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This is a list of all consumable items in the Magia Record game, with a brief explanation of what each one is used for. They are grouped by category and sorted logically.

Gacha Items

Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Gacha ticket.pngFate Weave Ticket
Gacha10 ticket.pngFate Weave Ticketx10
Special gacha 927 ticket.png

Experience Gems

Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Compose item dark.pngDark Gemダークジェム
Compose item dark p.pngDark Gem+ダークジェム+
Compose item dark pp.pngDark Gem++ダークジェム++
Compose item water.pngAqua Gemアクアジェム
Compose item water p.pngAqua Gem+アクアジェム+
Compose item water pp.pngAqua Gem++アクアジェム++
Compose item timber.pngForest Gemフォレストジェム
Compose item timber p.pngForest Gem+フォレストジェム+
Compose item timber pp.pngForest Gem++フォレストジェム++
Compose item light.pngLight Gemライトジェム
Compose item light p.pngLight Gem+ライトジェム+
Compose item light pp.pngLight Gem++ライトジェム++
Compose item fire.pngFlame Gemフレイムジェム
Compose item fire p.pngFlame Gem+フレイムジェム+
Compose item fire pp.pngFlame Gem++フレイムジェム++
Compose item all.pngMaster Gemマスタージェム
Compose item all p.pngMaster Gem+マスタージェム+
Compose item all pp.pngMaster Gem++マスタージェム++

Attribute Enhancement Gems

Spirit Enhancement Fragments

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Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Item gift 811.pngFragment of Disgust
Item gift 812.pngFragment of Disgust+
Item gift 813.pngFragment of Grief
Item gift 822.pngFragment of Grief+
Item gift 831.pngFragment of Rage
Item gift 832.pngFragment of Rage+
Item gift 841.pngFragment of Fear
Item gift 842.pngFragment of Fear+
Item gift 851.pngFragment of Wonder
Item gift 852.pngFragment of Wonder+
Item gift 861.pngFragment of Expectation
Item gift 862.pngFragment of Expectation+
Item gift 871.pngFragment of Ecstasy
Item gift 872.pngFragment of Ecstasy+
Item gift 881.pngFragment of Respect
Item gift 882.pngFragment of Respect+

Magia Books

Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Item gift 211.pngFlame Bookフレイムブック
Item gift 212.pngFlame Book+フレイムブック+
Item gift 213.pngFlame Book++フレイムブック++
Item gift 221.pngAqua Bookアクアブック
Item gift 222.pngAqua Book+アクアブック+
Item gift 223.pngAqua Book++アクアブック++
Item gift 231.pngForest Bookフォレストブック
Item gift 232.pngForest Book+フォレストブック+
Item gift 233.pngForest Book++フォレストブック++
Item gift 241.pngLight Bookライトブック
Item gift 242.pngLight Book+ライトブック+
Item gift 243.pngLight Book++ライトブック++
Item gift 251.pngDark Bookダークブック
Item gift 252.pngDark Book+ダークブック+
Item gift 253.pngDark Book++ダークブック+

Awakening Orbs

Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Item gift 111.pngFlame Orbフレイムオーブ
Item gift 112.pngFlame Orb+フレイムオーブ+
Item gift 113.pngFlame Orb++フレイムオーブ++
Item gift 121.pngAqua Orbアクアオーブ
Item gift 122.pngAqua Orb+アクアオーブ+
Item gift 123.pngAqua Orb++アクアオーブ++
Item gift 131.pngForest Orbフォレストオーブ
Item gift 132.pngForest Orb+フォレストオーブ+
Item gift 133.pngForest Orb++フォレストオーブ++
Item gift 141.pngLight Orbライトオーブ
Item gift 142.pngLight Orb+ライトオーブ+
Item gift 143.pngLight Orb++ライトオーブ++
Item gift 151.pngDark Orbダークオーブ
Item gift 152.pngDark Orb+ダークオーブ+
Item gift 153.pngDark Orb++ダークオーブ++
Item gift 551.pngRainbow Orbレインボーオーブ

