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The International Saimoe League is an annual contest intended to allow a broad international community to determine the most moe among anime girls. It was inspired by 2ch's Saimoe Tournament. Voting is open to everyone and multiple languages are supported in addition to the default English. The cast of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is participating in the 2012 tournament.


Homura wins well-deserved points in Preliminary Phase 1 Day 4, but people who would pick Ayase and Mine Riko over Akarin and Chihaya need to seriously re-examine their lives.

ISML 2012 Preliminary Period

Phase I

Day 1:

Sakura Kyōko(Nova 1) 3rd
Tomoe Mami(Nova 2) 4th
Kaname Madoka(Nova 3) 2nd

Day 2:

Miki Sayaka(Nova 7) 4th
Akemi Homura(Nova 12) 1st

Day 3:

Sakura Kyōko(Nova 3) 3rd
Kaname Madoka(Nova 4) 2nd
Tomoe Mami(Nova 5) 3rd

Day 4:

Akemi Homura(Nova 12) 1st
Miki Sayaka(Nova 10) 5th

Day 5:

Miki Sayaka(Nova 2) 4th - moved to Preliminaries Phase II
Sakura Kyōko(Nova 5) 2nd - moved to Preliminaries Phase II
Kaname Madoka(Nova 5) 3rd - moved to Preliminaries Phase II

Day 6:

Tomoe Mami(Nova 7) 4th - moved to Preliminaries Phase II
Akemi Homura(Nova 12) 1st - advanced to Regular Session

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