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Impact of Evangelion


Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

Q - Ah, I see...

A - And so, with the change in style, producers from the same age group finally appeared. And finally the flow that had one joining because he loved anime started to change. But whatever is said, the impact of "Evangelion" becoming a hit was huge. Without that there could not be the time we have now.

Q - You think so?

A - Yes, no doubt about it. If that did not become such a hit, probably we could not have made anime like we do now. But then only "Evangelion" was really a kind of exception (lol)

Q - Ah, that is true...(lol)

Madoka a Challenge to Make


Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

Q - (TL note: too little left to translate properly)

A - No, I could not tell a single bit. Although in general I could tell that whether the anime would be abandoned by fans or taken in by them would be decided by the development in Ep.3. "Madoka" is a work that made my heart beat faster. And then it was indeed taken in. By the time I strongly felt a premonition of this becoming a hit, I thought so good that I had done that. I felt relieved. "Madoka" was a work that was really hard to make, and I got really scared, to the extent that I would not be able to decide what to do if because of that [the anime] got abandoned.

Q - But then, as in Bakemonogatari as well as Madoka, the audience ..... till the end.....

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