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Quest 13-1

13-1 Before

Kyoko ……なあ、ここ最近、\n魔女の数が多すぎるんじゃないか? ...Hey, don't you think there've been way too many witches around lately?
Mami ワルプルギスの夜の接近が\n原因かもしれないわね。 Perhaps it's due to the coming of Walpurgisnacht.
Mami 魔女がこんなに出現するなんて\n今までなかったもの。 There have never been this many witch sightings before.
Kyoko 最強の魔女の到来で、街中の魔女も\n活性化してるってわけか。 So the arrival of the strongest witch rouses all of the other witches in town, huh.
Kyoko こいつは厄介だな……。 What a nuisance....
Madoka ワルプルギスの夜だけでも\n大変なのに……。 And we'd have our hands full just dealing with Walpurgisnacht itself....
Madoka いったいどうすればいいんですか? Just what are we supposed to do?
Mami 私たちの連携の精度を\nもっと高めなくちゃいけないのに、\nこのままだと時間が足りないわね……。 We need practice to raise our coordination accuracy, but at this rate we won't have any time....
Mami こうなったら、息を合わせる\n練習も兼ねて、余計な魔女を\nできる限り倒していくしかないわ。 At this rate, we'll have no choice but to defeat as many extra witches as we can, while practicing synchronization at the same time.
Kyoko やれやれ。\nアタシらの戦闘力アップも\nまだまだなのに、 Good grief. We've still got a lot of power leveling to do, too.
Kyoko ……こいつは忙しくなりそうだぜ。 ...looks like things are about to get busy.
Sayaka よしっ、杏子!\nみんなを守るために\n力を合わせて頑張るよっ! Awwright, Kyoko! Let's join forces and do our best to protect everyone!
Kyoko ず、ずいぶん気合が入ってんな、\nおい。ヒヨッコのくせに~。 W-wow, you seem pretty pumped up. Even though you're still a newb~.
Sayaka うるさいわね!\nさあ、張り切っていくわよ。 Oh shut it! Now let's do this.
Sayaka ほらっ、転校生も!\nいつまでもクール気取ってないで! You too, Transfer Student! Don't keep up that cool and composed act forever!
Homura ……。\nべつに。そんなつもりはないわ。 ... I wasn't really trying to act.
Sayaka あんたに関しちゃいろいろ\n思うところもあったけど、 I've been thinking a lot of different things about you,
Sayaka 今は間違いなく全員の力が\n必要なんだからさ。 But now, we definitely need everyone's help.
Sayaka ほら、まどかもさっきから\n何ぼぉーっとしてんのよ! Hey, you too, Madoka! What've you been spacing out for!?
Madoka う、うん。そう、だね。\nわたしも頑張るよ。\nみんなの街を守るためだもんね。 H-hm. Oh, right. I'll give it my best too. We gotta protect the town and everyone in it, after all.
Sayaka それじゃあ、さっそく魔女退治といくか! Now let's go on a witch hunt!
Madoka (ほむらちゃん……。\n大丈夫……だよね?) (Homura-chan... You'll be okay... right?)

