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If we're serious about getting things translated, I'd suggest making this more prominent on the request list.

Ume Aoki's "Doujinshi"...?

I do not have a page here for it, sadly... but hopefully, one should pop up soon. Apparently, Umi Aoki is a doujin mangaka as well in addition to being a professional, and so she just created a Madoka-related doujinshi as shown in the below link. I doubt it'll be one that's to be released with any upcoming Blu-Rays. It should be very cute... hope a wait for translations won't be too long, whenever the scans (inevitably?) crop up.

Akiba Blog News Story (rest of site has pretty strong NSFW-potential, so watch out)

I'm pretty sure i saw those pics with the meanings on the Character page. Check Sayaka,Mami,Kyoko,Homura and Kyoko's Gallery. I'm sure its there. --mikisayaka001