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It's Kanami Honoka, not Honoka Kanami +(More Information on Kanami)

穂香佳奈美 (Honoka Kanami) is used on most JP Websites when referring to her. Plus, I think the person who said her name is Honoka misinterpreted the sentence. GAN was answering a fan who asked if her surname was Moeka or Fujika, and GAN started the sentence with "Regarding Kanami's name..." (カナミの名前については…), but 名前 doesn't necessarily mean first name, and GAN still calls her Kanami in the sentence, and they tend to call characters by their first name (nor did GAN try to correct and say Honoka was her first name, they simply answered that the name is read as Honoka).

Besides that, there are a few more things about Kanami that's been revealed:

  • Kanami is 14, and a second year (This was from her victim report in chapter two, which didn't get translated in the fan translation, unsure about the official translation)
  • Her middle school is 夕凪中学校, or Yūnagi Middle School (from the same comment with the Honoka last name)
  • Her innate magic is super speed, due to her wish:

I do have the power to move/change the page, but I wanted to prove that reasons why the current name is wrong to avoid confusion.

The official translation doesn't appear to mention anything about her in chapter 2, and her name is just written as Kanami by Suzune for her pouch if anything. - The Witch's House (talk) 08:27, 8 September 2020 (UTC)