touka's dad: It can't be helped. He may be a bad little brother, but he's still family.
那由他: っ… Nayuta: ...
灯花の父: アイツには困ったものだよ… Touka's dad: That guy's really got me stumped...
灯花の父: せっかくの才能を民俗学なんて 役に立たないもので無駄にして Touka's dad: Wasting all his talent on something as useless as folklore.
灯花の父: 挙げ句に自分の娘にまで 迷惑をかけるなんて Touka's dad: And to top it off, he's making all kinds of trouble for his own daughter.
灯花の父: 弟に代わって謝るよ 申し訳ないね、那由他 Touka's dad: I apologize on behalf of my little brother. I'm really sorry, Nayuta.
那由他: あ、謝る必要はないですの… Nayuta: Oh, there's no need to apologize...
那由他: 悪い事をして雲隠れしている わけじゃありませんので… Nayuta: It's not like I'm lurking in the shadows doing something bad...
灯花の父: それはどうかな… Touka's dad: I wonder about that...
灯花の父: 人に妙な影響を与えて、 逃げてるのかもしれないよ Touka's dad: Maybe he got involved with a strange group, and is running away.
灯花の父: 事実、灯花が太助の影響を 受けるとは思わなかったからね Touka's dad: Actually, I didn't think Touka would be influenced by Tasuke.
那由他: 影響…? Nayuta: Influence...?
灯花の父: 少女の運命を書き記した 妙ちくりんな本のことだよ Touka's dad: I'm talking about the strange book that describes the fate of a girl.
灯花の父: 里見家の恥さらしになる前に 止めて欲しいよ、まったく… Touka's dad: I wish she'd stop before she brings shame on the Satomi family, honestly...
那由他: (やっぱり話すんじゃなかった… でも…) Nayuta: (I knew it, she didn't tell him... but...)
灯花: だって、あの本に救われたのも 影響されたのもわたくしだし… Touka: Because I'm the one who was saved and influenced by that book...
灯花: 結局、叔父様が調べてたことを ぜーんぶ信じてたんだよ… Touka: In the end, I believed everything my uncle told me...
灯花: それに、今は叔父様だからこそ 魔法少女を救えるって信じてるよ Touka: And now I believe that my uncle is the one who can save magical girls.
灯花: だから、あの… 那由他…ごめんね…? Touka: So that's why, um... Nayuta...I'm sorry...?
那由他: あの言葉は ウソじゃなかったということですの…? Nayuta: Does that mean she wasn't lying when she said that?
那由他: はぁ… Nayuta: Haah...
アリナの声: ちょっと、そこ 動かないで欲しいんですケド! Alina's voice: Hey, I want you to stay where you are!
那由他: えっ…!? Nayuta: Eh...?
那由他: あの、皆さんそろって 何をなさっているんですの…? Nayuta: Well, what are you all doing together...?
みかげ: 絵のモデルさん! 外国人さんがしてほしいって! Mikage: Modeling for a painting! The foreigner wants me to do it!
ラビ: 恥ずかしい… Rabi: This is so embarrassing...
みふゆ: すみません、見ず知らずの方を 巻き込んでしまって… Mifuyu: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drag a stranger into this...
アリナ: フリーズ! Alina: 「Freeze!」
みふゆ: あぁ、ごめんなさい…! Mifuyu: Aah, I'm sorry...!
みふゆ: じゃなくてアリナ! Mifuyu: Wait, Alina!
みふゆ: ワタシはあなたの遊び相手として 病院に来たんじゃないんです Mifuyu: I didn't come to the hospital to play with you.
みふゆ: あなたが妙なことをしないか 監視するために来たんですよ!? Mifuyu: I'm here to monitor you to make sure you don't do anything strange!?
アリナ: でもアリナのメモリーは ロストしてるから関係ないヨネ Alina: But it doesn't matter because Alina's memory is lost.
アリナ: 過去も何もわからないアリナは、 ピンとこないんですケド Alina: I don't know anything about your past, so this doesn't really make sense to me.
みふゆ: ふぬぬぅ… Mifuyu: Hm hm hm...
アリナ: あ、そこのアナタもカモン Alina: Ah, you there, you too!
那由他: えっ!? Nayuta: Eh!?
アリナ: ちょうど追加のモデルが 欲しかったんだヨネ Alina: I was just looking for an extra model.
みかげ: あっははは! Mikage: Ahahaha!
那由他: な、なんですの…この絵は… Nayuta: W-what's with this picture...
アリナ: 色を乗せるのは、 これからなんですケド Alina: I'm just starting to add color to it.
那由他: そんなレベルじゃないですの… Nayuta: It's not that good...
みかげ: みんなすっごいブサイクだね! Mikage: They're all so ugly!
那由他: なっ! Nayuta: Right!
ラビ: そうですか? 私は可愛いくないですか? Rabi: Really? Am I not cute?
