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The Destiny Could Be Changed(運命はきっと変えられる)


This route is unlocked after finishing Kyoko's route, or either Mami or Sayaka become a witch in their routes.

Homura, who has traveled many timelines, makes up her mind to save Madoka once again. However, Homura now knows that protecting Madoka alone will not prevent her tragic fate. This time, Homura decides that she must try a different approach. Can she save Madoka? Or even all of the magical girls?


Homura route flow chart.png

Since there are many possibilities, all depending on the player's choices, writing a single storyline is unfeasible - instead, the sections below are titled by the route the player takes in accordance with the flow chart provided.

Since there are only a few endings, there may be plot holes with some of the choices you make not matching up to the ending you get. For example, when nobody becomes a witch, Kyubey may still explain the energy conversion process to Madoka, and Madoka will already be aware that magical girls become witches.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Homura, who has already traveled through many timelines, resolves to try and save Madoka once again. She goes to the shopping mall, intending to prevent Madoka from falling into Gertrud's barrier. However, Kyubey comes, so she needs to decide whether to shoot him or to capture him.

The next afternoon, Homura falls asleep and has a dream. She dreams of the ending of the third timeline in the anime, where she swears to prevent Madoka from contracting. After this, the story splits into two separate routes.

Part 1A: Capture Kyubey on the first day.

Kyubey speaks telepathically to Madoka and Sayaka and tells them to come to an abandoned building, so Homura follows them. Gertrud incites an office lady to jump off the roof, so Homura rescues her by using her time-stop ability. She then asks Madoka and Sayaka to go away and finishes Gertrud off herself. After this, Mami arrives and asks Homura why she has arrived in Mitakihara. Kyubey then informs her that Homura is an 'irregular' magical girl who he doesn't remember contracting. Mami wonders if Homura is there to take over her territory. Homura doesn't explain why she has arrived and just advises Mami to distrust Kyubey.

The next afternoon, Kyubey once again tries to lure Madoka and Sayaka into contracting with him by telepathically speaking to them. He says that Homura was able to save the woman from committing suicide because she was a magical girl. However, Homura arrives and so he gives up. She tells Madoka and Sayaka that to become a magical girl is to give up everything for a single wish.

That evening, Homura visits Madoka to speak with her and warn her about becoming a magical girl, just as in episode one of the anime. Meanwhile, Kyubey tells Mami that Homura may be dangerous. He tells her that Homura may take over Mami's domain, or may even kill Madoka, who could potentially become Mami's partner, before she could make a contract.

The next day, Kyubey tries to goad Mami into encouraging Madoka and Sayaka to contract. Although Mami insists that she shouldn't push them, she takes the two of them out to lunch and explains what it is to be a magical girl to them during lunch. (At this time, both Madoka and Sayaka have no concept of what a magical girl is.) She then suggests to Madoka and Sayaka that, to experience what being a magical girl entails, they should go witch hunting with her. However, she is stopped by Homura. That night, Homura meets Madoka and Sayaka on the street and has dinner with them. Homura, in her own words, tells them about magical girls. She also tells them that she became a magical girl to save an important friend.

Two days later, Homura goes to the hospital and finds a Grief Seed. Once inside the witch's barrier, she recalls Mami dying to Charlotte in previous timelines. Traveling further beyond the barrier, she finds Mami is also there. Although she suggests to Mami that they fight together, Mami, remembering what Kyubey had told her about Homura, remains suspicious. At this point, the player makes a choice that will determine Mami's survival.

Choice #1: Let Mami hunt the witch herself.

Mami goes away to fight Charlotte without tying Homura up. Homura then follows her and prevents her death. Mami, who can't believe that she is still alive, thanks Homura for saving her life. Homura tells Mami that her wish is to save her only friend, since magical girls are lonely and often friendless. Homura then teams up with Mami, and tells Mami that she is preparing for Walpurgis.

Choice #2: Stop Mami.

As in the anime, Mami binds Homura, and when Homura arrives center of Charlotte's barrier, she sees blood and knows that Mami is dead. Although she regrets not saving Mami, she doesn't lose hope because Madoka is not there.

