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Madoka prop at the Bandai Namco Games booth


On August 28, Bandai Namco Games held a promotional event for the Madoka PSP game at the Chara-Hobby 2011 convention. Game producers Yusuke Tomizawa of Bandai Namco Games and Yoshinao Doi from Nitroplus attended this event to talk about the development of the game. Anime and game seiyuu Chiwa Saito (Homura Akemi), Kaori Mizuhashi (Mami Tomoe) and Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki) also joined to discuss the game and answer questions.

The event was covered by 4Gamer which reported it in detail, with additional information provided by Famitsu and 2ch fans account.

All translations courtesy of symbv from evageeks forum.

4Gamer Article on the PMMM PSP game

Original text Translation
2011年8月27日~28日の2日間,千葉県・幕張メッセの1~3ホールにて,「キャラホビ2011」が開催された。このイベントにはアニメやゲーム,ホビーなどのコンテンツを扱う企業が集結し,新作ゲームやフィギュアの展示や,有名人を招いてのトークショー,グッズ配布などさまざまな催し物が実施された。 In the two days between August 27th and 28th 2011, “Chara-Hobby 2011” was held in Makuhari Messe hall 1-3 in Chiba Prefecture. Businesses which deal with hobby contents such as anime and game converged in here and held promotion events such as exhibition of new games and figures, talk shows with notables or distribution of merchandise.
バンダイナムコゲームスは,バンプレストと共同でブース出展しているが,同ブースでは,28日午前中にステージイベントとして,2012年3月15日に発売予定のPSP用タイトル「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」に関するトークショーが行われた。 Bandai Namco Games shared a booth with Banpresto this year and on this booth as a stage event a talk show was held in the morning of 28th about the PSP game “Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable,” which is scheduled to go on sale March 15th 2012.
このイベントには,バンダイナムコゲームスの富澤祐介氏と,ニトロプラスの土居由直氏らが参加し,ゲームの開発秘話などを語ったほか,テレビアニメ版,ゲーム版「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」で声優を務める斎藤千和さん(暁美ほむら役),水橋かおりさん(巴 マミ役),喜多村英梨さん(美樹さやか役)を交えてのトークショーも行われた。本稿では,その模様についてお伝えしよう。 Yusuke Tomizawa of Bandai Namco Games and Yoshinao Doi from Nitroplus joined this event and talked about some hidden stories on the development of the game. On top of that Chiwa Saito (Homura Akemi), Kaori Mizuhashi (Mami Tomoe) and Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki), who serve as seiyuu in both the game version and anime version of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” were invited to the talk show as well. This article will report on what went on in the event.
バンダイナムコゲームス/バンプレストブースのステージ付近には,「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」の特製スタンドポップが展示され,多くの来場者が写真に収めていた Near the stage of Bandai Namco Games / Banpresto booth, a custom made stand-up prop of "Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable" was displayed. Many event participants took photos of it.
まずステージに登壇したのは富澤氏と土居氏で,最初のトークテーマとして「『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル』を開発するにいたった経緯」が選ばれた。富澤氏は今年の1月からスタートしたテレビアニメ「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」を見て,第3話を終えたところで「これはゲーム化しないといけない」と感じたそうだ。富澤氏は土居氏と以前から交流があったそうだが,後日,土居氏に会う機会があり,そこで「『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ』をゲーム化させていただきたい」と持ちかけたという。ニトロプラスとしても開発に協力したいという意向があり,2社による共同開発という形が取られることになったそうだ。 First to step up onto the stage were Tomizawa and Doi and they chose “the circumstances that led to the development of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable’” as the first theme of the talks. Tomizawa watched the TV anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” that had started to broadcast from January this year, and after the airing of episode 3 he started to feel that “this must become a game”. Tomizawa had worked with Doi before since some time in the past. Later on he had a chance to meet Doi and there he raised the idea “let us adapt ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ into a game”. Nitroplus also expressed an intention to assist in the development, so at the end the two companies adopted the format of partnered development for this game.
対する土居氏は,「富澤さんが『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ』を見たら,ゲーム化を持ちかけてくるに違いない」と感じていたそうで,実際,想像したとおりの結果になったと,当時を振り返っていた。 On the other hand, Doi looked back at that time and said he had felt that “should Tomizawa-san see ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ he will definitely propose adapting it into game” and at the end this turned out to be exactly what happened.
バンダイナムコゲームスの富澤祐介氏(写真中央)と,ニトロプラスの土居由直氏(写真右) Yusuke Tomizawa of Bandai Namco Games (center, with glasses) and Yoshinao Doi of Nitroplus (right)
