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Kyoko in the New World


Source: Animedia, July 2011.

Regarding the new world, how has Kyoko’s destiny changed? In despair Kyoko voluntarily sealed away her original stance of wanting to help people. She was strong after arming herself with an armor of hopelessness and resignation, but the moment she empathized with Sayaka it crumbled down and she became weak. Kyoko of the renewed world doesn’t have to act tough again. She lives a life with pride, without deprecating herself or giving up from the start.

Alternative translation - Kyoko had originally wanted to save people, but that feeling turned to despair and she then voluntarily closed herself off from the world. She was certainly strong while wearing the armor known as despair and resignation, but her empathizing with Sayaka became a chink in that armor. With her new world view, she came to realize that even if she didn't put up her tough act around others that she would be fine. She became able to live a life full of pride like she did once before, a life free of self-derision and resignation.

Fate of Magical Girls in the New World


Source: Animedia, July 2011.


Q: Homura looping over and over, the life of magical girls tending towards death and despair, how did this change according to Madoka’s wish?

Due to the existence of witches being erased from this world the reason for Mami’s and Kyoko’s death, who got killed by witches, also disappeared; surviving they exist and fight the demons. Sayaka herself becomes a witch instead, as a result of fighting the demons she ceases to exist. Probably there in the other timeline everyone fought Sayaka who became a witch. In the world after the change it becomes a seemingly different development, the four fight the alternate demons and stop them by the means of Sayaka’s sacrifice. I also talked with director Akiyuki Shinbo a fair bit about that nicety. In the end one’s own self doesn’t fade away despairing, but because it fades away using up this power--the converting into a witch is also a different thing. I think, to save the city and helping someone pervaded Sayaka’s wish. If you think so even though Sayaka ceased to exist it might have been blissful, right? Mami, Kyoko and Homura will have the same fate. So Madoka comes for them and takes them along to a different universe. Her one brisk turn, Sayaka...

Kyubey's Mouth

Newtype june timeframe so july issue probably.jpg

Source: Animedia, July 2011.

Shinbo: Toward the end of the last episode, after Madoka had disappeared, I thought Kyubey should only move his mouth as one of the things that had changed in the new world. But Miyamoto-san (saiyuu series director) objected to that.

Kato: Oh i see. even if Kyubey's magical girl system had changed, the rest was unchanged. He's only partners with Homura for percentage's sake. So we made an effort not to change how they use their technique.

From another TL: Shinbo talks about having Kyuubey move his mouth, not "only his mouth" since you know, he never moves it. Also he says the only thing that changed was him being with Homura, not that it's for percentage sake. Also, rather than "technique" "how the characters act" would be better.

Shrine Visit


Source: Animedia, July 2011.

Shinbo: Before the Madoka Magica after recording started, we all went to a shrine to pray for a hit. At the time, the person representing the voice actors was Kato-san.

Kato: Kt was the first time I had ever participated to pray to get a hit. It was interesting, the priest read the title like [ma---ho---usho---jo---].

Shinbo: it was really hard to not laugh. like [o----o----ki----no---ume----] (lol). Probably Kyubey's popularity at that time was a blessing.

From another translator: This is about how they all went to pray for Madoka to be a hit before the dubbing. Katou (Kyubey's VA) talks about prayed "Ma~Hou~Shou~Jo~" and "A~o~ki~ U~me~" and jokes about how "maybe that's why Kyubey got so popular".

Madoka After-Recording Report (Seiyuu Comic)

English translation of the VA comic
Original 2page scan from Animedia, June 2011.

Translated by symbv from

Page on the right is p.72 and the one on the left is p.73. Translation will be from right to left and top to bottom in p.72, followed by the same sequence in p.73.

PMMM – After recording report

Puella Magi Madoka Magika that is the talk everywhere! I went to see the off-recording for its last episode. Reporter – I am Deguchi, the illustrator who is responsible for this report. I am going to witness the battle of those girls!

Studio 2010 (seat plan) It is a very chic studio. 3 screens, 4 mikes. (right vertical)

  • Ookubo Rumi-san (Mahou Shoujo A)
  • Iwanaga Tetsuya-san (Madoka's dad, Tomohisa)
  • Yoshida Seiko-san (Kamijou Kyousuke)

(left vertical)

  • Gotoh Yuko-san (Madoka's mom, Junko)
  • Nonaka Ai-san (Sakura Kyoko)

(horizontal row, right to left)

  • Mizuhashi Kaori-san (Tomoe Mami)
  • Katoh Emiri-san (Kyuubei)
  • Saitoh Chiwa-san (Akemi Homura)
  • Yuuki Aoi-san (Kaname Madoka)
  • Kitamura Eri-san (Miki Sayaka)

Glass window. Resting room (second row from bottom, from right to left)

  • Sound Director Tsuruoka
  • Series Director Miyamoto

(the figure at the corner)

  • At the behind, Director Shinbo

(lower part of p.72) The flow of Off-recording. Overall preparatory meeting. A quick go-through of the whole scripts 1. Testing 2. Fixing individual points 3. *** Real take*** 4. More fixing Part A and Part B have their separate sessions from 1 to 4 and including breaks, it took THREE HOURS AND TEN MINUTES!!(seems to be longer than usual this time)

(the frame just above Sayaka and Madoka's heads) During the go-through, they watched the video and from time to time the mood livened up. “They have grown moustaches!!” (pointer to the screen) Familiars of a witch. Totally destroyed by Mami in one episode. “They have moustaches!! (heart)” “I want a moustachioed figure!” “Want!” Moustaches are very popular!!

