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"A Mahou Shoujo where the main character does not transform".


Saito Chiwa (CV: Akemi Homura)

"Finally, there's only Madoka and Homura. Ep10 is definitely going to be AWESOME, which will makes you scream 'FUCK YOU UROBOCHI'" (Note: Last part of translation needs to be verified.)

Also from the producer: "I believe our audience will be HAPPY about the ending."

Saito Chiwa Advice on Episode 10


Please first just watch episode 10. You'll see Homura in a much better light. And for any viewers out there who have been recording the whole thing, please watch the first episode before episodes 11 and 12. It'll totally look like two completely different shows. I think that's pretty cool. It's as if the first time you watched it you were completely fooled. But the good kind of fooled...maybe. Please watch all the way to the end. And set the bar high. This show will definitely surpass that.


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