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Admin of this wiki. Trying to be more active. Usually pulling all-nighters in JST (UTC+0900) timezone.

Please email if I do not respond.

Current tasks

Wiki content

Status Started Finished Task
Working Sep 15 Improve overall styling of the wiki using templatestyles (migrate off MediaWiki:Common.css)
Working Sep 23 Cleanup mainline title content, adding production info, translate interviews, etc.
Waiting Update MadokaRunes with new glyphs, etc.
Waiting Rework AnthonyBot to trim double redirects

Current server admin tasks

Status Started Finished Task
Done Oct 27 Oct 27 Moved the server from NearlyFreeSpeech back to Hetzner
Done Oct 28 Oct 29 Setup hourly backups for DB/image assets
Done Oct 28 Nov 1 Setup Varnish caching for non-logged in users
Working Nov 7 Create a custom extension to append a timestamp to all images (possibly based on WikiDexFileRepo)
Waiting Setup health monitoring for Wiki (Grafana, etc.)
Waiting Update MediaWiki to 1.40

See also

  • Subpages — my InQBate pages.
  • AnthonyBot — a housekeeping bot for this wiki. (Deactivated)