The next day, Kyubey goes to the roof of the school building to persuade Madoka and Sayaka to make a contract. He says they stand to lose nothing by doing so, and asks what he can do to help them decide: the girls say they want to know what it's like to fight witches. Then Homura comes to tell them that Mami is dead. They are shocked into a state of denial. Kyubey says that Mami was just unlucky, and that she's at least got to benefit from her wish. Sayaka refuses to hear anymore, disgusted by how emotionless Homura and Kyubey are.

Go Part 2.

Part 1B: Shoot Kyubey on Day One.

Although Homura shoots Kyubey, one of his clones comes soon after, and he is then found by Madoka. The story follows the plot of the anime for a while after this. Although Homura invites Mami to hunt witches with her instead of Madoka and Sayaka in Charlotte's barrier, Mami declines.

Like in part 1A, Homura has to decide whether to help or hinder Mami inside Charlotte's barrier. If Mami is rescued, she thanks Homura and tells Madoka and Sayaka about what happened, apologising for bringing them to such a dangerous place.

One night, Homura finds Hitomi visiting Kyousuke. Soon after they begin talking Sayaka comes, so Hitomi gives up and returns home.

Part 2

Note: If you take a route where Mami dies, please ignore any further mention of Mami. The story is otherwise unchanged.

The next evening, Homura goes to the hospital where she meets a depressed Sayaka, who asks why Kyousuke had such a devastating accident. Homura recalls that Sayaka made her contract for Kyousuke, and advises her not to try and obtain a miracle to heal his hand, or she will pay an unbearable price. Sayaka can't understand what Homura is telling her and leaves.

Choice A1: Homura has Madoka take care of Sayaka.

Homura goes to Madoka's place and tells her it's urgent that they stop Sayaka from contracting. It's dinner time so Madoka can't do anything immediately, but promises to contact Sayaka.

Homura wonders why there have been no witch sightings lately and realizes that someone else must be hunting them. Homura discovers that the one responsible for the decrease in witches is Kyoko. Kyoko had been filled in about all the recent events by Kyubey. Kyoko suggests to Homura that they co-operate in order to defeat Mami for territory rights and share the Grief Seeds they would obtain from Mitakihara's witches. Homura refuses this offer, explaining that she is not interested in territory. Kyoko then warns Homura not to disturb her or she will be hostile. At night, however, Homura meets Kyoko once more. She tells Kyoko that she doesn't think that Kyoko's actions are wrong, and suggests that Kyoko reconsider co-operating with her.

Next night, Homura sees Sayaka being unusually happy in a CD store, which arouses her suspicions. The next night, Homura discovers a witch's barrier in a factory - and Mami accompanied by the newly-contracted Sayaka. Homura makes her disapproval of Sayaka's decision known, but Sayaka still can't understand why. Madoka is surprised by Sayaka's decision and expresses her concern - Sayaka explains that she's been thinking about it for a long time and is certain that she has no regrets. Homura views this pragmatically, saying that there's no point in worrying about Sayaka becoming a magical girl now that it's done.

In the afternoon, Madoka gives Sayaka some food, saying it's all she can do for Sayaka. Homura sees this and worries about Sayaka's state. Homura happens across Mami, who expresses similar concerns, but Homura concludes that only Sayaka herself can do anything about it. Homura then goes to the observatory to search for Kyoko. She warns Kyoko not to fight Sayaka. She also tells Kyoko that Sayaka has become a magical girl for others, like Kyoko did. Kyoko is astonished that Homura knows this.

Go to Part 3A.

Choice A2: Homura decides to follow Sayaka.

In this case, Homura sees Kyubey trying to convince Sayaka to make a contract. Homura stops time to halt Sayaka. After hearing Homura's advice, Sayaka thinks that there might be other ways to heal Kyousuke's hand and goes away. Kyubey complains about Homura meddling in his affairs, but voices the opinion that she will most likely fail at whatever she's trying to achieve.

