Suzune Magica Chapter 9

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Suzune, dressed in school uniform, wanders a barren desert unknown to her. She comes upon a woman in a kimono with her back turned. She recognizes her as Tsubaki and runs forward reaching out and calling her name. Just as she approaches her black tendrils wrap around her foot causing her to stumble. She looks back and a blob with multiple heads is grabbing at her legs calling her a murderer and demanding to know who her next victim is. As she calls to Tsubaki for help, Tsubaki turns around and asks Suzune why she killed her, her eyes missing and blood pouring from her face. Suzune wakes up in her bed, sweating from the nightmare.

At school, Arisa looks down on two boys from her school, demanding an apology for bumping into her. She cracks her knuckles menacingly but Matsuri arrives and the boys run off. Matsuri tells Arisa she's not been acting herself but Arisa scoffs and wants to know what's the harm in using all her power to beat up on people who annoy her if she's going to turn into a monster anyway. Matsuri claims she's lying to herself and Arisa picks her up by the front of her shirt demanding Matsuri tell her she regrets making the contract as well. Matsuri disagrees and Arisa lets her go. Matsuri sits down and explains to Arisa how she used to be blind and how difficult it was for her. Her dream was to see different things, places and people. Stymied, Arisa claims Matsuri is an exception and she still regrets her wish. Instead, Arisa decides to go after and kill Suzune the next day. Matsuri tries to change Arisa's mind saying Suzune hasn't done anything since then but Arisa won't back down, claiming either of them could be next on her list. She won't let Matsuri assist her either because her half-hearted conviction would only impede her and she leaves. Suzune watches from around an alley corner and vanishes. Unsure of what to do next, Matsuri sits and thinks and has an image of Tsubaki and a young Suzune holding hands. Her head flashes with pain momentarily and Matsuri sits confused.

Kagari looks down from a building, asking Kyubey what his intentions are. Kyubey asks if she was showing the girls a vision to which Kagari responds she did so since Kyubey did something needless. He states he was only showing them a clue since time was nearly up. She laughs and continues watching from above, saying she's getting bored of watching and will soon appear.