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Japanese Name ミカ (Mika)
Age Unknown

Mika (ミカ Mika) is a background character in Puella Magi Suzune Magica. She is a character from Arisa's past whose only appearance is during her backstory.


Mika seems very haughty and commanding, though easily angered, and quick to resort to violence.


Mika was the leader of a group of bullies who often targeted Arisa. (The other members were not named in the manga, but the author revealed their names as Eri and Rei in a blog comment.) The girls did things like stuffing trash in and writing graffiti on Arisa's desk, stealing her money, and beating her up; and since Arisa had no friends nor anyone to turn to for help, with other people constantly avoiding her despite showing sympathy for her situation, this made it all the easier to target her.

After making her wish, Arisa then confronted the bullies at school. Mika demanded money from Arisa, and when Arisa refused to follow Mika's commands and told the bullies to stop targeting her, Mika grabbed her by the shirt and tried to punch her. Arisa caught Mika's fist in her hand and crushed it with her strength magic, cracking and possibly even breaking the bones. Mika's companions then led Mika away.

Mika and her cronies have not been mentioned since; it can be assumed that they left Arisa alone after that.


  • Mika, Eri and Rei are written in katakana, and have no particular meaning, but could mean different things depending on the kanji given. They are common Japanese names with hundreds of possible kanji readings, so it can be assumed that there is no ulterior reasoning or hidden meaning behind these names.


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