Homura wonders why there are no witch sightings lately and realizes that Kyoko is hunting them here. As in choice A1, Kyoko suggests that Homura co-operate with her to defeat Mami, but Homura refuses.

The next day, Homura finds a witch in a factory. When she gets close, she finds that Madoka and Hitomi are there, along with other people attempting to commit mass suicide. She transforms into a magical girl and throws the detergent away, then asks Madoka to leave. She then fights the witch with Mami, if she is alive.

The next afternoon, Homura checks up on Sayaka and Madoka. Nothing seems to be unusual, so her fears are put to rest. After school, she goes to Mami's apartment. Mami is very happy to have a new partner, although Homura feels guilty about using her like this.

Meanwhile, Kyoko sees Tatsuya and his father playing in the park. Seeing them play together makes her recall when she was a child. After a while, she returns to the hotel she is staying in.

Sayaka visits Kyousuke in the evening and Homura follows her. When Homura arrives at the hospital, however, she sees Kyousuke is about to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the hospital. She saves Kyousuke and has him brought back to Sayaka. Homura then decides to have someone take care of Sayaka.

Choice B1: Homura has Madoka take care of Sayaka.

Homura thinks it better to talk to Madoka, but she doesn't talk about Kyousuke's suicide. Madoka says that Hitomi might know a doctor who can heal Kyousuke.

Go to Part 3B.

Choice B2: Homura takes care of Sayaka herself.

After pacifying Kyousuke, Sayaka leaves his room and runs into Homura. She blames herself for not doing anything for Kyousuke. Sayaka asks Homura to relax as she won't be making a contract. Homura, thinking everything is safe, leaves. The next day, however, Kyubey informs her that Sayaka made a contract with him last night and impudently thanks her.

Go to Part 3A.

Part 3A: Sayaka makes a contract.

Sayaka tells Madoka how good it feels to have the strength to protect the people dear to her. Because Madoka is beginning to worry about Sayaka, Kyubey tries to get close to Madoka to convince her to make contract. However, Homura discovers this and shoots Kyubey just in time to prevent Madoka from contracting. Because Sayaka is already a magical girl, all Homura can do is try to prevent her from becoming a witch.

That evening, Homura meets Sayaka, who is fighting familiars. Sayaka is hostile towards Homura, believing her to motives to be suspicious. Homura decides to leave Sayaka alone and instead meets Madoka, who is worried about Sayaka. Their talk is similar to what occurs in episode five; however, this time, Homura promises to take care of Sayaka and Mami, warning Madoka once again not to make a contract. After this, Homura goes to Mami's place to suggest that Mami co-operate with Kyoko. Mami worries about Kyoko being unfriendly to her because of their unpleasant past, but Homura says Mami shouldn't give up on Kyoko just because of that.

Homura finds the barrier of the Scribbling Witch's (Albertine's) familiars, and discovers Sayaka and Kyoko fighting inside. Even worse, Madoka is also present, so she goes to separate them. She then asks Madoka to bring the hurt Sayaka away and consults Kyoko on what to do next. Kyoko says she has no interest in fighting familiars so she leaves everything to Homura, who handles the familiars on her own. Later, Homura tries to dissuade Sayaka and Kyoko from any further fights with each other, but to no avail.

(If Mami is dead) The next evening, Homura finds Madoka coming to her for help. Kyoko and Sayaka are fighting on the overpass. Homura requests Kyoko fight her instead. Kyoko thinks it almost impossible to win, so she pretends to give up. However, she strikes Sayaka's Soul Gem when Homura is off guard. Sayaka's Soul Gem drops onto a truck, continuing the story as per the anime.

(If Mami is alive) The next evening, Homura finds Madoka coming to her for help. Kyoko and Sayaka are fighting on the overpass. When Homura arrives, Mami is also there, and she asks Kyoko to fight against herself instead of Sayaka. Although Mami has much more firepower, Kyoko aims at her Soul Gem and knocks it onto a passing truck. Mami falls to the ground as though lifeless and Homura, the only one of the girls who understands why, instantly retrieves Mami's Soul Gem. Kyubey explains to the others the secret of Soul Gems. Kyoko and Mami think more deeply about the circumstances and accept their fate - Sayaka, however, is left alone.