13-1 After

Mami まいったわ。とても手が足りない。\nこのままだと街に\n犠牲者が出てしまう……。 I just don't know anymore. We're completely outnumbered. At this rate, the townspeople will be victimized....
Kyoko おい、ほむら! Hey, Homura!
Kyoko 前から言ってやろうと\n思ってたんだけど、\n今日こそは、はっきり言ってやる! I was thinking I'd tell you before, but today, I'm gonna say it loud and clear!
Kyoko アンタひとりで全員の連携が\n乱れてるんだよ! You're single-handedly throwing off the coordination of the whole team!
Homura ……。 ... ...
Kyoko あれほど敵に接近する\nアタシやさやかのことを\n考えろっていってんのにさっ。 Haven't I told you to think a little about me and Sayaka since we need to get so freaking close to the enemy?
Kyoko どうしてマミとまどかみたいに\nできないんだよ! Why can't you be more like Mami or Madoka!?
Madoka 杏子ちゃん!\nそんなに怒っちゃダメだよ。\n Kyoko-chan! There's no need to be so upset!
Madoka ほむらちゃんだって\n頑張ってるんだし……。 Homura-chan's trying her best...
Kyoko まどかは黙ってろ!\nいいか、今度ばかりは時間がない。\nできませんでしたは通じないんだ! Pipe down, Madoka! Listen, we don't have any time. An A for effort's not gonna cut it!
Kyoko さやかは物分りのいいこと言ってるが\nアタシはそうはいかねえぞ!\n本気で協力する気はあるのかよっ! Sayaka might be forgiving and all, but I'm not! Are you even trying to help us!?
Homura ……。
Kyoko 黙ってないで、なんとか言えよ! Don't just stand there! Say something!
Homura ごめんなさい。 I'm sorry.
Kyoko え? Huh?
Homura ずっと足を引っ張って、\n迷惑をかけてたわ。ごめんなさい。\n私のせいよ。 I've been pulling you down and causing trouble. I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
Kyoko な、なんだよ。\nえらく素直じゃねーか。\nなんか、その、調子がくるうな……。 O-oh. Now that's awfully honest of you. It kinda throws me off....
Kyoko だ、だけどよぉ、\nあ、謝ればいいわけじゃないぞ。 B-but you know, s-sorry isn't going to cut it, okay?
Kyoko ワルプルギスの夜と戦うのは\n変わんねーんだからさ。 'Cause we've still gotta fight Walpurgisnacht.
Homura そのことについて提案があるの。 I've got a proposition on that front.
Homura 全員の力を合わせることを\n言い出しておいて悪いのだけど、 It's my fault for suggesting we all team up,
Homura 今の私がいても、\nあなたたちの力を半減させるだけ。 But when I'm around, all I do is cut your strength in half.
Homura ワルプルギスの夜の\n到来に備えるなら、より確実な方法を\nとるべきだと思うの。 If we're going to prepare for the coming of Walpurgisnacht, I think we should take a more sound method.
Homura 私は単独行動を取るわ。\n次々と出現する魔女を倒すには、\n二手に分かれることが一番得策よ。 I'll act alone. It would be best if we split up to defeat the cascade of incoming witches.
Mami え?ひとりで戦うってってこと? Eh? You mean you'll fight alone?
Mami ……でも、いくらあなたでも\n大丈夫なのかしら?\n危険すぎるわよ。 ...But regardless of how strong you are, will you be okay? It's too dangerous.
Homura 問題ないわ。\n今までずっとひとりでやってきたし、 But of course. I've always been fighting alone before,
Homura たぶんこの中で誰よりも単独戦闘は\n慣れてるはずだから。 So I'm probably the most experienced at solo combat out of all of us.
Homura 何より迷ってる時間はない。 But most importantly, we have no time to waver.
Homura この間にもワルプルギスの夜は\n近づいてるし、犠牲者も\n出てるかもしれない。 Walpurgisnacht draws closer with every given moment. And more people are likely to get hurt, too.
Mami まあ、それはそうなんだけど……。 Well, that is true, but...
Mami そ、そうねえ。\n今までの暁美さんの実力なら\n大丈夫かしら……。 I-I guess you're right, Akemi-san. Considering your strength, you might be fine....
Madoka ダメだよっ!\nそんなの、絶対にダメっ! No! I cannot allow that, no matter what!
Sayaka まどか、どうしたの、いきなり?\nたしかに危ないけど、転校生の強さは\nあんたがいつも褒めてるじゃん。 Madoka, what's wrong all of a sudden? Yeah, it is dangerous, but you always praise Transfer Student for how strong she is, don't you?
Madoka 実力とか、いまは関係ないよ!\nほむらちゃんひとりだけ危ない目に\n合わせるなんて、わたしは反対っ! Strength has nothing to do with it! I'm against putting Homura-chan in the face of danger alone!
Homura ワルプルギスの夜と戦うとき、\n私はあなたを守ることができないの。 I won't be able to protect you during the fight with Walpurgisnacht.
Madoka みんなで、もっとお互いのことを\n分かり合って戦っていけば、\n絶対にうまくいくよっ! I'm sure if we all found a way to fight better as a team, that everything will turn out fine!
Homura 鹿目さん、気持ちは嬉しい。\nだけど、今は少しでも時間を\n大切にすべきだと思うの。 Kaname-san, I appreciate the thought. But right now, we need to manage our time wisely.
Homura じゃあ、手分けして魔女を倒す。\nみんな、それでいいでしょう。 So we'll divide and conquer the witches. Is that okay with everyone?
Homura 私はもう結界に向かうわ。\nそれじゃあ、お互い\nがんばりましょう。 I'm heading off to a barrier now. So let's all do our best.
Madoka ほ、ほむらちゃん……。 H-Homura-chan...

