Kikan S 2011-4 Winter, Volume 33

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Shinbo Discussing Slice-of-Life for Madoka


Shinbo - (in this anime) the characters almost never smiled and only had sad crying scenes. I want to do a "Madoka 2" as extra chapters. Urobuchi's scenario is not just excellent as a story; it also brought out a lot of the character personality as a character study. And this had a lot to do with Aoki-san's character design and the seiyuus. So I have a feeling that we can go the direction of character driven anime. These characters can easily work in daily slice-of-life stories, and if we end everything by this anime, I just feel it's such a waste. I want to see a normal day of life anime out of this.

Q - I see. It is true that if we can see Mami or Madoka interacting with each other in a cosy warm mood, it would be fun.

Shinbo - That's right. Something like cosy warm bath scenes... And then perhaps what was happening with the romantic life of Wako-sensei, or whether Madoka's mother succeeded in taking over her company etc (lol). If we could really have Season 2 or extra episodes, I want to work on stories that have these characters living happily.


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