続いては,「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」の内容に話題が移り,本作の概要について簡単に説明がなされた。ここでは「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」の公式サイトで公開されているプロモーションビデオが上映され,富澤氏が補足していくという形でトークが再開された。 After that the topic switched to the contents of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable’. Simple explanation about the outline of the game was made and here the promotion video, which was released to the public on the official site, was shown. Tomizawa restarted the talk by providing supplementary talks for the video.
アドベンチャーゲームの部分に関しては,「マルチシナリオ,フルボイスになっており,キャラクター達と会話をしながら物語を進めていきます」と富澤氏は説明。そしてダンジョンRPGの部分は,劇団イヌカレーがデザインに協力しており,富澤氏は「アニメで登場したダンジョンの雰囲気が3Dで再現されていて,一人称視点でゲームを楽しめます」と話していた。アニメで登場していない新たな魔女や魔女結界も,劇団イヌカレーに制作してもらったそうだ。 Regarding the part of the Adventure Game, Tomizawa explained that “it has the pattern of multiple scenarios with full voice dialogues. The game proceeds by having conversations with the characters.” And for the Dungeon RPG part, Gekidan Inu-Curry helped with the design. Tomizawa said “the dungeon like atmosphere seen in the anime was re-produced in 3D and one can enjoy the game with a first person viewpoint.” Gekidan Inu-Curry also made new witches and bewitched spaces that did not appear in the anime.
これらの情報は公式サイトなどでも得られるが,ファンからは「アドベンチャーゲームとダンジョンRPGのどちらに重点を置いているのか」という質問が寄せられているそうで,それに関するトークも行われた。富澤氏は「ゲーム全体を見ると,アドベンチャーゲームの形式で楽しんでもらえるものになります」とコメント。マップを移動しながらキャラクターと会話してストーリーを進め,魔女結界が発生したらダンジョンRPGパートに移るという仕組みだ。 All of this information can be found in the official site but there were also questions from fans like “will the main focus for the game, adventure game or dungeon RPG?”, so there were also talks that touched on those. Tomizawa commented that “Looking at the game as a whole, it is to be enjoyed primarily via the adventure game.” The system works by moving around on the map and hold conversations with different characters and it switches to dungeon RPG part when a bewitched space emerges.
ちなみに,どちらのパートでも,キャラクターに設定された複数のパラメータが変動するそうで,2つのパートをプレイしつつ,それをどうやって管理していくかが「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」のメインの遊びとなるそうだ。「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」らしい最終目標を達成するためにこの数値が存在し,最終的にどうなるかは,プレイヤー自身の決断に委ねられているようだ。 At any rate, both parts involve changes of multiple parameters that were initially set for each character, and the main point of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable’ is to find out how best to manage these parameters while playing the two parts. In order to achieve that final goal within the world of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ there must be certain values. What will turn out at the end will depend on the judgment by the player himself.
富澤氏と土居氏はステージ上のスクリーンに映像を投影し,本作の概要について説明していく Tomizawa and Doi projected images onto the screen above the stage and gave presentation on the general information about this game.
なお土居氏によると,ゲームオリジナルのセリフが用意されるのはもちろん,アニメ版のセリフも再録されるとのことで,セリフの量だけ見てもかなりのボリュームになるそうだ。 According to Doi, there will of course be new dialogues original to the game but even the dialogues originating from the anime will be recorded again. Just looking at the quantity of the dialogues he noted that volume will be significant.
富澤氏と土居氏のトークが一段落したところで,「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」で声優を務めた斎藤千和さん,水橋かおりさん,喜多村英梨さんら3名がゲストとして登場。5名によるトークショーが行われた。 When the talk by Tomizawa and Doi was done, Chiwa Saito-san, Kaori Mizuhashi-san and Eri Kitamura-san, all 3 worked as seiyuu in ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’, appeared as guests. This became a talk show between the 5 people.
ゲストとして登場したキャストの皆さん。左から2番目から喜多村英梨さん,その右隣に水橋かおりさん,斎藤千和さんと続く The seiyuu from the cast who came here as guests. Second from left: Eri Kitamura-san, on her right is Kaori Mizuhashi-san and then Chiwa Saito-san
キャストの皆さんから挨拶が行われた後,さっそく「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」がゲーム化されると聞いたときの感想を求められた。斎藤さんは「あの作品をどうやってゲームにするのだろう? と驚きましたね。アフレコ時にも,ゲーム化されたら,いろいろなエンディングを見てみたいよねと話していたんですよ」と述べていた。 After everyone from the seiyuu cast gave her greeting, they were immediately asked about their feelings when they heard ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ was to be adapted into a game. Saito-san said “I was surprised and thought “How could they turn such a work into a game?”. During the after-recording, I also said that if this is ever made into a game, I would like to see many different endings.”
水橋さんは「『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ』のお話は何度も繰り返されるので,絶対ゲーム化されると思っていました。実際に開発が始まり嬉しいですね」と語っていた。 Mizuhashi-san said “The story in ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ repeated itself many times I thought it would definitely be adapted for game. When the development really got started I was happy.”