The next morning, Homura goes to Mami's apartment. Mami confesses to her that Kyubey's deceit has left her not knowing what to believe. Homura comforts her and tells her that she is not alone: there are many other magical girls and she hopes everyone can pull through together. She then goes to check on Kyoko, who tells Homura that it isn't necessary to worry about her, and asks Homura to take care of Sayaka instead. That afternoon, Hitomi takes Sayaka out to confess her feelings for Kyousuke. Although Homura knows what will happen during their meeting, she is unable to intervene. Both Homura and Madoka try to console her, but she insists on being left alone.

Homura finds Madoka having an argument with Hitomi. Hitomi refuses Madoka's suggestions and leaves. Madoka wonders if Sayaka won't listen to her because she isn't a magical girl. Homura says that Sayaka wouldn't listen even if she were, and counsels that they just keep watch for now.

Kyoko calls Homura to her father's (former) church. She confides in Homura that she doesn't want her father's church to be destroyed because of Walpurgis since it is a place she has fond memories of. Sayaka may be the reason her feelings have re-emerged. She then agrees to work together with Homura. The next day, Homura has an operational meeting to discuss Walpurgis. Kyoko is astonished to find that Mami has also joined Homura, but she later agrees that the more magical girls there are, the higher their chances of winning against Walpurgis. However, Kyubey interrupts them, informing them that Sayaka is in a dangerous condition, as in the anime.

Sayaka bitterly fights against a witch. Kyoko comes to help, and afterwards Sayaka throws the witch's Grief Seed to Kyoko, as in the anime, and then leaves by herself. Meanwhile, Homura is busy searching for Sayaka but her efforts are in vain. Even Madoka doesn't know where Sayaka is.

Choice C1: Search for Sayaka with Kyoko.

Homura goes to an observatory to find Kyoko, who is also searching for Sayaka. Kyoko confides in Homura and they go to find Sayaka. As in the anime, Sayaka initially doesn't trust Homura or Kyoko, but after Kyoko reveals her past to Sayaka and tells her that she can fight for the sake of all of those in Mitakihara, Sayaka eventually opens her heart and agrees to fight alongside Kyoko, Homura, and Mami.

After this, Homura remembers that Madoka is worried about Sayaka. She then finds Madoka talking to Kyubey. Just before Madoka can make a contract, Homura tells Madoka that Sayaka has been found, adding that Madoka should thank Kyoko. The next day, Homura is happy to see Sayaka and Madoka return to their regular selves. However Walpurgisnacht is fast approaching, so she holds another meeting after class.

Kyubey comes to Madoka's house and tells her the history of magical girls and witches and the theory of energy transformation. Madoka visits Homura because she is worried about her and the other girls. Homura acts the same way as she did in the anime, hugging Madoka and confessing her true identity.

Walpurgis comes to Mitakihara and all of the magical girls are ready to fight. Madoka is with them, wishing to be of help. Homura then tells Madoka and everyone else that the very person she wishes to save and who she made her contract for is Madoka. Everything is meaningless for Homura if something bad happens to Madoka. Madoka agrees to leave, consoling herself by praying for the girls' safety. The fight against Walpurgis begins.

After Walpurgis is defeated, Madoka meets up with the others and is dismayed to see everyone badly wounded. Homura reassures her that magic can heal them all.

Sometime later, on the way to school, Sayaka mentions that the number of witches has greatly declined of late. Madoka worries that this might lead to a lack of Grief Seeds, but Homura has ensured that the girls have plenty stockpiled: since they won't have to use their magic to fight witches, the Grief Seeds that are left will last them a long time. Mami holds a tea party, claiming it is going to be an operational meeting. Everyone goes to Mami's tea party and Sayaka forces Kyoko to put on one of Mami's spare school uniforms. The scenario ends with a picture of the girls having their tea party, with the line 'This is my prayer, my wish...' written in English appearing on the screen.

Choice C2: Search for Sayaka with Madoka.

