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Kanata Kanade
Japanese Name 奏 可奈多 (Kanade Kanata)

Kanata Kanade (奏 可奈多 Kanade Kanata) is a background character in Puella Magi Suzune Magica. She was Haruka Kanade's older sister.

General Info

Physical Features
Age Unknown (older than Haruka)
Eye colour Presumably yellow
Hair colour Presumably blonde
Japanese pronoun Unknown.
Known relatives Haruka Kanade, her younger sister; and a mother and father.
Origins Hohzuki City
School Not attending


Kanata was a girl with incredible talent, who was good at everything she did, leading to her being constantly praised by others and called a genius. Kanata was also rather kind, even towards Haruka, who made no secret of her hatred towards Kanata.


Kanata only appears in her younger sister's backstory.

Both of Kanata's parents are alive. They appeared to be kind to her, and very proud of her due to her talent.

Because of her talent and constant praise, Haruka was incredibly jealous of her. Kanata kept trying to reach out to Haruka, telling her "you can tell your big sister anything", but Haruka kept rejecting her, claiming that Kanata didn't understand her feelings. In fact, Haruka hated Kanata so much, that when approached by Kyubey, she made a wish to erase Kanata from existence.

The details of Kanata's erasure are unknown, but it can be assumed that Kanata was completely erased from other's memories (except for Haruka's), as she gets no mention before Haruka's backstory is revealed.


  • Like Haruka, Kanata has a small plait on her hair. However, Kanata wears hers on the left (her right), where Haruka wears hers on the right (her left).


  • The character in her last name means "奏" (playing).
  • The characters in her first name mean "可" (shouldn't), "奈" (crow), and "多" (multi) respectively.


  • Kanade "奏" means "to play music".
  • "Kanata" could be alternatively read as "彼方", meaning "distant", which matches with Haruka. This could refer to how Kanata was erased from existence; it could also refer to how Haruka felt distant from her.
  • Kanata Kanade is an alliterative name.
  • "Kanata Kanade" in full could be read as "distant music playing".
  • According to a tweet from GAN, Kanata was given a katakana first name in-story because they did not think about a kanji name for her, but gave her kanji name as "可奈多" when asked about it.[1]


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