喜多村さんは,「今回,新たにセリフを収録することができ,『私って本当に幸せ』って言いたいですね。ほむほむの変身シーンも楽しみです」と話していた。 Kitamura-san said “This time I can record new dialogues and I want to say ‘I am really happy’. I also look forward to HomuHomu’s transformation scene.”
ゲーム版のシナリオはニトロプラスの虚淵 玄氏が完全監修しており,それについて土居氏は「ゲームはマルチエンディングになりますし,キャラクターの今まで見えなかった部分を掘り下げていければと思います」と述べていた。また,虚淵氏は開発現場と頻繁にディスカッションを重ねているとのこと。土居氏は「シナリオにも期待できます」と仕上がりに満足しているようだった。 The scenarios of the game version will be under full supervision by Gen Urobuchi of Nitroplus. Regarding that Doi noted that “the game will have multiple ending and I would like to drill down to explore the aspects of the characters that have not been seen before.” He also mentioned Urobuchi came to the development site frequently to have discussions. Doi looked satisfied with the result and said “I have high expectation of the scenarios.”
続いてはキャストの皆さんに,「テレビアニメ版『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ』で思い入れのあるセリフやシーンはありますか?」という質問が投げかけられた。 After that, a question was put forward to the seiyuu of the cast, “is there any scene or dialogue in the TV anime ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ which made a strong impression?”
斎藤さんは,第10話で数世代前のほむらが出てくるシーンを挙げ,ここがとくに印象に残っているという。決めゼリフに関しては「それらしいものがないので,皆さんがどういうセリフを挙げるかが気になりますね」と話していた。 Saito-san picked the scenes in episode 10 in which Homura of several iterations ago appeared as the scenes that left a particularly strong impression. As for decisive phrases, she said “Since I do not have anything like that, I am interested to know which phrase everyone here will pick.”
水橋さんは「マミさんは口を開けば名ゼリフの人ですからね」とコメントし会場を沸かせ,「逆にありすぎてどれを選べばいいか分からないですね」と述べていた。 Mizuhashi-san commented that “Mami-san is a person who created famous phrases just by opening her mouth,” which stirred the whole event space into a fever. She proceeded to say “on the other hand, going so far that way means it is difficult to decide which one to pick.”
喜多村さんは「さやかは登場キャラクターの中でもよくしゃべるほうで,セリフも多かったですね。好きなセリフはいろいろあります」とコメント。 Kitamura-san commented that “Sayaka is the most talkative among all characters in the anime, and she has a lot of dialogues. There are many dialogues I love.”
セリフに関する話題になったところで,好きなセリフを生アフレコしてもらうというコーナーも設けられた。集まったお客さんからリクエスト,もしくはキャストの皆さんが気に入っているセリフが選ばれることとなった。読み上げられたのは,斎藤さんは,まどかに伝えた「必ずあなたを守ってみせる」というセリフ。喜多村さんは「あたしって,ほんとバカ」に繋がる一連のセリフ。水橋さんは「ティロ・フィナーレ!」を含むセリフを披露し,会場を大いに沸かせた。 As the topic turned to themes related to the dialogues, there was also a corner for live voice-acting of favorite dialogues. It can be a request coming from the customers who gathered there or some dialogues that the seiyuu cast found to their liking. The dialogues that were read out at the end were the dialogue “I will always protect you,” spoken to Madoka, by Saito-san; the sequence of dialogues that linked to “I am really an idiot,” by Kitamura-san; and the dialogues including “Tiro Finale!” performed by Mizuhashi-san. The event space went into a big fever.
生アフレコを終えたところで,キャストの皆さんからは「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」のゲーム化にあたり,富澤氏,土居氏ら両プロデューサーに要望や質問がぶつけられた。 After the live after-recording, the seiyuu of the cast started to throw requests and questions to the two producers, Tomizawa and Doi, regarding the game adaptation of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’.
まずは喜多村さんから,「ほむら&キュゥべえエンド以外にさやか&キュゥべえエンドはありますか?」と,いきなり際どい質問が飛ぶ。これには両プロデューサーも思わず苦笑い。 First coming from Kitamura-san, she suddenly threw a tricky question “Besides Homura & Kyubey end, will there be a Sayaka & Kyubey end?”. For this the two producers could not help but smile wryly.
続いて斎藤さんは「キュゥべえを撃ちまくるミニゲームとか入れないんですか?」と質問して会場の笑いを誘うと,土居氏は「そこはアニプレックスさんと相談させてください」と返答していた。 Then Saito-san asked “Can we have a mini-game of all-QB-you-can-shoot in the game?” which triggered much laughter in the event space. Doi replied that “for that let me talk to Aniplex.”
水橋さんは「マミさんは生き延びることができますか?」と質問。土居氏は「活躍できる場がたくさんありますよ」とコメント。さらに「生き延びられるかは,プレイヤーさん次第ですね」と,含みを持たせた回答をしていた。 Mizuhashi-san asked “Is Mami-san going to survive?” Doi commented that “There will be lots of places where she will be active.” Then he further replied, with some implication, that “whether she will be able to survive will be up to the player.”
ひと通りトークを終えたところで,「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」の限定版(完全受注生産)となる「限定契約BOX」について,富澤氏からあらためて説明がなされた。 After having a solid session of talk, Tomizawa gave a fresh presentation about the “Limited Contract Box” that is the limited edition (manufactured strictly by custom order) of ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable’
