Mako Chitose

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Mako Chitose
Japanese Name 千歳 眞子

"Who ratted on me? I hate this!"
― Mako in chapter 1 of Symmetry Diamond.

Mako Chitose (千歳 眞子 Chitose Mako) is a minor supporting character from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. She first appeared in Oriko Magica, where she was a background character, but was given an expanded role in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story.

General Info

Physical Features
Age Unknown
Eye colour Unknown, presumably blue or green
Hair colour Unknown, presumably green
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives Yuma (daughter), unnamed husband
Origins Kazamino City
School Not attending


Mako is a cruel, short-tempered woman. She takes out her frustration and anger by abusing and threatening her daughter, and shows no empathy for her. Mako doesn't hesitate to yell at other people or slam doors in their faces, nor does she hesitate to cover up her abuse of Yuma by lying and giving excuses such as, "she's on bedrest due to a cold".

As Mako is only ever seen abusing or getting angry at Yuma (and yelling at a social worker at one point), what she is like outside of these events or when she is separated from Yuma is unknown.


Mako in Oriko Magica

In Oriko Magica, Mako is killed along with her husband by a witch. Her only lines are "It hurts... save me..." (paraphrased).

When Kyoko discovers the cigarette burns on Yuma's forehead, Yuma tells her about her home-life: Mako and her husband would fight often, and Mako would take out her anger on Yuma by hitting her and burning her with cigarettes, saying it was her fault her father wasn't around, and calling her pathetic and useless.

Mako in Extra Story

Mako only appears in Symmetry Diamond.

When a social worker visits her after getting reports from Mako's neighbours about Yuma's abuse, Mako yells at her to leave, claiming Yuma has caught a cold and is on bedrest, and slams the door in the woman's face. Mako then threatens that Yuma is "going to get it" if she blabs again, implying she'll burn Yuma as she is holding a pack of cigarettes as she says so.

Sometime later, Mako kicks Yuma out of the house, where she meets Oriko in the park. Yuma says that Mako was angry, thinking that she always gets angry because Yuma "isn't a good girl" and that "maybe she doesn't want [her]". Afterwards, Oriko sees a vision that Mako's abuse of Yuma will eventually cause Yuma to go into cardiac arrest and die, with Mako being arrested for being a suspect in her murder. It can be presumed that this is what happens to Yuma and Mako in the timelines where Yuma isn't removed from her abusive household.

Later, Mako is called by her father-in-law. She tells him, when he asks about Yuma, that she's "quite mischievous" and is on bedrest due to a cold. When Yuma asks to talk to her grandfather, presumably to ask for help, Mako has a fit of rage and kicks Yuma into a cupboard, where a pot falls on her head from the impact. Yuma sobs in pain; Mako says to her father-in-law that something appeared to have fallen from the cupboard and no, it wasn't anything important. Oriko and Sasa later find Yuma collapsed on a road with a bleeding head and try to get her help, but Yuma tells them not to, because if they call a doctor then a welfare manager will come to their home, and Mako will get angry when she finds out.

Oriko and Kirika later help Yuma find a new home with her grandparents by the end of Symmetry Diamond. Mako's reaction to this is unknown.


  • Mako never refers to herself by a pronoun in the Japanese text.


  • Chitose "千歳" means a thousand years. "眞" means true, truthful, or honest, and "子" is a common female name suffix meaning child or girl.


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