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Dengeki PlayStation 2013-03 01.jpg The Kyoko route is revealed

The Kyoko route shows how she lived before meeting with Madoka. That is described more clearly than TV anime. Also it is possible to experience how she fought with Mami. Can you face her tragic past?
At that time, it was peaceful
A happy family which is facing its destruction not too far in the future. What was the tragedy that struck the church?
Meeting Kyubey
Kyubey scouted her. What was her answer?
Fought with Mami
Kyoko fought with Mami before. She appears just after Mami's retreat, so it is happy to see them fighting together for fans.

Kyoko was attached to Mami. But they are apart for some reason. Kyoko, fought with a lance, and Mami, using muskets. Were they partners before?
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 07.JPG Emotion value

An important parameter changed by events. Emotion value changes by events, Q-buttons and fighting styles. This parameter will have a great effect on magic consumption in dungeon play. The higher this value is, the more danger of becoming a witch. When it increases:

  • Both power of magic attack and magic consumption will increase.
  • Efficiency of recovery to HP and MP by Soul gem will decrease.

Karma value
When a girl contracts, her ability is determined by the karma value. Karma value is manipulated by the Q-button or so before a girl contracts. The higher this value is, the higher MP and more magic she can use. The soul gem limit is also higher. What it affects:

  • Initial MP when she become a magical girl
  • Total value of soul gem when she become a magical girl
  • What happens in the next timeline.

Turning into a witch
When some conditions are meet, such an event will be triggered. When a branch point to become a witch in each girl's route is reached, and her soul gem becomes fully dark, the event to become a witch is started. But if a grief seed, which is gathered by defeating witches, is used, it is possible to escape such an event.

  • By preventing her from becoming a witch, Sayaka can fight together with Madoka, and there will be more happy events for Sayaka fans.
  • A ruthless battle happens when fighting with a previous partner who becomes a witch. But you mustn't lose even under such a circumstance.

Update to Mami's Heart Pounding Tiro Finale

Mami's Heart Pounding Tiro Finale will be updated in early March. If you clear the game with Mami, then Homura is available to play. The Kyoko witch form introduced in this issue will also join the game.
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 08.JPG Walpurgis Night waiting at the end of all routes

When it reaches the end of each route, Walpurgis Night will come to Mitakihara, just the same as what anime shows. The remaining magical girls will fight against her together. It is very hard to defeat the most powerful witch. If you have no idea how to defeat her, then go strengthen the magical girls by repeating timelines.

  • It is possible to fight Walpurgis Night with different members, by how players are playing it.
  • The most powerful witch raids Mitakihara. Can the magical girls win?

Karma value can be used to succeed in the next play
Besides the karma value produced before becoming a magical girl, various values increased by fighting will also be exchanged into karma values when the routes end (no matter if they're cleared or it's game over). Those karma value will be added when the next play starts, and results in magical girls with higher potential. It is a point to defeat Walpurgis Night by accumulating karma value.
Get special contents by collecting emotion energy
When a route reaches its ending, emotion energy will be counted from the Q-button discovery count, the result of battles, etc. You can get more special contents by using this emotion energy.
Introduction to pre-order gift

  • Film koma (images)
  • PSP theme
  • a WS card game PR card

Strategy Guide

The Strategy Guide will be published by ASCII-Mediaworks. It will contain all conditions to the events, and strategies to win in dungeons. It will contain event CGs and other contents, of course.
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 06.jpg Kyoko's witch form

Kyoko's witch can generate separated bodies, same as the effect of Rosso Fantasma. She can also assault by becoming a lance form. She also has familiars who can shoot fireballs or slash with their deformed heads. Homura fights Kyoko's witch by herself. It is better to utilize her magic to stop time and attack with powerful weapon to beat multiple enemies at once.
Witch of silver
The witch of silver Gisela also appears. She can attack mid-range with her long arm. She can also assault by transforming into a motorcycle. It is unlikely to win against her if you cannot see through her state and fight with care. She also summons a lot of familiars.
Rosso Fantasma
Although it is Kyoko's original ability, it was locked when Kyoko appears in the anime. She can use this ability in the game, however.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 2.jpg There is also a witch of silver in the flashback scene!

Transform into a motorbike

Only the shape of the witch is shown in the anime. What she actually looks like will be discovered in the game.

(About Rosso-Fantasma)

It seems to be an assist magic to help escape from an opponent's attack.
Dengeki ps kyoko witch form.jpg "OPHELIA" in runes. The witch form for Kyoko.


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