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Summary Translation

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Source: symbv from evageeks forum.

The manga of Puella Magi Madoka Magica will start to serialize later this month and it will be in very intensive schedule.

- It will start from the coming issue of Kirara Forward manga magazine and each issue will contain more than the usual standard length of material. It will catch up to the anime story but will not go beyond it.

- The first manga volume is scheduled to come out in mid Feb.

- After the anime ends, there will be another manga done by another artist to tell some extra story about Madoka and Co.

- While the manga of the anime story runs, there will be another manga done by yet another artist to tell other the stories of other Mahou Shoujo. It will be called Puella Magi Madoka Magika ~Innocent Malice~.

Character and Seiyuu names.


"If anything could be granted with a magic…"

"What would you do?"


"Just be Kaname Madoka like you've always been."

"Even from now on."


"I am Tomoe Mami, third year from the same Mitakihara Third Junior High as you two…"

"…and also a magical girl under contract with Kyubey."

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