Awakening Materials


Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Money.pngMagia Stoneマギアストーン
Arena coin.pngMirrors Coinミラーズコイン
Yell.pngSupport PointサポートPt
Event dailytower exchange destiny.pngDestiny Bottleデスティニーボトル
Riche.pngCurse Chip (CC)カースチップ
Prism.pngMagia Chipマギアチップ
Daily coin.pngDaily Coinデイリーコイン
Event arenaranking 1039 exchange 1.pngArena Coin

Exchange Tickets

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Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Campaign 1053 exchange.png
Campaign 20200601 exchange.png
Selectable memoria 202005 ticket.png
Event arenamission 1006 exchange 2.png
Event branch 1032 exchange 2.png
Event dailytower 1010 exchange 2.png
Event dailytower 1030 exchange 2.png


Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Cure ap.pngAP Potion
Cure ap 50.pngAP Potion 50
Cure bp.pngBP Potion


Normal Materials

Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Item gift 301.pngSwallowtail Feather
Item gift 302.pngMirrors Invitation
Item gift 303.pngBunny Ear Wrapping Paper
Item gift 304.pngSheep Warhorn
Item gift 305.pngRooftop Key
Item gift 306.pngPendulum Screw
Item gift 307.pngBabysitters Pedestal
Item gift 308.pngSaintly Fuzzball
Item gift 309.pngRubber Swim Tube
Item gift 310.pngVagrants Stake
Item gift 401.pngSandbox Shell
Item gift 402.pngPadlock Chain
Item gift 403.pngPlaque Cord
Item gift 404.pngOwl Bucket
Item gift 405.pngMail Goats Glider
Item gift 406.pngStaff's Key Switch
Item gift 407.pngMascot's Mane
Item gift 408.pngBear's Scarf
Item gift 501.pngSandbox Shovel
Item gift 502.pngStaircase Monument
Item gift 503.pngCommoner's Horse Wheel
Item gift 504.pngRhyton Ribbon
Item gift 505.pngAi Code
Item gift 506.pngCurator's Hood
Item gift 507.pngFerris Wheel Turbine
Item gift 508.pngSpeaker Bell
Item gift 509.pngBear's Bolt
Item gift 552.pngBunny Ear Cotton
Item gift 553.pngSheep Horn
Item gift 554.pngRooftop Balloon
Item gift 555.pngPendulum Bob
Item gift 556.pngBabysitter's Handle
Item gift 557.pngSaintly Water Jug
Item gift 558.png"Rubber Flag"
Item gift 559.png"Wanderer's Straw"

Event Materials

Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Item gift 601.pngTricolor Marble
Item gift 602.pngUmika's Book of Awakening
Item gift 603.pngUmika's Book of Magia
Item gift 604.pngMelissa's Hair Clip
Item gift 605.pngMelissa's Elixer
Item gift 606.pngWater Charm
Item gift 607.pngArisa'a Ribbon
Item gift 608.pngArisa's Candy
Item gift 609.pngExpansion Unit
Item gift 610.pngTome Page
Item gift 611.pngMonster's Horn

Event/Campaign Items

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Icon EN Name JP Name Description
Campaign 1004 exchange.png
Campaign 9010 exchange.png
Campaign 202002 exchange.png
Campaign release medal.png
Event arenamission 1006 atkup.png
Event arenamission 1006 defup.png
Event arenamission 1006 hpup.png
Event branch 1005 chara 3026.png
Event branch 1005 chara 3027.png
Event branch 1005 chara 3028.png
Event branch 1005 part 1.png
Event branch 1005 part 2.png
Event branch 1017 chara 3013.png
Event branch 1017 chara 3014.png
Event branch 1017 chara 3015.png
Event branch 1017 part 1.png
Event branch 1017 part 2.png
Event branch 1032 chara 1002.png
Event branch 1032 chara 1101.png
Event branch 1032 part 1.png
Event branch 1032 part 2.png
Event branch 1049 chara 1001.png
Event branch 1049 chara 1002.png
Event branch 1049 chara 1003.png
Event branch 1049 part 1.png
Event dailytower 1030 exchange 1.png
Event dailytower 1030 key.png
Event dailytower 1062 exchange 1.png
Event dungeon 1038 cure cp.png
Event singleraid 1063 exchange 3.png
Event training.png