那由他: ラビさん… よく臆面もなく言えますの… Nayuta: Rabi-san, how can you just say that without being the slightest bit fazed...
みふゆ: これってもしかして、 キュビスムですか…? Mifuyu: Is this a cubism, or...?
みかげ: きゅ? Mikage: Kyu?
みふゆ: 何となくですが、 そんな気がしたんです Mifuyu: I don't know, I just had a feeling...
みふゆ: モデルが持つパーツを 図形に置き換えて並べるとか… Mifuyu: I was thinking of replacing the parts of the model with shapes and arranging them...
みふゆ: 確か、ピカソとかが 代表的な画家なんですよね? Mifuyu: I think Picasso is one of the most famous painters, isn't he?
アリナ: アメイジング Alina: 「Amazing.」
アリナ: アナタがそんなこと 知ってると思わなかったワケ Alina: I didn't think you knew anything about that.
みふゆ: アリナと付き合ってる間に、 覚えてしまったんですよ Mifuyu: I learned it while I was out with Alina one time.
みふゆ: 色々、聞かせてもらったんですが 記憶にないですよね…? Mifuyu: I've asked you a lot of questions, but you don't remember...?
アリナ: オフコース いちいち聞かないでヨネ Alina: 「Of course,」 don't ask me every time!
みふゆ: すみません… Mifuyu: Sorry...
みふゆ: みなさんもありがとうございます 付き合って頂いちゃって… Mifuyu: Thank you all for your time.
みかげ: モデルなんて初めてだったから 楽しかったよ Mikage: It was my first time modeling, so it was fun!
みふゆ: フフッ、 それなら良かったです Mifuyu: I'm glad to hear that!
ラビ: それで、那由他様の用事は もう終わりましたか? Rabi: So, is Nayuta-sama's business finished?
みかげ: そう!お話聞けた!? パパの居場所はわかったの!? Mikage: Yes! Did you hear the story? Did you find out where your dad is?
那由他: いえ、残念ながら空振りですの… Nayuta: No, I'm afraid I struck out...
アリナ: …アナタも探し物があるワケ? Alina: ...Are you looking for something too?
那由他: えっ、はい… Nayuta: Eh, yes...
アリナ: ………… Alina: ............
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
アリナ: ………… Alina: ............
那由他: …な、なんですの? Nayuta: ...what is it?
アリナ: アリナと同じように、 さまよってるみたいだヨネ Alina: You seem to be wandering, just like Alina.
アリナ: 終わりのないラビリンスを Alina: The never-ending labyrinth
那由他: 迷宮…? Nayuta: Labyrinth...?
アリナ: もし、迷い込んだなら、 入口に戻ってみればいいワケ Alina: If you're lost, you can always go back to the entrance
アリナ: 今、アリナはそうしてるから Alina: Because that's what Alina is doing right now.
那由他: は、はい… Nayuta: Y-yes...
みふゆ: ………… Mifuyu: ............
みふゆ: (絵を描いてただけですよね?) Mifuyu: (But you were only just drawing, right?)
アリナ: もし、迷い込んだなら、 入口に戻ってみればいいワケ Alina: If you're lost, you can always go back to the entrance
アリナ: 今、アリナはそうしてるから Alina: Because that's what Alina is doing right now.
那由他: (入口に戻る…) Nayuta: (Back to the entrance...)
那由他: (要は初心に立ち返る…? いえ、捜し始めたころに…?) Nayuta: (Going back to the beginning...? No, back to when you started looking for it...?
みかげ: すっごく美味しかった! このプリンって手作りなの!? Mikage: It was so good! Is this pudding homemade?
ラビ: そうですよ Rabi: Yes, it is!
ラビ: みかげさんが喜ぶと思って 仕込んでおいたんです Rabi: I thought Mikage would like it, so I made it for her.
みかげ: えー嬉しい! ラビたんお料理上手だよね! Mikage: Oh, I'm so happy! You're a good cook, aren't you, Rabi?
ラビ: 仕込まれてますからね Rabi: I've been trained to do that.
みかげ: お手伝いさんの会社で? Mikage: From the housemaid services company?
ラビ: そんなところです Rabi: Something like that.
那由他: (最初の頃に調べていたのは…) Nayuta: (In the beginning, you were looking for...)
那由他: (パパの書類ですの…) Nayuta: (It's my dad's papers...)
那由他: うん、みかげさん、 書類を片っ端から調べましょう Nayuta: Yeah, Mikage, let's go through all the documents.
那由他: 見落としている 足跡があるかもしれませんの Nayuta: There might be some footprints we've missed.
ラビ: もうお帰りになるそうですよ? Rabi: They're leaving now, aren't they?
那由他: ええ!? Nayuta: Eehh?
みかげ: 姉ちゃに頼まれたもの 買って帰らないとだから Mikage: I have to buy what my sister asked for.