こちらはゲームソフト本体に加え,「figma 鹿目まどか 制服 Ver. セット」「スペシャル映像収録Blu-rayディスク」「キュゥべえ型ポーチ」「ほむほむハンカチ」「スペシャルクリアカード」「シャフト描きおろしイラストBOX」「特製ピクチャーレーベル仕様UMD」という7点もの特典が同梱される豪華な仕様となっている。 It has a deluxe packaging that, on top of the game software itself, comes with seven items of extras including “figma Madoka Kaname school uniform version set”, “Blu-ray disk with special video footage”, “Kyubey shape poach”, “HomuHomu handkerchief”, “Special clear card”, “Box with new illustration by Shaft”, “UMD with special picture label format”.
そのほか予約特典として,まどかとほむら(メガネver.)の変身シーンのアニメーション部分が「生フィルムコマ」としてプレゼントされるほか,「PSP用カスタムテーマ」も用意される。 In addition, as extras for the advance order, there will be film strips from the animation part of the transformation scene of Madoka or Homura (eyeglasses version) as well as “Custom themes for PSP”.
「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ポータブル」の限定契約BOXの内容も一部がブース内に展示されていた。なお,BOXアートに関しては製作中とのことで,現在公開されているものとデザインは異なるそうだ Part of the contents from the limited contract box of "Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable" were displayed inside the booth. And for the art on the box, it was still under production so the final design will be different from the one that was displayed there.
富澤氏は「二重契約も上等なので,何本でも予約してください」とジョークを飛ばして,これには会場も大ウケだった。 Tomizawa blurted out a joke “Double contract is perfect too. Please reserve as many as you want.” This was received very favorably in the event space.
その他,会場には悠木 碧さんの直筆のイラストも展示されていた。土居氏によるとテレビアニメ本編のほうでも,悠木さんが手がけた絵があるそうで,それを見たプロのグラフィッカーからも「上手すぎる」と賞賛する声が上がっていたという。 Moreover, an illustration drawn by Aoi Yuuki-san was exhibited in the event space too. According to Doi, even in the TV anime itself there were drawings done by Yuuki-san. The professional graphic artist, after seeing the drawings, gave praises that “it was too good [to be by an amateur]”.
最後に,出演者の皆さんから一言ずつコメントをいただけたので,本稿の締めとして掲載しよう。 Finally, everyone in the talk show was asked to give a short comment and we shall print them here as the conclusion of this article:
斎藤千和さん: アフレコはこれからですが,また「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」に関わることができてうれしいです。ほむらはいろいろ大変ですが,アフレコは魂を込めてやっていきたいです。楽しみに待っていてください Chiwa Saito-san: We will start the after-recording sometime soon and I am happy that I can again involve in work related to ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’. Homura was tough in many ways but I will put all my soul into the after-recording. Please wait with joy.
水橋かおりさん: まどかファンのひとりとして,ゲーム化をすごく待っていたんです。楽しみに待っています Kaori Mizuhashi-san: As one of the Madoka fans, I have really been waiting for the game adapation. I am waiting for it with joy.
喜多村英梨さん: ゲームではどんなシーン,ストーリーが用意されるのか,グラフィックスはどうなのか,一まどかファンとしても楽しみです。皆さんも楽しみに待っていてくださいね Eri Kitamura-san: It will be fun for Madoka fans to think about what kind of scenes or stories that will be prepared in the game or what the climaxes will be like. Everyone, please wait with joy.
土居由直氏: ゲームは現在鋭意製作中ですが,アニメ版のスタッフも全面協力しており,ファンの皆さんに喜んでいただけるゲームになると確信しています。皆さん発売日まで楽しみに待ってもらえればと思います Yoshinao Doi: We are now focusing firmly on the production of the game. As we have the full assistance from the staff of the anime, I am convinced that this will be a game that all the fans will be happy to take part. I hope everyone will wait with joy till the release date.
富澤祐介氏: テレビアニメ版「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」の世界をゲーム化するにあたって,ニトロプラスさんと協力し,最強の布陣で挑むことができました。アニメの良さをゲームで再現することも重要ですが,ゲームとしても面白いものにすべく,バンダイナムコゲームスとして開発に力を入れて取り組んでいます。来年3月の発売となりますが,楽しみながら発売を待てるように,色々な仕掛けをしていきます。今後とも注目してもらえればと思います Yusuke Tomizawa: For the game adaptation of the world of TV anime ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’, we partnered with Nitroplus and were able to meet the challenge with the strongest lineup. While it is important to recreate the strength of the anime in the game, the game should also be interesting as a game itself, so Bandai Namco Games put in much effort in tackling the challenge during development. It will be on sale in March next year but in order to make it a joy waiting for the release of the game we have prepared various campaigns. Please keep an eye in the coming months.
また,出演者の皆さんから挨拶が述べられたあと,8月28日に誕生日を迎えたという水橋さんに,富澤氏,土居氏からプレゼントが贈られるというサプライズがあった。これには水橋さんも驚いていたが,会場の皆さんからも祝福されて,とても喜んでいたようだった。 And then after everyone in the talk show had made the final greetings, Tomizawa and Doi made a surprise presentation of a gift to Mizuhashi-san whose birthday is August 28th. Mizuhashi-san was surprised by that and looked very happy as everyone in the event space gave her their best wishes.