Homura and Madoka search for Sayaka in the restaurant, where they meet Kyousuke and Hitomi hand in hand. Madoka congratulates them and leaves, upset that Kyousuke doesn't know Sayaka's feelings for him. Homura replies that a magical girl should not expect reward.

The next day, Homura finds Sayaka, who has just finished fighting familiars. Sayaka refuses Homura's offer of a Grief Seed, and she critizes Madoka for not understanding her (as in episode eight). She then runs away, and Homura knows that it is impossible to rescue her.

Choice C3: Search for Sayaka with Mami.

Homura and Mami search for Sayaka in the park, but she isn't there. The next day, however, Sayaka is found in front of a fountain in the park. She also says the same thing as in episode eight. Mami tries to comfort Sayaka, reminding her of their bond as magical girls, but Sayaka despairs that Mami is too good to be her friend and runs away. Mami asks Homura where Sayaka's gone, but Homura knows there is no hope for her now.

When either C2 or C3 is chosen, as in the anime, Homura sees Madoka talking with Kyubey about whether it's possible to turn Sayaka back into a human. Homura destroys Kyubey's body to stop Madoka from making her contract. Madoka then runs away to find Sayaka.

At night, Homura finds Sayaka in the station with Kyoko. Sayaka becomes Oktavia, and Mami arrives soon after. Homura must decide to kill the witch immediately or tell them the truth.

Choice D1: Kill the witch immediately.

Homura tells Mami and Kyoko that the witch swallowed Sayaka's Soul Gem, they can only avenge Sayaka. They quickly kill Oktavia. Madoka arrives and asks whether they've found Sayaka: Mami then tells her that Sayaka is dead. Homura tells Madoka to remember the pain she feels upon hearing of Sayaka's death, so that she should never think about becoming a magical girl again.

The next day, Madoka and Homura are walking together to school, and they see Hitomi asking if Sayaka has appeared today. They don't tell her that she is gone. Madoka, Homura, Mami and Kyoko hold a funeral for Sayaka. Since Madoka can't say goodbye to Sayaka, Mami suggests they make new resolutions for the future. Kyoko and Mami swear to honour Sayaka's dedication to justice by defeating Walpurgis for her. They form a new team together.

Some time later, Kyubey comes to Madoka's room to tell her that Sayaka had become a witch, and so too will the other magical girls. Madoka doesn't understand it, so she goes to Homura. Homura explains that Kyubey is an Incubator, an alien with inhuman codes of morality. She then explains what Kyubey should have said to Madoka. Homura says she only hopes to change Madoka's fate and breaks into tears as in episode eleven. After Madoka leaves, Kyubey comes to tell Homura why Madoka can become such an extraordinary magical girl.

When Walpurgis comes, Homura is wondering if the other two magical girls will appear. They remain true to the promise they made at Sayaka's funeral. Homura thanks them for their help and the three magical girls begin to fight Walpurgis. However, even the three of them can't defeat Walpurgis, and Madoka ends up making her wish.

Choice D2: Tell them the truth.

Homura tells them that the witch is Sayaka. She then brings the astonished Mami and Kyoko away from the barrier, with Sayaka's body. Homura thinks how to deal with Sayaka's body before Madoka's arrival, but it's too late. Homura has no other option but to tell them the whole truth. Mami is shocked and runs away, unable to face the situation. Kyoko says the same words as in the anime and tries to bring Sayaka back.

The next day, Hitomi sees Homura on the way to school alone. Homura doesn't tell her the truth about Sayaka. She spots Madoka and Kyoko together and pulls Madoka aside to discuss what to do about Sayaka, unsure of whether to include Kyoko.

Choice E1: Kill Oktavia.

Homura shoulders the burden herself and goes to defeat Oktavia alone, not wanting to risk Madoka or Kyoko. She apologises to Sayaka before putting an end to her, wishing she could do something to bring her back. Before Homura can leave the barrier, Madoka and Kyoko arrives. Kyoko is furious and wants to kill Homura for destroying her last hope of saving Sayaka but Madoka stops her, saying it won't bring Sayaka back to life. Kyoko cuts all ties with Homura then and there, saying she never wants to see her again before leaving.

