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Her name could also be rendered as Moka. We have to hear it when she decides to drop, I guess. --NepetaLeijon27 11:58, 24 February 2020 (UTC)

This is her Japanese description. I have tried to roughly translate it for now but if there are any errors feel free to correct my translation. --Espeon 14:53, 02 March 2020 (GMT) 危うい行動で周りをヒヤヒヤさせてしまう天然魔法少女。趣味はお菓子作りに、苦手なものはホラー映画と絵に描いたようなふわふわ女子。自分で作るだけでなく、色んなスイーツ店を巡るのも好き。周囲の人々からも愛され、世の中の汚いものとは一切無縁の人生を送ってきた。