みかげ: またねー! Mikage: See you later!
那由他: …お菓子食べただけですの Nayuta: ...I just ate some candy.
那由他: ラビさん Nayuta: Rabi!
ラビ: 私はこれから夜ご飯の準備です Rabi: I'm going to prepare dinner now.
那由他: ええ… Nayuta: Well...
ラビ: 何か食べたいものはありますか? Rabi: Is there anything you want to eat?
那由他: …………ラザニア? Nayuta: ............ lasagna?
ラビ: 承知しました Rabi: Okay.
ラビ: ちなみに、 書類も結構ですけど Rabi: By the way, the paperwork is fine.
ラビ: 動向を調べるなら、 お父様が残した書類よりも Rabi: If you want to find out what's going on, you'll need more than the documents your father left behind.
ラビ: やりとりをしてきた メールの方がいいのでは? Rabi: Wouldn't you rather have the e-mails we've been exchanging?
那由他: 確かにそうですの Nayuta: You're right.
那由他: ちょっと検索をかけて 色々と調べてみますの Nayuta: I'll do some searching and see what I can find.
那由他: ふん… Nayuta: Hmm...
那由他: 特に見落としていたような メールはないですの… Nayuta: There's nothing in the mail that I missed...
那由他: (あとは書類ぐらいしか…) Nayuta: All that's left are the documents...
那由他: …………いえ Nayuta: ............ no
灯花の父: 事実、灯花が太助の影響を 受けるとは思わなかったからね Touka's dad: In fact, I didn't think Touka would be influenced by Taisuke.
那由他: 影響…? Nayuta: Influence...?
灯花の父: 少女の運命を書き記した 妙ちくりんな本のことだよ Touka's dad: I'm talking about the strange book that describes the fate of a girl.
那由他: (それが真実なら…) Nayuta: (If that's true...)
那由他: (この間、あれだけ怒っておいて 虫の良い話ですが…) Nayuta: (After all the anger I had the other day, it's a good thing I didn't...)
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
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~~♪~~♪ 19:55, 26 April 2021 (UTC)~~
那由他: (簡単に出てくれませんの…) Nayuta: (It's not easy to get out...)
灯花: な、那由他…? Touka: Nayuta...?
那由他: ――っ!? Nayuta: --?
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
灯花: あれ…? もー、イタズラ…? Touka: Hey...? Nayuta: No...
那由他: ち、違いますの 出ると思わなくて… Nayuta: No, no. I didn't think you'd answer...
灯花: かけたのはそっちでしょ? なに言ってるのー? Touka: You're the one who called me. What are you talking about?
那由他: …そう、なんですけど Nayuta: ...yes, I did...
灯花: うん Touka: Yeah
那由他: はい… Nayuta: Yes...
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
灯花: っ…! Touka: Wha...!
灯花: にゃー!もうなにー!? 意味がわかんない! Touka: Nyaa! What the hell? I don't get it!
那由他: あー…えっと… Nayuta:
那由他: パパを捜すのを 手伝って欲しいんですの Nayuta: I need you to help me find my dad.
灯花: ――っ!? Touka: --?
那由他: 今日、伯父様に会って、 聞いたんですの Nayuta: I saw my uncle today and he told me.
那由他: 灯花もパパの本に 影響されていたって Nayuta: He said that Touka was also influenced by Papa's books.
那由他: まだ、半信半疑ですけど、 少し信じることにしたんですの Nayuta: I'm still a little skeptical, but I've decided to believe him.
灯花: それが、人にものを頼む人の 態度なのかにゃー…? Touka: Is that the attitude of someone who asks for something?
那由他: っ…いいですの もう頼らないですの Nayuta: No... it's okay, I won't ask for help anymore.
灯花: あーーー! Touka: Aaah!
灯花: それでも、いいよ! わたくしも手伝ってあげる! Touka: Still, it's fine! I'll help you too!
那由他: 本当ですの? Nayuta: Are you sure?
灯花: で、何をすればいーの? Touka: So what do I have to do?
那由他: 私に送られてきたメールから 住所を特定して欲しいんですの… Nayuta: I need you to identify the address from the mail that was sent to me...
那由他: 足跡を辿るために… Nayuta: In order to trace the footsteps...
灯花: うん、いーよ Touka: Yeah, sure!
那由他: 本当に…? Nayuta: Are you sure...?
灯花: 叔父様がどうでもいい人なら、 指一本も動かさないけど Touka: I wouldn't lift a finger if your uncle was someone I didn't care about
灯花: わたくしにとっても、 人生を変えた特別な人だからね Touka: He's a very special person who changed my life too.
ペラ Pella
ラビ: ………… Rabi: ............
ペラ Pella
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
ラビ: お父様が残したこの書類、 全て見るんですか…? Rabi: Are you going to look at all these documents that your father left behind...?
那由他: 最初に立ち返る Nayuta: Let's go back to the beginning.