Homura recalls something that Mami said in an earlier timeline: she regretted not being able to protect a child in a park. She runs there and sees Mami, but soon realises that Mami has committed suicide by breaking her own Soul Gem: a note she left behind explains how she fell into despair at the thought of becoming a witch and that she decided to end it before that could happen. Homura is now alone but is still dead-set on fighting Walpurgis, even if she must do so on her own.

Next afternoon, Madoka asks why Homura killed Sayaka. Homura explains that it was impossible to bring Sayaka back and that Kyoko would have just put Madoka in danger for no reason. Before Walpurgis arrives in Mitakihara, Madoka comes to Homura's residence. What happens that day is the same as choice D1.

When Walpurgis comes, Madoka comes to Homura. Homura asks her to go to the refuge, but Madoka says she doesn't want to forget her time spent with Homura; that she doesn't want the happiness of an ordinary girl. Homura replies that Madoka is her only hope, so she has to survive.

Homura finally defeats Walpurgis, ends up dying to save Madoka. After her last words Kyubey remarks that, although Homura stopped his plans this time, he need only wait until another crisis strikes Mitakihara.

Choice E2: Follow them.

Homura thinks Kyoko will hate her if she just kills Oktavia, so she decides to follow them. As in the anime, Madoka and Kyoko cannot get Sayaka back. When Oktavia attacks Madoka, Homura has to take action. She asks them to escape, then kills Oktavia. After the witch's barrier vanishes, Homura shows that Sayaka's Soul Gem isn't there. Kyoko feels regretful, and saying she must be alone for a while then goes away.

Madoka reminds Homura that Mami is shocked, too, so they go to Mami's place. Since she isn't at home, Madoka thinks she must be in the park. When they arrive at the park, they see Mami preparing to commit suicide. Madoka stops her, and Homura reassures Mami that she can always call on her fellow magical girls. They still have a mission: to defeat Walpurgis and protect the people of Mitakihara. Finally Mami is convinced and agrees to prepare for Walpurgis.

Kyoko provides Sayaka's body for a public funeral. Sayaka's class turns out for it, including Hitomi, who is crushed by this turn of events and blames herself for it, even going so far as to say that she should die for driving Sayaka to her death. Madoka does her best to convince Hitomi that it wasn't her fault.

When Walpurgis comes, Mami and Kyoko fight alongside Homura, but even the three of them cannot win. Madoka makes her wish.

Part 3B: Sayaka doesn't become a magical girl.

The next day, Hitomi says that her father knows a doctor from the United States, who has managed to fix a musician's broken hand; perhaps she can help Kyousuke. It seems as though Sayaka isn't going to make a contract anymore, but Homura still decides to keep an eye on her because of Hitomi's as-yet unrevealed feelings for Kyousuke.

That evening, Homura and Sayaka talk in front of the hospital. Sayaka envies Homura because she has magic that she could use to save Kyousuke. When Hitomi comes to visit Kyousuke, Sayaka quickly leaves. Homura feels a sense of kinship with Sayaka, unable to save the one person she really cares about, even despite her magic.

The next evening, Homura sees Madoka and Sayaka talking about Kyousuke, who will soon be traveling abroad in order to get his arm cured. Sayaka admits that she is not very happy because the one who saved him was Hitomi. Then Kyubey comes to attempt to convince Sayaka to create a miracle and cure Kyousuke herself. Before Homura can take action, however, Sayaka refuses his offer. Sayaka says that she understands her true desire is to listen to Kyousuke's performance: she doesn't need to be Kyousuke's savior. After this, Homura locates the familiar's barrier and so she asks Sayaka and Madoka to leave first.

Within the barrier, Homura meets Kyoko. If Mami is alive, Kyoko will say she has no interest in battling familiars and leave. If Mami is dead, however, Kyoko will say she is interested in what Homura hunts, and so she will follow Homura.

