Suzune Magica Chapter 7

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The chapter begins with Suzune, Kyubey, Arisa and Matsuri standing in an alley. Arisa asks if Kyubey knew about magical girls becoming witches to which Kyubey responds that he was the one that proposed the system in the first place. The universe is continuously depleting energy, and for this reason his race developed the technology to convert emotions into raw energy, a.k.a. the magical girl system. Considering not many understand Kyubey's stance, he finds there's no reason to go out of his way to reveal this truth to magical girls. As Suzune walks away, Kyubey asks her if she is going to be killing Arisa and Matsuri next, but Suzune states she doesn't take orders from Kyubey and disappears once more. Kyubey turns to Arisa and Matsuri, offering them knowledge on Suzune. Matsuri nods and Kyubey uses his ability to show them Suzune's past:

A young Suzune stands before Kyubey, asking if she too could become a magical girl like Tsubaki. Kyubey eagerly agrees and in the next scene, Tsubaki is facing off against a witch, using her flame dance ability to pin down the witch. She calls out for Suzune, who leaps out and slashes at the unnamed witch with her sword defeating it and absorbing its magic into her sword. As she looks down pleased at the new ability she acquired, Kyubey walks up to Tsubaki and marvels at Suzune's ability to absorb the powers of witches despite Suzune using no discernment in what abilities she holds on to. At home, Tsubaki ends a phone call and sits down to write the name "Miyuki" on a piece of paper. When Suzune asks about it, Tsubaki tells her that a distant aunt of hers passed away and in order to keep her close, she has written her name down and placed it inside a good-luck charm she carries with her. Suzune asks if Tsubaki can write her name down too, but Tsubaki hugs her and claims there's no need since they will always be together. Tsubaki remembers how she first found Suzune after her parents were killed by a witch before her eyes and suddenly realizes she has been hugging Suzune too hard. She asks to see Suzune's soul gem and notes it's become slightly clouded, so she uses a grief seed to purify it. The scene changes and Tsubaki's witch form towers in front of a shocked Suzune. Kyubey explains that Tsubaki has turned into a witch due to both battling so hard to protect Suzune and giving most of her grief seeds to her. After all this time, Tsubaki's soul gem has finally reached its limit. Suzune demands Kyubey change her back, but Kyubey responds that it is impossible to reverse the process. Suzune has only two options now: defeat the witch that was once Tsubaki or abandon her and let her spread her curses unchecked forever. Later, amidst tears, Suzune holds the charm that once belonged to Tsubaki. Kyubey says it is the fate of all magical girls to become witches and then be defeated by other magical girls. Suzune realizes that the powers she'd been absorbing were not powers that came from witches, but rather the powers of other magical girls and the power that is currently held by her sword is the same power that was once Tsubaki's. She ties her hair back with the charm, and declares she will put an end to this with the power she received from Tsubaki.