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3-27-20 new chapter basically each group tries to gather more kimochi stones with PB not sure where the kimochis are and iroha gang trying to not put Ui in danger since using her powers to find kimochis will hint other groups to go after Ui. Coincidentally Felicia wanted to enter a kamihama city wide stamp rally and Iroha thinks of a plan to use this as a disguise to go all over kamihama and let Ui catch hints of where the other kimochis could be. As they do the stamp rally, they realize near the end that they were being tracked by Ao and Hikaru. They go to the last stop for the stamp rally(Moo Moo Farm) and find that there's a kimochi somewhere in the forest. Ao and Hikaru finds that out and tries to regroup with Yuna and Juri but gets caught by iroha gang. Ao and Hikaru was going to be captured but Yuna and Juri comes in time to save them and they have a bit of a fight before both groups goes their own ways. Meanwhile Karin finds out Alina was in the same hospital she's in and Momoko finds out too after a hospital visit for Karin; but then realizes Alina has amnesia and not sure what to do with her now.