Suzune Magica Chapter 11

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The chapter begins with Kagari standing before a shocked and confused Matsuri. Kagari laughs and asks if she's been well while Matsuri asks her why she would do such a thing. Kagari replies it was because Matsuri got in the way but not to worry since she only erased a few memories from her twin sister. Matsuri glares at her as Kagari smiles and says they'll live together again once the game is over. Matsuri realizes Suzune has been tricked but before she can stop Suzune and Arisa, Kagari snaps her fingers causing Matsuri to fall unconsious. Kyubey appears and wonders that Kagari only knocked her out. Kagari smiles once more and says it's finally time for the big climax.

Suzune rushes at Arisa once more, sword at the ready. Arisa and Suzune swipe at each other, blocking with their weapons. Arisa aims a high kick at Suzune's head but Suzune dodges her head back and sends a small ball of flame at Arisa's face, causing her to stagger back. Angered, Arisa clenches her fist and apologizes to Chisato before unleashing her boost magic to the absolute limit, small spurts of blood coming off her body. Suzune mentions that such a large consumption of magic is too hard on Arisa's body, causing her body to damage itself. Arisa rushes forward in an effort to defeat Suzune before her body collapses. She leaps forward and slashes her scythe down on Suzune who blocks with her sword once more. Suzune attempts to slash at Arisa from behind but Arisa appears to teleport and swings her scythe down once more, sending Suzune crashing to the ground. As Arisa closing in to attack, Suzune summons swords of flame and sends them at Arisa, who knocks them away with her scythe. Before Arisa can deliver the finishing blow and kill off Suzune, she suddenly stops mid-swing as Kagari stabs her through the soul gem on her back. Arisa collapses dead in front of Suzune as her magical girl outfit disappears. Suzune looks up and at first thinks she's looking at Matsuri before realizing it's someone else. Suzune asks the girl who she is.