Later on, Sayaka meets Madoka and Homura at a restaurant. She tells them that she has realized her feelings for Kyousuke are deeper than she first thought and so she decides to confess her feelings to him. The next evening, Madoka tells Homura that Sayaka is confessing her feelings to Kyousuke at the hospital. Homura goes there and discovers that Kyousuke has accepted Sayaka's confession. This is enough to convince Homura that Sayaka is now safe from Kyubey.

Knowing that Kyousuke has chosen Sayaka over herself, Hitomi confides in Madoka. Hitomi then says that although she can't be Kyousuke's girlfriend, she appreciates the time she spent with him. She also tells Madoka that the most important thing to her is to establish things with her own resolve.

Homura runs into Kyoko in the street. When Homura talks about Walpurgis, Kyoko is astonished. She feels like it would be better to run away than to fight against it. Kyoko thinks Homura may ask her to be her partner. Homura doesn't answer this, however. After this, every time Kyoko sees Homura she will always question her.

After Sayaka becomes Kyousuke's girlfriend, Madoka becomes lonely because she feels like Sayaka is spending more time with Kyousuke than with her; she feels as though they are drifting apart. So, one day, she goes to a music store with Homura. Madoka tells Homura that she feels like they have met somewhere before, and recently she has seen Homura in her dreams. Homura answers that they hadn't met one another until she transferred into Mitakihara Middle School. Homura keeps a distance between herself and Madoka, so as not to let Madoka grow attached enough to her to make a contract for her.

Homura visits Kyoko in the game center to request that Kyoko be her partner. Kyoko refuses this offer, thinking Homura would easily sacrifice her partner if it served her ends. Several days later, however, Kyoko tells Homura that Kyubey had told her that Madoka has vast potential as a magical girl. Homura interrupts, saying she won't allow Madoka to become a magical girl. Kyoko finally knows the person Homura wants to protect is Madoka. She tells Homura that it is useless for her to convice Madoka not to make a contract. That night, Homura visits Kyoko's former church and witnesses Kyoko fighting against familiars. Homura asks why she killed the familiars when her normal policy is to allow familiars to mature into witches. Kyoko replies that the church used to be her home and she will not allow familiars to live in it.

Madoka invites Homura to her home for dinner. Although Homura originally thinks it is a bad idea, she is finally convinced and eats dinner with the Kaname family. After dinner, Madoka tells Homura that she is welcome to come and visit her any time. Homura thinks this will be okay, after she defeats Walpurgis. By now, Kyubey is anxious because Madoka seems to have no interest in making a contract. As such, he decides to tell everything to her. As in the anime, Madoka visits Homura's house afterwards.

Walpurgis comes to Mitakihara. Homura concludes that she now needs to fight alone. However, she hears a familiar voice calling out to her; it's Kyoko. She deems that if Kyoko can still be alive after Walpurgis, the ending to this particular timeline won't be bad after all. And so, she will fight, not for Kyoko, but for Madoka. With this, Homura and Kyoko begin to fight against Walpurgis.

If Homura doesn't visit Kyoko on day seventeen, after seeing Walpurgis, Kyoko becomes afraid. She says that she would rather give away all her Grief Seeds than fight against this and then quits, leaving Homura on her own. If Homura visits Kyoko on days seventeen and eighteen, Kyoko will help her fight. After defeating Walpurgis, Kyoko returns to Kazamino. Madoka and Homura ask her why, and she answers that since there is an excellent magical girl in Mitakihara, she won't have much chance. Besides, she has accumulated enough Grief Seeds, so she doesn't need to stay. The final scene is at the Sakura church, in color.

Observations and Trivia

  • If Homura defeats Walpurgis by herself and dies, there is no one left to protect Mitakihara City. With no other magical girls to protect the city, Kyubey suggests that all he has to do is wait for another crisis to occur to force Madoka to contract with him.


  • It seems that Mitakihara has an abnormally high number of witches compared to other places. Kyoko mentions feeling bored in Kazamino. After the destruction of Walpurgis there are far fewer witches than before, suggesting that Walpurgis may be some sort of focal point for lesser witches.


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