Suzune Magica Chapter 13

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Kagari sits on the floor of her room, her toys strewn about and her bed unmade as Kyubey eats something that appears to be a previous body of his. She looks up as she asks Kyubey if that girl killed Tsubaki. Kyubey replies Suzune was merely fulfilling her appointed task by defeating a witch. Vast amounts of energy is created when magical girls defeat witches. Kagari interprets this as Tsubaki having chosen Suzune over herself and her sister. Kyubey explains how Suzune and Tsubaki were both left alone in the world because of witches and how Tsubaki wants to prevent Suzune from hurting other people with her power like she once did. Tsubaki also did not want to involve Kagari and Matsuri in this. But Kagari doesn't care for the reason why, stating again that Tsubaki chose Suzune over them as she laughs with tears of sorrow in her eyes.

As Kagari looks out the window, Kyubey enters the room asking if Kagari wanted to speak with him. Kagari tells Kyubey she wants to wish for revenge on Suzune. Kyubey asks for clarification, and Kagari responds she wants Suzune to feel the same agony that Tsubaki did. Kyubey says Suzune would turn into a witch on her own given enough time but that she may choose to end her own life before that happens however Kagari says that's not enough. She wants her to feel more and more pain before she turns into a witch, as alone as the witch in her story book.

The flashback ends and Suzune falls to her knees in front of Kagari. Kagari tells Suzune that she has met Matsuri and herself before, only that she's forgotten them due to Kagari tampering with her head. She formed a contract in order to avenger herself on Suzune for having killed Tsubaki and on Tsubaki for choosing Suzune over herself. Kagari explains how she erased some of Suzune's memories as well as the memories of Matsuri and the others. After hearing from Kyubey of how Suzune shut herself from the world after Tsubaki's death, Kagari came up with a plan and places her palm in front of Suzune to show her more visions of her past:

The flashback commences once more where it left off, Kyubey asking Kagari if she wants him to participate in her plan. Kagari says it's enough for Kyubey to keep this information to himself. Kagari wants to alter Suzune's consciousness and memories to turn her into a magical girl assassin. At first, Kyubey is reluctant to agree since his race would be unable to harvest the energy from these magical girls if they are killed before they transform. Kagari counters Kyubey would get more energy from her alone than from all the magical girls Suzune will murder combined. If Kyubey agrees to cooperate, Kagari will turn into a witch for him, otherwise she won't. Kyubey points out Kagari, Matsuri and Suzune possess a great deal more power than most magical girls even if there are others out there with more power. However, the loss of energy from all three girls is too much to turn down. Kyubey agrees so long as the total sum of energy his race would lose from the magical girls that are killed is less than the energy they would collect from Kagari, Matsuri and Suzune. Kagari is annoyed that all Kyubey is concerned with is the energy he'll gain from all this.

Suzune screams out "STOP!!" as the flashback and memories end, causing Kagari to giggle to herself as she gloats to Suzune now that she remembers how she killed Tsubaki and let her false memories turn her into a murderer. All Suzune can do is hold her hands to her ears and beg her to stop. Kagari continues to laugh at Suzune as Suzune remembers as a child shutting herself away from the world, not wanting to hurt anyone anymore yet still somehow fighting for fabricated "justice". As a young Kagari reaches forward to alter her memories, Suzune in the present cries out, amidst tears realizing the countless number of lives she's ended. Her soul gem begins to crackle with negative energy and Kagari laughs, goading Suzune into becoming a witch.

The scene shifts to Matsuri dreaming of the past as she recalls the ending of the story that Tsubaki would read to them. The lonely witch met the one little girl from the village who noticed her kindness and would come to play with her in secret in the forest. Before long the two became best of friends and the witch was no longer alone. A young Matsuri races forward and encounters a young Suzune sitting alone outside a building. She introduces herself and happily declares they be friends just as Matsuri awakens.