Suzune Magica Chapter 15

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Suzune attacks at Kagari with her sword, but Kagari only smiles as her image blurs. Suzune's attack misses, hitting only empty air. Matsuri warns her of an attack from behind and swings at her back but also hits only empty air. Kagari is sitting on top of a ledge looking down at them and mocking them. She lands lightly on her feet and as Suzune swings her sword at her again, her image blurs once more and Suzune's attack misses. Kagari is standing behind her and taunts her once more. Matsuri rushes in and aims a punch but almost hits Suzune instead, who narrowly blocks the attack with her sword. Matsuri is confused and Suzune suspects something is wrong. Kagari again attacks Suzune from behind as Suzune is barely able to block the blows. Matsuri watches from the side, unsure of what to do next. Kyubey appears and informs Matsuri of Kagari's ability to distort memories and consciousness, causing others to see her where she's not and easily manipulate them in combat. He reminds Matsuri of her ability to track people and as Suzune is at a loss for what to do next, Matsuri calls out for Suzune to attack to her right, just barely cutting at Kagari's face. Eyes closed, Matsuri continues to call out the direction in which Kagari is coming from, helping Suzune to direct her attacks effectively. Enraged, Kagari instead changes the focus of her attacks on Matsuri, who reaches her palm up and blasts Kagari away with a beam of light. As Kagari stands, Matsuri begs her to stop fighting. Kagari accuses Matsuri of always lying and being glad to be rid of her and rejects Matsuri's objections. Just as Kagari was able to alter Suzune's memories, so too can she alter her own memories into the worst version of her life and cause herself to become a witch instantly. She does so, and as she crackles in black energy she bids goodbye to Matsuri and says she really hates her before white light explodes and her witch form appears sitting on top of a large picture book, close in appearance to the storybook witch of her childhood.

Matsuri holds her face in her hands as she falls to her knees wondering what she could have done instead. Suzune looks down sadly, unaware of what to say to Matsuri. Before she can come up with anything, Kagari's witch form conjures shapeless familiars from the ink in her book and directs their attacks at Suzune. Despite the flame swords Suzune has summoned, there are too many creatures to fight all at once and some of them make their way past Suzune towards the crying Matsuri. Both girls cry out for each other and are unable to do anything as the ink familiars wrap themselves around Matsuri, forming a blob of swirling black ink. A large book with teeth flies up to the ink blob and chomps down on it, seemingly consuming it. Kagari's witch form flies above Suzune laughing. Suzune unties the good-luck charm from her hair as she faces Kagari with new resolve. She is to be Suzune's final job.