那由他: 足跡について何か 手がかりがあるかもしれませんの Nayuta: There may be some clues about the footprints.
ラビ: 否定はしませんけど、 これは大変ですね Rabi: I'm not denying it, but this is a big deal
那由他: メールの方は 灯花が見てくれてるから Nayuta: Touka is looking at my email
那由他: アナログな部分は 自分たちで手を動かさないと Nayuta: For the analog part, we have to do it ourselves.
ラビ: 灯花様も人がいいですね Rabi: Touka is a good person too!
ラビ: たんかを切ってきた相手の 手伝いをするんですから Rabi: I'm helping someone who's cutting his own hair
那由他: たんかって… まぁ、正直賭けでしたけど Nayuta: I mean, honestly, it was a gamble, but...
ラビ: だと思います Rabi: I guess so
那由他: ラビさんの方にはパパから 連絡はありませんの? Nayuta: Has your father contacted you, Rabi?
ラビ: あったら言ってますよ Rabi: If he had, he would have told me.
那由他: お給料は? Nayuta: What about your salary?
ラビ: 前金で頂いたので それからは特にありませんね Rabi: I got paid in advance, so I haven't had any money since then.
那由他: んー、そうですの… Nayuta: Hmm, I see...
ラビ: なので、こうして少しずつ 足跡を辿るしかないでしょう Rabi: So, I guess I'll just have to follow my footsteps little by little like this
那由他: みかげさんには、こういう時こそ 人手になって欲しいですの Nayuta: It's times like this that I wish Mikage could be of assistance.
ラビ: あっ… Rabi: Oh...
那由他: どうしたんですの? Nayuta: What's going on?
ラビ: この手記なんですが、 ページ同士が貼り付いてます Rabi: This journal, the pages are stuck together!
那由他: まぁっ! Nayuta: Oh no!
ラビ: 破れないように… そーっ…と…! Rabi: I'm trying not to tear it... gently...!
那由他: 剥がれましたの! Nayuta: It's coming off!
ラビ: ご飯粒が引っ付いてたんですね Rabi: Rice grains must have stuck to it.
那由他: 内容は… Nayuta: The contents are...
那由他: …時期的にはかごめさんと出会う 少し前のようですの… Nayuta: It looks like it was just before he met Kagome...
ラビ: ですね… Rabi: I see...
那由他: …これは Nayuta: ...this is...
ラビ: 近々の足取りではないですが、 ひとつ手がかりになりましたね Rabi: It's not the most recent footprint, but it's a clue.
那由他: 二木市に足を運んでたのは 私も聞いてなかったんですの Nayuta: I hadn't heard of him visiting Futatsugi City either.
那由他: ただ、相手は神浜で暴れてる プロミストブラッド… Nayuta: But the other party is Promised Blood, who is on the loose in Kamihama...
ラビ: 話を聞くのも厄介ですね Rabi: It's tricky to talk to them.
那由他: 誰か知り合いのひとりでも いれば良いんだけど Nayuta: I wish I knew someone who knew someone.
那由他: プロミストブラッドには 気をつけた方が良さそうですの Nayuta: We'd better be careful with Promised Blood.
らんかの声: そりゃアタシらの名前をかたれば タダじゃ済まないって Ranka's voice: Well, if you put our names on it, you'll get away with it.
那由他: ――っ!? Nayuta: What?
智珠 らんか: 気をつけるとか 今さらなんだけど Chizu Ranka: I don't know if I should be careful or not
那由他: 知り合いじゃないですけど、 私を襲った相手がいたんですの… Nayuta: I don't know him, but he attacked me...
那由他: また絶体絶命に 陥るに決まってるんですの… Nayuta: I'm sure I'll be in trouble again...
ラビ: でも、那由他様も 調整をしてもらったのでは…? Rabi: But didn't Nayuta-sama have some adjustments to make?
那由他: 確かにあれから魔女と戦って 違いは自覚してるんですの… Nayuta: It's true, I'm aware of the differences after fighting the witch...
那由他: ただ、それと過去に刷り込まれた 恐怖は別物ですの Nayuta: But there is a difference between that and the fear imprinted in my past.
那由他: とはいえ、そんな覚悟じゃ パパは見つかりませんの Nayuta: But you'll never find your father if you're not prepared.
ラビ: その通りです Rabi: You're right.
那由他: 覚悟を決めて行きましょう Nayuta: Let's go with determination
那由他: あの制服が 神浜の学校のものなら Nayuta: If that uniform is from Kamihama's school
那由他: みかげさんが 知っているかもしれません Nayuta: Mikage might know about it.
ラビ: ふふっ Rabi: Hmmm...
ラビ: なんだかんだ 役に立ってるじゃないですか Nayuta: If that uniform is from Kamihama's school
みかげの声: なーーーゆーーーたーーーん! ラーーービーーーたーーーん! Mikage's voice: Nayuta! Rah-bee-taaaan!