Quest 13-2

13-2 Before

Madoka ねえ、みんな。\nほむらちゃんをひとりで\n行かせちゃダメだよ! Guys, I'm telling you. We can't let Homura-chan work alone!
Madoka 今からでも止めに行こうよ! There's still time to go stop her!
Madoka ワルプルギスの夜に勝つためには、\n全員の力を合わせないと\nダメなんですよね!? We need everyone's help to defeat Walpurgisnacht, don't we!?
Kyoko そりゃ多いに越したことは\nないだろうけど、連携が取れない\nやつがいるよりは……。 Well, I guess we do need all the help we can get, but help that doesn't help is, well...
Madoka だけど、今のほむらちゃんを\nひとりで放っておけないよ! But we can't just leave Homura-chan alone the way she is now!
Mami さっきからどうしたの、鹿目さん。\n今の暁美さんだと、\n何かまずいのかしら? What's going on, Kaname-san? What do you mean by the way Akemi-san is now? Is something wrong with her?
Madoka え?!あ、それは……その、えっと、\nほむらちゃんなりに思いつめている\nみたいだから、 Eh!? Ah, well... um, that is... Homura-chan looks like she's thinking about things in her own sort of way, so...
Madoka すごくムチャなことをしそうで、\n心配だと思ったんです。 I think she's really worrying too much and pushing herself too far.
Sayaka どうします?\n全員の力を合わせる\nことも大切と思いますけど、 What should we do? While I do think it's important that we all cooperate,
Sayaka 今は魔女を\n倒さなくちゃならないし……。 for now, we do need to defeat all these witches....
Kyubey 僕が暁美ほむらのそばに\nついているというのはダメかい? How about I follow alongside Akemi Homura?
Madoka キュゥべえ!\nわたしたちの話を聞いていたの?  Kyubey! Did you overhear us?
Kyubey 暁美ほむらと行動を共にして、\n彼女が危険な時は、君たちに\nテレパシーで知らせるよ。 I'll join up with Akemi Homura, and if she ever gets in danger, I'll tell you guys through telepathy.
Kyoko あ、なるほど。そりゃいい案だな! Ah, I see. Pretty good idea!
Mami そうね。先のことはともかく、\n魔女を早く倒すには、\nそれが一番よさそうだわ。 True. Regardless of what comes next, our top priority should be to defeat the witches as quickly as we can.
Kyubey どうやら、決まりのようだね。\nじゃあ僕は暁美ほむらの元に行くよ。 Guess that settles it. In that case, I'll go head towards Akemi Homura now.
Madoka キュゥべえ。\nほむらちゃんがムチャしないように、\n見ててあげてね! Kyubey. Make sure Homura-chan doesn't push herself too hard, okay!?

13-2 After

Kyubey もう使い魔を倒したのかい?\n君は、ひとりのほうが\n調子がいいみたいだね。 Already beat the familiar? Looks like you keep a better tempo when you're alone, huh.
Homura キュゥべえ?!\nいったい何しに来たの? Kyubey!? What did you come here for?
Kyubey 君を心配したまどかたちに頼まれてね\n君のそばにいて、連絡役を\nすることになったんだ。 Madoka and the others were concerned for you, so they sent me to stay with you and keep in contact.
Homura そんな心配、いらない\n……と言ったところで、 I don't need such concern... or so I'd like to say,
Homura どうせあなたは\nついてくるんでしょうね。\n好きにすればいいわ But either way, you're still going to follow me, aren't you? Just do whatever you please.
Kyubey 危ないようだったら、いつでも\n僕に言ってくれ。すぐにまどかたちに\n助けを求めてあげるよ。 If you ever feel in danger, feel free to tell me. I'll go get Madoka and the others as quickly as possible.
Homura 余計な心配だわ。\nどんなことがあろうと、\n私はひとりでこの魔女を倒す。 I don't need that help. No matter what happens, I'll defeat the witches myself.
Kyubey 並々ならぬ決意のようだね。 You seem exceptionally determined.
Kyubey 君のことだ。\n何か考えがあるようだけど、\n僕は君たちとの約束は守るよ But that's just how you are. You seem to have something else in mind, but I make sure to keep my promise with you girls.
Kyubey だから、安心してほしい。 So please, relax.
Homura 安心?あなたとの約束で? \n笑わせないで。それとも……\nあなたなりの皮肉のつもり? Relax? What promise? Don't make me laugh. ...or are you being sarcastic in your own twisted way?
Kyubey なんのことだい? What do you mean?
Homura ……なんでもないわ。\nとにかく、私の邪魔だけは\nしないでちょうだい。 ...Nothing. Anyway, just don't get in my way.