Famitsu excerpt on PMMM PSP game

Original text Translation
さらに「マミさんは生き残れますか?」(水橋)という問いには「マミさんはすごく活躍しますよ」との発言に会場も大いに湧いたが、「活躍しても、生き残れないの!?」(水橋)のツッコミに、両プロデューサーもたじたじ。「プレイヤーさんのプレイのしかたによっていろいろな可能性があります」(富澤)とフォローした。「ゲームではお菓子の魔女にリベンジしたい。食べられそうになったら、むしろ食べたい!」(水橋)などといったコメントも出るなど、ファンはもちろん、声優陣の作品に対する愛が感じられる濃いトークショウとなった。 And then to the question from Mizuhashi "Will Mami-san survive?", the [producer's] reply that "Mami-san will be very active" got the whole place in a uproar. As Mizuhashi shot back, "So she is active but she is not going to survive?" the two producers staggered. At the end, Tomizawa followed up by saying "Depending on how the player plays the character, there will be many possibilities." With comments like Mizuhashi saying "I want to take my revenge against the dessert witch in the game. If it is going to be eaten it is better instead to eat!," the talk show showed how much love the seiyuu have towards this work.

Fan account from 2ch

The following is a translation of a series of posts on the 2ch main Madoka thread by a fan who attended the event.

