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Madoka Magica Online has a cooperative multiplayer mode. It is currently available only at certain times. Players can form groups of up to four to take on powerful witches in co-op mode. Enter co-op by clicking the same multiplayer icon used for PvP (in the upper left of the lobby) or by accepting an invitation. A button will appear in the top right corner of your chat window (the pop-up tab at the bottom of the screen reading ON or OFF) if you have been invited to a group.


Mmo coop doors.PNG
You will be faced with an array of doors, each leading to a co-op lobby. There are three pages, each for a level: 1:Easy, 2:Medium, and 3:Hard. Select a difficulty and then click on a door. (However, it is up to the room leader to pick the quest difficulty regardless of the lobby page)

Mmo coop lobby.PNG
The list on the left shows players in the lobby. The sections on the right are rooms. Click through the pages to find a room and click the button to enter. Rooms with lock icons have passwords. Rooms with lightning bolt means the quest has already begun. If you click on an empty room you will be confronted with a "room creation" pop-up (refer to Room Leaders).

Mmo findroom.PNG
To make it easy to find each other's rooms, use the final door and final rooms of each difficulty level. If the final room (25) is full, use the next to last one (24, then 23, etc)

Standard password: meguca

Normal room members

Mmo coop roomstarting.PNG
If you're not the leader, wait for the leader to start a quest, and then click the multicolored game start button that will appear in the middle right. The red rectangular button shows you information about the quest. Players who have accepted the quest will be marked with "OK".

Room Leaders


If the room is empty, you will become the leader of a new room and have a small L on your icon. You have the power to kick megucas out of the room and invite your online friends inside the room. You will be confronted with a popup for room creation, that asks you to insert the name of your room (e.g meduka), and if you want to lock the room, put the password (e.g. meguca). If you did not lock it people will randomly jump into your room. If the timer on the left reaches zero, the room will close (this prevents AFK players from blocking rooms).

Next, you must select a quest.

Mmo coop quests.PNG
The leader will see a list of quests after clicking the select quest button. The barriers open at this time are Izabel's (2-1) and Charlotte's (2-2). He will return to the room after picking a quest.

The leader must now wait for all the room members to click the start quest button, the game will begin automatically for him when all of them clicked the button. If he click the button manually, it will begin the quest and leave those who did not behind.

Mmo inviting.jpg
How to invite friends if you are the room leader.

Mmo coop invite.PNG
The invite players button will show you your friends list. Click on a friend and then click the button in the lower right corner to invite them. If your friend gets disconnected, which happened to many of them in this screenshot, her name will be grayed out and you must send another invitation when she logs back on.

If you want to play with someone who isn't on your friends list, tell them which door to enter to find your lobby, and which room number within that lobby. They'll be able to join directly. If you didn't set a password, random people you don't know are likely to enter your room. It's polite to explain the situation before kicking them out if you're waiting for your teammate, but you probably can't thanks to the language barrier, so the universe appreciates your contribution to counteracting entropy.


Mmo coop play1.PNG
When the quest begins, you and your teammates will appear in the barrier. You must lower the doors that block your path by landing on the matching switches. The bar at the top of the screen shows the witch's health and plays an animation when your teammates are fighting the witch. The players can move independently, and bring their usual squads of characters with them. I seriously hope you didn't join co-op with your party disbanded. You must wait for other players to move before the next turn begins. Click the gong icon that replaces the dice when you are finished with your turn.

Happy Dice Rolling Fun Time!

  • After defeating the witch, you and your teammates will get to roll for bonus items. Those brown things are not coffee beans, but rather Kamenoko Tawashi scrub brushes. Sometimes there will be a mystery card with question marks on it. Mystery cards can give you items available only in co-op.

  • After rolling, you'll see a ranking screen that scores players based on how much damage they did to the witch. Higher ranking players will get small amounts of bonus exp and coins. You get exp for playing with friends, and coins for playing with people who aren't in your friends list.


  • The chat and automessage systems don't allow some common characters such as spaces and periods. You'll get an error message if you try to use them. Using tildes like~this~when~talking is common.
    • Allowed: ~`[email protected]#&<>=?
    • Illegal: .$%^*()-,/':"?-- space
    • Also allowed: ´・ω・`:。β★◆●【】※・ー一!)(「」┃○‐
  • If you disconnected and missed more than 5 turns, you will be kicked from the quest.
  • If you disconnected when the witch is defeated, you will lose the chance to roll the winning dice. So it's maybe a good idea to wait for your friend to return.
  • Meguca will not die when they are killed. You will simply respawn at the start point. You're racing against the turn limit and can graveyard rush the witch until you run out of turns.
  • Since you continue to fight even in death, consider equipping offensive gear such as skill cards instead of the heavy defense you'd use while soloing.
  • Single target skill cards are highly effective for dealing damage against witches here.
  • Using the skip battle button can speed up the turns. However, if you're waiting for a disconnected player to reconnect, she can miss turns if they go by too quickly.
  • Loot picked up during the level will be retained even if you die. This is a change from early versions of co-op in which it could be lost.

Common Problems

  • If the game stops, and nothing is happening for any players, try having everyone restart the game.