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Translations courtesy of symbv from evageeks forum.

Some interesting points from the scans:

  • Aoi Yuuki buys anime BD and sometimes even buy BOTH DVD and BD and keep the BD one unopened (symbv: quite otaku!)
  • She mentioned she bought the BD for Transformers (both DVD and BD, the BD not opened yet) and Gundam 00 (also both DVD and BD but watched the BD). She is impressed with the "GN Particle" scene in the BD of Gundam 00.
  • She has not watched PMMM in BD yet, but she think she would check at least the following scenes in the BDs:

1. Transformation scenes
2. The scenes when Madoka became Godoka
3. The Inu-Curry bewitched spaces
4. The new ED for Ep. 1 & 2 where she sings a new ED song with Aoki Ume's illustration in the background.

  • Among the 10 bestselling BD titles in the month of August 6 were anime
  • Of course given this is a publication about hi-quality video there are some promotional coverage of why BD is "best for anime" compared to even digital broadcast -- no noise, more details and 24p direct mode.

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