Original text Translation
今朝、海浜幕張9:06着って書いた者です。無事トークショー見られました!! いつも寝坊のおいらが7時前に起きてイベントに行けるとはね、まどっちは偉大だ。 This writer arrived at at Kaihin Makuhari at 9:06 this morning. I was able to watch the whole talk show without any problem!! A forever late-sleeper like me was able to wake up before 7am and came to an event – Madocchi is magnificent.
まず余談。 駅からメッセへの歩道がボコボコで、なんだこりゃ?と思ったけど、地震の液状化なんだね、きっと。メッセに着いたら、通路には犬を連れて歩いている人が大勢いた、新鮮な光景。隣のホールでペットのイベントやってたらしい。 First some chit-chat.The walkway from the station to Messe hall was uneven on the surface and I wondered what was that? It’s got to be the liquefaction caused by the earthquake. Once I arrived at Messe hall, there were lots of people walking along with their dogs on the passage – a scene new to me. Apparently in the neighboring hall there was a pet related event.
待機列ということでイベントホールに誘導された。ホール内は大きな11の列に分けられ、おいらは10列の前の方、「横4人で並んでください」と言われたので 大きな列はそれぞれ4×50人くらいかなぁ? おいらの前に2000人近く並んでた? (50人よりもう少し多いか?) ホール内は空調も効いてて快適。 I was guided to the event hall through something called “standby queues”. Inside the hall people were divided into 11 thick queues. I was assigned to the front part of the 10th queue. We were told “Please line up with 4 in a row.” So those thick queues must each have around 4x50 people then? Which means there were almost 2000 people lining in front of me? (perhaps it is a bit more than 50 people?) Air conditioning was working fine inside the hall so it was comfortable.
9:50に先頭が移動を開始したが、その後はなかなか動かなかったので、こりゃ10:30のトークに間に合わないかも? と焦ったが、途中から スムーズに流れるようになり無事入場。 イベントスペースにはすでに100人以上はいたが、十分ステージを見られる位置を確保できた。
At 9:50 the head started to move but it did not move much afterwards. So I got worried “would it meet the start time of the talk at 10:30?” But then it started to flow smoothly and I was able to enter the event space without problem.
Sorry, the chit-chat got too long. Next will be the contents of the event.
お姉さんの司会で定刻どおりイベント開始。まずバンダイナムコのPとニトロ+のPが登場、電撃PSのインタビューに出てた二人ね。 最初の話は「このゲームを作ることになったきっかけは?」など、電撃の記事や電気外祭りのときと同じような話だった。(おいらは電気外祭りの発表会も行ったんですよ) The MC, an oneesan like woman, started the event sharp at the scheduled time. First the producer of Bandai Namco and the producer of Nitroplus showed up. Those were the same two people who gave the interview in Dengeki PS. The talks at the beginning were something like “What gave you the idea of creating this game?” which are similar to the talks given in the Dengeki article or at the time of Denkigai Festival. (I also went to the announcement conference at the Denkigai Festival too)
そしてPV上映。電気外祭りで上映された初期版でなく、公式サイトで公開されているバージョン。でも高解像度で見るのは初めてなので迫力が違う。多分「大型LEDパネルディスプレイ」だったので 映像もくっきり。(電気外祭りはプロジェクタだった)高解像度版も公開してほしいなぁ…っていうか、きっと限定版のBDに入るんでしょうねw And then the PV was shown. It was not the initial version shown at the Dengkigai Festival but the version released on the official site. However it was the first time I saw it in high definition so the impact was just different. Perhaps because it was shown in “large LED panel display” the images were sharp. (it was shown by projector at the Denkigai Festival) I thought “I wish the high definition version would also be released…”. Probably it will be included in the BD of the limited version.
ゲーム内容については「アドベンチャーがメインでダンジョンがサブ」みたいなこと言ってた。あと「恋愛ゲームのように、キャラクタのパラメータを意識しながらゲームを進めていって… 今は『パラメータ』としか言えないのですが。」だったかな、ちょっと記憶があいまい。「ゲームシステムについては、来月以降のゲーム雑誌に順次公開しますのでご覧ください」とも。(ここはおいらの想像だけど、PVにも出てくる「マミの感情値が上昇」の「感情値」みたいな パラメータの名前が来月以降公開されてくるのではないかと) On the contents of the game, something about “the adventure part is main and the dungeon part is secondary” was mentioned. And then something like “Just like romance game you need to pay attention to the parameters of the character and proceed with the game…. For now I can only say ‘parameters’” but my memory was a bit blurred here. Also “For the game system, it will be released gradually in game magazines from next month. Please take a look.” (Here is my own imagination. Probably from next month the name of the parameters, like the “emotion points” in “Mami’s emotion point is rising” as shown in the PV, will be released.)
そして声優登場。 And then the seiyuu showed up.
千和さんはQBラバーキーホルダー?をペンダントにして登場。「本編が、まさかの『ほむQ』ENDということもあり、今日はキュゥべえと一緒に来ました」 水橋さんは頭の右に黄色い花の髪飾り、きっとマミさんリスペクト。喜多村さんは何となく青っぽい服? Chiwa-san appeared wearing a pedant that looks like a QB rubber key-holder. “In the anime, there was an unexpected ‘Homu-Q’ END so today I came with Kyubey.” Mizuhashi-san had a hairpin with a yellow flower on the right side of her head. She must be paying respect to Mami-san. Kitamura-san somehow wore clothes with themes of blue color…
「魔法少女が集まってイベントというのは初めてなんですよ」 “It is the first time mahou shoujo group are altogether in an event.”
水「アフレコ現場でも『ゲーム作るとしたらどんな風にになるんだろう?』って言ってました。 1月から話があったなら、教えてほしかったですぅ」 Mizuhashi (M) “During the after-recording session, I remember saying ‘if this becomes a game what kind of game will it become?’ If there is any discussion about it after January please let me know.”
好きなセリフは? だったか、セリフの思い出は? だったか
There were some Q&A like: Your favorite dialogue? or Your memory about the dialogues?
Chiwa (C) (making her hands shape like a pistol) “I love baaaaam.”
(M) “For Mami-san, ‘whenever she opens her mouth and speaks it will become a famous dialogue’”
Kitamura (K) “Sayaka has many dialogues and there are also a lot of long dialogues.

千「約束するわ!(中略) 必ずあなたを守ってみせる!!」
水「体が軽い… (中略) ティロ・フィナーレ!!」
喜「誰かの幸せを祈った分 (中略) あたしって本当に馬鹿」

Re-creation of famous scenes on stage.

(C) “I promise! (snip) I will always protect you!!”
(M) “My body feels light…(snip) Tiro Finale!!”
(M) “Even those who were walking by the passage way also looked this way. Lol.”
(K) “For everything you prayed for somebody’s happiness, there would be…(snip) I am really an idiot.”

Everyone was just great!

P 「アニプレックスさんと相談しますw。アニプレさん厳しくて、QBうちわの『撃ち抜いてください』の穴を増やしましょうか? って言ったら『やめてください』って言われましたw」
P 「えー、マミさんは『活躍』しますw どうなるかはプレーヤーの皆さん次第ということで。

Any wish for having such and such game made?

(M) “How about a mini-game where you can do ‘all QB you can shoot’?”
Producer (P) “I will talk to Aniplex. Lol, Aniplex is quite strict. When I said ‘How about increasing the number of holes for “shoot holes on it” in QB, I was told ‘Please stop talking about it’”
(M) "Err... Will Mami-san survive?"
(P) "Eh, Mami-san will be "active" lol. As for what will happen it will depend on the players themselves. I cannot talk much about it yet."

(K) “Please think about Sayaka having a ‘I am really happy’ END”
P 「(参加者に向かって)ぜひ予約してください」

P 「あの、(買っていただかなくても)お送りしますから…」

(P) “(turning to participants) Please reserve the game.”

