Suzune Magica Chapter 10

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Suzune walks down an alley late at night holding her soul gem in front of her tracking something. She puts it away as Arisa walks up to her. Arisa taunts her, asking if she was hunting for more prey but Suzune walks past her, saying now that she knows the truth about magical girls there is no need to elminate her. Arisa stops her in her path with her scythe at Suzune's throat. Suzune explains her actions were not wrong, but Arisa says it doesn't change the fact the she killed people that were precious to her. She swings her scythe at Suzune as Suzune transforms and blocks with her sword. They trade blows but Suzune blocks every attack and leaps up, landing on Arisa's scythe. She swings her sword down, causing Arisa to jump back and slash her scythe fast enough to cause the ground at Suzune's feet to burst. However, Suzune is unharmed.

Matsuri sits alone on a park bench, contemplating the strange image she saw earlier of a young Suzune. She feels as if though she's forgotten something. Her head begins to hurt as more images and visions of young Suzune at school and Tsubaki flood her mind.

Suzune and Arisa take a pause in their fighting. Suzune asks Arisa what the best death for a magical girl should be since all magical girls eventually become witches and new magical girls will be created to defeat witches. The only solution is to decrease the number of magical girls overall. Suzune argues that killing a witch is the same as killing a person and there's no difference between Suzune killing magical girls and Arisa killing witches. As far as Suzune's concerned, she's fine being the villain and being called a murderer.

Matsuri continues to sit on the park bench, holding her head in her hands and trying desparately to remember a different young girl from her past as staticy images fill her mind. She suddenly remembers the girl just as Kagari walks up to her, surprised that she remembered sooner than she expected. The panel reveals Kagari's face for the first time.