(the two people next to Sayaka). At photo session for data archive

  • Gotoh Yuuko – It is better for a couple to stand together, right?
  • Iwanaga Tetsuya The person himself is also a bespectacled man.

(from Sayaka, to the middle frame between Sayaka and Madoka, to Madoka). Kitamura Eri - Blouse with small flower pattern, white organdy skirt. “I am a little bit disappointed...BUT SINCE IT IS HITOMI IT CAN'T BE HELPED (miffed) (snip). HE WILL SURELY MAKE HER HAPPY (more miffs)” “THAT'S MAN!! MAN!!” ← there was no such dialogue. The tough and sad scene where Sayaka accepted Kyousuke and Hitomi, where Sayaka became more and more SULKING! This is what it was like during the go-through.

(next to the small figure of Hitomi) Hitomi. Friend of Madoka and Syaka. She confessed her love to Kyousuke. Yuuki Aoi – “Sayaka---” <--- there was no such dialogue. ** Bursts of laughter!! ** Her spectacles case, her pen and her bag all have polka-dotted pattern.

(bottom frame of p.72, from right to left) The girls watching the scene where Hitomi watched Kyousuke play violin from backstage. “Get some poltergeist and cut his violin's strings!” “The two will surely split up!” “Ahahahaha” Girl-Talk is explosive !!!

(small frame at bottom left of p.72) Very sad. Sayaka's may not even reach the boys. It will stick to the hearts of girls, they may think that it is so “heavy.”

(top frames of p.73 from right to left) Saitoh Chiwa-san. When Saitoh-san went back to her seat, she had an eye-contact with Yuuki-san and they smiled.

Ookubo Rumi-san - looking at the mahou shoujo from other countries... “How is Kyuubei called overseas?” “English or French?” “OH! KyuBeei! Perhaps? Ahahaha”

Nonaka Ai-san, Denim one-piece dress. Kyoko, who had a lot of dialogues spoken when she was eating something. “Okamura Sound Director: From here to here, could you make some munching sound (mogumogu) like you are chew something?” “Sure. 'If it can be tried then let's try it'” munch munch munch.

(second row of frames of p.73 from right to left) For fixing everyone announces for herself. “I am sorry, may I do the part when Homura reacts to Madoka's voice?” “I want to try one more time.” “Here, I want to retry this.” Thorough discussion will be held with the sound director “Madoka ← using the character's name. Since here is the peak of her emotion, please soften it a bit after this.” “Sure, and there is something after that I am not sure...” The understanding regarding the psychology of the characters and the complicated designs (settei) gets deeper in the process.

Mizuhashi Kaori-san wearing black cap with glittering sequins. “This is the fate of mahou shoujo.” Besides Mami, she also dubs the voice of Tatsuya, the 3 year old younger brother of Madoka. “Madoka~~”

“Okamura: Kyousuke should become scared, like when a scary thing came out” Sayaka ← Scary thing “How mean!” Yoshida Seiko-san “Ah! Sure!”

(the third row of frame of p.73, from right to left) Kyuubei has become a mahou shoujo?? “Okamura: as a commeration” And so she also did the voice for Mahou Shoujo C

Katoh Emiri-san “I used this mouth to eat the dead Kyuubei” ← no such dialogue of course (lol)

Yuuki-san wanted to do it in real life too. Madoka being a clumsy girl in a mahou shoujo anime: “I wish I could do it like the images in the OP” Homura “You are OK with the dress around the buttock being torn? And then there is the strange underwear.” Homura “'MADOKA!! DON'T GO!!'” Madoka “'I am sorry'” PASSIONATE ACTING! The scene where the two split up was bloodcurdling stuff.

(bottom row of frames of p.73, from right to left) Kitamura-san being unhappy with herself due to NG. “I could say it without problem at home yesterday!!” stomp stomp “Okamura: Everyone usually says the same thing (lol)”

[One more last scene!?] During the go-through of the scene when Homura heard Madoka's voice, somehow the idea that instead of a whisper how about if it is a shout? Reporter “Saitoh-san is so easy to get into the mood” Madoka “Ganbatte!!!” ← although it was supposed to be a whisper it is more like a shout. Homura “Eh!? W..Who? Who!?” could not see Madoka.

“Okamura: That is all. Thank you so much everyone!” Everyone claps!! All staff members also clap! Madoka “I've made it through!”

This was the passionate, cheerful and serious scene of action. Reporter “My eyes got a bit wet too...” She projected her emotions into Madoka's mother.


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