Quest 13-3

13-3 Before

Madoka (キュゥべえ?\nほむらちゃんは大丈夫?\nムチャしたりしてない?) (Kyubey? Is Homura-chan okay? She's not pushing herself too hard, is she?)
Kyubey (ああ。今のところ問題ないよ。\nさすが暁美ほむらだ) (Yeah. No problems right now. Exactly what you'd expect from Akemi Homura.)
Mami 状況に押し切られて、思わず\n暁美さんの提案を認めちゃったけど、\nたしかに心配ね。 Due to the circumstances, I accepted Akemi-san's proposal without giving it much thought, but she certainly does worry me.
Mami 彼女がひとりのほうが\n戦いやすいスタイルだとしても、\nみんなと一緒がいいんじゃないかしら No matter how conducive her style is for solo fighting, perhaps it really is best we all stick together.
Kyoko そういうもんか? Oh, is that the problem?
Mami それはそうよっ! Of course it is!
Mami ……私だってひとりで\n戦っていたときは、\n……心細いときがたくさんあったもの ...there were plenty of times where even I had to fight alone... times where I was lonely.
Kyoko あ。わ、悪い。\n変なことを言っちまったな……。 Ah. M-my bad. I didn't mean to say something so dumb....
Madoka ほむらちゃん……。\n本当に大丈夫かな? Homura-chan... will you really be okay?

13-3 After

Kyoko よっしゃあ!使い魔ごとき\n今のアタシらなら楽勝だな。 Awwright! Familiars are no match for us now, huh?
Madoka ねえ、杏子ちゃん。みんな。\n……やっぱり、ほむらちゃんが\nいないほうが、上手に戦えると思う? Say, Kyoko-chan. Guys. ...Do you really think we fight better without Homura-chan around?
Kyoko え?!いや、そういうつもりで\n言ったわけじゃないんだけど……。 Eh!? Nah, nah, that's not what I meant when I said that, but...
Mami 今のところは、正直いって\n暁美さんがいないほうがしっくりくる\n……かもしれないわ。 To be honest, at this point... perhaps we do work better without Akemi-san.
Madoka やっぱり、そうですか……。 I see...
Madoka でも!わたしの口からは\n上手く言えないですけど、 But you know! I might not be able to explain it well, but...
Madoka ほむらちゃんだって影で\n一生懸命頑張ってるんですよ! Homura-chan's giving it her very best to help behind the scenes!
Madoka そのことだけでも、\nみんなにわかってほしいんです……。 I just want you guys to understand that....
Mami and Kyoko ……。 ...
Sayaka まどか?あのさ、\nあたしは転校生のことをいらない\nなんて思ってないよ。 Madoka? Honestly, I don't think Transfer Student is unnecessary at all.
Sayaka そりゃ態度とか得体のしれない\nところとか、気に食わないところは\nあるけどさ……。 And well, there are parts about her attitude and character that I don't understand, and parts about her that I just can't stomach, but you know...
Sayaka ワルプルギスの夜と戦うために、\nみんなで力を合わせられるように\nしようって We need everyone's cooperation to fight Walpurgisnacht.
Sayaka 最初に言い出したのは\nあいつじゃん。 And she was the first one to tell us all that.
Sayaka あいつなりに魔法少女として、少しは\nこの街を守ることを考えてるんじゃ\nないかなー、って思えてさ。 I think that, as a magical girl, she's trying to at least protect the town a little. You know, in her own sort of way, I guess.
Sayaka ちょっと不器用で素直じゃない\nところが多いみたいだけど、\nそれはみんなお互い様だしね。 She might seem a little dishonest and awkward at times, but you know, we're all kind of like that.
Sayaka やっぱりあたしは、\nあいつと力を合わせて戦った\nほうがいいと思うよ。 So after I've thought about it, I think, yeah, we should cooperate with her and fight together.
Madoka さやかちゃん……。 Sayaka-chan...
Sayaka あたしらは数少ない\n魔法少女同士なんだ。\nだから、仲良くしてかなくっちゃね。 At the very least, we're all magical girls here. So we all gotta get along, you know?
Sayaka 今はいい考えが思いつかないけど、\nまずは目の前の魔女を\n少しでも早く倒そう。 I don't have any bright ideas right now, but for now, let's just defeat the witches in front of us as quickly as we can.
Sayaka その分だけ、転校生の元に\n駆けつけてあげられるじゃん! Then once we've finished them, we rush over to Transfer Student!
Madoka そうだね!それが一番だね!\nありがとう、さやかちゃん。 You're right! That's the best thing we can do! Thank you, Sayaka-chan.
Madoka ほむらちゃんが聞いたら、\nきっと喜ぶよ! I'm sure Homura-chan would be happy to hear that too!
Sayaka うん。さあ、\nだから早く魔女を見つけ出して、\nぱぱっと倒しちゃおうっ! No prob. Now let's go find that witch quick, so we can beat it to a pulp!

