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The Event Quests present in May 2014 had story segments covering an amusement park visit. There were 5 quests with story dialogue: 1, 6, 11, 16, and 21.


So, the event quest story begins with Madoka not knowing where she is, or what happened.

Days earlier, the girls are tracking down a witch that keeps giving the girls the slip. They've narrowed its location down to the amusement park. Kyosuke's playing in a band with some guys he knows in the amusement park. Homura, Sayaka, and Madoka go to the amusement park to investigate at a timeframe where the band is present. When Homura and Madoka ask why Kyoko and Mami aren't coming along, Sayaka says it'd be a bother to ask them.

Kyoko and Mami later get a phone call from Sayaka saying that Madoka went missing in the amusement park. She won't pick up her phone, and she hasn't been seen home yet either. Sayaka blames herself since she was too focused on being together with Kyosuke. The girls set out to save Madoka.

Madoka's disappearance coinciding with the band's presence gives a clue to the witch's hiding pattern: it's been hiding in the stage props or some other band equipment and was moving around town with the band. They didn't expect anything like this since Walpurgisnacht is the only witch known to move locations that quickly.

Homura snaps them out of their "we just solved the mystery!" celebrations to remind them that Madoka's in danger, which kind of goes without saying, but also just shows the others that Homura kind of loses her cool when it comes to Madoka.

The girls find Madoka, who's been taken hostage by the witch. If they attack, it could drag Madoka into the barrier and run.

Sayaka and Homura are anxious to act now, but Mami and Kyoko tell them, especially Homura, to calm down and think rationally. (Homura considers time stopping, but the witch has such a tight grasp on Madoka that if it doesn't work out, Madoka could end up dead.) Madoka tells Homura to listen to Mami, and the witch runs away, Madoka in hand (tentacle? I dunno)

Sayaka and Homura are at a loss to see Madoka taken away, but Mami and Kyoko launch their plan. Mami locates the witch for Kyoko, who then goes in for a combo-finish with a Tiro Finale from Mami.

Turns out Mami had tied a ribbon to Madoka's ankle. (GEE SOUND FAMILIAR) Madoka apologizes for her independent action. She just wanted to be of use by finding the witch for everyone, but ended up a hostage instead. Sayaka apologizes for failing to protect Madoka too. But Mami assures them that all's well that ends well. Kyoko just asks the two of them to be more careful. Especially Madoka, because a certain someone gets a panic attack whenever something happens to her. Who? Homura's disappeared like Batman. Mami: For her to use that well-kept secret magic of hers at a time like this... must mean she's embarrassed that we got to see that side of her.