ラビ: 噂をすればですね Rabi: Speak of the devil...
那由他: あの時出会ったプロミストブラッドの方は みかげさんによると 栄総合学園という学校の生徒らしいですの Nayuta: According to Mikage, the Promised Blood we met back then is a student at a school called Sakae Sogo Gakuen.
那由他: なので正門であの方を待ち受けているのですが 空振りが続くこと3日目 本当に通っているのでしょうか… Nayuta: So I've been waiting for him at the main gate, but I've been striking out for three days now, and I wonder if he really goes there...
那由他: 灯花から連絡がないのも 少しだけ気になりますの… Nayuta: I'm also a little concerned that I haven't heard from Touka...
那由他: (と、考えていたらビンゴ…!) Nayuta: (Thinking about it, I got it...)
みかげ: なゆたん! Mikage: Nayutan!
那由他: わかってますの Nayuta: I know, I know.
那由他: あの、 少しだけいいですの? Nayuta: Um, can I have a moment?
智珠 らんか: ん、誰、アンタ… Chizu Ranka: Who are you?
智珠 らんか: って、あの時、 プロミストブラッドを騙った…! Nayuta: I know, I know.
那由他: だから誤解ですの! Nayuta: So it's a misunderstanding!
那由他: 私はキモチの石のことなんて まるで興味がありませんの Nayuta: I'm not interested in Kimochi's stone at all
智珠 らんか: …本当にそうなんでしょうね Chizu Ranka: really don't, do you?
智珠 らんか: それに、この間の件は、 手を出すのが早いって怒られたし Chizu Ranka: And the other day, you were angry at me for being too quick to make a move
智珠 らんか: アタシからも謝っておくわ Chizu Ranka: I'll apologize to you too
那由他: は、はい… Chizu Ranka: I'll apologize too
那由他: (上手くいったんですの…!) Nayuta: (It worked...)
智珠 らんか: それで、何か用があって 話しかけてきたんじゃないの? Chizu Ranka: So, is there something you wanted to talk to me about?
那由他: はい、父のことで 伺いたいことがあるんです Nayuta: Yes, I have a question about my father
智珠 らんか: 自分の親以外に、 オッサンの知り合いはいないけど Chizu Ranka: I don't know anyone other than my parents
那由他: そうじゃなくて… Nayuta: Not that...
那由他: 実は父が失踪してまして その足取りを追っているんですの Nayuta: Actually, my father disappeared and I'm trying to track him down
那由他: それで8ヶ月ほど前に 二木の魔法少女と接触したようで Nayuta: And it seems that about eight months ago, he came into contact with a magical girl from Futatsugi.
那由他: もしも何かご存知だったら、 話を聞きたかったんですの Nayuta: If you know anything about this, I wanted to talk to you
智珠 らんか: ふーん…? 次女なら知ってそうだけど… Chizu Ranka: Hmm...? Nayuta: I've been trying to get in touch with her
那由他: 連絡を取って頂くことは できないんですの? Nayuta: Is there any way you can get in touch with her?
智珠 らんか: ふっ、それじゃあ交渉よ Chizu Ranka: Hmmm... I'll negotiate then
那由他: 交渉ですか…? Nayuta: Negotiation...?
智珠 らんか: 前にアタシがアンタたちに 襲い掛かった時 Chizu Ranka: When I attacked you guys before...
智珠 らんか: アンタ、魔女みたいな 強い魔力を感じ取ったでしょ Chizu Ranka: When I attacked you before, you sensed a strong magical power like a witch
智珠 らんか: あの時はウソを吐いてたけど、 本当のところはどうなの? Chizu Ranka: You lied to me then, but what's the truth?
智珠 らんか: 認めた上であの時のアンタの 気持ちを教えてくれたら Chizu Ranka: If you admit it and tell me how you felt at that time
智珠 らんか: アタシも連絡をとってあげる Chizu Ranka: I'll get in touch with you too
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
みかげ: パパの事がわかるんだから 別に教えて良いと思うよ? Mikage: I think it's okay to tell you since you know my dad
智珠 らんか: そうそう、キモチの石に 興味はないんでしょ? Chizu Ranka: Oh yeah, you're not interested in Kimochi's stone, are you?
那由他: ええ、 隠すことでもないですの Nayuta: No, it's nothing to hide.
那由他: あの時、魔力を感じたのは 認めますの Nayuta: I admit that I felt the magic at that time
智珠 らんか: それで、どんな気持ちだった? Chizu Ranka: And how did you feel?
那由他: そうですね… 当然あの時は怖かったんですの… Nayuta: Well, of course I was scared at that time...
那由他: ただ、同時にですけど、 あまりの状況に驚いてましたの Nayuta: But at the same time, I was surprised by the situation
智珠 らんか: なるほど、恐怖と驚きね あとで樹里に教えてあげよ Chizu Ranka: I see, fear and surprise... I'll tell Juri later.