Quest 13-4

13-4 Before

Kyubey しかし、改めてよくみると、\nつくづく君の魔法少女としての実力は\n素晴らしいね、暁美ほむら。 But man, now that I take another good look at you, your strength as a magical girl truly is wonderful, Akemi Homura.
Kyubey 君はマミたちと違って、\n潜在的な能力は劣るはずなのに、\nこの力は脅威的だ。 Even though your potential power should be inferior compared to Mami and the others, yours is truly a force to be reckoned with.
Kyubey いくら時間遡行を繰り返したとはいえ\nこの力をものにするには相当な修練を\n必要としたんじゃないかな? Regardless of how many times you've repeated the same time, this power must have required a considerable amount of practice to truly master, didn't it?
Homura ……あなたがこれだけ\nしゃべるということは、\n何か目的があるのでしょう? ...If you're going to be talking this much, it means you've got some ulterior motive, doesn't it?
Homura いったい何が言いたいのかしら。 What exactly are you trying to say?
Kyubey 理由というほどではないよ。\nただ、君の戦い方は、あくまで\nこの星の兵器に依存したものだ。 Nothing in particular, really. Just one thing: your style of fighting completely relies on earthly weapons.
Kyubey 弾や武器が尽きたとき、\nひとりでどうするのかと思ってね。 What happens when you're all alone and you run out of weapons or ammunition?
Homura あなたの知ったことではないわ。 None of your concern.
Kyubey この程度の敵を、ひとりで\n倒せなくては、あの魔女には\n到底勝つことはできないのだから。 If you can't defeat an enemy of this caliber alone, you can't possibly defeat that witch.
Kyubey 君は身を引いた振りをしていたみたい\nだけど、やっぱりワルプルギスの夜に\n挑むつもりだったんだね。\n You acted like you were going to pull out, but in truth, you really do plan to challenge Walpurgisnacht, don't you?
Kyubey ……だけど、君は今まで一度でも\nワルプルギスの夜に勝つことが\nできたのかい? ...But you've yet to win once against Walpurgisnacht, haven't you?

13-4 After

Kyubey そろそろ助けが必要なら、\nまどかたちに現状を伝えようか? You look like you'll be in need of assistance soon. Should I pass the message on to Madoka and the others?
Homura 余計なことをしないでと\n言ったはずよ。 I thought I told you not to do anything unnecessary.
Homura あなたはもちろん、\nみんなの手を借りず、\nひとりでやりとげるわ。 I'll do this myself, without help from anyone else; especially not from you.
Kyubey だけど、君が危なかったときは、\nまどかたちに伝えると\n約束してきたからね。 But I promised Madoka and the others that I'd inform them if you were to fall into danger.
Kyubey 僕としては、まどかたちとの\n約束も無視するわけにも\nいかないんだけどな。 I can't just ignore my promise with them.
Homura 私は余計なことを\nしないでと言ったわよね。\n And I said not to do anything unnecessary.
Homura もし、まどかたちに私のことを\n伝えたなら、あなたは身体を\nまたひとつなくすことになるわよ。 Tell Madoka and the others about me, and you'll find yourself with one spare body less.
Kyubey ……これは弱ったな。\n僕はどうすればいいんだい? ...Now this leaves me at an impasse. Just what am I supposed to do now?
Homura とにかく私のことは伝えないで。\n私はひとりで戦って、この程度の魔女\n必ず倒してみせる。 At any rate, don't tell them about me. I'll fight alone, and absolutely win against a witch like this no problem.
Kyubey では、君の言葉に従って、\n僕は何があっても、まどかたちに\n伝えないようにするよ。 Then, in accordance to your words, I won't tell Madoka and the others about your condition, no matter what happens.
Kyubey それでいいね、暁美ほむら。 Is that okay with you, Akemi Homura?

