Suzune Magica Chapter 14

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Suzune is in tears as she accuses Kagari of orchestrating everything. She picks up her sword and charges at Kagari, swinging her sword wildly but Kagari lightly springs backward to avoid the attack. She pulls out her chakrams and once more tells Suzune to hurry and turn into a witch. She spins her chakrams and launches them at Suzune who blocks them with her sword, however the chakrams push her sword back roughly. As Kagari lands from her leap, Suzune rushes in and slashes Kagari's throat. Before she can realize what's happening, it is Tsubaki's throat she has slashed and Kagari appears from behind Suzune. She slams Suzune's head down with her palm and taunts her with the illusion she cast. Suzune manages to shield herself at the last moment with magic and is able to survive the attack. Kagari grinds her foot down on Suzune's head as she summons her sword and drives her sword down for the killing blow when an energy beam shoots out at her, causing her to block the energy with her sword. Matsuri appears, posed and ready for action. Matsuri laments that her friends who had nothing to do with this were dragged into this fight and crouches down to heal Suzune's wounds. Before Suzune can say much, Matsuri hands her a grief seed she had been saving and stands up to face Kagari.

Matsuri demands Kagari ends her revenge nonsense now, but Kagari only laughs and claims there'd be no need for vengeance had Suzune not existed and stolen Tsubaki from them. Matsuri disagrees, saying Tsubaki never hated them, Suzune had no control over what happened to her, and none of this would have made Tsubaki happy, causing Matsuri to lose her taunting smile for once. Angry, Kagari grips her chakram and sword and rushes at Matsuri, slashing repeatedly as she questions why Matsuri continually tries to sabotage her. Matsuri grabs at her sword with her gauntlets as Kagari swings her chakram at her in order to cause her to let go. She snaps her fingers and the chakram changes directions in mid-flight, aiming for the back of Matsuri's head. A small blast destroys the chakram, saving Matsuri as Suzune stands in the alley. Kagari smiles once more as she states she was going to let Matsuri go unharmed after Suzune turns into a witch but has since changed her mind and wants to crush them both at once.