みかげ: これで教えてもらえるね パパのこと! Mikage: Now you can tell me about your dad!
智珠 らんか: ただちょっと、アタシらも今 ごたついてるからさ Chizu Ranka: But we're in a bit of a mess too
みかげ: 約束やぶるの!? Mikage: You're breaking your promise?
智珠 らんか: 破らないって Chizu Ranka: I won't break it
智珠 らんか: 電話でしか連絡がとれないの Chizu Ranka: I can only be reached by phone
智珠 らんか: で、立ち話もなんだから、 ちょっと場所を変えない? Chizu Ranka: And we can't just stand here and talk, can we move to another place?
智珠 らんか: 立ってるのもダルいし Chizu Ranka: I'm too tired to stand
みかげ: ふふーん♪ Mikage: Hmmm...
みかげ: クリームソーダ美味しいね Mikage: Cream soda is delicious!
那由他: みかげさんは お菓子ばっかりですの Nayuta: All you do is eat sweets, Mikage.
那由他: 糖尿病になっても 知らないんですの Nayuta: I don't know if I'll get diabetes.
みかげ: ミィ太らないもん Mikage: I'm not fat.
那由他: そういう人の糖尿病が 一番怖いらしいんですの Nayuta: I heard that diabetes is the most dangerous disease for people like you.
みかげ: ふーん? Mikage: Hmm?
智珠 らんか: ほら、繋がったわよ Chizu Ranka: Here we go, we're connected
智珠 らんか: アンタに教えてもらった キモチの話を伝えたら Chizu Ranka: I told him about Kimochi that you told me
智珠 らんか: 気前良く 何でも答えてくれるって Chizu Ranka: He said he's generous and he'll answer anything
那由他: ありがとうございます Nayuta: thank you very much
那由他: お電話代わりました 里見那由他と申しますの Nayuta: I'll take your call. My name is Nayuta Satomi
樹里: プロミストブラッドの次女 大庭樹里だ Juri: I'm Juri Ohba, Promised Blood's second daughter.
樹里: って今、里見って言ったか? Juri: Did you just say "Satomi"?
那由他: 言いましたの Nayuta: Yes, I did.
樹里: つーことは、 里見灯花の親戚か…? Juri: So you're related to Touka Satomi...?
那由他: え…一応はそうですの 関係は良くありませんが… Nayuta: Well, yes, in a manner of speaking, although the relationship is not good...
樹里: ふーん… Juri: Hmm...
樹里: まぁその声色じゃあ 本当に仲は悪いみたいだが… Juri: Well, from the sound of it, they really don't get along...
樹里: 気をつけろよ Juri: Be careful.
樹里: マギウスの親族なら、 殺されても文句はいえねからな Juri: If you're related to the Magus, you can't complain about being killed.
那由他: あの子はなんですの… 疫病神ですの…? Nayuta: What is that girl... is she a plague god?
那由他: はっ! Nayuta: Ha!
那由他: まさか、ここで私たちを使って 灯花をおびき寄せる材料に…? Nayuta: Don't tell me you're using us to lure Touka here?
樹里: その選択肢は 真っ先に思い浮かぶよなー Juri: That's the first option that comes to mind, right?
那由他: っ… Nayuta: No...
樹里: でも、お前 父親を捜してるんだろ? Juri: But you're looking for your father, aren't you?
那由他: そうですの Nayuta: That's right.
樹里: それで、 名字が里見ってことは… Juri: So, if your last name is Satomi...
樹里: 血の惨劇が始まった頃に来た 里見のオッサン Juri: Satomi's old man who came when the bloodbath started.
樹里: 捜してるのは里見太助だろ Juri: You're looking for Tasuke Satomi, right?
那由他: 知っていますの!? Nayuta: Do you know him?
樹里: 知ってるっつーの Juri: I know!
樹里: それにお前が あのオッサンの娘なら Juri: And if you're that old man's daughter...
樹里: さすがに樹里サマも手が出せない 姉さんに怒られるからな Juri: Juri-sama can't touch you, she'll get mad at you.
那由他: 父は何かしたんですの…? Nayuta: What did my father do to you?
樹里: グリーフシードと テリトリーの奪い合いでな Juri: He was fighting for the Grief Seeds and the territory.
樹里: 樹里サマたちが引き際を 見失った時があったんだよ… Juri: There was a time when Juri-sama and the others didn't know when to back off...
樹里: それで、あと一歩遅れてたら 大勢死ぬってタイミングの時に Juri: And if we're one step behind, a lot of people will die.
樹里: あのオッサンが現れて 調停してくれたんだよ Juri: That old man showed up and mediated with us.
樹里: グリーフシードのこととか ソウルジェムのこととか Juri: About Grief Seeds and Soul Gems...