Quest 13-5

13-5 Before

Mami さあ、みんな。\nこの魔女を倒せば最後よ!\n心の準備は大丈夫? This is it, everyone. We'll be done once we beat this witch! Ready?
Kyoko 今さら何を言ってんのさ。\n久々にみんなの力が\nうまくかみ合ってるんだ。楽勝だよ。 What are you talking about this late in the game? We're finally in-sync again, so it'll be a piece of cake.
Madoka ……。 ...
Sayaka ちょっと、まどか!聞いてるの?\nぼぉーっとしてちゃダメじゃない。 Hey, Madoka! Are you listening? You can't space out on us.
Madoka あ、ご、ごめんなさい。\nそうだね、\n戦いに集中しなくちゃだよね。 Ah, s-sorry. You're right. I need to focus on the battle.
Sayaka また転校生のことを心配してたの? Still worried about Transfer Student?
Sayaka キュゥべえから\n何も連絡がないんだから\n問題ないってことでしょ? Kyubey hasn't told us anything, so there shouldn't be a problem, should there?
Madoka う、うん。そうなんだけど、\n……なんだか胸騒ぎがして、\nすごく心配なの……。 Y-yeah. You're right, but... I can't help but feel uneasy... I'm really worried....
Sayaka もう!さっきからそればっかじゃん。\n……まあ、そこがまどかの\nいいところなんだけどさ。 Oh come on! You've been like that all day. ...Well, I guess that is one of your good points, though.
Sayaka だったら、なおさら魔女との戦いに\n集中して、早くやっつけて、\nキュゥべえと連絡をとろう。 But that's all the more reason to focus on fighting the witch, so we can contact Kyubey once we beat it.
Madoka そ、そうだね。うん、わかった!\nさやかちゃん、ごめん。\nわたし、もう大丈夫だよっ。 Y-you're right. Okay! I get it now. Sorry, Sayaka-chan. I'm okay now.
Mami それじゃあ、結界に突入よ! Then let's enter the barrier!

13-5 After

Sayaka よしっ!みたか、これがあたしたち\n魔法少女隊の実力だっ! Alright! See that, guys? That's the true strength of the Magical Girl Troupe!
Kyoko なんだよ、その「隊」ってのは。\nへんなネーミングはやめろよ。\nマミじゃねーんだから。 The hell do you mean by 'Troupe'? Quit with the weird naming scheme. Who do you think you are? Mami?
Mami あら。失礼ね。\n私はもっとセンスがいいわよっ。 Oh my. How rude. I have better taste than that.
さやか・杏子 ……。 ...
Madoka もう!みんな、ふざけてないで、\n早くキュゥべえと連絡をとろうよ! Guys! Stop fooling around. Let's hurry up and contact Kyubey!
Sayaka ごめんごめん。\n転校生のこと、\n忘れたわけじゃないんだよ。 My bad, my bad. But it's not like I forgot about Transfer Student, you know.
Sayaka 魔女に勝つと\nやっぱり気がゆるんじゃってさ。 It just feels so fulfilling once we've beaten a witch.
Kyoko それに、面白くねーけど、\nほむらの実力ならひとりでも\nなんとかなってると思うぜ。 Besides, judging by Homura's strength, I'm sure she can manage on her own somehow.
Mami 正直、私もそう思うわ。\nだけど、万が一ということもあるし、\nキュゥべえに呼びかけてみましょうか To be honest, I think so too. But it's better to be safe than sorry, so why don't we call Kyubey to make sure?
Madoka (キュゥべえ!\nキュゥべえ、聞こえてるんでしょう?\nほむらちゃんの様子は大丈夫?) (Kyubey! Kyubey, can you hear me? How's Homura-chan doing?)
Madoka あ、あれ?\n(どうしたの、キュゥべえ?\n早く返事して!) H-huh? (What's wrong, Kyubey? Please, answer me!)
Mami ……何かおかしいわね?\n私からも呼びかけてみましょう。 ...Something strange is going on, huh? Let me try calling him too.
Mami (キュゥべえ……?) (Kyubey...?)
Kyoko 返事がねーのかよ?!\n一体、どうなってやがるんだ! He's not picking up!? What the hell's going on here!?
Mami わからないわっ。\n……でも、これはきっとむこうで\n何かあったということよ! I don't know. ...But it can't be anything good!
Madoka 何かって、そんな……。\nほむらちゃん!! Can't be anything good? No... Homura-chan!!