(M) “I have reserved it!”
(P) “Well, (even if you don’t buy it) I will send a copy to you…”

(M) “So I will be on double contract!?”
P 「ほむほむハンカチを特典として発表したんだけど、BD 5巻で修正されるんじゃないかと心配してた。 消えなくてよかった」 (P) “We announced that HomuHomu handkerchief will come as an extra, but I was worried whether that scene would be modified in BD vol. 5. It was great that it was not removed.”
P 「限定BOXの大箱は、現状キービジュアルになっていますが、書き下ろしイラストを描いてもらっているところです」 ←新情報?

P 「フルボイスで、アニメにあったセリフも全て録り直します」

司会→声優「アフレコはまだこれからだそうで」 そりゃそうか
P “At the moment the big box for the limited edition uses key visual image but we are having new illustration prepared.” <- new information?

P “All dialogues will have full voice. Even the dialogues that are from the anime will also be recorded anew.”

MC to seiyuu “Seems we are seeing yet more after-recording coming..” Well, seems to be the case…

なにかくれるのかな? と期待したけど、出張まどカフェの宣伝でした。ドリンク実物5色とコースターをステージ上で紹介。

MC “It is hot today. Everybody, are you thirsty?”

I thought perhaps something would be handed out? It turned out it is the marketing for the dispatched Madoka Café. Five drinks of different colors and their coasters were introduced on stage.

BanNam P “I went to the café three times.”

千 (なんかいいこと言ってたけど忘れた)「(最後に)あ、ちょっとお借りします」(Pが持ってたQBウチワをお面にして) 「今すぐ予約して、魔法少女になってよ!」 そのまま他の4人もQBネタで〆る流れにw 水 (なんかいいこと言ってたけど忘れた)「今すぐ予約して、魔法少女になってよ。ちなみに僕はもう予約したよ!」
喜「ゲームでまた まどかのお仕事ができて、『舞い上がっちゃってますね、わたし!』」 QBネタもやった。

MC “Finally everyone please say something (to wrap things up)”

(C) (she said something nice but I forgot) “(finally) I’d like to borrow this.” (took the QB fan which P was holding and put it in front of her face) “Make a contract with me right now, and become a mahou shoujo!” And the other four people also used QB topics to conclude the event.
(M) (she said something nice but I forgot) “Make a contract with me right now, and become a mahou shoujo! By the way I have already made my contract!”
(K) “I can do Madoka related work again with the game – ‘I am really flying high!’” She also made some QB joke.

The two producer guys also wrapped up with QB jokes.
水 (いろいろ入ってるみたいだけど一つ取り出して)「小説版! 読みたかったんですよ、ありがとうございます!」
At the end as a celebration of Mizuhashi-san’s birthday she was presented with a gift bag.
(M) (apparently there were a few things inside and she took one out) “The novel! I wanted to read it. Thank you!”
P 「では誕生日おめでとう ということで、『あのセリフ』を ここにいる皆さんで 水橋さんに送りたいと思います。いいですね? せーの!」参加者全員「ティロ・フィナーレ!!」
(P) “As a happy birthday, I would like everyone here to present to Mizuhashi-san with ‘that phrase’. Are you ready? One-two-“ Everyone “TIRO FINALE!!!”
(M) “Thank you so much!”
これで終了。 That is the end.

Another 2ch Fan account

Additional information by a 2ch fan focusing more on the seiyuu:

Original text Translation
うーん、あの楽しさの1割も再現できていない。おいらは"イイ子"なので録音せずに記憶だけで書いてます。間違いがあったらゴメン。追加訂正あったらよろしく。 Hmm… I cannot even recreate 10% of the fun at the event.. As I am a “good boy” I did not record anything and so I am writing with only my memory. Forgive me if I made any mistake. Please let me know if there is anything to add or correct.
(千和さん)< そうですね~・・むぅぅうぅてやつかな(手を銃の形にして)なかなか再現ができないんですけれどもw やっぱり10話が凄く印象に残っているので 皆さんどうなんだろ? 私印象的な台詞って言われてもわりとキメ台詞的なものが無かったので 皆さんは何が心に残ってるのか逆に気になりますね
Scenes in anime that leaves strong impression
(Chiwa-san) Hmm…something like baaamm (hands shaped like a gun) I could not really recreate the scenes, but ep.10 really made a deep impression on me. How about everyone? If someone asks me about any dialogue that left strong impression, I do not really have anything like a ‘decisive phrase’ so actually I am more interested to know what made an impression to everyone of you.
(水橋さん)< (話が回ってきた瞬間に会場から笑い声) これは・・笑うよねぇw ええとそうですね、たくさん印象には残ってるんですけども マミさんは口を開けば名台詞な人なのでw(会場爆笑)どれをチェイスしたらいいものやら・・これは皆さんに聞いた方が


(Mizuhashi-san) The moment she started to talk laughter erupted in the event space. This is… Well, yeah, there were many [scenes] that left an impression. Since Mami-san is someone whose words became famous phrases whenever she opens her mouth (burst of laughter around the event space) Which one I should pick…. Perhaps it is better to ask everyone here..