樹里: 魔法少女の事情にやたら詳しくて 滅茶苦茶驚いたけど Juri: He was so knowledgeable about Puella Magi's affairs that I was really surprised.
樹里: それ以上に首を突っ込んでくる 大人がいるのにビビったよ Juri: I was even more surprised by the fact that there were adults who wanted to get into it.
那由他: そんなことを… Nayuta: You can't mean...
樹里: そ、だから樹里サマたちにとって オッサンは恩人みたいなもんだ Juri: Well, that's why we owe you a debt of gratitude, Juri-sama.
樹里: 結局、神浜の魔女集めのせいで、 争いは激しくなったけどな Juri: In the end, Kamihama's efforts to collect witches caused the conflict to intensify.
那由他: 魔法少女のために動く… Nayuta: Working for the magical girls...
那由他: そうした父の姿を知れただけでも 良かったですの Nayuta: It's good to know that my father is like that.
那由他: それに、私が知らなかった 足取りが埋まってくれましたの Nayuta: And it filled in some gaps I didn't know existed.
樹里: 役に立てたか? Juri: Was it useful?
那由他: もちろんですの Nayuta: Of course.
那由他: ちなみに、今はどこにいるのか ご存知じゃないですの? Nayuta: By the way, you don't know where he is now, do you?
樹里: さすがに、知らねーよ Juri: Of course I don't!
樹里: 追いかけるオッサンの尻は 自分の親父だけで十分だっつーの Juri: I've got enough of my own father's ass to chase after!
みかげ: たくさん話が聞けて良かったね なゆたんっ Mikage: I'm glad you got to hear all this, Nayutan!
那由他: 灯花が恨まれてることも 聞けましたしね… Nayuta: I also learned that Touka has a grudge...
那由他: 過去に何があったかは 知りませんが Nayuta: I don't know what happened in the past, but
那由他: 従姉妹としては困りましたの… Nayuta: As a cousin, I'm in trouble...
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みかげ: ラビたん? ご飯できたのかな? Mikage: Rabi? Is it ready to eat?
那由他: それには ちょっと早いですの Nayuta: It's a little early for that.
那由他: あ、灯花から Nayuta: Oh, it's Touka.
灯花: 那由他? Touka: Nayuta?
那由他: はい、そうですの Nayuta: Yes, that's right.
灯花: 叔父様のメールから 送信元の住所がわかったよ Touka: I got the sender's address from your uncle's email
灯花: IPアドレスから 簡単に割り出せたよー Touka: It's easy to figure out from the IP address!
灯花: 今、急いでるから ささっと伝えちゃうね Touka: I'm in a hurry, so I'll tell you quickly
那由他: 何を焦っているんですの? 珍しい Nayuta: What are you in such a hurry for? That's unusual.
灯花: 親友がプロミストブラッドに さらわれちゃったんだよ Touka: My best friend has been kidnapped by Promised Blood.
那由他: ――っ!? Nayuta: --?
那由他: まさか、ここで私たちを使って 灯花をおびき寄せる材料に…? Nayuta: Don't tell me you want to use us to lure Touka here?
樹里: その選択肢は 真っ先に思い浮かぶよなー Juri: That's the first option that comes to mind.
那由他: (あの大庭樹里のセリフ…) Nayuta: (That line from Juri Ohba...)
那由他: (プロミストブラッド… やっぱり危険ですの…) Nayuta: (Promised Blood... is still dangerous...)
那由他: 灯花は大丈夫ですの…? Nayuta: Are you alright Touka?
灯花: わたくしは大丈夫だから 伝えるよ Touka: I'm fine, I'll tell her.
那由他: え、はい Nayuta: Uh, yes
灯花: 那由他を神浜に呼んだメールは 宝崎から送られてきてたよ Touka: The email that called Nayuta to Kamihama was sent from Takarazaki.
那由他: えっ? Nayuta: what?
灯花: それも那由他のお家だね Touka: That's also Nayuta's house.
那由他: ――っ!? Nayuta: --?
那由他: ………… Nayuta: ............
みかげ: なゆたん? Mikage: Nayutan?
那由他: 宝崎の家から…? Nayuta: From Takarazaki's house...?
那由他: 私も家に居た頃ですの… だけどパパは失踪していたはずですの… Nayuta: When I was home too... but my dad must have disappeared...
那由他: わざわざ家に戻ってきて 再び姿をくらますだなんて Nayuta: I can't believe he came all the way back home and then disappeared again.
那由他: まさかパパは わざと見つからないようにしている…? Nayuta: Could it be that Dad is deliberately trying to avoid being found?
那由他: うーーーん… 暗礁に乗り上げましたの… Nayuta: Hmmm... we've hit a snag...
ラビ: 進展があったんじゃ? Rabi: I thought we were making progress.
那由他: より難しい課題が出てきましたの Nayuta: More difficult tasks have come up.
