Kanami Honoka

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Kanami Honoka
Japanese Name 穂香 佳奈美
(Honoka Kanami)

Kanami Honoka (穂香 佳奈美 Honoka Kanami) is a minor supporting character from Puella Magi Suzune Magica.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 14
Eye colour Light blue or teal
Hair colour Red-brown
Soul Gem Red circular gem in the center of a ribbon worn over her collar.
Weapon Knives
Witch Form Unknown
Powers and Abilities Can increase her own speed[1]
Wish To run to her grandmother's aid[2]
Japanese pronoun Watashi ()
Known relatives Unnamed grandmother
Origins Unknown
School Yuunagi Middle School[3], 8th grade


Kanami is a lone magical girl with a cheerful and friendly personality. She was wowed by Suzune's fire-elemental magic.

According to tweets by GAN, Kanami is friendly and easily trusting of people, but also rather gullible.[4] She is also kind to the elderly.[5]


Kanami was saved from a witch by Suzune, but was promptly killed after telling Suzune her name.

Powers and Abilities

Kanami dual-wields knives with handguards as her weapons. Her powers are unknown. She seems to be either unpracticed or rather weak in strength.


  • Kanami bears some slight resemblances to Madoka Kaname. Her first name is spelled similar to Madoka's last name, and she has a similar hairstyle, colour scheme, and personality. Kanami's magical girl outfit is also slightly similar to Madoka's.
  • Though GAN's official art of Kanami (see her profile picture above) gives her socks with fancy tops, she is never seen having these in the manga panels.


  • The characters of her first name mean "佳" (good), "奈" (crow), and "美" (beauty) respectively.
  • The characters of her last name mean "穂" (tip) and "香" (aroma) respectively.


  • According to tweets from GAN:
    • Kanami's design is a reused design they had once scrapped.[6]
    • Kanami did not originally have a set colour scheme. However, after seeing fanart by 風雪 depicting her with a red-and-white colour scheme, GAN decided to use this as Kanami's official colour scheme.[7]
    • Kanami's hobby is saving money.[8]
    • Her favourite food is baked sweet potato.[9]
  • Her last name was shown in a newspaper article in chapter 2, but with a blur effect that made it difficult to read. In this blog comment, the author revealed that he had forgotten her last name but thought it looked like "穂香" in the article.


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