Suzune Magica Chapter 12

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Kagari stands before Suzune, asking if she's forgotten her, claiming she hasn't forgotten Suzune for a second. Suzune responds she hasn't forgotten her, just that they've never met. Kagari smiles, asking Suzune if she still remembers Tsubaki causing Suzune to rush forward in the blink of an eye and place her sword at Kagari's throat demanding to know how Kagari knows of Tsubaki. Kagari mockingly asks if Suzune is going to kill her too like she killed Tsubaki as Suzune once more demands answers. Kagari snaps her fingers and Suzune is shown a vision of Kagari's past:

A storybook page tells the story of a wolf who disguised itself as a human and would terrorize a village until the day a kind-hearted witch used her magic to vanquish the wolf. The villagers were safe, but were fearful they would be suspected of being the next wolf so they placed all the blame on the witch and drove her from the village. Tsubaki is reading a book to a young Kagari and Matsuri who sympathize with the plight of the kind-hearted witch. Excited, they ask Tsubaki to continue reading. She laughs and obliges the girls.

Some time has passed and Tsubaki is talking to Kagari and Matsuri's father. She is resigning in a month and Mr. Genjiro Hinata wants to convince her to stay. However, Tsubaki has a child she must look after and it will take everything she has to look after her. Mr. Hinata offers to Tsubaki to have the child live with them as well but Tsubaki declines, not wishing to impose on him further and claiming the child has special needs. Mr. Hinata respects her wishes to go, stating her departure will be hard on the girls, especially Kagari. Tsubaki offers to tell the girls herself but Mr. Hinata responds he will take care of that and offers any help he can give in the future. Late at night, having packed her things Tsubaki turns to go but not before a sleepy Matsuri comes across her in the hallway. Tsubaki hugs her and asks Matsuri to never give up even when things aren't happy. She asks her to listen to her father, be nice to Kagari and always try to help those in need. She leaves and tells Matsuri she'll be back tomorrow. The next day, Mr. Hinata tells Kagari and Matsuri that Tsubaki had to leave unexpectedly to take care of her ill mother. On the news, an anchor reports Tsubaki Mikoto has been missing for a week.

Kagari and Matsuri sit in their room, wondering if Tsubaki will ever return even with a new caretaker coming next week. Kagari yells that Tsubaki will come back, hurting Matsuri's ears. Kagari continues to yell out that Tsubaki would never abandon them and something must have happened to her since police came to their house to ask questions. Kagari is convinced their dad is lying to them and wants to set out to search for Tsubaki. Matsuri wants to come as well but Kagari says it would be too dangerous for her due to being blind. As they argue, Kyubey walks into the room.

In the next scene, Kagari and Matsuri are walking down the street with Matsuri excitedly running around and describing everything she can see. Kagari is annoyed with her and doesn't trust Kyubey. As the day darkens, Matsuri correctly identifies it as twilight and worries they should get home soon but Kagari insists on looking further on her own. Suddenly the girls hear the bell of Tsubaki's good-luck charm and run off to find her, only to discover a different girl wearing her good-luck charm.