那由他: パパは私に見つけて 欲しくないんじゃないかって… Nayuta: I don't think Dad wants me to find it...
ラビ: では、その通りにしましょう Rabi: Then let's do just that.
ラビ: お父様が望まれているのは Rabi: What does your father want you to do?
ラビ: 魔女にならずに那由他様が 生活なさることでしょう Rabi: Your father would want you to live your life without becoming a witch.
那由他: ラビさんの言う通りでしょうけど 私は諦めたくないですの Nayuta: You're probably right, Rabi, but I don't want to give up.
那由他: パパは共に魔法少女を調べ 世間に広げようとしたパートナー My dad was my partner in researching magical girls and spreading the word
那由他: 何も言わずに消えることは、 許せないですの I can't allow him to just disappear without saying a word
那由他: 娘としても… Nayuta: Even as a daughter...
ラビ: そうですか… Rabi: I see...
那由他: はぁ… Nayuta: Huh...
那由他: また、あの画家の人から ヒントを貰えないかしら Nayuta: I wonder if I can get some tips from that painter again.
みふゆ: はぁ… Mifuyu: Huh...
みふゆ: (やっちゃんたちは、 二木に乗り込んだようですが) Mifuyu: (Looks like Yachan and the others have boarded Futatsugi)
みふゆ: (敵地に飛びこむなんて、 大丈夫なんでしょうか…) Mifuyu: (I wonder if they'll be alright, jumping into enemy territory...)
みふゆ: 心配です… Mifuyu: I'm worried...
みふゆ: アリナ、調子はいかがですか? Mifuyu: Alina, how are you doing?
アリナ: ………… Alina: ............
アリナ: ちょうどペインティングが 終わったところなワケ Alina: I just finished painting...
みふゆ: 終わったのに ずいぶん難しい顔をしてますね Mifuyu: You're looking very difficult to finish
御園 かりん: ………… Misono Karin: ............
みふゆ: あら、かりんさん 動いて良くなったんですね Mifuyu: Oh, Karin, you look better now that you're moving
御園 かりん: う、うん… Misono Karin: Uh, yeah...
みふゆ: こちらも微妙な反応… ふたりともどうしたんです? Mifuyu: I have a mixed reaction too... What's wrong with both of you?
みふゆ: ――っ!? Mifuyu: --?
御園 かりん: ―かりん― なんか、アリナ先輩がすごい絵を 作っちゃったの… Misono Karin: -Karin- Alina made an amazing picture...
みふゆ: ―みふゆ― これは、全部青く塗って… Mifuyu: -Mifuyu- This is all painted in blue...
みふゆ: ―みふゆ― ワタシたちがモデルをした絵も 原型がないじゃないですか Mifuyu: -Mifuyu- The picture we modeled for is also missing its prototype.
アリナ: ―アリナ― アリナ的に楽しい下書きに したかったんだヨネ Alina: -Alina- I wanted it to be a fun draft.
アリナ: ―アリナ― 同じようにドローイングしても 面白くないカラ Alina: -Alina- It's not fun to draw in the same way.
アリナ: ―アリナ― だからアナタの言った通り 人は立体表現にしたってワケ Alina: -Alina- That's why I did what you said, I made it three-dimensional.
御園 かりん: ―かりん― なんかキュビ? とか言ってたの… Misono Karin: -Karin- What did you say about cubes? I don't know.
みふゆ: ―みふゆ― キュビスム… Mifuyu: -Mifuyu- Cubism...
御園 かりん: ―かりん― それなの…! Misono Karin: -Karin- That's it...!
御園 かりん: ―かりん― それに1枚の絵だと思ってたら すごく大きな絵だったの…! Misono Karin: -Karin- And I thought it was just one painting, but it's a huge painting...
みふゆ: ―みふゆ― すごく大きな…? Mifuyu: -Mifuyu- Very big...?
みふゆ: ―みふゆ― あ、キャンバスが全部繋がって ひとつの風景になってる…? Mifuyu: -Mifuyu- Ah, all the canvases are connected to form a single landscape...?
御園 かりん: ―かりん― アリナ先輩… ここは一体どこなの…? Misono Karin: -Karin- Alina-senpai... where the hell am I...?
アリナ: ―アリナ― ここは、アリナが居る場所 Alina: -Alina- This is where Alina is.
みふゆ: まさかとは思いますけど、 果てなしのミラーズですか…? Alina: -Alina- This is where Alina is.
アリナ: そういう名前の場所なワケ…? Alina: Is that what this place is called?
みふゆ: 記憶がないのに、 この景色が見えてるんですか? Mifuyu: You have no memory, but you can see this view?
アリナ: 見せられてるんだヨネ アリナの中の誰かに… Alina: It's being shown to me by someone inside Alina...
みふゆ: アリナの中に…? Mifuyu: Someone inside Alina...?
御園 かりん: 誰かいるの…? Misono Karin: Is someone there...?