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Puella Magi Wiki maintains an hourly snapshot of all data in the Wiki to a remote location provided by Rsync.net (unaffiliated). However, even with the backups, the Wiki can still be gone at any time by an unexpected circumstance. Public Backup is provided here in order to ensure the community effort can continue in such an event.

Wiki Backups

Full XML Dump

The Full XML dump contains all the contents of the wiki (including all revisions), but none of the user information. The dump is update every midnight (UTC). A timestamp file is provided as a way to do a small request to determine if the file was updated. Please check HEAD request and check Last-Modified-At the header before downloading.

pmwiki.xml.gz (timestamp)
280MB, ~1.7GB uncompressed

Image Dump

The image dump is currently very large due to thumbnails (70 GB+). Please contact User:0x99 for an image dump for the time being.

External Backups

4chan Threads

See also: Threads

Puella Magi Wiki has its root from Madoka Threads on 4chan. These threads are currently archived externally.

2ch Threads

See also: Puella Magi Archive

As 2ch also plays a large part in the popularity of the series in Japan, Puella Magi Wiki has 2ch archive up to February 2014.

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