(Kitamura-san) It must be the one that everyone will say when you say one-two-three
(Chiwa-san) Yeah

(Mizuhashi-san) Sure it will…yeah. lol.
(喜多村さん)< 私は多分登場キャラクターの中で一番よく喋るキャラクターだったので・・ 短い台詞も長い台詞も色々ありますね (Kitamura-san) Among all the characters in the anime I am probably the one who speaks the most… There are short dialogues as well as long dialogues..

(千和さん)< マミさん台本いらないw
(富沢さん)< 折角なので会場の皆さんにこれを言って欲しいっていうのをせーので心を合わせて決めていただきましょう

(千和さん) ほむらめちゃめちゃ難しい気がするんですけどw
Please perform the voice-acting of the dialogues in the anime that left a strong impression in this hall

(Chiwa-san) Mami-san does not need the screenplay.
(Tomizawa-san) As it is such an opportunity, I would like everyone in this hall to say it. So let’s match up our feeling and go for it in a one-two signal

(Chiwa-san) I think this may be a bit difficult for Homura…lol
で、難しい順に台詞を言うことに。水橋さんは当然最後 さらに続き So the speaking of dialogues was done in descending order of difficulty. Of course Mizuhashi-san was last. To continue…

(千和さん)< やっぱりぐちゃぐちゃぐちゃってなりますよねぇ
(富沢さん)< その必要は無いわって声が僕には聞こえました
(千和さん)< ほぉ・・・その必要はないわ!キリッ・・いい?

HomuHomu is the first

(we) (chattering noises) there is no need for that (chattering noises)
(Chiwa-san) so indeed it is a mess (of suggestions)
(Tomizawa-san) I heard the phrase there is no need for that
(Chiwa-san) Oh… There is no need for that! Hmm..ok?
Someone suggested using the phrase that appeared in PV that was shown a while ago.
…I promise! I will always protect you. (snip)
Like this///

(we) Wow… (and we clapped and cheered)
(富沢さん)< 次はさやかですが、さやかは多少は揃いやすいんじゃないかと

(喜多村さん)< 全然揃ってる、スゲーw団結力スゲーw
希望と絶望のバランスは(略 ・・あたしって、ほんとバカ!

(Tomizawa-san) The next will be Sayaka. For Sayaka it should be a bit easier to pick…

(Kitamura-san) Everyone in one voice. Great. Power of unity is great. lol.
Well since this is preceded by a fairly long dialogue let me say that as well.
The balance of hope and despair (snip).. I am really an idiot!

(We) ditto
(富沢さん)<じゃあ水橋さんいってみましょうか、せーのでティロフィ・・ああっと何でもないですw じゃあいってみましょうか、せーの
(Tomizawa-san) Well, Mizuhashi-san, please say it.. On one-two Tiro Fin… Oops.. nothing nothing…lol. Well, now let’s give it a go, one-two
(We). - - - T I R O - - - F I N A L E ! ! ! - - -

(水橋さん)<綺麗に揃いすぎですww まぁ、まぁでもティロフィナーレだけだと知らない人が向うの方で聞いててあの人なんなんだろうってなっちゃうので 前後繋げて言ってみたいと思います

(Chiwa-san) As expected

(Kitamura-san) As expected
(Mizuhashi-san) It really came together as one too well, lol. Well, in case anyone who only knows this Tiro Finale, ask the person in front of you about what is in it for that person, as I want to say the whole sentence linked together.
My body feels light..! It is the first time I fight with such happy feeling…! I no longer fear anything anymore! (snip)
Tiro Finale!!!

(the loudest cheers and screams of the day)
(ナレの人)< 歩いてた人も立ち止まってパッとこっちを見てましたよw
(Narration) People who were walking by also stopped and stared in this (bursts of laughter in the event space)
(水橋さん)< 注目度満点ですw (Mizuhashi-san) 100 points in the scale of catching attention…lol.
・・とりあえずここまで I am ending here for now…
PSP Event Tokushima.jpg
Phone game announcement from PSP game website

Tokushima Event

Madoka had another PSP promotional event in Tokushima on October 9, 2011. The developers, Ai Nonaka, Eri Kitamura and Gen Urobuchi were in attendance.

Some highlights reported from the event:

  • Urobuchi read the script of the game. He felt that Sayaka might not be bullied bad enough. He got some protest from the seiyuu for that opinion.
  • There will be a free Mami mini game on smart-phones, to be released on Oct 14, 2011. You fight as Mami against Charlotte for a hight score. If the number of players or highest score reaches a certain limit, more information about the game will be revealed. Urobuchi, Kitamura and Nonaka all played this game. Urobuchi got the highest score, thus winning a copy of novel.


Chara-Hobby 2011

Tokushima Promotional Event

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